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Okay so here's my story. When I played JA2 and finally kept my team alive long enough to take over half the map, I had obviously gotten to the point that my team was outfitted with some pretty serious firepower. We had assault/sniper/automatic rifles with scopes and after I'd been playing a while with these things I started to find the battles a lot less fun than when we only have pistols and SMG's. When I first took over Chitzena we had to fight our way across the whole map, move up to find new cover and a new position to shoot from, using smoke grenades to cover our advance. As soon as I'd gotten scopes and rifles there was not much need to move around, and quite a few of my battles were even completely static. I just get everyone in the nearest cover and then have a stationary shoot-out while all the enemies run into LOS to get me.

I decided that for one the scopes were far too powerful. They are absolutely necessary for shooting people that are a decent distance away. And personally I hate telescopic sights, I love using iron sights and I know how effective they can be even at long ranges, so I wanted scopes to give a bit of a bonus to long-range shooting without making them absolutely necessary.
And the other thing is that I wanted all the rifle ranges to be nerfed, a lot. Their new range compared to pistols and SMG's is not very realistic, but overall I think it makes the game a lot more fun and more dynamic when you can't easily shoot halfway across the map. The battles are a lot cooler and require more planning and maneuvers, and they last longer, and things like grenades and pistols and shotguns come into use even after the first half of the game. At the same time I raised the range of pistols and SMG's a little. I thought that the enemies sometimes looked far too close to be out of range of a firearm. When my team had to use pistols we would often end up standing in a semi-circle around the enemy, and couldn't use cover much of the time because the cover had to be a very specific distance away.

So, I changed every weapon in 1.13 . It took me a very long time to do this. And since I have spent so much time I thought I should tell you guys, so if you would like to try my weapon tweaks I can upload them for you. Here is an outline description of all the things I've changed:

Range of pistols: Between 11 for very short pistols up to 15-16
Range of SMGs: Around about 14/15 up to 20
Range of Rifles: 21-23/24 ish for carbines, 25-29 for small calibre assault rifles. Low 30's for 7.62x51mm assault rifles and long barreled 5.56's, mid-to-high 30's for high-calibre sniper rifles/long barreled rifles.

I have standardised AP cost and ready AP cost. AP cost represents how easy it is to make a follow-up shot, so basically it means recoil. Ready AP cost measures how handy and maneuverable a weapon is, the longer/heavier the weapon is=ready APs, so it basically takes into account how fast you can take aim at a target, so for example a Reflex Sight lowers Ready AP's.
All weapons now have more Ready AP's and slightly less AP's, I like this way so it takes time to take aim at a target, but once you have them in your sights you can shoot at them slightly faster than before, though overall it means less shooting and longer battles, especially now that you have to move around a lot more to get in range.

Pistols: 1 ready AP
Machine pistols: 2 ready AP's
Submachine guns/small carbines: 3 ready AP's
Rifles/full size assault rifles/small Automatic Rifles: 4 ready AP's
Long rifles, MG's: 5 ready AP's

And for AP's, most weapons that fire the same round have the same AP's, but with a few exceptions for the sake of making the weapons more diverse. A few very short weapons have a smaller AP cost than usual, for instance a couple of 5.56 carbines cost 4AP and one 7.62x51mm assault rifle costs 5. I have also changed the damages a little.

.45=4AP, now does a decent amount more damage that 9mm (instead of just +1)
.357=4AP (slightly more damage than .45)
.44 and other high-powered pistol rounds are 5AP
PDW's cost 3AP

7.62x39mm=5AP, slight more damage than 5.56
7.62x51mm, 7.62r, .30-06, and other high-powered rifle rounds=6AP

And probably the most drastic change I've made is with scopes. Firstly, all weapons in the game have been given a +2 to aimed shot bonus, making iron sights more reliable. The actual scopes have MUCH less bonus, they still give a noticeable boost to aimed shot, but most of their value is in letting you see enemies that are far away and getting a chance at them (though now it will be about 20-50% chance to hit), and the little range bonus they now give (which is useful now that I've nerfed all weapon ranges). All scopes above the 2x now raise the AP or Ready AP cost of the weapon. I've also raised the minimum distance for scopes a lot, minimum range for ACOG is 18, 2x scope is 14.

Small scope: +1 to aimed shot, +2 to range
ACOG 4x: +2 to aimed shot, +3 to range, +30% Ready AP's (In all cases that will be a +1 to ready AP's)
Battle Scope: +3 to aimed shot, +4 to range, +30% Ready AP's (+1Ready AP), +20% AP cost (also +1 AP)
Sniper Scope: +4 to aimed shot, +5 to range, +50% Ready AP's (+2 Ready AP), +20% AP cost (+1 AP)

This may seem drastic but trust me, scopes are still worth it and you can still hit people who are quite far away, just not every time. But now it won't be a good idea to just chuck battle scopes on ever gun, you gotta think about whether you want it or not. Also reflex sights are no longer compatible with scopes (and I changed the ACOG Combo in all stats (including price) so now it is exactly the same as a normal ACOG 4x)

So is anyone interested?

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I also changed the burst/auto penalties in relation to the weapon's weight, making a slight difference for assault rifles and SMG's but for some machine guns it makes quite a big difference because they differ greatly in weight. It was pretty pointless using most MG's before because a few of them weighed a LOT less than others but had similar stats. Now it can be useful using a very heavy machine gun because they are more accurate in automatic fire.
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What version did you use? All those single digit AP suggest a really old one to me.

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