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Please help.....i don't know what to do[message #212243] Mon, 06 April 2009 18:45 Go to next message
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Hello everybody !

I'm a big fan a Jagged Alliance series. I love this type of game. It's brilliant !
I start to play JA2 Vietnam SOG'69 several days ago. I completed the quest regarding the budda statue. I conquert everthing in this region of the map. I don't know what to do next.
I try to talk with every single npc (none playing char.) but nobody give me another missions.
My "best man" is Barry and he has leadership 66. It is a problem with that?
I also have a problem with a npc. At the location H11 my game is closing when the "Sarge" character appear....What shall i do ?

I read some post here and i understund that i need to fiind a pilot the fly the helicopter....but where is it??

Also a woman want to kill the bloodcats...I don't find any bloodcats...

Thank you very much for your help !!!

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Will Gates

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Is your version of SOG patched?

Completing missions should give you access to codes which unlock locked maps. You do this outside the game then go back in. If in doubt however hover mouse over all vehicles (helis, boats etc) as some have exit grid icon popup. Use these to go on adventures. Bloodcat script is left over from original UB; sfaik they are not there in Vietnam (though realistically they should be and it's Alrulco that's wrong... they should be Jaguars or Pumas).

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Thank you[message #212266] Mon, 06 April 2009 22:50 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Thank you very much for your informations.

I reinstall JA2UB then, the JA2UB 1.01 patch, then, Install SOG'69, then SOG patches ( patch1 and patch2beta1, then i run the file named "Save changes to UB.bat" in JA2UB installation folder after i installing the patches. I choose the campaign to SOG'69. I hope is the right way no? Smile

I will try this night the have a new fresh start ! Smile) I hope that the game will be running normally....

Again thank you for your prompt answer. Have a good day!

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Hello everbody again !

What a game !!!..... I play on expert mode with tons of guns....!!!

I have a problem. I don't know what to do next. I conquert everthing of the map. I use the password "endgamexxx" to unlock the sector. I arrived in the sector I3 with my squad. I meet with col. Innis. I try to use the helicopter but i can't. In this sector also i find the spook's order.

This document contains the password to unlock this sector Smile. ....If i didn't know the password from this site i will never could go in the sector !! Is not a big problem this...Smile

The col. Innis finally tell me that my mission is over..I still can't use the helicopters. I give the col. Innis the document (with the password)but also nothing happens. (appear a message...the history updates)

When i conquert this part of the map i also find a document COSVN officer list. But everbody don't what to have. Is that a problem ?

I fogot to mention that i install the game very well...

My main problem: ...What shall i do now? This is the end of the game or shall i do something else ??

Thank you for answers !!
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If you can, go back to I12 and give the COSVN list to the CIA agent, marked as 'unknown' this will then trigger the games final battle.

The meeting with Col Innis should have followed after this battle (you get orders from the CIA agent.) Once Col Innis says 'Your going home' that is the end of the game.

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