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A question to people who played JA1 (Metavira) alot.

From reading the FAQ (and from my memory), M16/M14 is the best weapon in the game, followed by 12g rifle.
However, right now i'm playing a campaign (normal) and i'm already 2/3 there (i control all sectors from 4 to 10) and so far i have only 2 M14 in my posession with 2 clips total found, and 3 12g rifles with ~12 boxes of ammo found.

What this equates to is that i am still using pistols (modded for marksmen and unmodded for spotters). I used M14 for one day, now i'm down to 1 clip and some bullets in the rifle, so can only use it on one more day and i'm all out. Used 12g rifle for one day, now i can use it for one other day and i'll be seriously low on ammo.

So, is that how its supposed to go? Am i only supposed to use M14/M16 and 12g rifles only in the last two or three days of the game? And rely on pistols the rest? Or maybe i'm taking a wrong approach, trying to conquer sectors horizontally from right to left, not vertically from bottom to top?
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Indeed there are only two preplaced M14s (s5 and s10) to be found in the sectors you have taken so far.

In hard difficulty you can get lucky with random drops, especially from counterattacking enemies. The earliest M14 I've obtained was on day 2 in s48. They counterattacked it when I was still exploring the buildings after conquering it and one of the baddies dropped it (+ammo). Couldn't believe my luck. Sometimes an enemy dropped M16 in s26 around day 10. If you happen to be in a sector when they counterattack it, you're at least going to get some nice ammo drops.

I usually put four guys (+ Elio) on the field and until entering sectors in three westmost colums I give different weapons to each of my guys. M14, 12G rifle, modded .357 and modded Beretta. That way I won't run out of any ammo type.

There are some M14s and M16s in the SW peninsula, but most of them are in the NW peninsula. Hard to get, that is. In the end you'll have more than enough of them, and for the last sector you could probably give either a modded M14 or modded M16 to each of your mercs and have an unmodded one for backup too.
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There are loads of M-14s as you progress to the central to South Western sectors.
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