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@Swampgator: I'm using the "latest" build I've generated. The cursor looks a little different because I added some information in debug mode. You won't see if in the release build. But I'll check out the battle and PSO-3 scopes. However, you should also check your items.xml file and verify that you're using the one that's either on the NCTH/Mediafire page or the one from the release branch. The one on the dev branch has the wrong values for MinRangeForAimBonus which can have bad effects in OCTH. Shouldn't have problems in NCTH but all the same.....

@Deiter: The Acog/combo has always given both bonuses. I won't debate whether it should or shouldn't (never used one IRL) but the game can't really handle seperating the two options at this time.

EDIT: I still can't see a problem with scopes+laser. Tried the Battle Scope and LAM-200 and the PSO-3 and LAM-200. Both worked just as I would expect them to. Within about 12 tiles, the scope isn't used (you still get a slight penalty simply because the scope gets in the way) and the lasers magnification is displayed (and used) instead. After 12 tiles (or there abouts, I think the LAM-200 losses all effectiveness at something like 12.5 tiles) the scopes magnification is displayed and the scope has it's full (pretty unaffective at that range) effects. Using a laser on a weapon with a scope is really the only way (currently) to negate the massive penalties you get for trying to use too powerful a scope at too close a range in NCTH. And then only if you're withing the lasers range. Really makes we wish we had a "rifle LAM" that would fit on sniper rifles. Smile

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Well, I wrote a function to generate these test shots but it is not accurate and after looking deep into the relevant functions, I don't think there is a way to make it accurate. If I set the fFake flag, we bypass the usual MoveBullet function and instead use a seperate function named CalcChanceToGetThrough. NCTH actually uses the MoveBullet function to determine whether we hit a target simply by moving the bullet and if it ever intersects with the target, damage is applied. CalcChanceToGetThrough, on the other hand, doesn't appear to do the same thing. I believe this is the function that determines whether to determine the black cursor (meaning a shot is not possible at all) so messing around with it probably isn't the best option. About the only thing I can think of would be to write a completely new set of functions (FireBulletGivenTargetNCTH, FireBullet and MoveBullet) which is alot of work for an accuracy test. I'll keep looking at possibilities but right now I'm not really liking the options.

Wouldn't it be possible to remove the "Subtract Bullet" function temporarily, adjust the bullets/5AP and just let rip to do the test? (Just a silly idea that may or may not work)
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Yes, I could do something like that. I could also just remove the damage system. But that would render the game useless. I was trying to add a hotkey to a working build.

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