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I would like to publish a list, with which I have ended up for hiring decisions in Vanilla JA2. I know some lists, with numbers for every merc. I have got this kind of list as an excel worksheet. However, what matters in the end is, who is better than whom. That is what the following ranking is about. It is about the effectivity of assignments with points per hour and hours per day by the need for sleep taken into account. Then rest is about the phases of tactical engagment. I have separated surprise in terms of noise probability when sneaking, disarming a trap and opening a lock. What follows is the sight-and-breaking-the-resistance-phase with hand to hand combat, hitpoints (not really hidden but informative), action points, marksmanship and basic throwing chance to hit. The final phase is decision in terms of planting a bomb and using artillery. Most values are the basics from the source code, before the situation is taken into account. Especially the boni for psychos and specialists is figured in already.

Here You are. I hope it is useful not just for me.

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I got the idea from Lucas-san. You have forgotten Bubba in Your list of explosives guys. Maybe it is for I only ranked the conventional bomb building, placing and disarming, which only differs by a fixed percentage from what I see in the table with figures.
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Those hidden traits and probablilities would be a cool addition. A new advanced button or some such that displays that stuff.
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I thought the same, doing this list. I even thought, why computing some 16 probabilities and sums which matter for the decisions from a dozen stats at all? Why not making the stats reflect these very values on their own. But this would destroy the experience system. Furthermore it would by a different design. The cth-display is already no longer true Jagged Alliance. The game is complex and You see only what You need to get a feeling. I resort to see the stats as a display for who can learn from whom and the learning indicator in the personnel app for how the ranking has changed so that others who were better for the job no longer are.
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