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Captain Taipan

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I'm currently playing a new game [1.13 nvn, Iron Man, tons of guns, sci-fi] and it's day 17.

I started this campaign by just hiring Len & Lynx for a day, grabbed Ira and then headed for San Mona. Once there, did the brothel rescue mission then looted Kingpins cash, rested up, and came back at night to take him and his goons out. After a short but successful night op, I was in possesion of over $75000, some decent weapons & equipment.

I have to say that this is a far better way to start the game than to go after Drassen straight away. Once I had all that cash and extra firepower, I could then extend Len & Lynx's contracts [Len bailed out after 2 days - I was only hiring day by day because of potential loss of cash from merc death] and so I hired Grunty, Wolf and Igor to join the assault on Drassen.

Another Night Op, went through them fairly quickly although got a little shot up.

The counter attack was swift and nasty but like any good tactican will say, pick your ground and you'll do ok. Let me just say that the bar in Drassen will be mopping up the blood for days :diabolical:

Everyone got shot in the attack but no one died. I had enoughb cash to hire Spider to be the medic & Bull for a bit of extra grunt. Spider fixed up the worst of the wounded {Grunty, Wolf and my IMP -TAIPAN-} & Bull was my gopher, running back & forth creating a supply cache of all the gear dropped [I prefer the airport as my cashe site]. They dropped in on the rebel hide out and picked up Dimitri who was handed a tool kit and told to start fixing things. Things were looking up.

Anyway, SAM site across the lake was dealt with next, and the counter attack defeated with ease. Taipan lead some LRRP's with Lynx, Igor, Grunty & Wolf, nailing over 60 plus bad guys in 5 seperate battles over 3 nights.

I decieded to go over to San Mona and sell some of the excess ammo that we'd picked up.

I noticed that the enemy red question mark was on the location of were Tony is but thought it would only be a standard patrol of red shirts which could be dealt with fairly easily.

Imagine my surprise when I was on the roof of Franks bar with Igor and Grunty when I suddenly see a swarm of black shirts come running out onto the street lead by Mike! :scary:

A viscious daylight firefight errupted n which my IMP got badly shot up. Lucky for me though Mike got his head blown off by Igor using an AKM [8 shot burst to the head] :roulette:

In the end we all survived but I am still amazed that I saw Mike in San Mona!

This game still has surprises left in it and it's heart pumping moments like that, when your team is suddenly confronted by really nasty force, and you manage to nail them with skill and a bit of luck, that JAII is by far one of the best games ever!
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Will Gates

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He can pop up just about anywhere of importance, his appearence depends upon game progress. I've bumped him off in all three solo SAMS, Cambria, Alma, Grumm for definite and feel I've encountered him in Tixa & Orta too for some reason but not as certain. Never met him in San Mona though... that's a great one.

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I met him in Cambria once, but not when I was trying to take the sector - he was actually in an Elite team that Deidranna sent to reclaim the town! I come back to take the sector back - and there he is!
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When you kill Kingpin the queen will send a small squad of soldiers to San Mona. And as Will said the game progress determines when Mike shows up.

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