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I found this on youtube. I do not know who has seen this, but can a German member tell me what is being said and whom is saying it?

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These are scences from Pulp Fiction with the German voice acting from JA. I think I identified:

Harvey Keitel: Enrico Chivaldori's opening text
Ving Rhames = ???? Blood?
Bruce Willies = ???
Fabienne = Fox (Flo would have been more fitting)
Samuel L. Jackson = Deidranna
The boy to die = Elliot
Amanda Plummer = Carlos
Her partner = Miguel
Barkeeper = Dimitri
Shopkeeper with gun = Madame Leyla
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Hey thanks Buns.

Is it funny?
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No, not realy - despite I do appreceate a lot of work being involved in it. It basically tells the story of a JA2 game by using scenes from Pulp Fiction together with the voice acting from German JA.

It opens with the text of Enrico Chivaldori. After that three mercs are recruited (Fox, Blood?, and the other one I couldn't recognize). Then you go to the rebels, hearing Dimitri, Miguel and Carlos. The dialogues with Samuel L. Jackson are Deidranna's and Elliot's texts after the landing in Omerta, and the one when you reach the outskirts of Meduna. Then "Bruce Willis" speeks the end-game monologue of his merc. And in the end "Fox" jumps on the bed and says "Oh Grizzly!" (but I am pretty confident that Bruce Willis not has the German voice of Grizzly).

At least it is an opportunity for others to hear the German voice actings, that sometimes seriously differ from the original - not only in the way that they are spoken by different persons in German, of course (provided I do have the originals that were part of the Wildfire DL). For example, in the German version Dimitri has a much higher voice and realy sounds like the idiot of the village. In return Blood speaks with a much deeper voice and sounds a bit more "adult", or say "dangerous", compared to the original voice. I don't like him anymore with the English voice acting. In return they did a very poor job with Scope's and Tex' German voices - but with the English voices I love to hire both; in particular because Tex stops speaking with an Italian accent.
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it is the original german grizzly - and it's VERY funny (downed it from youtube)

well it needed some gender changing and they got their gap-files somehow nuked :pitchfork: whoever made it is surely someone to be hired here

edith: the black guy is cut from blood and skyrider, that obviously won't work in english

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Actually, Marcellus (Ving Rhames) has Ice's voice, not Blood's or Skyrider's. He even states his name in his very first line in the video, since it is the soundfile of him answering the hire call when you contact him via the A.I.M. page. Further on, he complains about Bubba and is psyched by being able to work with Magic (though both do not "appear" in the video in any form whatsoever) and right before he shoots Mme Leyla/Maynard he speaks his "has detected a trap"-line: "Stop, man! Da tickt was..."

I think the video is okay, but not hilarious. I like Samuel L. Jackson as Deidranna and the diner scene is nice, since it is dubbed with the game dialogue between Miguel and Dimitri when he shows him Enrico's letter, both creating a decent element of juxtaposition, while they fail in this regard with giving Maynard Mme Leyla's voice - that's just too forced and random. The rest is okay, but not too creative.

The really funny thing about it is: all three "hired" mercs in the video - Ice, Grizzly, Fox - almost always are on my payroll as well... Wink
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