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Hello again.

I have reinstalled JA2 Gold and installed latest v1.13 and the beta 920 version of IoV.

With all this new HAM 3.6 active.. it seems harder to play the game on Experienced than I did earlier on Novice.

Also anothe deviation I noticed is that IMP mercs cost more and more as I create them. First one is 3,000 USD, then 6,000 USD... increasing by 3k each time I want a new one. this limits me to making 4 IMP mercs untill I can take Drassen and get cash flowing.

Now a good question is this: What is a good starting team in this case?

My current thoughts on a team is this (named by nicknames)...

Sirocco (main male IMP char): Marksman/Hunter, Marksman/Auto Weapons or Ranger + Stealthy?

Stalker (main female IMP char): Sniper + Stealthy or Scout?

Demoman (secondary male IMP): Heavy Weapons/Technician + Demolitions or Bodybuilding [He is to be my demolitions expert and aswell as a repairman]

Longbow (female): Machinegunner + Bodybuilding, Ranger + Ambi, Marksman/Auto Weapons or Marksman/Paramedic?

And when I get the cash for the last two IMPs...

Hawkes/Saint (female): Doctor + Teaching, Hunter/Paramedic + Stealthy or Hunter/Auto Weapons?

Jericho/Slayer/Blade (male): Long-Ranged or CQC build spec.

Any thoughts on what team is good to survive to Drassen on their own + Ira?

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from a topic not too long ago...

Below is what I like to use. With my last two IMPs I like to add either a dedicated sniper/spotter team for long range work, or a mortar team. With either of those, they tend to stay near sector edges, with the 4-man team running the inside.

I find that this setup works well for me, because everyone has a useful combat role, and outside of combat I've got all of my skill bases covered.

Currently running my night ops with a 4-man IMP team. Every member has high marks in an important secondary skill, and then a secondary trait (usually medical for patching yourself up in a firefight).

1. Scout - Stealthy/Night Ops, high Leadership score for speaking with locals. Carries a silenced Abakan. Without the autofire trait on my scout merc, the Abakan is a great weapon for sight-range engagements at night. I can squeeze out 4 bursts in a round. Good accuracy and speed with a folding stock. Long enough range to still be useful during the odd daytime ambush. 2-round bursts and well aimed shots mean reloading isn't generally an issue.

2. Sharpshooter/Medic - Sniper/Stealth traits, with high Medicine score. Explosives, for placing charges, is the secondary skill set. VSSK Vychlop is a seriously hard hitting silenced rifle for dark sorties, though I've also used the M21 EBR. I keep a Magpul PDR as a close-range backup, though this is mostly a hold-over habit from when I used to primarily go with a long-range sniper (light .50 or OSV-96) that operated independently at sector edges and would sometimes get separated from the rest of the group by enemies that would attempt to engage at close range. Now I tend to keep the sniper with the group, and operate just at the fringe or edge of the squad.

3. "Machine Gunner" - Autofire/Lockpick traits, with high Repair score. Currently using a C7A2 with a cmag adaptor, ACOG/Reflex combo, grippod, and rifle LAM... this makes the character my go-to for mobile suppressive fire from any stance, with the versatility of having a great primary weapon for placed shots when necessary. I've turned the lack of a flash suppressor into a tactical advantage by positioning this character towards the rear of the group and drawing enemies in at night with noise, while the stealthier characters pick off the enemies who rush forward to engage.

4. Supporting Member - Autofire/Heavy Weapons, with high Explosives score. Uses either a SCAR-H SV (often suppressed) or the Magpul PDR, depending on expected engagement range. Carries the grenade launcher that uses the rotating magazine. This guy fills the need for additional firepower, and helps to place mustard gas clouds, explosions, or bullets where needed.
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Yo Slayer9112, make an IMP with a skill combination you can't already get from AIM or MERC such as for example Sniper and Auto (if I remember that correctly). If you can simply "rent" a soldier with the skill combo, then why waste your good IMPs on it?

Sniper will improve the CTH even if you don't spend aim clicks, meaning the skill improves burst and auto fire of weapons with no semi auto mode for example, at least this is my observation (wonder if Headrock would know for sure).

Another one to look out for is getting a skill which can be replaced by an item. For example taking night ops is great for games where you can't "buy" the skill by wearing an item. For example in Vanilla the elites' night vision cannot be overcome by wearing night vision gear only, you need the gear *and* the skill (and then you are just equal). However having a skill can reduce micro management, like applying cammo all the time.

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When talking about IMP-only squads, you realy need the combo Lockpicking+Explosives (Engineer // Demolitions) to open stuff and displace the repective traps. That would be someone like Barry.

You also should have a doctor and someone good in training militia; this should preferably be the same person because both require high intelligence (Doctor // Teaching). You do get Ira, if you hire her that is, but her medical skills are rather limited and teaching only becomes exceptional after some practicing.

Concerning the others, I agree with Dieter that specialized stuff like Night-Ops isn't desperatly needed because you can get NVGs, Taclights, Nightspies, NV scopes and the like doing the job for you. In particular having only one in your team with this skill wouldn't help you so much: what are the other's supposed to do at night? The same would for knifing, hand-to-hand and the like.

Heavy Weapons isn't realy needed either. You get these kind of weapons only late in the game, and you don't desperatly need that trait to operate them: Dimitri can shoot a mortar as well as Grunty can (tested it).

Auto-Weapons is a bit more helpfull because most mercs throughout the game will have a weapon with autofire, not only LMGs. On the other hand, you are not constantly shooting on full auto, and for all CQB-situations you have laserpointers, foregrips and stuff like that to help you hitting on full auto - even with a G3.

I would suggest to pick physical traits like Athletics, Bodybuilidng, or Stealthy instead because this is something you cannot substitude with equipment. "Scout" would be another one that you should have in your team, at least once. You also don't desperatly need to give each merc three different traits. Make them experts or spent extra points in starting attributes instead, in particular into those that are difficult to learn like Agility or Wisdom.
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