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I just finished the mod. In a word, excellent. I had at least as much fun playing this mod as I did JA2. Knowing that it was basically a one-man project only increases my appreciation.

I am guessing that the mod has not been worked on for a looooong while, but nevertheless, here are some comments:

1. First, about my installation: I downloaded JA2:UB from the Gog site. I then downloaded SOG 69 and installed that, without installing any patches to SOG 69.

2. Bug with Bullock: once I transported him back, took him to the chopper (he acknowledged being back at the base) the helicopter icon appeared on the radar screen. However, when I tried to assign mercs to the heli, the game crashed, with the note about a missing text file for character #97 (Bullock, I'm guessing). Even without assigning mercs to the heli, the game still crashes, with a similar message (I'm guessing that it's something that original Skyrider says a few days after his return to Drassen, but he couldn't say it here). Obviously, this would have really sucked had I not had a save prior to returning Bullock to the base.

3. Possible bug? No officer at any base ever gave me any mission, except for the Buddha one. So, I really did not know that, e.g., I was supposed to go to FB George and obtain something for Innis. He did tell me that there's plenty for SOG guys to do, except he never specified WHAT he wanted. If it weren't for this forum, I'd never have known. Nor did I know about having to meet the spook, and the spook did not actually send me to COSVN etc. I just plodded along, but explicit guidance within the game would have been better. I think something may be wrong with my game, though, since it sounds like most folks on the forum were able to figure it out. Just to specify, I made sure that Raider handled all of my conversations, to eliminate any possible leadership problem.

4. There were a few other minor bugs, e.g. the picture for the machete looked like the Swedish K w/out colors, C-18 did not improve the VC armor, etc., but these did not detract from the enjoyment of the mod.

Overall, marvelous job. I'm off to try Urban Chaos now.

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Will Gates

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1. You need the patches.

2. You can't have a heli in UB despite the pilot being there.

3. Patching would help with this. High ldrshp helps with the talker. You should have had several requests from officers plus one from the Mayor.

4. Not sure about those ones. Again maybe the patches help.

In addition there is an add on available which fixes H7 to look like Vietnam-ish. Fixes three maps of "nothing here". Adds some characters (though you have to copy the speech etc yourself from JA2) and a few other things besides.

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