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I casted this idea of random factor in BR-shop a couple of weeks ago in wil473's thread and he suggested that I should start specific thread for this matter. Part of my original post:

I think some kind of random factor would very cool in Bobby Ray in and in-game drop system. Like it could be very rare, but possible that the enemy could drop a coolness level 9 item in 20% progress. Same for the Bobby Ray, if you are lucky, there could be one coolness level 6 rifle in 10% in-game progress state for sale, maybe in bad used condition or brand-new.
Drawback for the rifle, high cost. If you have in an early game situation with a mine income of $8,000 for a day, a G3 rifle in used 30% condition with a prize tag of $5,000 could be tempting, but expensive.
For replaying the game, it would be more fun to have a chance involved with the equipment. So you would not always expect the M1919 A6 MG or so to be the first available MG.

In conclusion, in my opinion the traditional equipment development during the game is always pretty much the same. First, you have the pistols and crappy smgs, then you get a few AKs or other assault rifles and then it's all hell broken loose. I usually like to play with very slow item progression and worst possible BR setting, so I get the most fun out of the necessity involved. However, if Bobby Ray and his fellows at his shop would acquire some second hand battle rifles from god-knows-where, your play-style could differ from previous games quite a bit. Of course, instead of battle rifles there could be some surplus sniper rifles or something. Random factor.

Wil473's comment:

"Off topic, but I think your idea can be done via a modification of the Bobby Ray's difficulty level at game start feature/code, and five or six new .ini variables.

Random Bobby Ray's Difficulty
Every five (or variable 0) days Bobby Ray's would have its current coolness level modified by the following:
- New Items will have a random amount added, random number selected between variables 1 and 2: MinNewBRMod and MaxNewBRMod, negative values allowed for MinNewBRMod
- Used Items will have a separate amount added, same scheme as above, but replace "New" with "Used" for variables 3 and 4
- For items at difficulty levels above normal game progress, price will be modified by variable 5. This way as items become more "mundane" the price will drop. If BR ends up selling goods from only below current coolness level, no change to price (yes I know some would consider this meanspirted)."

So this is just my humble idea for improving the Bobby Ray system. I think there could be more people who would enjoy this kind of new feature. I'm just a low-life economics student and don't know pretty much anything about coding so it's up to you guys, the coding wizards to do the magic if you are willing to do so.


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