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Registered:June 2008
Location: Bremen, Germany
Welcome to the read-only FAQ for AIMNAS. For questions not answered here, refer to the AIMNAS main thread.

First of all let me thank those who actively supported work on the AIMNAS project in the last years (in no particular order credits go to DepressivesBrot, Flugente, Headrock, Jenilee JMich, Logisteric, Tais, TheBob and Zombiehunter). If I forgot someone, well... sorry... drop me a line and I might include you.

Major FAQ Update made on 24th Dec. 2013

Q: What's the latest AIMNAS version?

A: AIMNAS XMAS Release, which was released on 24th Dec. 2013.

Q: What the hell IS AIMNAS anyways?

A: It's an Item mod for JA2 1.13, adding something between 1200 and 1400 items to the basic 1.13. It is also the only mod at this point of time that uses the big maps project.

Q: HOLY CRAP... 1200 items??? Whoa... is there a list of those???

A: Yupp.. check out the XML editor or the Gun liston page 1 of the latest AIMNAS main thread. For a sortable list of items check Jen's JA2 site.

Q: Can I finally play a full campaign with big maps?

A: Not yet. So far around 80 maps are done (rows A - E). I hope to get a few more maps done next year.

Q: I can`t find any items hidden in maps. What's up with that?

A: Don't bother searching, there are no items at the moment in the maps. Instead it is highly recommended to play with "drop all" enabled.

Q: Is it stable?

A: As stable as it gets. You might encounter a few graphic glitches in some maps, but those are hard to get rid off and are often times not reproducable. These glitches usually disappear, when you leave and re-enter tactical view.

Q: Why can't I use DBB, cosplay, or any random other mod with AIMNAS???

A: Because those mods and AIMNAS use different xml files. Using dbb stuff on an AIMNAS install would basically mean that you overwrite the AIMNAS files with DBB stuff (or vice versa) and thus get only garbage.

Q: I would like to know if the newest AIMNAS is avaiable in german (french, polish, chinese, swahili...), i was not able to find anything like that.

A: AIMNAS is only available in English. Making other language versions would be a lot of tedious work for me and my time is rather limited.

Q: But I noticed a lot of game text to be German? What's up with all those german subtitles?

A: I'm using a german JA2 Gold version to make this mod, I try to keep the german stuff out of the files I upload for DepressivesBrot and Tais who make the SCI's out of the mess I sent them. Sometimes they simply miss out on the German subtitle texts. German texts/subtitles etc you might encounter during gameplay is unintentional. As for a specific German version, see question above.

Q: How about NCTH support?

A: Yupp. Finally, AIMNAS supports NCTH. It is at the moment a default setting, but you can easily turn it off in the game start menu.

Give it a try and give feedback on it in the main AIMNAS thread.

Q: Why can't I train militia in certain town sectors?

A: Training militia in AIMNAS requires certain facilities to be present. Try training milita in town sectors that have military bases, rebel hideouts or A.C.A. buildings (local police stations).

Q: Meh... I don't like Bigmaps... anyway to play AIMNAS with regular maps?

A: Mimimimimi.... The XMAS Release is also considered a testversion for Bigmaps. If you don't like it, don't play it... or learn to mod yourself.

Q: I've seen there is a version of V27 around with older maps. I really want to play those...

A: Those versions are bootleg versions without any official support from my side. Do what you want with those, but don't expect any help from me on that issue.

Q: I just installed this mod over a clean install of ja2 gold. In the xml editor, I'm seeing the same items as in 113 mod?

A: Open XMLEditorInit.xml and change Data-1.13 to Data-AIM. Open the .xml file with notepad (or equivalent), not with XML Browser.

Q: I can't train militia in towns anymore???

A: Yes, you can... but you will need the sector with the A.C.A. building (A.C.A. is the Arulcan police), a rebel hideout or a military base for that.

Q: Where's V27? I've read about it, but I can't find it anywhere?

A: Yes, that's intended. I asked Tais to take it down.

Q: There are also no more files on your skydrive?

A: Yes, also intended. AIMNAS is still in closed beta mode, the XMAS release is just my holiday gift to the community and all the fans of my mod.

Q: Closed Beta? Cool, how I can I join in for testing?

A: You can't. Otherwise it wouldn't be a closed beta...

Q: Does the XMAS Release of AIMNAS support latest features by Flugente?

A: Yes and No.

Some features are supported, some are not.

I added values for overheating (no quick change barrels, yet) and dirt (including gun cleaning kit of course... but this feature is disabled on default and needs to be enabled manually in the ini, in my opinion it is rather tedious micromanagment and thus I decided to leave it as optional), handcuffs and prisons, scuba gear, tripwires...

Food is still not supported unfortunately, I had other priorities for this release. I will add food system sooner or later, though.

There is a radio item but I forgot to make it available at BR's. Next update will fix this. I hope to make an update asap once I get some feedback on the current release.

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Registered:June 2008
Location: Bremen, Germany
Frequently Asked Questions about specific Items:

Q: past caring
How is the ballistic computer supposed to work? When the thing is attached I cannot hit the side of a house, with it off my snipers are deadly accurate. Wtf?

A: The ballistic computer is an item for heavy sniper rifles that allows for really long distance shots and adds a significant bonus for very high ranges. However, shots below the min range will suffer a big penalty. You will also only get the bonus while prone. Without the computer accurate shots at 80+ tiles are pretty damn tough.

Thanks to item transformations, the computer can now be turned off/on.

Q: Agent47
how the heck do u acquire a Improvised Conversion Kit?

A: You need a special merge for it that includes 3 items (Nope, not gonna spoil it... some stuff should remain for the player to figure out still)

Q: Vince7403
I can use an M79 normally with the various 40mm grenades, and perform the conversion to 40mm shotgun and back to grenade launcher. However, on converting the M79-DS back to grenade launcher, the unload weapon button remains on the screen on top of everything. If you perform the conversion in tactical mode, the unload weapon button floats over the lower section of screen. In strategic inventory, the unload weapon button floats over the left side where the character inventory would be. Sometimes the button persists across the two modes and even into the main menu. Clicking on it, not surprisingly, crashes the game. Saves made after this odd state has been entered sometimes can't be loaded, but I can't reproduce that consistently. The phantom unload weapon button persists across any save you load afterwards.

A: Yupp... known bug. Headrock said it was fixed for item transformations, but it shows up now and then.

Q: hitgena
Is it part of the Game that you cant repair you armor anymore?

A: Yes, a lot of the armour can no longer be repaired with a tool kit. You will need C18 /C20 for most armour to repair it.

Q: Binoculars are useless... or am I doing something wrong?

A: Binoculars need to be used like a gun. In order to look through them you need to "raise" them using the "l" key just like you would raise a regular gun. Binoculars usually have either a higher view range bonus or lesser tunnel vision than scopes with a comparable magnification, therefore they are not completely useless. It's probably a bit tedious to use them, but there might be situations when they are pretty useful, especially when setting up perimeter defenses on bigmaps.

Q: Morbo

(don't know why the forum is shrinking the picture ... but here's direct link)

This is one of those bartender guys. was surprised to see him selling ammo, more surprised that they are really black market sheep ... Grizzly thought Ira was too ugly apparently, and needed to get him some sheep lovin' .... ?

A: Depressives Brot
Yeah, those are 'Ammo Donkeys' used to create retail boxes of 25~150 rounds (amount depending on caliber). Those boxes tend to be a bit more space efficient than mags.

Due to a code change in a more recent version it is now possible to make ammo boxes without Donkeys. In newer AIMNAS versions, ammo donkeys are no longer present.

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Registered:June 2008
Location: Bremen, Germany
Frequently Asked Questions about Quests:

Q: Hombre87
so i've been running aroud the map for 2 days now, did anybody find the tile for the helicopter? i can't get rid of skyrider.

A: It's a grid number problem in the lua script. It should be fixed in newer versions. As a general rule of thumb, some quests are still broken, you know... the whole work in progress thing...

Q: Rei25
Hi, i have recently started playing this mod, i have set the recruit rebels ini value to 1 and i liberate omerta, miguel offers up ira + dimitri but no carlos + miguel.
do i have to wait a certain amount of time?

A: datakurs
I also set it to 1, visited / cleared all 4 Omerta sectors, then Miguel and Carlos joined nicely. Perhaps your talking guy has not enough high leadership.

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Registered:June 2008
Location: Bremen, Germany
Frequently Asked Questions about Facilities:

Q: jedzf
Do I still need to have a doctor when I use a facility to rest patients?

A: Yes. The facilities still need another merc on doctor assignment, the facilities help in recover speed though.

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Registered:June 2008
Location: Bremen, Germany
Frequently Asked Questions about ini settings:

Q: What if any changes can be made to the .INI file after a game is started or do all changes require starting a new campaign?

A: Most ini changes "should" work without a restart. Some settings will require a restart. If meddling with the ini within a started game, safest bet is that you will have to restart, so just in case, always backup your ja2options.ini before making changes.

Q: Searry
What are the proper setting for mobile militia?

A: Logisteric





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Registered:June 2008
Location: Bremen, Germany
Merge List for AIMNAS XMAS 2014:

Last Update: 13th of December 2014

There are probably a few merges missing in this list and maybe a few left in there that are already obsolete...

- EBR Stock + M14/M21/M1 Garand/Mini-14/AC-556/[color:#FF0000]SVD[/color] = EBR Version of the same gun
- Improvised Conversion Kit + SVU = SVU-A
- Improvised Conversion Kit + M1 Carbine = M2 Carbine
- Improvised Conversion Kit + Ruger Mini-14 = Ruger AC-556
- Improvised Conversion Kit + Ruger Mini-30 = Ruger AC-762
- Improvised Conversion Kit + Calico M-900 = Calico M-900A
- Improvised Conversion Kit + TEC-9 = TEC-9 FA
- Rubber Band + 93R = 93R FA (utility knife on the FA brings it back to regular version, rubber band is lost, though)
- SCAR Barrels + SCAR variant = other SCAR variant (depends on Heavy and Light version which barrels are interchangeable... the L will accept the 6.8mm, the H will accept the WP barrels)
- HK Rails + several HK guns versions = MP5// G36 //G11//CAWS RAS versions
- G36 Grip/Optics + G36 versions // G11 // CAWS = G36 //G11//CAWS regular versions
- AK Conversion Kit + SKS // and several AK-variants = Tactical version of the gun
- Some guns have stock conversions avaialble with Wooden Stock, Folding Stock, etc...
- Tactical Glock Stock + Glock 18 = Glock 18 Tactical
- M16A4 Conversion Kit + M16A4 = DMR variant of the M16
- AUG Barrels + AUG = other AUG variant
- Fixed Telescopic Optics + AUG RAS variants/P90 RAS/CAWS RAS/G11 RAS = basic variant of the gun
- Rail Kit large + basic AUG variants = RAS version
- Rail Kit small + P90 = P90 RAS
- HK416 Barrels + Hk416 variant = other HK416 variant
- HK417 Barrels + HK417 variant = other HK417 variant
- Blaser R93 Barrels + Blaser R93 variant = other Blaser variant
- Barrel Kit VBR PDW + VBR PDW = other VBR PDW variant

Most armour can't be repaired anymore (there are some exceptions), instead you'll need Compound-18 // Compound-20.

- C18 Upgrade Kits + various Armour pieces = treated Armour
- C20 Upgrade Kits + various Armour pieces = coated Armour
- C18 + regular or C-18 armour = repairs the armour
- C20 + a C-20 armour // EOD // Dragonskin // KAZAK-6 = repairs the armour
- C20 + titanium plate = repairs the plate

- Upgrade Kits + various armor = appropriate upgraded armor (Stealth Kit only works with Kevlar)
- Dragonskin + Camo Uniforms = Camo Dragonskin
[color:#FF0000]- Kevlar Vest, Guardian Vest, Spectra Vest, Twaron Vest, Dyneema Vest + Camo Uniform = Camo Version of Ballisic Vest[/color]

- Aluminium Rod + Spring = Rod&Spring
- Steel Tube + Duct Tape + Quick Glue = Gun Barrel Extender

- Burris AR scope + Burris Speeddot = Aiming Module SDA
- AN/PVS NV scope + Burris Speeddot = Aiming Module SDNV
[color:#FF0000]- EoTech Holosight + EoTech G33 = Aiming Module EoTech[/color]

- Trigger Group + Utility Knife = cycles through various types of Trigger Group (atm 2 round, 3 round or 4 round burst)

- various Grenades//Molotov Cocktail + Gasoline-Oil Mix = various Eagle Items (basically gas tanks that can be used as explosive devices)
- String//copper wire + mod. Flare = Trip Flare
- String//copper wire + mod. Walkman = Trip Klaxon
- Pack of Gum + Flashbang = Flashbang Mine
- Pack of Gum + Mustard Gas Grenade = Mustard Gas Mine
- Pack of Gum + Tear Gas Grenade = Tear Gas Mine
- Pack of Gum + Smoke Grenade = Smoke Mine
- Pack of Gum + AN/M14 Incendiary Grenade = Thermite Mine
- duct tape//quick glue + detonator = mod. detonator (will stick to a bomb as inseperable attachment)

- Rag + Alcohol-Oil Mix = Molotov Cocktail
- Duct Tape + Flare = taped Flare
- Duct Tape + Alcohol&Oil Mix = taped Alcohol&Oil
- Taped Flare + Alcohol&Oil Mix = Flarebomb (also works if the alcohol is taped or both are taped)
- Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer + Gas = Fertilizer Bomb (new in WF2011)
- M24 Splitterring + M24 Stielgranate = M24 Splittergranate (Fragmentation Grenade)

- RDX + C1 = C4
- RDX + C1 small = C4 small
- C1 + copper wire = 2x C1 small
- C4 + copper wire = 2x C4 small
- shaped charge + shaped sharge = c1 small
- shaped charge + jar with marbels = improvised grenade
- copper Wire + Claymore = mod. Claymore (can be used as a bomb, instead of a mine)
- Gameboy + C1 small = 2x shaped charge
- 2 small charges C1/C4 = C1/C4

- 40mm shell casing + any 40mm grenade = 40mm shell

required as components for explosives//mines:
- Tank of Gas + Oil = Gasoline-Oil Mix
- Bottle of Alcohol + Oil = Alcohol-Oil Mix
- Glass Jar + Marbles = Jar with Marbles
- Detonator + Flare = modified Flare
- Detonator + Walkman = modified Walkman
- Detonator + Steeltube = Steel Tube with Primer

[color:#FF0000]Chemical Merges:
There are a few new merges with certain chemicals which will result in various improvised grenades.[/color]

You can combine wooden planks to get larger versions of wooden planks.
Pack of Nails + wooden planks will combine to Wooden Walls.

- 40mm VOG Grenade Panel + 40mm VOG grenade Panel = VOG Combat Pack

- SAW pouch + LBE Gear = SAW LBE
- mod. triple grenade pouch + LBE Gear = mod. LBE Gear
- mod. utility + LBE Gear = mod. LBE Gear
- mod. first aid pouch + LBE Gear = mod. LBE Gear

(the LBE Gear can be upgraded until all pocket slots are used)

- 40mm Grenade Rig + 40mm Grenade Rig = 40mm Grenade Panel

- Belt Type LBE + one of the following vests: Hunter Vest, Biggame Hunter Vest, AK Chest Rig, M23 Chest Rig, Police Utility Vest or Sniper Jacket = modified version

- Rock + Knife = Repaired Knife

- Fumble Pack + x-Ray Tube + Pack of Gum = X-Ray Device
- Display Unit + X-Ray Device = X-Ray Detector
- LameBoy Display + Copper Wire = Display Unit
- Gameboy + Copper Wire = LameBoy Display
- Platinum Watch + Copper Wire = Detonator

- Canteen + Cigars = Woodland Camo Kit
- Canteen + Cuban Cigars = Desert Camo Kit

- String + Soda Can = Soda can with String
- Batteries + Detonator = Remote Detonator

- Woodland Camo Kit + Rag + Rubber Band//String = Ghillie Kit Woodland
- Desert Camo Kit + Rag + Rubber Band//String = Ghillie Kit Desert

Combine Merges:
First Aid Kit
Medical Kit
Tool Kit
Locksmith Kit
Camo Kits
Tank of Gas
Compound 18
Compound 20

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Registered:June 2008
Location: Bremen, Germany
Item Transformations:

T-Shirts to Rags

Belt Type LBE items can be transformed from being worn as vest to combat pack and vice versa

[color:#FF0000]Modular Pouches have been completely replaced with MOLLE pouches (thanks to Depri for the MOLLE feature!)[/color]

Ballistic Computer on -> Balistic Computer off (gets rid of the huge min range and non-prone penalty of the computer... the idea behind the computer is that it gives a big bonus on those really long shots with anti-material rifles, but the short range shots always suffered from this. For the short range shots you can now switch the computer off)
Bipod -> folded Bipod
Grippod -> Grippod in Bipod mode

Some Scopes -> same scope with adjusted magnification (useful for NCTH, some scopes are otherwise only useful if you are really far away from the target. Lower magnification factor allows you to use the same scope effectively at lower ranges)

M79/M79 CAWS -> M79 Direct Fire

Guns with folding stocks can be transformed from either folded to unfolded versions

Batteries # 1-10 -> can be split into battery items with fewer batteries (some flashlights need a specific number of batteries)

Shovel -> Melee Shovel
KCB Knife -> KCB Cutter

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Registered:June 2008
Location: Bremen, Germany
Complete Gun List for upcoming XMAS 2014 Release

[color:#990000]Last update 13th of December 2014[/color]

.22 LR
- American-180
- Armalite AR-7 Survival Rifle
- Calico M-100
- Hi-Standard HDM
- Ruger 10/22
- Ruger MK II Hunter
- SIG Mosquito
- MGV-176
- Walther P22

[color:#FF0000].22 WM
- Accelerator MP-22
- Automag II
- Grendel P30
- Grendel R31
- Kel-Tec PMR-30

[color:#FF0000].32 ACP
- Beretta Tomcat
- Walther PPK
- Skorpion vz.61

.38 SPC
- S&W Model 64
- S&W Chiefs Special
- Korth .38 Sport
- Owen .38 SMG

[color:#FF0000].380 ACP
- Beretta 85F
- Ingram Mac-11[/color]

- Barracuda
- Colt Python
- Desert Eagle .357
- Manurhin MR-73
- Manurhin MR-96
- Modified EMF Hartford 6 Shooter
- Puma .357
- S&W M19
- Winchester Model 1907
- Winchester Model 1907 FA
[color:#FF0000]- Uberti 1873 Revolver Carbine[/color]

[color:#FF0000]Note that all .357 Revolvers can be transforemd to .38SPC guns

- Beretta 96FS Brigadier
- Beretta Cx4 Storm
- CZ-75B
- FN Browning HP-35 .40
- FN Forty-Nine
- Glock 22
- HK MP5/40A3
- HK MP5/40A3 RAS
- HK MP5/40A4
- HK MP5/40A4 RAS
[color:#FF0000]- Kel-tec Sub 2000 .40[/color]
- MP-445 Varjag
- S&W M4006
- SIG P226 .40
- SIG P226 SAS .40
- SIG Pro
- Springfield XD
- TAURUS CT-40 Police Carbine

- Colt Anaconda
- Desert Eagle .44
- Henry Rifle Big Boy .44 Magnum
- Mare's Leg (cut down Winchester Trapper)
- Ruger Redhawk
- S&W M29
- S&W M29 Satan
- Taurus Raging Bull 444
- Winchester 94 Trapper
- M1879 Revolver

- AMT Hardballer
- Colt High Capacity M1911A1
- Colt M1911A1
- Colt SMG .45
- Colt SMG .45 RAS
- DeLisle Carbine
- FN FNP-45
- Fr. Arms .45 (.454 Casull)
- HK Mark 23 SOCOm
- HK P12
- HK UMP45
- Ingram M10
- Kriss Super V
- M3 Grease Gun
[color:#CC0000]- Marlin Camp Carbine 45[/color]
- MPA .45 Carbine
- Owen .45
- S&W M645
- S&W M1917 Revolver
- Ruger Alaskan .45 (.454 Casull)
- Thompson M1928
- Thompson M1A1

.45 WM
- Automag IV
- LAR Grizzly .45 WM
- Wildey Survivor
- 3-TEN .45WM Carbine

.454 Casull
- Ruger Redhawk Alaskan
- Fr. Arms M83 Premier Grade
- Puma .454

[color:#FF0000]The .454 Revolvers can be changed to accept .45 ACP[/color]

- Armalon Pistol Carbine
- Automag V
- Desert Eagle .50AE
- LAR Grizzly .50AE

- AEK-919K Kashtan
- Bizon PP-19
- Makarov PM
- Makarov PMM
[color:#FF0000]- MP-448 Skyph[/color]
- OTs 02 Kiparis
- OTs 33 Pernach
- PB 6P9s (Silenced Makarov)
- PP-93
- Skorpion vz. 82
- Stechkin APS

- Agram 2000
- Beretta 92F
- Beretta 92FS
- Beretta 93R
- Beretta 93R FA
- Beretta M12
- Bergmann MP28
- Calico M-950
- Calico M-900
- Calico M-900A
- Calico M-960A
- Carl Gustaf M/45B
- Cobray M11/9
- Colt 9mm SMG
- Colt SMG 9mm RAS
- Erma MP40
- FAMAE SAF Silenciada
- FN BDA 9
- FN Browning HP-35
- FN Pro-9
- Glock 17
- Glock 18
- Glock 18 Tactical
- Glock 19
[color:#FF0000]- HK MP5K PDW
- HK MP5K PDW RAS[/color]
- HK MP5A3
- HK MP5A4
- HK P7M8
- IMI Micro-Uzi
- IMI Mini-Uzi
- IMI Uzi
- IMI Uzi MP2
- Intratec TEC-9
- Intratec TEC-9 FA
- Jati-Matic GG-95 PDW
[color:#FF0000]- Kel-Tec Sub-2000[/color]
- KP M/31 Suomi
- MAB PA-15
[color:#FF0000]- Marlin Camp Carbine 9[/color]
- Mauser C96 M712
- MAT-49
- MP-443 Grach
- MP-446 Viking
- P-08 Parabellum
- PP-19-01 Vityaz
- PP-90 M1
- SDK Silenced Rifle
- SIG MP41/44
- SIG P210
- SIG P226R
- SIG P226 SAS
- SIG P229R
- SIG P239 SAS
- Skorpion EVO III
[color:#CC0000]- Skorpion Vz. 61e[/color]
- Spectre M4
- Sphinx 3000
- Sten Mk. 2
- Sterling L2A3
- Steyr AUG Para
- Steyr AUG Para RAS
- Steyr TMP
- VBR PDW 9mm
- VIS-35
- Walther MPK
- Walther MPL
- Walther P38
- Walther P99
- Welrod

- SR-1 Gyurza
- SR-2 Veresk

- Bizon 2-07
- CZ-52
- OTs 39
- PPsh-41
- SA-24
- Tokarev TT-33
- Type 85
- Type 85A
- Zastava M56

- OTs 23 Drotik

10mm Auto
- Bren Ten
- Colt Delta Elite
- HK MP5/10A3
- HK MP5/10A3 RAS
- HK MP5/10A4
- HK MP5/10A4 RAS
- Colt PDW 10mm
- Skorpion EVO III A1
-S&W M1076

- VBR PDW 7.92
- VBR Glock 7.92

[color:#FF0000]Acceleratorr MP-57[/color]
- AR57 6" Silenced
- AR57 11"
- AR57 16"
- FN Five-Seven
- FN P90
- FN P90 RAS
- FN PS90
[color:#FF0000]- Glock 57 [/color]

[color:#FF0000]- Glock 46 [/color]
- HK MP7A1

- QSZ-92
- QSW-06
- QCQ-05
- QCW-05[/color]

12 gauge
- AA-12 CQB
- Akdal MKA 1919
- Baikal MP-133
- Baikal MP-233B
- Benelli M3 Convertible
- Benelli M4 Super 90
[color:#FF0000]- Chiappa Triple Threat[/color]
- Devestator
- Fabram FP6
- Fabram SDASS
- Franklin Armory Convert
- Ithaca Model 37
- Jackhammer Mk3A1
- KAC Masterkey Underbarrel Shotgun
- Kel Tec KSG
- Kel Tec KSG Patrol
- Kel Tec KSG Tactical
- Neostead
- Remington M870
- Remington M870 Sawed off
- Remington 870 SPM
- Saiga 12k
- Saiga 12k SWAT
- Sawed-off
- Spas-12 (including pump action mode)
- Spas-15
- Street Sweeper
- Super Shorty
- USAS-12
- Vepr 12

- Olin CS

- U-94S UDAR
- OTs 94

.30 carbine
[color:#FF0000]- Armalon AL30C[/color]
- Cristobal
- IMI Magal
- M1 Carbine
[color:#FF0000]- M1 Carbine EBR[/color]
[color:#FF0000]- M1A1 Carbine[/color]
- M2 Carbine
[color:#FF0000]- M2 Carbine EBR[/color]

- KAC PDW 8"
- KAC PDW 10"
- Magpul PDR

- AEK-971
- AK-74
- AK-74M
- AK-74U
- AK-105
- AK-107
- AKS-74
- AKS-74 Tactical
- AKS-74U
- AKS-75UM
- AKS-74U Tactical
- AN-94 Abakan
- Molot Vepr 5.45
- RPK-74
- RPK-74M
- S&W M&P15R
- Saiga Rifle 5.45

- Tavor MTAR-21 Zittara

- AK-101
- AK-102
- AK-108
[color:#FF0000]- Ansch

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Registered:June 2008
Location: Bremen, Germany
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Major Update of this thread on 24th Dec 2012 for XMAS Release.

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Major Update of this thread on 24th Dec 2013 for XMAS Release.

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Summer Release 2014 out on 14th of July 2014.

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