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With Sandros new addition it opens up a world of interesting characters. Might be fun to post your creations here for others to try out, or be used in a mod.

Here's an example...

Jimmy "Maverick" Harris

A 44 year old Texan who up until now has paid his way by outplaying tables at poker and charming women wherever he goes. That is until he was accused of being a cheat by a Colombian Drug Lord, on the run he decided to take up life as a Mercenary, his reckoning being, he had so many guns pointed at him, he might as well get paid for it!


Normal Body

Black Hair


Purple shirt

Black Pants


No disability

HtH: Years of dodgy Poker games meant more than his share of scraps.

Ambi: Maverick is a master of sleight of hand.

Level 2: No formal training, but he has seen a lot over the years.

Health: 64 All those years spent in smoke filled bars are catching up.
Dex: 85 Shuffling cards does wonders for your hand eye coordination.
Agi: 71 Always ready to jump through a window if the going got tough.
Str: 63 Has had to learn to hold his own...
Wis: 85 Counting cards and reading people has it's perks.
Lead: 46 Always looked after number one first, but knows how to manipulate a table.
Marks: 58 Can shoot across a Poker table but that's about it.
Expl: 35 As a kid used to mess around with fireworks.
Med: 47 Learned to stitch himself up after a brawl.
Mech: 36 Can keep his car going.

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This sounds like a fantastic concept, but I've always found it hard to spec a character without succumbing to tweaking the options .ini and turning the IMPs into a 6-member KAC PDW-wielding squad of ubermensch.

How exactly do you folks quantify skills and attributes?
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Location: Europe, and pitying you.

This sounds like a fantastic concept, but I've always found it hard to spec a character without succumbing to tweaking the options .ini and turning the IMPs into a 6-member KAC PDW-wielding squad of ubermensch.

How exactly do you folks quantify skills and attributes?

I make them all 100, because by god, I spent so much time training skills manually in this game, I don't want to have to do it all over again. And I know I would, being the perfectionist I am, so I just skip the manual labor part.
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A few Imp Mods:

Bae "Ghost" Choi


Normal Body

Black Hair


Red Shirt

White Trousers


No Disability

Martial Arts: (Expert)

Level 1:

Health: 84
Dex: 88
Agi: 99
Str: 90
Wis: 77
Lead: 21
Marks: 53
Expl: 0
Med: 52
Mech: 0
Eugene "Gene" Mullard


Normal Body

Blond Hair


Green Shirt

Green Trousers


No disability

Night ops

Level 4:

Health: 82
Dex: 73
Agi: 96
Str: 79
Wis: 87
Lead: 90
Marks: 86
Expl: 53
Med: 10
Mech: 47

Alex "Bones" Sampson


Normal Body

Brown Hair


Black Shirt

Blue Trousers


Fear Of Insects


Level 2:

Health: 74
Dex: 93
Agi: 71
Str: 84
Wis: 60
Lead: 70
Marks: 82
Expl: 50
Med: 30
Mech: 88
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In my current game two superb troopers have just perished.

Anna "Topper" Wright, a woman who knew what she wanted and saw too it that she damn well got it. The military was her mother, father and teacher for most of her life. As a young adult she enlisted with the first police force she could come by in hope of getting to put her skills to use. No such luck. Filing paperwork, directing traffic and starting fights eventually got the best of her so she got into the mercenary business, desperately seeking change. Her wit and sharp eye, mixed with hours upon hours at various firing ranges had turned her into a valuable asset. A master sniper. Her first (and final) assignment, Arulco, would put her skills to the ultimate test and she loved every second of it.

Killing at a distance with her scoped M14 turned out to be her favorite and most effective passtime. Her silenced Beretta turned out to be quite useful during nighttime raids.
Her most glorious moment: Defending Alma with the help of only a handful of rookie militia. Rooftop + M60 GPMG. Hell yeah!

The Alma operation may have pushed her ego over the top. Having heard of a bloodcat lair nearby, she immediately wanted to go wipe it out. Naturally, she could do it all alone but after hours of conversing, even pleading, she accepted that one other merc would accompany her. That merc was...

Chip "G.Spot" Bronson. A true jack of all trades. Mechanic, weapons specialist and a smooth talker all in one. Not much is known about his background. When asked about it he simple answered " What an inconvenience. It doesn't matter". Unlike Anna, Arulco was not his first assignment. His experience showed but it wasn't too noticeable. Not at first, at least.

He didn't get to see much gun fighting but I guess he saw more of everyone's armaments than anyone else, him being the mechanic and all. His own favored weapon, a custom MP5 with a mounted grenade launcher, an ACOG scope and C-mag capability often hit the mark and did so with, well, not so much precision. Did the job though. He almost never loaded the thing with anything other than match ammo. He was believed to be a bit superstitious about the whole thing... perhaps with good reason. Anna had convinced him to load his dear weapon with hollowpoints to deal with the bloodcats and it obviously didn't help. The whole 2 vs. 20 thing may have had it's say too but it's all over now so... heh, it doesn't matter.

I already miss these two.

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