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I am just deciding on a mod-setup for a new game (its been a while since my last) and I remember last time I had access to a nifty little dart-gun with tranq. darts for incapacitating the enemy without killing him. I can't remember if I did this last time, but this should be rather useful for stealing weapons when playing on non-"drop all" settings right?

First of all, does anyone know what mod this dartgun is part of? is it in plain 1.13?

I am also interrested to know if there are other interresting non-lethal weapons availiable in other mods I should check out (preferably ones that don't unbalance the game in its weapon balance). Tazers, riot-ammo/rocksalt ammo for shotguns, rubber-bullets for more typical guns and other such things come to mind. I bet there is a fair chance that someone has allready made something like this so if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome Smile

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The Dart gun is normal 1.13 stuff, im pretty sure it has been around since the olden days.
Would love to see a dart rifle with a bit more range.
Renegade republic had a taser gun and pepper spray and the urban chaos 1.13 hybrid has tear gas filled shotgun shells.
Im really not sure about rubber bullets, i think i saw them somewhere but i can really not say when, were and if i am not remembering them from another game.


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When I worked with Kaerar on a Warhammer 40,000 mod, I made several WH style weapons similar to what you describe. I had a needler with burst and full auto, it works really well but you need multiple hits before an enemy falls unconscious, not really a problem on full auto, they fall right away.

Another gun I made was a plasma rifle, with custom in flight animation of a glowing plasma ball changing shape a little and illuminating the ground it flies over. However due to the armor everyone wears in WH 40k, plasma is a relatively weak weapon which does a lot of stun damage. I got this accomplished by making the weapon a grenade launcher and using a new explosion definition with mostly stun damage. Unfortunately the amount of stun damage seems to be rather limited by the code e.g. 1,000 was working the same as 100. Another side effect was that explosions can destroy bushes, small trees, grass, some walls etc. but this wasn't a problem for me as plasma would have the same effect.

By the way, we never finished the mod, but I still can dig up the stuff I made if anyone is interested. This includes Kaerar, hehe!!

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Thanks. SOunds interresting, but for my first 1.13 playthrough in a long long time I think I will stick to a bit more tried and tested mods.

After that perhaps I will experiment a little more and even try to get a little more involved in the community. I love this game so much and I can only say that I am in awe of all the great work that have been put into it. I feel that I should contribute back in some way shape or form - even if its just something simple like cleaning up documentation for some of the coders that aren't so proficient at english or something. I'll see about that later on if anyone can pume to work on something useful Wink

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