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What is the best add ons to weapons? And is there a post or a website somewhere where I can read up on how to use the add ons correctly? I haven't quite figured out which add on to use at different times of the day, or at different distances, and when I zoom in for a shot, I get three different colours. Green, White and Red. And depending on a lot of different things, they change a lot, and I would like to know why! Having an enemy sitting 3 squares away (in the light at night) from my best merc with a sniper rifle, and being able to miss his chest when I zoom to max is a bit annoying! I always get hung up on the small details in games.

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I did look around the forum a little bit, but I would rather spend an hour playing, then searching through the forum. So if anyone can help, that would be great Smile
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I guess you're using NCTH, right?

As a rule of thumb, use high power scopes (7x, 10x) for far away targets and low power ones (2x, 4x) for midrange targets. For close combat (inside pistol range), you should forgo scopes completely and stick with reflex sights and lasers instead.

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Yo Chairman, Also remember high power scopes will cost more APs to shoot the gun. If you have lots of enemies close by, they will hurt you next round unless you kill them all. You will need guns which take less APs to operate for these situations.

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Fists don't need add-ons (unless you count knuckle dusters). Try giving Doc Q a spin. Punch those suckers into the dirt! Very Happy
But really, big slow guns tend to be bad at shorter ranges. You could put a decent laser sight on it (no sniper scope) but why would you? One or two shots and you've spent all of your APs, leaving you open for trampling. Try a 2x or 4x scope + laser sight on a carbine or assault rifle instead. Much quicker and more effective. Save the sniper rifle for actual sniping at long distances (25+ tiles).

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