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dotNET JSD Editor by Pipetz NEW: EN version!

Russians have discovered that JSD files, that control the physical properties of an object in JA2, aren't solid blocks. They actually have 3D properties, and are composed of smaller blocks than assumed before. More exactly each JSD cube (as we used to think of them) is made out of a 5x5x4 blocks grid. These small bricks have actually been used to great effect in game to represent shapes, from tree trunks to cars. But they were hidden to our eyes until now. And that is revolutionary about this editor. It actually SHOWS the layout of the JSD file in 3D. Beside that adding new blocks to a JSD file is as simple as checking some boxes. It's fair to say this is the most advanced JSD editor ever made. The cherry on the top is the fact that the editor is perfectly able to open SLF files directly (or JSDs from your custom folder, it's your call).

PS: Yes, the editor can make new JSD files too. Included in archive there are two tutorial movies.

IMPORTANT: To make it launch on any Windows (all but Russian) you first need to clean up (delete) the two .config (layout.user.config & jsdeditor.exe.config) files in the archive. The editor will autoregenerate them, don't worry.

http://www.esnips.com/doc/9ffc464b-e407-4e97-8449-baadd3df31 c1/JSDEditor_v1.2.1


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dotNET STI Editor by Pipetz NEW VERSION

Another masterpiece from our Russian friends. This editor allows opening multiple STI files, allows copying images between them, allows editing internal properties you never knew existed and to top it all has a ingame preview of your sti file, complete with tile placement.

http://www.esnips.com/doc/d274ff73-5e20-4fae-a239-0e09196c80 be/dotNetStiEditor1.0.0.25.EN


PS: New versions now have EN help and interface.

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GIF <=> STI (double converter) by Pipetz

This small utility breaks more ground than you can imagine. In 10 seconds it can export all the frames from an animated STI to an animated GIF file ready to edit in Photoshop or any other gfx tool. Then in about just another 10 seconds, when you are done editing the animated GIF, it rebuilds the animated STI back, with keyframes and everything it had in the first place. Definitely not as advanced as the full blown editor above, but for those who want to tackle character editing it's a God's sent. Instead of pasting hundreds of images back into the old STI editor and face numerous crashes, all is done for you in seconds...

Note from Pipetz:
Some notices about the STI<=>GIF converter.
1. Number in texbox is a delay for one frame in hundredth part of seconds.
Another words, if you input 10 in text box, than you can see 10 frame per second, if you input 5 - 20 frame per second and so on.
2. If you red sti format description in appendix to sti-editor's help or here , you can see what GIF format is more common than STI format.
For example GIF-file can contains local palette for each frame, but STI-file contains only single global palette for all frames.
It is mean, what we can convert any STI-file to GIF correctly, but we can NOT convert any GIF to STI correctly.
Some of the GIF-files cannot be converted to STI correctly.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.esnips.com/doc/578445a2-7ca3-4227-bbc7-d40618b6f2 e9/StiToGif-1-2
ALT DOWNLOAD: http://ja2.su/files_viev.php?type=red

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