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Hachiryoku, I have no idea, how they made.
The only thing that I know, Kazuya draw them from the blank. Not copied.
I can be wrong but some of his mercs have unique coordinates.

Can you make the face somehow looks like a modern JA2 merc?
Like here for comparison:

We already have a pic of this guy http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/2751/bigneedle5.png

Could you animate it and make a face set of it?
So I could add him to the Merc Mod too.

No, I can't. His skincolour is off and unless you explicitly want to go for the John Boehner look, there isn't much I could do about it. Except recreating Needle from scratch of course...


Or is it too complicated?

Or maybe this can help?

2. Kazuya: I like many of your sti's but how do you coordinate the mouth and eyes, the only way I know of is to use the sti-edit and that is by trial and error. I would really like to know how to use the faces viewer to coordinate the eye and mouth movements especially since you have provided the coordinates in the first place. But I have no clue on how to save it as an sti, you can only save the ini. At least I thought the FV was the coordination editor and voice sync, but I might be mistaken.

The FV is merely a quick way to find out if the given coordinates of a face file are correct or not. I don't use it, when I create faces. The coordinates are usually not stored in the sti file itself, although you could do it this way. The coordinates are set in the MercProfiles.xml in the tabledata folder. A convenient way of setting them, is to use the Merc Profile Editor.

This is, what my face files usually look like:

I try to create a certain format, that is used in the game. In my example it is 90x100. I copy the face several times and I draw over the existting faces the different animations. When I'm done with that, I create a red frame around the picture and two red frames around the mouth and eyes. If you use GIMP, the coordinates can be determined easily, by selecting and copying one picture (including the outer red frame) and press Ctrl+Shift+V. This brings up a new window filled with the image in the correct size. Next I select the pencil with a one pixel brush, zoom into the new picture and move the mouse to the upper left corner of one of the inner red frames. The coordinates shown at the bottom left corner of the Gimp window are the coordinates used in the game. Wink If you try this with the image, which I just posted, you should get Leechs eyes coordinates (20,32) and mouth (20,60). Then I copy the first image and create the sti file with GRV. The animations are inside the red frames, so I paste them into the sti as well and that's essentially it. The 48x43 is exactly the same procedure.

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Ok. I will work on the face and the colors a little, but I don't think I will get it exactly like Kazuya's faces because I'm using different programs.

I will finish this one tonight,

Also, does anybody have any pictures of clothes that they would like to see on Mercs? I found myself searching for a while for the top that I put on Doc.
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Oh my God! I think I suck at this! So, the more I messed with the color, the worse it was.

I just don't have the ability to color like Kazuya. I tried to use his pygame and python trick, but I couldn't get it to work on my computer.

Anyhoo, this is Doc. Everything works. Just the color is off.


Downloads heres

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Hey guys, I hope this thread is appropriate for the question - I do apologize if it's not the case!

The thing is, I'm quite enthusiastic about this project of including old mercs to the game, but I've been checking the merc profile editor and noticed that some data seems to be inaccurate, namely the likes/hates relationships. For instance, when I select one random merc, say Grizzly, the buddies and hates are listed as original ones. Then if I click on another merc, say Vicky, her profile will display Grizzly's "likes/hates" under Buddy 1,2,3. It seems it's not updating this info properly as we select different profiles, or I'm making a silly mistake.
There's also something with Barry, who is listed under all mercs relationship blanks that should be empty - I take it's because his AIM Bio ID is 0?
Not sure if it's buggy or something, but I'm more than willing to fix the relations for all the mercs, and that would obviously include the ones from DG.

Another thing is, what is the point of the "speech" field in the profile editor? All the characters seem to have it disabled.

I'm using the newest DepressiveBrot unstable revision by the way. Thanks!

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