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Qick question. Broadly, when being in tactical mode, how and when do you load assets and what is rendered? Some dynamic approach or everythig fully as it is 2D anyway?

Would like to adopt it for my own project (scale about the same) and since it peferctly works in Ja2...

Thanks in advance

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Yo ColCool, The JA2 source code is publicly available as it was released by SirTech with the Wildfire OEM CD-ROM (hopefully I remembered this right).

This means you can look at all the C code and figure out how it works. You can even run a debugger to step through code.

Once you start looking at the code you will notice that there are a couple of "add ons" made in a different coding style, so you can tell multiple people were working on it and some of the code was put on existing code to fix bugs - instead of cleaning up the existing code.

While the sequence of resources being loaded in tactical should be fairly simple to figure out, the actual rendering on the screen has many different code paths and it gets convoluted quickly.

There are quite a few people on the board who can answer more specific questions, such as for example what a specific variable does, or what the original intention of a function was before it was rewritten, or how some edge cases are handled by the graphics engine and so on.

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