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Registered:January 2009
After the forum migration this list and it's links were very much out of date. Most have since been fixed, but some of the older mods and their downloading hosts are history. If you are aware of a new link for some of the broken ones, please post them here

These pages are to promote the vast number of larger playable mods out there and to encourage people to try them. You don't need to be a programmer to set up and enjoy these so start downloading, within a matter of minutes you can transform your JA2 world into 60's Vietnam, modern day Eastern Europe or even a battleground against alien invaders!


1. JA2: Vengeance The original - Check out Vengeance Reloaded for a full Enlgish 1.13 version at the end of this thread.
2. JA2 v1.13 Legion 2 (12/04/09) New Patch (Added HAM) 04/05/2009 2 New Patches. New Version V36 out now (easier English install & gameplay)....V37 released.

3. Fight For Freedom multiplayer

4. JA2 v1.13 Renegade Republik

5. JA2 v1.13 (JA2 1.12 patch can be found here)
6. JA2 Reconquista
7. JA2 UB SOG '69 (UB 1.01 patch can be found here)26/01/09 Jona Patch Added 27/01/09 SOG Jona English sounds added.
8. JA2 v1.13 Cosplay/DBB Mod Full909.exe (Weapons/Item Mod) 27/01/09 New patches added 23/03/09 Fix for 100 (CAP) system added (23/05/09 version 909 added
9. JA2UB Finishing Touches
10. JA2UB MFM Tracona
11. JA2 Bloody Grounds

12. PCM Playable Characters Mod for JA2/JA2 1.13 Added Will Gate's Mary Kulba, Joey Graham & Oswald Johnstone PCM add-on) - 07/05/09 New Will PCM with fixes.
13. JA2UB Shady Job 30/01/11 NEW! English translation by Inshy.
14. JA2: Biohazard

15. Demise Of Man (DOM)

16. JA2: Night Ops 01/03/09 English translation available - 23/03/09 Note Avast should not be used when downloading this mod.
17. JA2UB Legion
18. JA2UB Rubicon Campaign
19. JA2 Deidranna Lives!

20. JA2 800x600 (Converts JA2 Vanilla/older mods to a higher resolution, recommended for mods without their own exe)

21. JA2 WildFire 1.13 (a.k.a. WildFire6.06) 09/03/09 Added Alpha item mod v11
22. JA2 Militia Factions mod v1.07

23. A list of cancelled mods

24. JA2:UB Campaigns Wildfire UB1.3 Patch Available here.(Banana Republic, Gold Rush, Get the Druglord, X-Com, Tracoma Unlimited)

25. JA v1.13 Possum DBB Weapons/Item Mod Kaerar's One Click 1.13 Installer available here

27. JA2 v1.13 Wildfire SVN Version

28. JA2 1.13 Add ons and mini mods Badass, Thor's Interface/Laptop Graphics,Dynamo/Shank Fix Faces, Crepitus to Aliens, Tiger Pink Skin, Shed23's 1.13Mod, Ron's Merc Faces -(21/03/09) Fixed Shed's 1.13 Mod link.

29. JA2 Militia Factions mod 1.13
30. JA2:UB Back to Business
31. JA2 Urban Chaos

32. INI mod loader

33. HAM 3 Now at version 3.6a (13/07/09)
34. Spare page - Your mod here!
35. Real time mod
36. Official Wildfire related downloads
37. JA2 Maps Added - UC 1.13 maps
38. Experimental mods Added OldNooobs Insane Mod, Added DDD's Mod.
39. Deidranna Lives 1.13 hybrid
40. Urban Chaos 1.13 hybrid
41. Low Tech Warsaw Pact Weapons mod

42. Arulco Vacations

43. Scheinworld / Kermi mod repository The Pit's storage facility for JA mods and tools.

44. UB 1.13
45. JA2 1.13 single click installer with Wildfire maps, AIM, HAM, STOMP, and NAS By Tais
46. Arulco Revisited mod
47. Widescreen Resolution Mod
48. JA2: Metavira

49. JA2: WH40K JA2 incorporating Warhammer 40K lore and weapons.

50. JA2: Reloaded

51. JA2: JA2 Interfaces

52. JA2: Vengeance Reloaded NEW!

Get 'em while they're HOT !!

Please use this link for any queries or comments, but be aware this is currently under work in progress:
JA2/ UB / JA2 1.13 Mods Download/Install Guide Feedback

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Registered:January 2009
1. JA2: Vengeance

http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu293/off_topic/Veng-1.jpg http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu293/off_topic/Veng2-2.jpg

Mod Designer: The Scorpion

Status: Released...

A full translated English version based on the 7609 build of 1.13 of Vengeance has been released. Find out more at the end of this thread for Vengeance: Reloaded.

Language: German (Most mercs speak English, N.P.C's subtitled in English, all weapon descriptions
- most important ammo descriptions
- Quest.edt, story relevant parts of Email.edt and the Braydesc.edt

Resolution: 640x480

Features: The Scorpion's unofficial sequel to JA2 includes a number of unique maps, NPC's and RPC's. Worth playing if only to see the insertion.

Download Size: 60MB

Download Mod:Vengeance
Download:German.slf This link is no longer valid, please post here if you find a new one!
Download: English to German Patch

Pit thread here: http:// thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=msg&th=5470&g oto=334567&#msg_334567


1. Clean Install JA2(Gold) patched to 1.12.
2. Install Vengeance.
3. Drop German.slf file into the Data folder of JA2 root folder.
4. Unzip the zip files from the patch into your JA2-Vengeance directory overwriting any files.

Mod intro:

... In the hazy cordite clouded aftermath of the campaign to free Arulco, law and order was not restored quick enough, giving many of the war criminals supporting the Queen's regime opportunity to escape the militia forces of Miguel Cordona and regroup.

Cordona`s regime was supposed to be democratic, but this resulted in widespread opposition, as the threat of all too common corruption made it impossible for the people to trust anybody. When Cordona wanted to stop newly acquired oil reserves on the west coast from being exported and instead use the petrol for rebuilding his country he created an enemy in the powerful Hale and Burton energy corporation who had instilled themselves within Arulco as part of an agreement for reparations and free-trade treaties with the US.

As international legal proceedings continued to dog Cardona's resources, lawlessness began to resurface and the criminals and warlords that had once been in hiding now began to reinstate themselves within the country and begin to grab a stranglehold of their own districts. This lack of security only seemed to attract more lawlessness, more criminals and more corruption and it was only a matter of time that the people became threatened by the very mercenary gangs that were supposed to be securing Arulco, they demanded for these foreign mercenaries to get out of their country.

A.I.M had held training bases in Alma, which was soon handed over to the rebuilt Arulco defence force, but managed to keep a vested interest by basing themselves south of Omerta, where they were still welcomed by the loyalty of the people there.

However, with the Government's intention to throw the mercenaries out of the country, the morale of the mercenaries sank and they started to look for their fortune privately, some even started to work for Hale and Burton and the fat salaries they were offering.

Then just as the unsettled country seemed to be sinking in a quagmire of bickering politics all hell broke loose, and one of the largest fears of Arulco's people reappeared in the shape of Queen Diedranna. Despite testimonies of senior A.I.M. staff and constant claims of her death, Deidranna was once again directing her newly revitalized army from every corner of the country. Her face was in the newspapers, on the TV and her voice spanned the airwaves, claiming her sovereignty and promising death to all conspirators of those who had tried to overthrow her before. Her first major address delighted in informing surviving rebels that with the help from double agents AIM's base had been leveled in an overnight raid by her army.

With their camp seemingly destroyed, funds hemorrhaging and their reputation ruined in a country that no longer trusted them, an associate company only known as 'The Agency' have sanctioned you to lead a band of mercenaries to reclaim their base and track down their staff.

Your goal is, to find Miguel Cordona and to restore his regime and find the traitors and punish them!

This is no longer business as usual....this is personal... this is VENGEANCE!!!


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Registered:January 2009
2. Legion 2 New Version V36, no patching required, emails etc. in English

Mod Designer: Jazz

Status: Public Beta v35

Language: Polish (Mercs speak English)and Russian. There is talk of a full English Translation

Resolution: Adjustable (800x600 Default)

Download Size: 235MB

Features: HAM, E.D.B, 100 A.P., N.I.V., Random insertion points, randomly generated Merc statistics,
choose the length of your mission. Option to include Cosplay mod when installing, head gear graphics.



Download Mod: Legion 2
Download Patch: Legion 2 Patch11
Download Patch 12 : Legion 2 Patch12 Adds Ham, Missing Files.
Download Patch 13: Legion 2 Patch13 Fixes underground sectors.
Download Patch 14: Legion 2 Patch14 Exe file update/Fixed bug.
Download Patch 15: Legion 2 Patch 15 Xml files updated, COSPLAY 909 + B + C,Missing Maps A2, A9, A10 added.

All patches need to placed over the L2 mod in order from lowest up!


1. Clean install of JA2 (Gold)
2. Direct L2 installer to your JA2 folder.
(You can select what you want to install, including 100/25 AP system, tools are not necessary to run game)
Check in your JA2 Folder that the files extracted into the root folder and not into a new folder called JA2.
If there is a new folder with all the files cut and paste them into the Root Menu overwriting everything.
3. Use starter to launch game.

Note: On starting a new game, when you are at the options screen, the option on the upper right hand corner is the amount of days you have to rescue the girl. Obviously shorter the time, the harder the challenge.


Legion 2 takes place in a tiny country called Osarwia, that's had it's government recently brought down and is now in a big, big mess. In some sectors you'll end up fighting two different factions at a time and what's more each faction is hostile to the other.

Karlos, a terrorist, has kidnapped the daughter of one of the world's wealthiest people - Oswald and flees to an isolated country of Osarwia. For letting the girl go, he demands an outrageous amount of money as ransom.

Your tasks will be to first: find and rescue her from the kidnappers' hands and second: take her to safety, possibly the farthest you can away from Osarwia. Should you fail to do that in 30 days, you might as well pack your bags and go home, because she doesn't have that much time.

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Registered:January 2009
3. Fight For Freedom Multi-player



Mod Designer: The Scorpion

Download: http://kermi.pp.fi/JA_2/Mods_v1.13/FFF-Multiplayer/

1945, World War II in Europe and the Pacific came to an end - Hitler is dead, and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki were razed to the ground. Terrible, Nazi ideology, however, are not removed by the end of human consciousness. The Pacific Ocean is a small island, ruled by a dictator-fascist. To destroy the evil, the form in which the player takes the role receives adequate resources to recruit a mercenary group aimed at the liberation of the islands from fascist rule.

This modification for JA2 (1.13) is meant to be played in Multiplayer mode and balanced for co-operative gameplay.
It is however possible to use Deathmatch gameplay or to use it in Single Player mode. There will be a lack of certain gameplay elements in Singleplayer, such as lacking NPC's/ Quests, entrances to underground levels, unfitting web site optics and other faulty/missing elements. Use at own risk.

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Registered:January 2009
4. JA2: Renegade Republik 1.13


The Scorpion's real world Russian campaign. Warsaw pact weapons and setting. Entirely new story, maps, NPC's and RPC's. Originally based on an older version of 1.13 (v2085)

Mod Designer: The Scorpion

Status: Beta (last update 2015)

Language: English

Resolution: Adjustable

Download Size: 234 Meg

Recently updated by Sevenfm. Nearly no bugs apart from very few quest/script related issues.
(2124 exe was also recommended by The Scorpion for NIV on! or beta17 for OIV)

Or (at your own risk!) you use high-beta exe: "Ja2_RR_Many_Mercs_2227"

Install instructions;

Use the JA2 1.13 Renegade Republik full SCI (Test Build 11.01.2015)

1. Have a fresh JA2 game installation ready first.

2. Extract content of this SCI with the file archiver program "7-Zip" into your JA2 main directory and replace any existing files.

3. Run the Mod with one of the RR.exe files.

New Single click installer available here:


Renegade Republik Bearpit thread here:
http:// thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=218 &

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Registered:January 2009
6. JA2: Reconquista


Mod Designer: AZAZEL

Status: Released

Language: English

Resolution: 640x480

Features: Great new interface.

- New graphics and values of weapons and items
- New weapons balancing
- New Maps
- New recruitable Mercs
- New NPC
- Changes to EXE

Download: Reconquista Download from Kermi's repository.
Size: 9 meg




1. Begin with JA2 (Gold) install and patch to 1.12
2. Copy the installation Wizard from the zip into your parent JA2 directory and run it from there, then everything is done for you. Easy!

Pit thread here: http://thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=msg&th=546 6&g oto=63220&#msg_63220


Very good modification to JA2. The crux of the matter does not change, Deidranna still needs to be neutralised, while the rest is a very serious change. First of all, there are plenty of new sectors, weapons and items, missions and completely new characters (including rekrutowalnymi.) The course of the campaign itself has been changed too but there are as always familiar Arulcon faces and places like Fatima - Rebels - Drassen and so on.

Preferred base: JA2 1.05r GB or Jagged Alliance 2 Gold 1.12 ENG
The game runs through the ja2.exe file.

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Registered:January 2009
7. JA2UB Vietnam SOG'69


Mod Designer: Becoming x

Status: Released

Language: English

Resolution: 640x480

Download Size: 35MB+

Download Mod: Vietnam SoG'69
UB Patch 1.01: 1.01 Patch
SOG 69 patch 1: P1
SOG 69 patch 2: P2
Sog 69 ReadME (downloadable webpage) : ReadMe


Strap on your boots and grab your Tiger Stripe fatigues, it's time to hump the boonies in a JAUB Vietnam adventure. Features entirely new environment and mission to explore with new NPC's,RPC's and quests. A Vietnam era weapons packs completes this great JA excursion.


1. Begin with a clean install of JA2UB.
2. Update UB with Patch 1.01.
3. Install Wizard Sog 69.
4. Set Campaign from the Root JA2UB folder to SOG 69
5. Install Wizard Patch 1.
6. Set Campaign from the Root JA2UB folder to SOG 69 again*
7. Install Wizard Patch 2.
8. Set Campaign from the Root JA2UB folder to SOG 69 again*
9. Ensure to look through readme for instructions.

*This may not be necessary but it seems to fix some bugs I had with items getting mixed up.


Area of Operations In Vietnam SOG'69 there are three main area of operations (AO): Iron Triangle, An Loc, and Cambodia. There are also two smaller AO's, Journey to Tay Ninh and Tay Ninh. AO's are my way of increasing difficulty in the mod without having the player run into unconquerable sectors too early in the game. AO's become increasingly hard due to more advanced weapons and higher quality enemies. Traveling Between Areas of Operations: The larger AO's cannot be reached on foot, and must be accessed by helicopter or other vehicles. This is done using JA2's teleport feature. Throughout the mod maps with teleports to new AO's will become available through items that provide passwords for zip files. However when traveling from one AO to another be sure to take all the items you may need as once you reach a new AO, there is no going back. The exception to this is the Iron Triangle, where you can travel from back to Tay Ninh at any time by accessing a landing zone (LZ). Note that no items from an old AO are necessary to solve quests in a new one.

Traveling within AO's Travel within an AO is easy as all sectors can be reached on foot. However be aware of landing zones (LZ's) that may provide a strategic advantage to just arriving on foot.

Installing Zips: Most zips are dat files or html files. The html file can be put in the Briefings folder. This will allow them to be accessible from this file. Dat files are the maps for Vietnam SOG'69. Install these files in JA2UB/Data/Campaigns/VietnamSOG'69. Make sure you restart JA2UB to load these new files.

Game Changes:

Weapon Changes:

Handguns have had their ranges increased. The shortest range for handguns is 14 squares and the highest is 19.

VC use .45 cal?

Things are a little different in Vietnam. Many of the US weapons are 9mm, .45 cal, 5.56mm or 7.62 NATO based.
The VC/NVA use weapons based on 7.62 soviet pistol, 7.62 soviet, some 9mm, 7.5mm.
This makes the old JA way of scavenging for weapons and ammo a little difficult.
Dead enemies will drop less useful ammo unless your squad is equipped with VC/NVA weapons.
Which for the most part are a little cruddier than the weapons for the US and it's allies.
This means your team will run out of ammunition in the field. So trips back to Tay Ninh or a friendly fire base
should be scheduled in. Unless you want your team to be totally equipped with VC/NVA weapons. Which may not be
that bad. This knowledge also means that you should pack your team with as much ammo, medical supplies and
c-rations that they can hold. There is a new piece of equipment for medics, the medical bag which can attach
a med kit, c-ration type 1 and first aid kit. This is worn by the medic in the chest armor slot, although it
provides less protection than a flak vest. After coating it can provide a more adequate amount of protection.
The consequence of packing yourself down like that is......


Due to the draining climate of the jungle weight should definitely come into play in this campaign. First off most items weigh more. Medical kits have had their weight increased and armour is heavier. Most of the guns are heavier (not on purpose, it just worked out that way). Plus equipment like C-Rats, which can help your troops out a lot, weigh in at quite a bit. Also you should have your mercs loaded down with ammo, and grenades.

Enemy troops will not drop items they don't use. They will hardly ever drop medical kits and never drop 40mm ammo or C-rats. These are items that are in abundance at the base but not in the field. Stock up accordingly.


Download: Jona SOG'69

Install: Unpack Data to your JA2UB(SOG)Data folder.

N.B. There are NO sound files available (because of size)!
If you want to use all of the new features you NEED to add the following:

Download: Sog_En_Sound

Just unpack the files to desktop/SOG folder then cut & paste into Data folder.

All Files for
- battlesnds
- npc-speech
- speech

for the following characters from JA2:
- 69 Vince
- 63 Hamous - all 063_* must be renamed to 071_*
- 72 Maddog (replaced by Eve)

This is an add-on for the fantastic SOG campaign!
It should only be used AFTER you played the original SOG at least once or it will spoil some of the fun.
This add-on includes NO Fixes.
Have a lot of fun!
Greetings, Jona

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Registered:January 2009
8. Cosplay/DBB Mod Full.exe

Mod Designer: Dboy, TBird and many others

Tbird's weapons http://www.esnips.com/nsdoc/5e0a8ed7-3dd4-4048-982b-b27c7f19 a1c4/?action=forceDL This link is no longer valid, please post here if you find a new one!
I think this is still version 1, Feel free to correct me ol' Bird.


Features: Very large weapons/item mod

Download Size: 54MB

Download Mod:Cosplay
Download:Patch904 This link is no longer valid, please post here if you find a new one!
Download:Patch907 This link is no longer valid, please post here if you find a new one!
Download:Patch908Needs to be layed over 907 This link is no longer valid, please post here if you find a new one!
(The patch launchers are in Chinese but easy to navigate, if you have problems just direct it to your desktop and cut/paste the files from there to Root JA2 Folder.)

Download:DBB 909 Full This link is no longer valid, please post here if you find a new one!


1. JA2 v1.13
2. Extract Cosplay files to JA2 1.13 Data folder.
3. Run Patch Install Wizard in order 904-907 into JA21.13 Data folder.
4. Start a new game. Mod will appear in saved games but tends to crash.

* This <Fix> makes DBB compatible with CAP system.

Legion 2 compatible (Included in L2 Installation Wizard)
Renegade Republik compatible (Same install method as JA1.13 except install into Renegade Data folder...not fully tested)

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Registered:January 2009
9. JA2:UB Finishing Touches

Mod Designer: AZAZEL

Status: Released

Language: English

Resolution: 640x480

Features: Many new maps to explore

Download: Finishing Touches updated link by Schein


1. Clean install of JA2:UB (cannot set campaign) Patched to 1.01 (See SOG '69)
2. Unpack mod files to a temporary folder.
3. Cut all files in this temp folder and paste into your root folder.


This mod is authored by someone a little bored of missions. And released without any. It's actually only a map collection, an exercise on filling a strategic map imagined by someone else and released hidden in some .slf with the original game. Unfinished (exercise) at that too.

Nevertheless, you could count as missions: staying alive, feeling the environment, building a great team or getting the IMP to level 10 (enough maps for that).
Make yourself a mission, since you asked for one.

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Registered:January 2009
10. JA2:UB MFM Tracona

Mod Designer: Will Gates

Status: Released

Language: English

Resolution: 640x480

Download:MFM Tracona in front of Data folder

Download:MFM Tracona inside Data folder

JA2:UB MFM Tracona

This is just meant to be a bit of fun. Because of the odd character clash with JA2: MFM I wouldn't advise importing from the original campaign but you can if you want. This mod uses drop-all for items game because there is no Bobby Rays in UB. You'll get decent armour and plenty of ammo real quick; but then again you're going to need it. All vehicle related exit grids bar one are a one way ticket so make sure you pack everything you need before clicking on that helicopter or boat. The robots (some from UC, some from elsewhere) are tough opponents but don't give up because of the first few casualties. Just expect some of the longest battles in JA history. There are plenty of RPC's in there and I've bumped up the money so you can start with a decent team if you want.

Some maps do have issues with freezes or CTD's and appear more common with maps containing small robots...save often especially in the town maps. One old stubborn bug that seems random is the CTD or freeze when a soldier falls from a roof with over 100% damage. Occasionally this happens to me in regular JA2 as well so it must be inherent to the engine.

Go in heavy. Go in hard.



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Registered:January 2009
11. JA2 Bloody Grounds


Mod Designer: Cobain

Status: Released

Language: German (mercs speak English)

Resolution: 640x480

Features: JA2 Storyline with new maps and weapons.


Download: Bloody Grounds
Download: German .slf


1.JA2 Patched to 1.12
2.Direct Install Wizard for BG to your JA2 Root folder.
3.Drop German .slf file into your JA2 Data folder in the Root folder.
4.Use Bloody Ground's starter to launch game.


More weapons, more battles, more Action, more tactical possibilities. Bloody Grounds offers the player a totally revised arsenal.

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Registered:January 2009
12. PCM Playable Characters Mod for JA2/ JA2 1.13


Mod Designer: The Scorpion

Status: Released

Language: English



This should also run with vanilla JA2 and has less new playable characters:
Darrel Jr, Perko, Maria, Skyrider, Fred, John, Matt, Calvin, Carl.


This needs its own exe to run properly

It has more characters, namely Manuel and Spooky (from Vietnam SOG)
It also has reworked item choices so the RPC's get cool equipment (credits to "Scheinworld" and "Fan")

Download: Basic PCM
Download: PCM Plus

Only PCM_Basic fully works with vanilla JA2. PCM_plus only works correctly with one of the exe's enclosed in the archive.


Install is simple, the contents of the archive just go into an install of JA2 or JA2 1.13.


UB Jerry Mellow

New Version! 03/06/09 http://www.mediafire.com/?xnng12jyjm2

Will Gate's <PCM add-on MFM>, added Mary Kulba, Joey Graham & Oswald Johnstone.

Caveats: let the escorted persons go off on their own upon completion of their quest, they will then join if your leadership is good. (I'm thinking Joey here, don't let Martha see one of your mercs or her thank you speech will interrupt Joey joining as RPC).

You'll have to give them all fighter bodytypes in your prof.dat (use Scorpions PCM prof.dat for the original PCM people then fill in what you like for Mary, Joey & Oswald. Don't forget their need for sleep, skills etc. and make Mary 200 recruit on friendly & Joey 200 recruit on threaten, Oswald will joins regardless.)

Originally Posted By: Will Gates

Both Joey & Mary required their prof.dat recruit stats to be bumped up a little otherwise they wouldn't join & both still require a merc with very high leadership like Miguel Cordona but the point is... it works!

Converted sound files so my machine plays them in game. Fixed a few of Skyrider's files (missing) and filled in his merc.edt where it's blank by mistake. Not MISTAKE actually. Scorpion left these blank (& some Miners speeches) so their interrupt game speeches still made sense. I prefer that their day to day speeches were as full as possible...just a personal preference. Where possible all sound files now converted to the exact JA2 format (some were too small to undergo the conversion but still work in game).

N.B. Problems with Mary Kulba... I'll keep working on it!


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Registered:January 2009
13. UB: Shady Job






How to install:

1) Download official Russian version of SJ mod and install it
2) Download English pack (it is not a full English game, only relevant translated text!)
3) Overwrite all installed Russian files with English ones
4) Play!

Russian Version

English translation by Inshy - V0.98

Mod Designer: Neyros

Status: Released

Language: Originally Russian (Mercs speak English) but with English subtitles for main plot and NPC's. Inshy has produced a vastly improved Enlgish translation for this UB mod.

Resolution: 640x480

Download Size: 20MB

Download Mod: ShadyJob


1. Start with a JA2:UB Patched to 1.01 (See entry 7 SOG)
2. Install Wizard
3. Extract English translation to Data folder.
4. Set Campaign to sj


Shady Job is a new standalone UB mod. It's main features are the new tactical map, new markets, new characters and weapons. It has an original retro Jagged Alliance 1 interface and a half decent animated intro movie to begin.

Shady Job: a doubtful offer

The action will take place on the small island in the East Sea (according to JA-tradition all place and names are fictitious), your squad will oppose the forces of very powerful organization mentioned earlier JA sequels though this organization did not take any active part in past JA events. Your new client is A.I.M. itself.

Storyline is not connected with Arulco or Tracona, and their is no mention of the names Deidranna or Enrico. Only our well-known companions in arms from AIM and M.E.R.C. will follow us in this new adventure. The game will be independent from UB in everything: intelligence report in the beginning of the game will make us familiar with the place of the forthcoming operation, start and final movie will show us events in accordance with the main story, incoming letters in the laptop will be only from our employer and numerous NPC's will brief us about the evens on the island.

Despite initial orders of your mission in the opening letter from the client, you will only discover the truth behind the "Shady Job" assignment in the closing part of the game.

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14. JA2 Biohazard


Mod Designer: Zephalo, Badbiker, Khelbun, Patrizier, Nitrat, Azrael.

Status: Released

Langauge: German (Original Mercs speak English, new Mercs speak German) As far as I know there is no Englsh translation.

You can use JA2EDT with GOOGLE TRANSLATE to translate E-Mails/NPC speech or item data if you wish(See Entry 15).

Resolution: 640x480

Features: Five veterans from JA Deadly Games return: Glenn "Boss" Hatchet, Reuban, Col. Leo Kelly, Maj. Spike Scallion and Jack "Postie" Durham, these replace Static, Biff, MD, Flo and Gumpy.

Download MOD: Biohazard

Download: English .exe

Download: JA2 1.07 Patch

Download: Update 2


N.B. Do not use the Install wizard (ja2bio.exe under readme) on a non German JA2.

1. JA2 (Gold) Patched to 1.07
2. Open ja2bio.zip, extract files to JA2 Root folder.
3. Extract Us.Exe to Root folder.
4. Extract Update to Root folder.


The mod includes new mercenaries, weapons and maps for Jagged Alliance 2,Furthermore, we have increased the difficulty by placing more opponents in the cities.

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15. Demise Of Man


Jagged Alliance shoots off to the near future where not only does Arulco have to contend with Queen Deidranna but also an alien invasion! Arm your team with futuristic and alien weaponry, loads of new features.


Download link: http://kermi.pp.fi/JA_2/Mods_Vanilla/Demise_of_Man/

Mod Designer: Callahan

Language: English


Unique alien replicator technology which can absorb/replicate weapons, equipment and even vehicles.

Arm you team with synthetic soldiers.

Air strikes are back! - Reintroduction of devastating air strikes originally found in the JA code.

Talking enemies - Hear enemies talk to each other, raise alarms while on the tactical screen.

Don cloaking devices, use teleporters in battle and have the choice of experimental armour combinations.

A futuristic arsenal at your disposal - choose from high powered technically advanced conventional weapons and lasers from SOCOM or enforce yourself with devastating stolen Strogg weaponry such as Nailguns, Toxic rifles and Flamethrowers.

The Strogg! - New bodytype enemies with unique characteristics and weaponry. Guards, Gladiators and Beserkers!

Bandit Raids - Foreign desperado's can attack captured sectors when you least expect it.

Food system - replenish your hit points while on the move or teaching or training.

McGuvering on steroids! - Armour can be combined with other armour or attached with each other making hybrid suits made from flak jackets or Spectra helmets.

Crepitus are not the only monsters to be found underground!

Debug feature enables recruitment of every NPC in the game. Go in to battle with Slay, the Hicks even Madame Layla from the Shady Lady!

Instructions with download.

Pit thread here: http://thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=235&

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16. JA2 Night Ops


Mod Designer: The Agony Authorities

Language: Russian (English Translation for all items/weapons merc/npc dialogue available)

Resolution: Adjustable


Please refer to this page: http:// thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=msg&th=14458& prevloaded=1&&start=0

Pit thread here: http://thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=229&

Translation / English exe. http://ja2.su/NOps/NightOps10_EN_inst.7z

Thanks to Inshy for all his hard work here.


Added many new strategic facilities - road blocks, a seaport, naval base on the island in the sea, buildings and new aircraft.

* Now protects civilian police (internal forces), military installations - the Army, the most important objects - Guard, sea port and the island - Marines. Well, the Royal Guards, of course, protect the queen.
* The number of garrisons in comparison with the original game has increased, and much more.
* Scheme of traffic patrols on the map has changed.
* Now at the beginning of a new game, a new map Arulko so that, for most of the sectors chosen one of two cards. Each new game - Totally unpredictable, unlike the previous game set of cards!
* On some maps can ambush Fraga (like the cat). Probability «alarm» ambush on «zasadnoy» map varies from 50 to 100%, depending on the occupied territories.
* On some maps of metal wire fences now «closed», as a power plant in the «Price of Freedom».

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17. JA2:UB Legion


Mod Designer: Jazz

Status: Released

Language: Polish (Mercs speak English, see entry 15 if you would like to translate major NPC/email/quest text.)

Resolution: 640x480

Download Size: 15MB

Download Mod:Legion
Download Patch:Patch
Download Map Fix:Map Fix


1. Clean Copy JA2UB Patched to 1.01
2. Run Install Wizard
3. Unpack Patch "Data" to Root folder overwriting everything.
4. Open Mapy Legion.rar, open Mapy Legion Folder, unpack "Data" to Root folder.

Should set campaign automatically, but double check.


New maps (123)
New City
Underground locations
New characters
New weapons (20)
Minor changes in the parameters of certain mercenary

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18. JA2:UB Rubicon Campaign

Mod Designer: Neyros

Status: Released

Language: English

Resolution: 640x480

Download: Rubicon

File size: 16.58 MB


1. Have a working copy of JA2:UB ready, patch it to 1.01
2. Double Click Ja2mod.exe in .rar file
3. The installer has ??? on the buttons for some reason, so either figure out how to direct it to your JA2UB Root Folder or or unpack it to the desktop and cut & paste.
4. Set Campaign to Rubicon


This campaign is an add-on for JA2: Unfinished Business (English version 1.01). Some sectors of the original campaign were changed to be more compatible with the new weapons. You will more often than not meet much better trained and equipped opponents. The landscape of sectors H7, H8 and H11 has been significantly renovated.

More than 50 new sectors, including underground ones.
17 additional quests.
More than 40 NPCs who are familiar to you from the Arulcan campaign.
New line of weapons (less pistols, more SMGs and machine-guns)

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19. JA2: Deidranna Lives (Classic)

Mod Designer: The Mod Squad

Status: Released

Language: English (German also available)

Resolution: 640x480

Download English:[url=http://kermi.pp.fi/JA_2/Mods_Vanilla/Deidranna_Lives/English/[/url]
Download German:http://kermi.pp.fi/JA_2/Mods_Vanilla/Deidranna_Lives/German/

Pit thread here: http://thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=203&


1. Install JA2 as usual.
2. Open .rar file, open Deidranna Lives US Folder double click JA2Dl.exe.
3. Installer will ask for path to JA2 Folder. E.G. C:\Program Files\Jagged Alliance 2 Gold Deidranna Lives.
It seems that some times the installer will ask you for a missing .exe file. If this happens go to browse from the DL installer screen, find the JA2 folder you want to install into and double click on the exe. there. This will create a file path, just hit install.


An unofficial sequel to JA2. The setting is a few years after you visited Arulco the last time, and there is a new threat. Most of the town maps have undergone some renovation, and the country is overcoming the influence of Deidranna. Also new weapons and a few surprises.

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20. JA2 (NOT UB) 800x600 Resolution

Mod Designer: Bezumnij Kovrik, ja2.ru & ja2.org

Status: Released

Language: English (v1.2)

Features: Converts older 640x480 JA2 to 800x600, also adds Drop all option to older mods.

Download: 800x600RES

Installation: One click installer to JA2 folder.
Check in your JA2 folder that the files extracted into the root folder and not into a new folder called JA2. If there is a new folder with all the files, cut and paste them into the root menu overwriting everything.

Use new 800x600.exe


Any JA2 mod without it's own exe can be played using this. Mods with their own exe are playable but will be a hybrid. Whether that makes them worth playing is another thing.

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21.JA2v1.13 WildFire6.06


Mod Designer:Jax(Jelinobas) and Smeagol






1.Ja2v1.13 One click installer
2.In your Ja2 1.13 root folder copy your Data-1.13 folder and rename the copy Data-WildFire6.06
3.Unpack the mod into your Ja2 1.13 root folder and allow overwriting of existing files.

Note:There is also an S.V.N version of WildFire 6.06

Alpa v16 Item Mod Just select the most recent file.

After file is downloaded unpack and place in the Wildfire 6.06 Data folder, start the game using SpaceVikings exe (should be entitled ja2_release_SV_b007a.exe or similiar). EDIT : This link will also give you the latest edition, just use the latest revision only !

In addition to the new maps and new mercs several changes were done to the NIV (from JA2 1.13 2085/2112)
and several new LBE added.

The mod was made with the goal to not only provide new maps, new mercenaries and new items, but also to raise the difficulty of the original Wildfire. The options.ini and the XML data was accordingly changed.

Basically everything is a bit more difficult. "insane" can quick become "hell".
There's a backup options.ini for those who don't want to struggle every second.

It might be a good idea to start at an easier level. The first few maps and encounters might look easy at first glance,
but this will likely change faster than you would like.


You can also download this International Version which is more compatible with other Mods such as DBB etc...

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22.JA2 Militia Factions Modv1.07


Mod Designer:Will Gates

Status:Released (Still being tweaked)

Language: English


Download:MFM in front of Data folder
Download:MFM inside Data folder

Download:Guerilla Warfare Style Maps



Additional Intelligence.

Upon arrival in Omerta your team should head straight for the Militia command bunker until you've fully assessed the situation. Intelligence suggests that the Royalist Military Forces have heavily mined the whole area and are preparing for their final assault on the Rebel base. Please don't speak to Fatima about Enrico's letter until the whole of Omerta is under your control, as it will mess up her sequence.

(1) Armed Factions and Militia.

Cordonista Rebels. These are friendlies on the ground and some who have joined since Enrico was forced to flee. I'm sure almost the entire population will be sympathetic once they realise you are supporting the rebels.

JK & Sons. Allied closely with the rebels this faction is responsible for the few remaining forms of vehicular transport left outside of State control. Get on the wrong side of them and it'll be the long march option.

Local Militia. They are loyal to Enrico and thus also to you. Some cities have already managed some clandestine training; the rest you will have to draw from volunteers amongst the liberated populace.

Medecine Sans Frontiers. An NGO without whom the ordinary people of Alrulco would have been without healthcare these past many years. Due to severe pilfering of medical supplies they've been forced to hire some low level security guards, mostly grateful former patients.

SMA Co. This is the third largest group but are effectively neutral for now. They have expanded their business interests from simple gun running into all forms of legitimate trade and workshop repairs. Their warehouse in San Mona is worth a look.

Royalist Military Forces. These soldiers are obviously your main enemy. They are by far the largest group and they never surrender. I'd only recommend surrendering to them yourself if you have no option. They have all been issued with black uniforms.

Ricci Mining Corporation. Part of the super rich royalist elite who keep my homeland in thrall and should be shot on sight. This faction currently exploits the mineral wealth of Alrulco simply to prop up the corrupt regime. They also run the prisons for a profit.

KP Enterprises. The second largest group with close ties to the Queen. They have parts of Alrulco under the heel of their cynical exploitation with State complicity as they provide R&R for Royalist soldiers, contract assassination and cheap goods for export.

Hexville Slaughter Ltd. A nasty group of inbred back-woods-men answerable to nobody. They are into some limited gun running but are mostly interested in all forms of animal products including the illegal trade of endangered species parts.

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23. Cancelled Mods

Incoming: Cancelled
Jagged Alliance 2: AIM Missions (Working Title)

Mod Designer: Jazz
Status: 0% (Just Announced)
Language: Polish
Designed for: JA2v1.13/Single & Multiplayer
Release Date: Unknown
Official Page: AIM Missions


*A return to JA Deadly Games style play.
*10 Missions planned so far(escort,kidnapp) with the ability for the player to create their own missions.
*Over 40 new Mercs(original still an option)
*Police will react aggressively towards you if you have weapons equipped.
*On each mission, you can take only one team.The rest stay at the A.I.M. Base/Airport where you recruit at the barracks, & stock up on supplies at the Medical Centre or Armoury.
*Once equipped you take your team to the designated area near the airport and from there fly to the mission L.Z.

Last Stand Cancelled

Mod Designer:Iron Squad
Status: 75%+?
Language: Polish/English
Designed for: JA2v1.13
Release Date: 2009 (Iron Squad plan to make an announcement soon)
Official Page: Last Stand


* Completely new, non-linear storyline.
* A new country, a new conflict.
* A completely new map, main menu and laptop.
* More than 250 new map!
* Completely new characters.
* New weapons and items, you see the impact of Poland!
* Two versions! Two languages!

Critical Edge Cancelled

Mod Designer:Perry
Language: Polish
Designed for:JA2UB
Release Date:Unknown
Official Page:CE


The campaign, entitled JA2: Critical Edge will, sort of, the competition for Heavy crossing, which has so far been considered one of the most difficult. Perry, author of the project, announced that CE will be used only for connoisseurs. But those in the Jagged Alliance is not short:) The campaign, in its current form includes 74 new sectors, will ultimately have to fill the entire map. But those in the Jagged Alliance is not short:) The campaign, in its current form includes 74 new sectors, will ultimately have to fill the entire map. Change will not be only the original locations of the UB, so that the campaign could be completed.

Urban Chaos 1.13

Mod Designer: Will473
Status: Closed Beta Testing
Language: English
Designed for: JA2v1.13
Release Date: Unknown
Official Page: UC 1.13 Hybrid


This is a mod, of a mod to allow it to replicate another mod, but it by itself is not a complete mod. Use of the Installer program requires that you have downloaded and unpacked the original Urban Chaos Mod, and have installed Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13. I have no intention of picking apart the Mod Squad's original release and the 1.13 team's work to assemble a complete standalone release.

New Caledonia: Cancelled (Resources have been put into Last Stand Mod)
Designers: Jagged Alliance Zone (JAZ)

Sad news during 2008 the head of the group Jagged Alliance Zone announced that due to lack of desire for further work, the project is cancelled after two years of development. However newly created assets were passed on to Squad Iron group for use in their own modification called 'Last Stand'.

Return to Metavira

Needle Operation

Night Officers: The materials have been made available by moteel'a after canceling work on the mod Night Officers, the package includes: the files docs (plot descriptions, tasks, etc.), map, titlesets, faces and forms. Original Mod was Polish based.

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24. JA2UB Campaigns


*Banana Republic
*Get the Druglord

These are fan made campaigns that require you to unpack them, paste in the JA2UB Campaign folder and then set campaign. The same UB1.01 can be used for all of them, just switch between them from the set campaign.


Mod Designer: Yuri Suvorov

Wildfire1.3UB Patch
This patch addresses game balance and adds new weapons. Necessary to play X-Com

Install as above but unpack WF1.3 Patch first into JA2UB. The patch is compatible with the rest of the campaigns. The intro for UB however is messed up with this patch.

Tracoma Unlimited This link is no longer valid, please post here if you find a new one!


This is a collection of Mods that have been put together to create one game world. The campaigns have been laid out over one JA2UB Map so you can play them sequentially or jump around the missions. Each campaign has varying difficulty levels. Refer to the readme to find out the co-ordinates of each campaign.

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25. JA2v1.13 PossumDBB Mod

Mod Designer: Oldpossum

Status: @Version 4B

Features: Extension of DBB/Cosplay mod

Download:PossumDBB Mod
Download:Patch 4B


1. Clean JA2 (Gold) install.
2. 1.13 (via version on JA2 wiki or Kaerar's One-Click Installer)
3. Extract PossumDBB Mod files into 1.13 folder.
4. Ensure the files are copied into the 1.13 folder & not a new folder called Possum DBB.

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27. JA2v1.13 Wildfire SVN EN

Mod Designers: Jax(Jelinobas)and Smeagol (SVN Courtesy of Rowa21)

Status: Released

Language: English

Resolution: 1024x768

Download Size: 232MB


1. JA2 1.13
2. Make a copy of your existing "Data-1.13" folder in your JA2 root directory and rename it to "Data-WildFire6.06".
3. Make a folder where you would like to download the files of this WF MOD. Right click on the new folder and use TortoiseSVN to "SVN Checkout..." and copy/paste all of the following sentence into the "url of repository" field 1.13 Wildfire 6.06 EN - Merc MOD

4. Download all the files with TortoiseSVN to the folder, this may take up to an hour.
5. After download (update from TortoiseSVN) copy the content (Data-Wildfire6.06 folder, JA2 configuration settings) to your JA2 root directory. Overwrite any existing files.
6. Right click on the root folder of your JA2WF6.06 and select svn update any time you want to check for revisions.

WF SVN Discussion Forum

EDIT: This will probably be updated when Smeagol's Alpha item mod proves to be stable, until then however, latest revision was August '08, all maps added.

Latest update January '10 by Inshy, some fixes etc.

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28.JA2 1.13 Add Ons/Mini Mods

Badass Mini Mod

Badass Mod
Badass Patch

This is a Jagged Alliance 2 mod made to be used with 1.13 platform and New Inventory system. It is dedicated to those who find the current 1.13 weapons balance too close too cheating or those looking for a new challenging game playing experience. I tried to fix some of the issues related to weapons and improved some other internal things.


New Interface/Laptop Graphics
Author: Thor



The interface is based on all interfaces I could find, as I needed ideas. I hope that nobody takes offense of that. This current version is for 800x600 NIV + EDB enabled only. So not only do you have to set your game to the right screen resolution and play with NIV, you also either have to use it with current SVN downloads or with HAM or EDB.

Concerning the laptop files... As some of you may remember from previous threads, I like to spice 'em up a little. Only desktop.pcx & Okey Dokey/confirmorder.sti should be deleted if you don't like nudity. Apart from this, I've made several changes here as well since I've posted that thread.


Dynamo, Shank cured faces after hiring
Author: Andry

Dynamo, Shank cured faces

Unpack into JA2 folder


Crepitus to Aliens
Author: Wulfy301

Crepitus to Aliens

This graphic mod changes the Crepitus bug sprites into H.R. Giger Aliens.

Extract Alien_Moddaten.zip and copy its files
into the "data" folder of your "JA2" directory


Tiger Pink skin Mod
Author: Tiger

Colour Mod

Color changes to Blonde head, Black skin and Pink skin to make them look more natural.

How to install:
Replace JA2PAL.dat in "JA2\Data-1.13\BinaryData" folder with modified one.


Shed23's 1.13 Mod
Author: Shed23

Download:1.13Mod This link is no longer valid, please post here if you find a new one!


The MAPS folder belongs in Data/Maps.
The RADARMAPS folder belongs in Data/Radarmaps.

It is entirely possible that the MAPS/RADARMAPS can/could go into the same folders within Data-1.13. The above, is the method I have been using.

The MovementCosts XML goes into Data113/TableData/Map.
The GarrisonGroups XML goes into Data113/TableData/Army.

B_MAP PCX goes into Data113/Interface.

Also included, is the necessary tilesets:


The JA2SET.DAT goes into Data113/BinaryData.

Please note, that some tilesets do not have all of the 'debris', and therefore, some maps may look a little bit 'clean'.

Contains loads of new maps, some maps are altered ones from 'God knows where'. Others are from Vanilla but altered.

Sectors N13 & 14, O14 & P14 are not accessible at present. I have a feeling that it will not be long before they are available though, hence leaving them where they are.

This project was designed to be used on INSANE & TONSOFGUNS settings. How it will work on other settings, I have no idea. This project has become too disjointed for my ideas to continue, so I am starting another. There are opportunities to equip your mercs at A9, but you may have to edit this map for stuff to show up.

NOTE: I have NOT tested every area. There may well be problems. What I have tested, leads me to believe that this is an absolute pig to play, as you are 'up to your neck in it' from day one!


Ron's Faces



Version: V122 (2009)

Size: 1.84 meg

Download: 1.13Mod

Additions by Marlboro Man

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29. JA2 MFM 1.13 Doesn't actually support 1.13 , Vanilla only.

Mod Designer: Will Gates

Status: Released

Language: English

Resolution: 800x600

Download:MFM 1.13 Conversion


1. You will need to have MFM 1.07 installed first, see entry 22. JA2 Militia Factions Modv1.07
2. Install a fresh Ja2 with 1.13 2085 on top of it.
3. Select the following files from your MFM 1.07 install DATA folder: Battlesnds, Faces, Maps, Mercedt,
NPC_Speech, NPCData, Radarmaps, Speech, and Tilesets.
4. Copy all of these files and paste into your new JA2 DATA folder (Alarm sound from DATA/Sounds folder should be copied and pasted too.)
5. From the conversion kit copy/paste all files into your new Data-1.13 folder.
6. Use the new JA2exe to launch MFM 1.13

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30.JA2UB Back to Business


Mod Designer:Vereinigung der Mapdesigner

Status: Released

Language:German (Mercs English)


Translated files



2.Direct B2B installer into your JA2UB folder.
3.Set Campaign to B2B


In Karroto a broken down aircraft is stranded on the runway, on board the President waits patiently. In a flurry of lead and death terrorists hi-jack the plan and seize total control of the country. Resistance forces are formed, and consequently, civil war breaks out. Neighboring states use the occasion to enter Karroto to expand their territory . You would never have heard of this country if not for Enrico Chivaldori.Your old friend wrote to you with a task: to find the president,report on the situation and restore order. Time to get Back to Business!

*NPCs do not have audio. This is not a bug, their texts are not spoken!
*Choose "Tons of Guns"!
*Do not import save games!
*When clicking on the 'Files' section of your laptop, the screen will go silly and flicker around like an epileptic at a rave. This is normal, as the files section has been externalized so it can be updated when playing. Just let it happen.

Known bugs in B2B:

- The game occasionally crashes when talking to NPCs. Before initiating a conversation with an NPC you should always save your game. Occasionally, the game might also crash when your troops are saying something in combat. Thankfully this happens quite rarely. This bug only occurs under Windows XP, for some strange reason.

- In maps where friendly units (green pants, green shirt), or militia (blue or green shirt and white pants, like in JA2) are fighting hostiles, never leave the map during combat, as the game will always crash!

- If you enter a hostile sector, and the game tells you "Doesn't look so good there. It's inaccessible. Try another location" when placing your mercs, just use the 'spread' button to place them.

- The game fails to recognize the problem when a neighboring underground sector is missing and will therefore crash if you try to access one. So, when underground, only move from one sector to the other when a corridor or a room clearly leads you to the border of the map. An underground move from one map to the other is only required once in B2B, in two sectors in the '15 and 16' map coordinates. But even in this case the maps should only be traversed using the teleport-function and not over the 'leave map' indicator on the border of the sector.

- Some sectors contain cupboards and boxes that are inaccessible, blocked by stuff lying around. They are only there for decorative purposes and do not contain any items.

- It is possible that keys can change the way they look when they get put in the 'key-inventory' of a merc (eg, silver key becomes a gold key). This is not too much of a problem as they keys still maintain their functionality no matter what their pic is.

- External laptop (Files laptop): If the mouse is stuck in an invisible window and not all buttons can be clicked anymore, just click once outside of the laptop window on your desktop. This should free the mouse again.

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31. JA2: Urban Chaos

Mod Designer: The MOD Squad

Status: Released

Language: English or German

Resolution: 640x480


Download:Urban Chaos


1. Clean JA2 (I used gold)
2. Create a new folder and unpack the UC.rar to this folder.
3. Double click the UC set up icon.
4. Select language & press next.
5. Wait while the install wizard finds all files, locate the JA2 folder you want to install into and select the JA2.exe, press open.
6. The mod will now be installed, this may take a few minutes.
7. After install, unpack quick fix and copy/paste into your JA2UC Data/BinaryData folder. Overwrite the old file.

Optional Extras:

Chance to hit calculator Just run setup after unpacking.

New interface Drop the Data folder into JA2UC folder.

Hardcore UC edit AKA Dr. Quacks UC mod Readme

Easier download, single click installer from Kaerar
http://www.wmwiki.com/hosted/ja2/Mods/Urban%20Chaos%20Origin al/


JA2: Urban Chaos sends your team of hardened mercenaries to Danubia, a former Warsaw Pact country embroiled in civil unrest, to rescue a British ambassador and recover the encrypted intelligence he was carrying before it can be used against your employers.

JA2: UC features:
- An all new country to explore, featuring over 200 new maps and new tilesets.
- Ten new cities to invade and overtake, and a subway system running between them that will take you to the next one quickly.
- Dozens of new NPCs and quests, including a few familiar faces.
- All new items, guns and weapons, some of which are upgradable like never seen before!
- New intro movies and a totally revamped laptop interface.
- More numerous and aggressive enemies to fully test your mettle.

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32.INI Mod loader

Designer: RoWa21

Part of the INI editor that comes with v1.13

For anyone who wants to have all of their JA2 1.13 Mods in one place this is a great tool to get familiar with. If set up and used correctly you can place a shortcut on your desktop, rename it to "Mod Launcher" and use the INI to launch all the mods installed in that root JA2 folder.

Just install as normal the preferred mod on top of a recent 1.13 (I used one click) the only thing you need to avoid is overwriting the Ja2 configuration file in the root folder.then open the ini editor & select from the "Select JA2v1.13 Mod" drop down menu which data folder to use...


then from the "JA2v1.13 Executable" drop down menu select your exe...


press launch JA2v1.13 button on the right hand side.

I have Legion 2, W.Fire 6.06, R.Republic, Ham, PCM plus set up in this way at the moment.

For more detailed info have a look at the main thread

Summary: Separate folders for each mod, mod exe should appear in JA2 root folder, don't overwite original Ja2 options.

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33. HAM 3.5


Official HAM Wiki with download links


HAM 3.6a (see download page / wiki )

HAM 3.5 (See Wiki)

HAM 3.4 includes the following features:

* XMLized Facility Locations
o Facilities like the Alma Gun Range or Grumm Factory can now be moved around or even duplicated, using one very simple XML. For some facilities (Gun Range, Factory, Hospital) the bonuses go along with that facility. Other facilities (airport, prison, military base) only have a name but no effect. You can see which facilities are in a sector by right-clicking that sector on the strategy map. Some facilities (Tixa Prison) are hidden from that sector's info until you've actually visited the sector, others (Drassen Airports) can be seen as soon as the game starts. It's already possible to change some of the facility bonuses (see below, HAM 3.3).

This is the first step in creating new facility effects and bonuses.
* XMLized Dynamic Roaming Militia
o One of the very first HAM features has now been externalized to XML. Using the XML you can set which sectors can be traversed by Roaming Militia, and the conditions required for this to be allowed. You can now configure all sorts of militia roaming patterns, all based on which cities are controlled by the player and which aren't. HAM 3.4 comes packed with three XMLs offering different patterns, including Full HAM Dynamic, Strict City Perimeters, and Optimized 1.13 Aggressive Roaming. The strategic options that this provides are of course only up to the imagination.
* Bullet Counting Check
o This is a highly experimental feature based mainly on an idea by Zoolw. Realistically, knowing how many bullets are left inside your gun during combat is very difficult. Unless your merc has good memory, good expertise, or can simply tell by the weight of the gun in his hand, his bullet count will disappear, replaced by "??". This only happens during combat, and only if the magazine is NOT full and NOT empty. Also, as the character slowly empties the clip, it becomes harder for him/her to count the bullets, also possibly leading to a "??". Once combat ends, the bullet count will return. Again, the system is NOT completed, but is offered here for balance testing and ideas. There's a setting to control the intensity of this effect (I.E. how often it occurs and to whom), so feel free to tone it down or boost it up if you want, and report the results if you can. That'll help make this system much more enjoyable in the future. Unless it already is! \:D
* Externalized Militia Diversity
o We now have INI settings to control what percentage of a new Mobile Militia group will be made of Elites, Regulars, and Greens. For instance, set to 100% Elites, and you have the 1.13 default. Set to 25/25/50 (Elites/Regulars/Greens) to get the HAM 3.3 default. You can set it to whatever you like. Any setting that is over 0 means that at least one will be created. For instance, if 0/10/90 is used, at least one Regular and one Green will be created in any new Mobile Militia group. Actual numbers are of course based on the size of the group, which has always been an INI setting (DIV_OF_ORIGINAL_MILITIA), and as of HAM 3.2 has also been subject to Leadership bonuses or penalties.

HAM 3.4 also contains fixes for several issues:

* Characters were always getting suppressed by nearby friendly fire regardless of the INI setting. FIXED.
* Militia kept getting stuck at the edges of cities where mercs were present. Also kept swapping forces with the local garrison. FIXED.
* Characters with high leadership and Expert Teaching could not train militia due to overflow bug. FIXED.
* City Garrisons kept reinforcing nearby wilderness battles, which is strategically foolish. FIXED.

May also contain other fixes that I've forgotten about.

ALSO NOTE: HAM 3.4 effectively renders some things obsolete.

* The "DIVERSE_ROAMING_MILITIA_GROUPS" INI setting has been replaced by two new INI settings for controlling militia diversity.
* The file \Data-1.13\TableData\Map\RestrictRoaming.XML is no longer necessary, as it has been replaced by the new dynamic XML system. This file has no effect when using HAM 3.4, but is still required for normal versions of 1.13!
* The zip file contains two pre-made INI files: JA2_Options.INI and APBPConstants.INI. They contain default JA2 settings with all of HAM 3.4 fully activated. Do not overwrite your existing INI files if you wish to keep your current settings - instead follow the instructions in the .txt files.

PLEASE READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS, even if you've installed HAM in the past.

Oh, and... HAVE FUN!

HAM 3.3

* Tolerance bonus for characters on the move
o Moving characters will get a tolerance bonus based on how many tiles they have moved this turn. You can set how many tiles must be moved per tolerance point. This makes running mercs less vulnerable to suppression.
* Mobile Militia leadership requirements and variable quantity
o Like Town Militia, mobile militia training can now require a minimum level of leadership. Also, you can enable a feature that controls how many militia are recruited based on the merc's leadership. Works just like Town Militia features from previous HAM 3, including the effect of the teaching trait.
* Explosives cause suppression
o An experimental feature. All blast-type explosives (including HE/frag/flashbang/stun) will cause suppression when they strike. The amount of suppression is based on distance from the explosion and the size of the explosion. Flashbangs are very effective for this, especially indoors.
* Automatic Mobile->Garrison reinforcement
o Mobile Militia will automatically reinforce any weakened city garrisons, refilling the garrison whenever possible. This only works if the player is required to pay for Mobile Militia training, and also obeys certain movement rules. There are two separate settings - for reinforcing cities and reinforcing SAM sites.
* Automatic reloads are smarter
o When reloading automatically, the program will prefer to load magazines that contain the same type of ammo last used in the gun. There is no INI setting for this feature.
* Fixed trainer-based militia quantity
o When using variable militia training quantity, the game will now look for the best trainer in the sector even if he/she is asleep.

HAM 3.2

* Radio locator for "fully suppressed" message
o When getting the "Suppression Fire has neutralized X!" message, shows a flashing beacon to tell us exactly which character has been fully suppressed.
* Fixed unreal reinforcements advantage
o Reinforcements (Enemy, Militia, or both) arrive at a sector's edge with 0 APs, making them considerably less murderous.
* Friends affect tolerance
o High-level and high-leadership friendlies within a certain range can increase a character's tolerance. Large groups bunched up together will actually get better tolerance than loners, unless they're all suppressed. Nearby dead bodies of friendlies will reduce tolerance.
* CTH Divisor for mortar fire
o Allows making mortars far less accurate than before, to balance out their deadliness.
* Sightrange reduction for cowering characters
o Can reduce sight-range, induce tunnel-vision, or both. Cowering characters can no longer act for spotters for sniper fire, suppression fire, and mortar fire.
* INI-settable chance for critical headshots to cause blindness for several turns.
o Blindness duration is based on the severity of the hit.
* Getting knocked down by a hit in the legs causes extra AP loss.
o AP loss is based on the severity of the hit.
* No enemy detection without recon
o Enemies travelling through player-explored sectors are not automatically detected. Only militia can detect these enemies when they are in adjacent sectors. Enemies in previously-liberated cities are always detected.
* Better Medical training at Hospital
o Cambria Hospital confers an INI-set bonus to training the MEDICAL skill, similar to the MARKSMANSHIP training bonus you get at the Alma gun range.
* Better repair rates at Factory
o Grumm factory (H2) confers an INI-set bonus to repairing items. Also requires an INI-set minimum mechanical skill to gain this bonus.

HAM 3.1

* Fixed negative APs
o Suppression can now cause characters to drop to severely negative APs, which may cause them to lose their entire next turn. This was how suppression was SUPPOSED to behave, but hasn't until now!
* Fully customizable "Increased Aiming Costs" feature
o Added customizable divisor for extra "AP to Ready" cost, which can also be turned off.
o Added adjustable costs for EACH aiming click! You can now set your own preferences!
* Notification of full suppression
o Some have requested a message to show us when a character has been "fully" suppressed. The message will appear when a character has reached the Minimum AP limit (normally set to -80). At -80, they will have lost their ENTIRE next turn.
* Off-road Hummer
o When enabled, this feature allows the Hummer to drive on some non-road terrain. It cannot go through forests, swamps or other rough areas, but can travel through plains, farms, hills, and light forests.

HAM 3.0

* Minimum Leadership to Train Militia
o Characters with leadership scores below the limit cannot train militia at all.
* Teaching trait increases effective leadership for training purposes
o Tied to the other value, above, this allows setting a percentage value that is applied to our "effective leadership" for each level of the TEACHING trait.
* Effective Leadership affects quantity of militia trained by the character. Only works in cities.
* Alternate Progress Calculation
o With this enabled, the program looks separately at progress accumulated through kills, income, control and visited sectors. The HIGHEST scoring one determines your progress, while all others are ignored. Therefore, only one (doesn't matter which one) has to reach 100% to give you full progress. This disables the four progress control settings in the vanilla 1.13 INI.
* Possible Attachments list at Bobby Ray's
o When this is enabled, tooltips for guns (and only guns) at Bobby Ray's will show a list of all possible attachments for the gun, not including "hidden" attachments.

Externalized values:

HAM 3.1

* Speed of delivery for each Bobby Ray's shipping method
o Allows us to determine how many "midnights" must pass before the day the shipment arrives.
* Hour of shipment arrival
o Allows us to set the earliest and latest hours of the day on which a shipment may arrive. Normally, the hour is randomly selected between 8 and 12 in the morning. With HAM 3.1, you can set this to whatever you like.
* Mine Depletion
o Allows controlling which mine will run out of ore during the campaign. You can also disable mine depletion entirely.

HAM 3.0

* Strength to Weight ratio
o Allows increasing the amount of strength required to lift anything, which increases the effect of encumbrance, which will affect mercs sooner (or later) than normal.
* Kills per Progress Point ratios
o Allows us to set the number of people we need to kill to win a single progress point. Four settings, one for each difficulty level.

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34. Spare page

Designer: Unknown - it could be you!

Download: TBA

Released: TBA

Language: TBA

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35. Real Time Mod


Mod Designer: Borys762

Download: Real

Install: Unpack to root JA2 folder.


1. Use sneaking 'z' to move in real-time mode even if an enemy is visible in your merc's field of view.
2. Use 'Ctrl+x' to enter turn-based mode on demand.

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36. Official Wildfire Related Downloads.


Patch 6.04

Wildfire Guerrilla Warfare Maps JA2 Guerrilla Warfare consists of maps & some other files originally designed to work with Wildfire 3.0 for JA2 v1.06

On the left of the screen you will see a download link, open and select what maps you want.

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37. JA2 Maps

Jonas Map Collection

Info: More than 50 new Maps for JA2.

Install instructions included in English read me.

Operation Needle UB Maps & 1.13 Maps.

Maps from Jazz' abandoned O.N. projects.

If anyone wants to share Maps they have created for JA2 drop me a line and I will post them here.

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38. Experimental Mods

Advanced Cover Tool

Mod Designer: CptMoore

Download: ACT

Info: <Readme>

Zilpin's Spread Pattern Mod

Md Designer: Zilpin

Download: V004_2366

DDD's Mod
Please see the latest version:

On behalf of DDD:

This mod was initially introduced by Russian ja2.su forum member DDD. This mod is a further development of ideas introduced by Zilpin's aimed burst mod(it was also probably inspired by Bugmonster's JA2'005) and of cause DDD's own ideas.

All the new features are activated through the Ja2_Options.INI and are disabled by default. Please, add the following lines in [JA2 Gameplay Settings] to activate them:


; (false\true) default false
; New thin progress bar is drawn instead of the default one. Works only for 800X600 resolution.


; default 10000
; regulates the bullet hit impact to stamina. The lower is the value, the more stamina is taken out. With the value of 6900 it takes 3-4 hits to take all the breath away.


; increase/decrease the range of all weapons. The value is expressed in %


; Additional mouse keys (and the "scrolling wheel") are enabled. Now we can use the mouse wheel to aim the weapon, toggle between merc-s or auto fire length. Middle mouse button is used to prone (= "L" key), alt + middle mouse button changes firing modes, alt + wheel change the stance. 4-th mouse button enables/disables the stealth mode. Alt + 4-th mouse button reloads the weapon. Mouse button 5 switches the cursor to roofs, alt + mouse button 5 enables climbing to roofs.


; default FALSE
; alternative CtH calculation

; default FALSE
; the merc can now perform aimed burst fire and aimed auto fire. Comparing to Zilpin-s mod the system was rebalanced. Due to the reworked auto and burst penalties aimed auto-fire is less efficient then aimed burst for all guns. There is simply no use in firing more then 3 rounds due to low CtH od the last bullets. Aiming is performed by the mouse scrolling wheel. ENABLE_EXT_MOUSE_KEYS must be set to TRUE for this option.

; default 2
; The value is a multiplier for the auto fire penalty and burst penalty. Is needed to balance the aimed burst and aimed auto fire. 2 is an optimal recommended value.

Data files pack:


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39. Deidranna Lives 1.13 (Hybrid)

Designer: Will473 (Using Mod Squad's data)

Download: Please read and download from here

Released: Beta, currently active and supported

Language: English, German

This is a Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13 mod, designed to allow the campaign from the Mod Squad's Deidranna Lives! mod for JA2 (Vanilla) to be run with the benefit of new features created since the source code was released.

Beyond the basic v1.13 features at the time of release, this mod also incorporates items and general advance feature set from the Urban Chaos-1.13 and Alrulco Folding Stock projects.

By itself this release is not a complete mod. Instead it is meant to take an existing Deidranna Lives! "Data" folder and integrate it into the JA2 1.13 mod platform along with the contents of this mod. All credit for the concepts found in, and the actual original Deidranna Lives! belongs to the Mod Squad.

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40. Urban Chaos 1.13 (Hybrid)

A hybrid update to the original Urban Chaos mod which brings current 1.13 features to this beloved mod. This is not a standalone mod in its own right, rather a compatible mixture of the original mod and newer data from the current version of 1.13.

Designer: Will473 (Using Mod Squad's data)

Download: Please read and download from here

Released: Beta, currently active and supported

Language: English, German

This mods takes advantage of VFS file system.

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41. Low Tech Warsaw Pact Weapons Mod


Mod Designer: Ouklus

A LTWP mod. After a lot of tweaking, I think it is now rather well balanced.
If you like to play with lot of weapons/attachments/armours, this is not the mod for you

LTWP mod v1.00 by Ouklos.
The Low-tech Warsaw Pact weapons is a JA2 1.13 mod. It uses VFS config and the NIV, meaning you must have a fairly recent SVN or Single-Click Installer version : minimum a Build: 2963 EXE Release.
The base XML files come from the "JA2 1.13 3042 exe SVN 1165" Single-Click Installer.

* Goals :
- Play JA2 1.13 with standardized weapons for the player and the AI, and with limited/toned down equipment.
- Reduce the "Headshot game".
* Features :
- Only WP weapons are present, with the exception of shotguns.

- The player and the AI have the same available weapons. Exceptions : UDAR for the player, Pecheneg and FN SCAR H for the AI (not buyable).

- Low tech : no "uber" weapons/armour/ammo. It means there are no : Glaser/Match/SAP/AET/Flechette ammo, silent or semi-auto sniper rifles, sniper scopes, anti-material rifles, Long Range AR, FN P90/Magpul PDR, multiple-shots GL, napalm, thermobaric, Rockets Rifles, Trigger Groups, Rod and Springs, Barrel Extenders in this mod. Cold ammo is limited to 7.62x25mm.

Detail of the changes :
* Weapons :
- Rebalanced weapons : adjusted all values like coolness, deadliness, accuracy, range, AP to ready costs, etc.
- No guns with zero or negative accuracy. How can you be PENALIZED for spending more AP aiming ?
- Increased range for pistols, mostly +2.
- Lowered Burst/Auto penalties, and decreased the Foregrip/Grippod bonuses.
- Shotguns are much more faster. Example : SPAS-15, 4AP to draw, 21AP to fire.
- Increased the "MaxDistForMessyDeath" for all weapons. More fallbacks/slow falls from roof now.
- Created new (real, except the VIS-37) weapons, by renaming and rechambering default 1.13 weapons.
Example : MP-445 (.40SW) --> OTs-27 "Berdysh" (9x18mm), CZ-75B (.40SW) --> CZ 82 (9x18mm), MP-446 (9x19mm) --> OTs-33 "Pernach" (9x18mm).
- All sniper rifles (rather DMRs in this mod) have a default scope attached. Now, even a Mosin-Nagant is a nightmare ! (the PEM scope is a slightly better PSO-1)
- The GP-30 Obuvka and RGM Kastet grenades launchers can fire now VOG-25 Stun, Tear Gas, Mustard gas and Illumination 40mm grenades.
- MG : (PKM/Pecheneg) these are "ground only" versions. They have huge ready and reload AP costs, but they can fire several short bursts per turn. They should only be fired in prone position (built-in heavy bipod). They also can't take ANY attachment. Don't let these "horrible" stats deceive you : their suppression power is outstanding, and you can (and will) kill even out of sight range. If you don't use HAM and its suppression, forget about them !!!

* Attachments :
- Removed Rod and Spring and Barrel Extender for all guns.
- Only scope 2x, PSO-7 Combo (scope 2x + Kobra) and PSO-1 allowed on SKS and AR.
- Reflex Sight only for pistols/SMGs. For quick AR, use a scope 2x + Kobra, or a PSO-7 Combo.
- Folding stock : removed the -1 Hit penalty and the AP reduction bonus. It just reduces weapon size now.
- Scopes : less powerful.
PSO-1 : AimBonus 11 10 Day/BrightVisionRangeBonus 40 20 NightVision 20 10
PSO-2 : AimBonus 17 15 Day/BrightVisionRangeBonus 70 40 NightVision 35 20 (ex PSO-3)
PSO-3 : AimBonus 17 Day/BrightVisionRangeBonus 70 60 NightVision 35 30 (ex Sniper Scope)
- A lot of other changes, too numerous to list. Examples : removed the GP-30 for the AKMSU, Foregrip for the Saiga 12K/Pecheneg, added scope 2x for lot of AR.

* Armour :
- Removed Twaron, Zylon, SWAT, EOD armour.
- Reduced the weight and AP penalties for most armours.
- Increased Dyneema Helmet coverage : 70%-->80%.

* Explosives :
- Increased "startradius" values for Tear gas and Smoke grenades.
- Increased duration for Tear gas, Mustard gas and Smoke grenades/shells.

- More carrying capacity for backpacks. Examples :
ARUC : added 2 AR mags, MALICE3 : added a General Large slot.
- Improved some vests. Examples :
TT Assault Vest : removed 1 AR mag, added 1 grenade, 1 Medium general pocket.
LRAK Vest : removed the 2 canteens, added 2 AR Mags, 2 Grenades, +10% camo
- Increased Pockets capacity :
Increased AR mag capacity : 2-->3, Grenade 1-->3 small grenades (Stun, Mini, Mk2) -->2 for Smoke/Tear/Mustard, Rifle Grenade 1-->2.

* AI Items choices :
- Removed Pistol Suppressor, Rod and Spring, GunBarrel Extender, GP-30 GL, Folding Stock, Retractable stock, Trigger Group and AR Suppressor for the AI ; added Grippod.
Since the AI is limited to only two attachments, it helps them a lot. Instead of having useless and ridiculous things like Folding Stocks, GP-30s and
AR Suppressors on their weapons, they will have Lasers/Scopes/Reflex Sights/Kobras much more often.
- Removed Mini and Smoke grenades.
Enemies/Militia using Smoke does not make sense, and I hate when they can throw Minis grenades way farther than even my Expert throwers.

* MercStartingGear :
- Changed a lot of gears.
Example : Fox starts with a Medkit, Blood with 3 throwing knives.
- Gave Charlie 7.62x39 mags. instead of 5.45x39 mags.

The following items are tagged Sci-fi : NVG IV, Mustard gas grenades/shells, VOG-25P Jumping grenades, 7.62x25 Cold ammo, Dart gun and Darts.
If you really want to get them without the pukazoids, select Sci-fi for your new game, and turn the Crepitus OFF in the JA2_Options.ini.

* Installation
- Extract the content of the .7z file in your JA2 root directory, ie where your JA2.exe is.
It will create a new folder here (Data-LTWP), and also a new, empty one in the "Profiles" folder. (User_LTWP)
*** IMPORTANT*** If your zip/7z manager asks you to owerwrite some files, cancel the whole thing ! Something is wrong. (Probably you are not in the JA2 root folder)

1) Backup your JA2.ini file. (inside the JA2 root folder)

2) In this JA2.ini, in the "Define here the correct vfs_config.XYZ.ini for the MOD you would like to play" section, comment your current vfs configuration, and add the following two lines :

; Low tech WP weapons
VFS_CONFIG_INI = vfs_config.LTWP.ini

- Example :

; JA2 1.13
VFS_CONFIG_INI = vfs_config.JA2113.ini
; JA2 Vanilla
; VFS_CONFIG_INI = vfs_config.JA2Vanilla.ini


; Low tech WP weapons
VFS_CONFIG_INI = vfs_config.LTWP.ini
; JA2 1.13
; VFS_CONFIG_INI = vfs_config.JA2113.ini
; JA2 Vanilla
; VFS_CONFIG_INI = vfs_config.JA2Vanilla.ini

3) Optional : copy your Data-1.13\JA2_Options.ini file to the Data-LTWP folder.
4) That's it ! You can now start a new game without messing with your current saves.

************************** IMPORTANT !! **********************************************************
** - You MUST select "Normal Guns" and "New Inventory" when you start a new game to use this mod ! **
** - You will have to reset your preferences too, since this mod uses a new vfs profile. **
************************************************************ ***************************************

* Notes

- I didn't change the pictures for the new weapons/attachments. Not a mod for the 'realism police' !

- I didn't used the map editor. You will find the "illegal" but usual items : FA-MAS, Mini-14s, rocket rifles, 7.62x51/5.56x45 ammo...
Same with pre-placed AI soldiers/militia : they will carry Minimis, HK-21s or mini grenades.

- I recommend using : HAM 3.5 or higher, SLOW PROGRESS FOR ENEMY ITEMS CHOICE = TRUE, and not buying weapons from BR.
And tripling the "Activity levels for natural healing" in the JA2_Options.ini.

- This mod is harder than 1.13. Since you can only use PSO-1 scopes with assault rifles, forget about headshots ! Even mercs with 99 MRK will miss a lot torso shots. And forget about high (above 80%) "Hit Pourcentage" too! In three complete campaigns I played, the highest I saw was Buns with her SV-98/PSO-3 at ...49%

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