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Registered:December 2011
I'm new to this game, tested it about 10 years ago but didn't stick to it.

Now I really like it, playing gold version 1.12.

My question is am I safe from the bloodcats ambush if I ride the icecream truck?
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Sam Hotte

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I think You are save. The vanilla code reads:
if( !fAlreadyAmbushed && ubSectorID != SEC_N5 && pSector->bBloodCats > 0 &&
			[this is not true for vehicle groups ->]!pGroup->fVehicle && !NumEnemiesInSector( pGroup->ubSectorX, pGroup->ubSectorY ) )
		if( ubSectorID != SEC_I16 || !gubFact[ FACT_PLAYER_KNOWS_ABOUT_BLOODCAT_LAIR ] )
			[this triggers the ambush]gubEnemyEncounterCode = BLOODCAT_AMBUSH_CODE;
			gubEnemyEncounterCode = ENTERING_BLOODCAT_LAIR_CODE;
		return TRUE;
		gubEnemyEncounterCode = NO_ENCOUNTER_CODE;
		return FALSE;

The marked clause saves groups in vehicles from the ambush event. However, I remember from vanilla games that although not ambushed You can encouter bloodcats on exitting the vehicle for refuling. In this case You end up with enemy in sector and must kill the animals or leave the vehicle in this sector.

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Registered:December 2011
Thx for the code, looks legit.

Just had a crasy bloodcats experience.

Went with the truck into enemy sector. When I was dismountet placed my team and when spawned there was an enemy direct next to me. SHIT

Shot him an of course the first break light came in. Run away and suddenly there are 2 bloodcats incoming. SHIT

Killed them and there are 2 more hurting Maddog and I did't save before. The enemy should kill me in that corner for sure. But nothing, only silence, then shouts but not on me. I hear bloodcats and more shoots, they were attacking the enemys Smile

Rest was easy Smile
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