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I take that as a 'No' then.

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"Now answer me one question though: Are you actually willing to honestly and openmindedly consider explanations? Or are we again going through the same circle of explain - disappear - come back next month with another 1000 pics showing the same stuff?"

The explanation is in my above post .....

There are no tricks or special effects. What you see is exactly that which appears in front of various camera's, the shutter is pressed and that's it. Nothing else is involved and it's so easy due to that .... point a camera, press the shutter, process the resulting pictures at home, select the most interesting ones to keep and post some of those for public viewing.

As for explanations .... we are not alone. Around us exist other dimensions where the composition of particles is of a different size and vibrational speed. What we see about us is only one room but in reality there exists a house containing many rooms occupying the same space - time.
The occupants of some of these other rooms are able to cross into our dimension without the aid of any technology and this is exactly what you are seeing on some of those pictures ....

Modern digital camera's are able to access much further into the infra red and ultra violet spectrum than the human eye which is why the phenomenon is recorded. Some camera's ..... however very very few models are exceptionally capable concerning detection and recording of various light phenomenon.

By a process of trial and error now extending beyond 30 different models i gradually discovered which ones are the most capable and suitable which accounts for so many pictures of seemingly strange lights.

As for the light appearing in the April and May update .... it had such a great time visiting Sydney it might have told it's friends because .... a different light has begun appearing so ..... even more pictures are to come. Honestly .... use your intelligence .... how is it possible to fake so many pictures with all those different backgrounds ?

As previously stated nothing other than pointing a camera then pressing the shutter is involved.
The EXIF file included in the metadata of each original picture verifies they are unaltered and taken with most camera settings on automatic. Exposure time is usually 1/60th of a second with flash duration being 1/1000th of a second. I dont have the time or interest in devising then implementing special effects before the pictures are taken .... plus it's not necessary.

I'm not in the game of showing pictures of chupacabra's or withches zooming about the sky riding brooms or whatever other fantasies the celestial sky celebrity industry are churning out with their indistinct fuzzy smudges of something or other in the sky claiming they are this or that .... what you see is real, lot's of it in high quality and .... there's nothing paranormal or supernatural involved .... normal and natural.

Why do i vanish for months .... to take more pictures what else ..... and the explanation is ...... these lights and other things can be photographed because they exist and appear in front of camera's pointed at them. Someday people will be able to work that part of it out without too much strain.

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Yes, i have many uncutted videos about them(i can take pictures too). I have seen them many times and i'ts very real for me..i just need to edit those videos and put "highlights" there so, wait and you'll see happy

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