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As a general disclaimer, I know jack-all about modding JA2. So any responses that factor in the fact that the questioner (that's me) is a Mod-Idiot, and use appropriately as-clear-and-fool-proof-as-possible directions, would be most appreciated.

Basically, the situation is this: I have a few mods installed. We will call them Mods A and B. I like many elements of Mod A, but it's rather more "high-intensity" than I would normally be interested in--mercs are given pretty heavy starting gear, but the enemy is also pretty imposingly-armed and in far greater quantities than I'm looking to deal with. Mod B is a good "intensity level" (Mod B is bog-standard v1.13), but it's missing some features of Mod A that I would like to have present.

So, my desire is to basically take whatever files are relevant to the "intensity level" from Mod B, and overwrite the corresponding Mod A files.

The problem is that I have no idea which files those are.

Basically, I'm looking for the files that control the following: Enemy army size; Enemy army advancement and composition; and enemy army equipment (because I'm sick of dropping into Omerta and every soldier having AK-74U assault carbines).

I tried overwriting the following files already, but to no avail: EnemyGunChoices.xml; EnemyItemChoices.xml, and everything in the TableData/Army/ folder.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I will happily bestow upon you an e-brownie.


(P.S. The alternative solution would be to take a copy of Mod B and add all the elements of Mod A I like--primarily expanded item list, expanded mercenary list, and different maps. However, I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that going that route would be a more involved process than simply finding and replacing the enemy equipment and strategy-behavior files.)

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Welcome to the pit.

Enemy army size and stuff can be changed from ja2_options.ini the others can be changed from xml editor. Overwriting files could be a problem if item id numbers differ from xml editor i.e mod a has item 79 as Glock 17 and 1.13 has item 79 as AK-74 then you'd get AK-74 instead of Glock.
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I did look in ja2_options.ini, but I didn't see anything that would have obviously been tied to the fact that when I arrived at the Drassen airport sector there were around 48-50 enemy reinforcements around (needless to say, I wasn't up for fighting off a total of 61 soldiers).

If I understand you right about the item ID number issue, it doesn't sound like there's a very easy way to just "Take the item list from Mod A, put it in Mod B." Is that about right? It sounds like I would need to go through "something" and reassign all of the item ID numbers that are tagged to soldier equipment lists? (So if I want a Glock 17 to show up for enemies at Progress Level 0-9%, I'd need to go into whatever file, remove the current ID numbers, and insert the ID number for a Glock 17. Rinse and repeat for all items and all progress levels.)
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