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Took a fresh team specialized in "hand to hand" down to cambria AA site, blew hole in fence, stole 6 mines and escaped. Then further down in sector n7, they trapped the place and disappeared without alarm. Then maddog was equipped with deidranna shirt and sent to surrender. But how is the pow interogation triggered?

Tried waiting for days, and to surrender 3 guys instead of one, and to send deidranna flowers from drassen and taking drassen, but nothing happens...
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If I remeber this right, you must hold the prison sector in Alma and Tixa so your mercs can only be sent to N7.

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Freed prisoners in Tixa and took over Alma prison. Then sent a merc with dd shirt to surrender and it immediately triggered the interogation scene. But if "force turn mode" is on, the scene just freezes the game. Else the interogation happens and afterwards when deidranna character walks out, it triggers 6 mines, which is visible since the walls around are blown too. And the game announces "deidranna are blinded by the blast" and then the game just freezes with the clock running. Nothing to do about it. Retried it 3 times, the clock just keep running.
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Video of interogation and explosion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWy8jcIWLeY
Sry about the FPS number in corner, it should have been off.
Any idea what happens after explosion?

Here's another video showing mines being laid plus Deidranna setting them off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu--u48uztw
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I have a guess.

After explosion, initiated by Deidranna's death (or at least injury), game tries to initiate combat, which it fails to do, because there are no 2 viable sides to combat with each other - assuming POWs are not considered as such a side that is. Could it be that engine tries to initiate combat with whomever placed these mines? Could it be mercs who placed these mines are in some other sector, or taken POWs, and thus engine is unable to proceed with initial procedures of fight setup? Could it even be that since mines were initially property of Deidranna forces, game tries to make Deidranna troops to fight deidranna troops, which of course halts the process at once?

I'd try using mines from Bobby Ray's. I'd try trapping the place by one merc, and letting him stay in the sector (not leaving it), then surrender somebody else and see if that would work. I'd try using just one mine as a trap (presumably won't be enough to kill her) and then placing some volatile and powerful things nearby - "who knows", may be it won't freeze this way. But then, i won't, having no interest in twisted virtual realities, hehe. Very Happy Cause you know, in all honesty, it seems to me that mines are by all means not supposed to be there, means Deidranna is likely supposed to reach some spot which mines prevent her to, in turn preventing some trigger which Deidranna would otherwise... Err, trigger. Very Happy Means linear (procedural) sequence of commands cannot proceed where it must proceed to let game continue. I.e., putting mines there is likely to be equal to "Freeze!" command to the game's executable. Just a guess though, plz don't quote.

Anyways was funny to read. What's next with Deidranna? Somebody's goin' to invent how to fry her with X-ray tube maby? Very Happy Very Happy

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At least when you play original jagged alliance 2 there is some npc complaining over how many people that have to die when only deidranna is the target. And you also find these t-shirts that enables you to surrender. So if there is a quick way to finish it, this must be it. You're not going to sneak all the way in with shadow.
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There are cheats for players like you.
Set your Arrival in Meduna and use those cheats.
I dont know which one and not were to find, you can find it.
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