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This is something I've started to think about recently, how a squad "should" be set up.

Now, everyone has their own idea of what a "perfect" squad is. Some people like fielding armies, others like having a handful of mercs. Some people prefer day-ops, others swear by the dark of night. I get this, I'm just curious to see if there are any recurring trends beyond the obvious ones, like everyone having extended ears, sun glasses/NVG, pimped weapons etc.

For instance;

Is 4 mercs too many or is 8 to few?
How many calibers should you bring?
Do snipers get (or need?) match ammo?
How many machinegunners should you bring and is it a fixed number or is it a ratio like 1 per every 3 riflemen for example?
Should a combat squad have a dedicated medic or just a guy with a medkit?

And so on. Don't let these questions limit you, the more information the better.

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I think the first part is the question, perfect for what??? for the full game? for a single sector for patrols?

Generally I like 6 or 8, you can break them down into smaller teams for local support or a mortar and ammo carrier/security person, and then still have at least 2 teams to assault a position.

I find match ammo is good if your midgame and on the lesser sniper weapons, but once you have good sniper weapons the range scales are off enough that match doesn't win out over other types by enough to justify it.

I prefer to try to keep a squad to all the same sidearm ammo and then 2 main weapon ammo types. That gets tricky with snipers who I often give a SMG rather than a sidearm.

I generally use one LMG per 6 and one grenadier per 6, I've also sometimes set my mortar up with my sniper as his spotter to allow me to forward the lighter weapons for assault tactics.
I prefer a paramedic or above with each squad but will take just a couple of high med skill people if that is what the situation calls for otherwise. I also prefer to have at least 2 squads attacking a zone when possible from two directions to split the defenders and allow flanking fire.

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I think the first part is the question, perfect for what??? for the full game? for a single sector for patrols?

That depends on what you define as perfect. As I said, everyone has their own opinion of this. Some people prefer long-term warfare where it takes months if not years (in-game) to get to Meduna while others prefer a more short-term approach. I'm just interested in seeing what peoples opinions about this are.
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Welp, depends on the mod I'm playing. I usually play AIMNAS so I'll just let you know for that.

My last game I assaulted Meduna with 3 teams of six, which was overkill. I only really needed one or two. My squads were set up as follows:

1. Night Ops Assault Team
Squad Composition - At least a technician in the group to open doors. Maybe a Sniper or Heavy Weapons Guy. Most have auto weapons / machinegunner for ensuring a one-burst kill.
Weapons - Mostly carrying AS VAL with match ammo or other silenced automatic weapons (swap out with P90/AET if you'd like), no need for sidearms. They each also carry a carbine drag bag with SCAR-H SVs for daytime defence at long range. Technician/Engineer also usually has Demolitions to take out tanks, therefore he carries quite a bit of C4 and Smoke Grenades. Heavy Weapons guys have Karl-Gustaf Rocket Launchers for tanks as well.
Armour - C20-treated Stealth Ops Kevlar for maximum sneaking, with a ceramic plate for added protection. Generally around 70-80% armoured. If it's a serious amount of bad guys, I usually throw in an Urban Camo Kit for everyone as well, to ensure we always get the drop on the soldiers.

2. Night Ops Sniper Team
Squad Composition - Snipers, obviously. Maybe one non-sniper for close range defence.
Weapons- VSSK Vychlops. The night time king of range. For personal defence I give them MP7/AET. Daytime Sniper Drag Bags contain DSR-1 for unparalleled sniping range and power.
Armour - Same as above.
MVP - Shadow. Can single handedly take out an entire sector full of bad guys by himself.

3. Daytime Heavy Support Team
These guys only show up for daytime assaults (which are rare) and sector defence (which happens sometimes)
Squad Composition - Machinegunners and Heavy Weapon Guys.
Weapons - HK21e or similar highly-customizable 7.62mm LMGs which have a low AP cost to fire. And mortars. Lots and lots of mortars.
Armor - The best armour money can buy. Dragonskin and as much C20-treated Dyneema I can get.

4. Gear in Vehicles
Because I drive to most of the assaults (since I usually use two squads), I keep extra gear in the vehicles for a few contingencies.
Ammo - Crates of ammo for all weapons, mortar shells, rockets.
Explosives - Claymores (for defence) and C4 (tanks), plus smoke grenades for demomen.
Misc - Medical Bags, Toolkits, Boosts, Canteens, Gas.
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Thanks Ari, one question though. What do you do if someone gets injured, just patch them up with 1st aid kits and leave any surgery for later?

Also, haven't tried AIMNAS in a while, but is a drag bag like a backpack that you drop before combat or do you carry it around?
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Gorro der GrĂ¼ne

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1) if You haven't enough ammo bring a caliber mix that will find it's ammo on the battlefield

2) how much mercs? as much as possible - to retreat the wounded and to cover the entire map - I was in the ordinary infantry no bloody commando
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1. Yes, in the unlikely event someone gets shot, usually everyone is carrying 1st Aid Kits. There were 2 paramedics/doctors spread among the 3 teams, but usually they don't get shot.

2. A drag bag is something like this! Works like a backpack that you drop.
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Yes, in the unlikely event someone gets shot, usually everyone is carrying 1st Aid Kits. There were 2 paramedics/doctors spread among the 3 teams, but usually they don't get shot.

How is that even possible ? :confused:

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Not getting shot?

100% Camo.

Insane amounts of stealth bonuses from Stealth Ops getup (helmet, vest, pants) plus other things like Black Caps Razz.

Generation III/IV NV Goggles.

Night Ops Traits.

Level 7-8 for interrupt bonuses.

AS VAL with Rod & Spring, Match Ammo, S20 NV Pro Scope, AN/PEQ-2A lasers - 40 damage assault rifle with 40 range and a 3-shot burst.

Moving in smart formation - ensuring no one can get snuck up on, and ensuring at least two people can shoot at any single target that presents itself.

It's a super silent game Wink
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I've been running an 8 man team since dowloading the SVN.
For sidearms, everyone carries M9s with silencers on the side.
Also standard is a knife, 1st aid kit, canteens, MREs, and 2 grenades per merc.

Shadow is the stealth/ranger, moves ahead of the squad with 100% camo and a silenced M4.
Cougar is the squadleader, staying centered in the group carrying an M16+M203.
Wolf is the grenadier and utility guy, carries an M16 and a shorty 12g.
Fox is the field medic and also carries and M16 and extra medial supplies.
Lynx is the primary sniper with a silenced M24 (sometimes .50cal).
Buzz is the secondary sniper with a silenced M24 (sometimes .50cal).
Grizzly is the primary machinegunner with an M249 and either a LAW or mortar.
Bull is the secondary machinegunner with an M249 and either a LAW or mortar.

Depending on the situation, my snipers will either stay in formation or set up positions and snipe out targets found by Shadow.
All while the group presses forward with my main riflemen firing accurate bursts and my machinegunners laying down surpression fire.

All in all the squad feels very well rounded. Rarely is there a challenge they can't collectively overcome.

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All mercs carry a medkit, breaklight, gasmask, at least one antitank rocket(except sniper, combat medic, and mortar team), NVG/sunglasses, and canteen

Squad 1(frontline)
1xHeavy Machine Gunner
1xSquad Leader
1xCombat Medic

Squad 2(sniper team)

Squad 3(mortar team)
1xMortar support
2xMortar guards

Squad 4(Night Ops team; usually in squad 2 for game purposes but move on their own)
3xScouts(must have either night ops or stealthy, preferably both)

Scouts move in, find and clear spot for mortarteam, move up, find and clear spot for sniper team, then finally move up and find the frontline, with the frontline troops moving up to clear it, which usually brings the rest of the sectors enemies running into the killzone I've established. I also sometimes have a second combat medic, or a dedicated AT trooper loaded with rockets. Mike's G11 can be switched for one of the American rifles.
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Have had this game pretty much from when it first came out and usually play it at least once a year.

Trouble is everytime i play i want to "get the old team back together" which consists of:

1 IMP, plus to start:

Then always hire Gumpy from Merc - he's hilarious, particularly in the bug mines. (Steroid and Grunty and quite funny too)

Then sometimes Haywire and Razor also from Merc.

Sometimes Biff and Flo, train them in leadership to train militia.

Are they the best mercs available? - far from it. But they are great fun and its a challenge training them up.
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I usually go for squad of 6 - default size and it is usually enough for everything.

"Budget" mercs:
Concerning the guys I hire - the good budget mercs are Igor, Grizzly and Grunty - they are fairly cheap and they have decent stats (especially Igor). Igor has hunter + stealth trait - saves some stamina, Grunty has heavy weapons and night ops, Grizzly is a great mule (good for carrying heavy items + melee trait + heavy weap. + body building. Also each of them can repair a bit... Then I usually keep Ira in my team - marksmanship goes up fast, small drawback is her strength. She is paramedic - you should have one in your team (speeds up even passive healing). For I.M.P. merc I go for deputy trait, technician trait + scouting (must have - bonus APs + all locks opened + no bloodcat or enemy ambushes and still room for one combat trait). The sixth merc can be second IMP or Gumpy from MERC (he is not THAT bad - he has high wisdom and only bigger problem is his lower agility). You could also go for Dimitri, although I don't like his low Wisdom.

"I have money" mercs:
If money is not an issue then great mercs are Thor or Trevor Colby from AIM - they improve so fast. Only problem with those two is price - it gets up pretty fast and to pay 75000$ for two weeks is no fun. Smile Other good proven mercs - Raven and Wolf. Conrad in ALMA is a decent choice as well (for 3300 per day :-/ ), but I really hate his "I'm the best." rumblings. Smile

Concerning weapons in the squad. I have usually three snipers - sniper rifle + assault rifle mercs in the squad, two long range assault rifle mercs (FN fal, etc) + smgs mercs + one merc with grenade launcher on his AR weapon (depending on strength I give him another weapon or not). It is really a good idea to have two weapons at your merc - one for longer range and one for shorter range. I don't use pistols - too much clicking when you have two of them on your merc and you want to have two of them (simply it's just better). I go for some smgs - P90 is the best, but MP5 variants are decent choice as well (I like also Silenciada for night missions). With snipers I usually skip the short range smgs or pistols, when someone gets as close to them for these weapons to be effective, then something went wrong. Smile For close up situations they just use their assualt rifle... During the day sniper mercs are sniping and FN fal mercs are finishing the strays. During night FN fal mercs are using their smgs and snipers are using they AR guns to finish the strays. Meduna is a different story with its tanks (tanks = more LAWS, mortars, grenades on your team)...


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Best mercs depends, mostly of what i set the initial funds to but if i keep em low i usually end up with a team like Barry, Red, Igor, Ivan, Grunty and imp. If not well then Reaper, Lynx, Cliff, Magic, Ice and imp does the trick. Gearing the teams tends to revolve around using their abilities, the first team tends to end up as a wrecking crew minus detrapping most sectors. The second one well it's just a pretty straigth forward good with most thing crew.

But thats all a lie. I love the new editors and before i even start a new game i spend several hours changing values as i see fit. Which leads to this team composition as the mercs i stuff in the teams have the desirable attributes.

Hmm Before i continue, i always change gun ranges to set values depending on the barrel. AR's, BR's and Long guns usually remains the same but with the standard 1 inch barrel range set to 38 and shorter down to 320 and 280. 280 is what I use as a standard range on normal SMG's lower for shorter barrels. Pistols and shotguns get a base of 18, depending on barrel length it's either lower or higher.
I've found that these settings works fairly well without changing the sightrange, the balance doesn't tip to far in either direction.

1 Machine gunner
- Long range, High rof gun
1 Sniper
- M24 to DSR-1
- Toolbox
- SMG P90 ras or 9mm something
- Battle rifle with 7x scope
- Medkit
3 AR guys
- depends on the situation, G11 is a godsend but expensive, usually a FNC or AR15 derivative.
Depending on other settings, approaching late game i switch the glorified LR guns to Battle rifle carbines such as the FAL OSW or the HK 417 16
- 2 of them carries grenade launchers, one under slung one standalone with magazine.
1 of them has a shotgun, fabarm SDASS if memory serves me right, loaed with LB rounds and Flechettes for breaching locked doors during turn mode.

Everyone except the sniper carries a side arm in the same caliber as the Snipers SMG
Match ammo for snipers in not priortized, usually they end up using HP for the early stages and AP for the latter, however. When i do remember to buy it i use it. Mostly because of the aestetical value (colors are awesome)
Machine Guns are supplied with Tracers
the rest well, i don't feel it needs explaining. Glasers are fun if i don't give the enemies armor.

All in all thats 3(7.62,x2(maybe depending on tracer avalability) 5.56, 9mm/5.7) to (.338, 7.62x2, 5.56, 9mm/5.7) 4 kinds of ammo
I don't count SG ammo as it isn't essential but if included it's 5 to 8 kinds. of ammo but only 3-4 calibers.
Essential in the Humvee thus 7.62 tracer, sidearm AET, .338 and sometimes match 7.62. Everything else can be scavaged.

Everyone carries first aid packs btw.

Thats my basic team composition, requires strength and doesn't walk well but can deliver hell on a steady basis.

I stated earie ron that i Edit the game before playing, not always true as i sometimes try fact finding missions, try to find out new working armament compositions. or just have fun with knives.
But i find more satisfaction in trying out new tactics than optimizing gun choices, thus they might be lacking in effiency.

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I want to throw my opinion here simply because I love this game and it's basically the only game I played since it first came out without ever getting tired of it.

I tried lots of stuff and I always look for perfection. My way of playing may be awkward but I don't like big teams.

The perfect number is 4. If you play anything less difficult than Expert, 2 or 3 will be fine.
The less mercs you have, the faster they will level up, the less expenses you will have and the more unscathed they will be.

I am a night-opper, but I also love defending sectors, getting ambushed and occassionally I fight by day too.

My own personal rule is that I can choose the AIM traits. I don't like the 1.13 choice for skills for the AIM/MERC mercs, so I decided I will set them myself.

You have to have 1 scout. He has to be agile, fast, accurate. I use my IMP for this role. Depending on how many traits you let yourself choose in IMP I would suggest, in this order: +Night ops, specially for the reduced need for sleep +Athletic and then you can go for ambidextrous, gunslinger, whatever you like.

The idea is that this forward guy will sneak upon the enemies, painting them for the snipers, and sitting on his butt to interrupt, glaser-ing them at first, then AETing them. He will need support though, so the second merc is a link between the back two and this one. He needs to be able to provide suppression fire (auto weapons is a good trait here), grenade/gas coverage and interrupt whenever the forward merc gets shot.

Back two, one is a medic, the other is an engineer. That's all you need. The medic will have the regen boosters in case he gets shot since nobody can operate him, and may pass some to the rest in case of desperate need.

These two guys will be snipers and or heavy weaponry specialist. Bodybuilding helps a lot.

By now, I am picking by voice-set. Since at the begining of the game it's all about pistols, you can start with two and use Ira temporarily as a doctor. So I usually start with IMP and Ivan. As soon as I get the cash flowing in, I will hire Dr. Q and Wolf, or Grunty and Igor. I don't use female mercs. You can make your own choices here. If you want to manipulate traits as I do, give the back two sniper, hw and bodybuilding/medic. The link guy can have night ops, or autoweapons, or whatever suits you best. Or you can leave them as they are, anybody can make a good sniper

Coolness 0-5 they carry grenades, grenade launchers when available, VOG-25 jumpings when available, Thermobarics when available, then one will carry the mortar and the other the shells, then possibly each one will have their own commando mortar with 3 shells passing the thermobarics to the sweeper guy.
And a sniper rifle. And a FiveseveN as a PDW.
These back two will try to force-open all the crates in the game. Strength increasing to the 90+ range is not rare, benefitting from the extra luggage carrying capacity.

That's all you really need.

Weapon suggestions,

Forward guy takes one (or two if amb) FiveseveN(s) as main weapon. Or a P90 or a Magpul if you prefer.

Link guy (I like to call him the sweeper) gets a C-Mag extended Colt Commando; it's by far the best weapon of the game considering how early it arrives. This will give him good single and burst shots thanks to the 7x scope. And a grenade launcher. No need for PDW or anything more fancy, you are doing most of the fighting at night and the Colt Commando can hold a decent ground even in daylight battles and is quick enough for CQB.

Back two get the heavy weapons specified up above, and possibly a Walter WA2000 or any semiauto sniper rifle you want.


1) Deploy the snipers.
2) Deploy the snipers, if you havent done so.
3) Remember to Deploy the snipers.
4) No, really. Failure to deploy the snipers is the only reason this tactic ever failed.
5) Once the snipers are deployed, making two Vs with the sight cones, advance guy 1 followed loosely by the sweeper.
6) Hopefully this agile, night-ops stealthy guy you created will see the enemy before they see you.
Cool Shall the snipers miss, sweeper guy (Guy n
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The perfect squad for me ISNT the equipment they carry but the mercs themselves so my perfect squad is:
1.my ranger imp
2.Henning Von Branitz
3.Kyle "Shadow" Simmons
4.Jim "Cougar" Wallace
5.Ivan Dolvich
6.Gaston Cavallier
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I think that a great feature of this game is to have an imperfect team.

I don't have any particular plans when making them either. Usually.

My two current squads consist of a two-man Scouting team (Sniper/Spotter), and a two-man Assault team (CQB squad).
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whats traits, skills do you guys propose for the imp...

i was thinking about night ops + stealthy + athletics/scouting
i dont see any major trait that would support night fighting
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My old preference was night ops + stealthy + athletics as you've said. But currently i prefer going guns ablazing. Also you can tru one of melee/unarmed/throwing for a change. I haven't tried but using covert ops might be interesting.
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about the new traits.. will the AIM and MERC and RPC guys also have new ones? or will they have the ones form basic ja2?
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With the new trait system I am sure everyone got changed to match their profiles and general in-game ability.

The very very new ones (like covert ops) are pretty sure only given to the DG mercs added to AIM and MERC.

Correct me if i'm wrong though.

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is there a list of merc in game ? found dozen weapon charts but no "mercenary" ones

i only heard we have a compilation of different ones form different games
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If you have excel installed, you can open \data-1.13\tabledata\mercprofiles.xml with excel.
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do i need some special patch to have guys form JA1 in AIM?

i took latest 4xxx version and installed but my AIM rooster is just JA2+Wildfire merc's
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Latest is 6###, follow my sig.

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Greetings :wave:

whats traits, skills do you guys propose for the imp...

i was thinking about night ops + stealthy + athletics/scouting
i dont see any major trait that would support night fighting

My recent "IMP of choice":
I prefer Scouting over Night Ops - you won't be fighting at night all the time, and Scouting prevents ambushes while travelling the map, too. Especially during daytime counter attacks the Scouting trait shines over Night Ops.
As second Minor Trait I choose either Stealthy or Body Builder - it's really a coinflip, Stealthy healps at night fighting more than Night Ops imho, while Body Builder helps you bringing those heavy guns into battle. I would probably favor Body Builder though, if you keep your IMP in the background / second line of fire.
For major traits, i prefer either "Auto. Weapons->Machine Gunner" or "Auto. Weapons + Marksman" or "Marksman -> Sniper". All are very solid choices, MGunner for burst+auto fire, Sniper for long range precision shooting, Auto+Marksman combi being somewhere inbetween (high precision single shots and can burst if needed).
The above is true for single IMP, if i create more than the Scouting trait is replaced on other IMP (see the chapter below).
I also had quite the fun with a "Auto. Weapons->Machine Gunner + Marksman + Scouting" combination in the AFS mod :cloud8:

As for other combinations: It is all about gaming style.
I don't like melee, so i don't experiment with it.
Secret Ops is still a bit confusing for me Embarrassed
Throwing - sometimes, but rather as a fall back/"beginning of night attack" option, than "main weapon".
Heavy Weapons - come into play mid-game, but i prefer Ivan (Auto+Heavy Weapons) and Kelly (Marksman+Heavy) = Mercs that have a replacement Weapon Trait, thus like throwing it's a fallback option. Yet a very solid one against groups and tanks.
=> that's why i suggest the above IMP, Mercs can cover most of the other skills (there are also very good Throwers), so the IMP shall do much of the "main bullet work".

I hope this is helpful - i tend to write confused Novels when the day's getting late Smile

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i think im gonna do a technician + auto weapon + demolition + scouting for my "england squad" of scope + sydney + scully
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Don't forget Biggins!
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Location: Toronto, Canada
And Numb!
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Numb doesnt like fellow English natives
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Registered:September 2013
Regarding OP's post:

Toggle Spoiler

My answers would have to be:

Toggle Spoiler
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So many great ideas here. Here's my own Smile

My gig is playing Arulco like it's a real revolutionnary war. Mostly IMPs and RPCs to minimize expense and make the struggle more "grassroots"... *aherm* Smile
I have a tendency to pack up my guys like real soldiers in the field, with standardized gear:
- LBE has mags, frags and smokes and a medkit.
- Combat pack has specialist items like kits and some room left for "combat grabs".
- Big backpack has tool kits, med kits, food and ammo storage, nothing needed in combat.

Keeping a tight logistics train and keeping an eye on BR shipments helps a lot with this. Always, I maintain a support team of mules and random specialists that sashay between my current Home-Base and Drassen ferrying equipment and treating injured mercs: Ira, Vince, Shank and Dynamo, Hamous. Most get strength training at Drassen airport during downtime.

My usual team at the beginning of the game is a single 'fireteam' with two additional support elements (medic and marksman).

"Able" and "Baker"
Squad Designated Marksman - "Sharpe" - Female IMP with all relevant sniper traits, carries a 7.62x51mm DMR (I don't go "full sniper" until late game, see below)
Squad Medic - "Patch" - Female IMP with Paramedics exp and Athletics, GP personality. Carries a very light load, with a carbine and only smokes, no frags. I need her to be a super fast runner.

Fireteam "Charlie"
Scout/Pointman - "Siobhan" - Female IMP with Ranger/Athletics, carries a shotgun or carbine
Team leader - "Savara" - Male IMP with Leadership/Training, carries an AR with GL ASAP
Automatic Rifleman - "Randy" - Hi-str Male IMP with Machinegunner/Bodybuilder and the baddest damn AR/LMG I can find in the early game
Assistant A.R. - "Trigger" - Male IMP with Sapper/Demolitions, carries TNT/C3 etc, doubles as squad Mechanic and carries extra ammo for the LMG.

After I capture Drassen and Alma, I need more warm bodies and effective firepower to keep me in the fight and sweep west so I get me a second fire team called "Delta" of IMPs or RPCs or AIM mercs (depending on my budget).

Fireteam Delta
Scout/Pointman - Carlos Desouza, (always need to train up his marksmanship before he gets seriously deployed)
Team leader - Miguel Cordona, same AR/GL kit as FT Charlie
Automatic Rifleman - Conrad Gillit, same LMG kit as FT Charlie
Assistant A.R. - "Alexei" - Male Russian-voiced IMP, usually the squad tough guy, will carry LAWs and other RPG-type weapons instead of bombs.
(Note: I set the city limit of Omerta RPCs to just one so I can get them to train after the Battle of Drassen, preparing for the big mid-game land grab against the queen)

Weapons Section
A 4-man mortar team with guys like Iggy, Maddog, Devin Connell & Dimiti.
I will also prepare another IMP with the new Radio operator traits (failing which, I'll hire someone)

Even later in the game, I'll pick up some financial slack and be able to afford higher-end dudes that will give me a leg up.

Two-man Scout/Sniper teams
Shooters are equipped with ghillie suits, lots of camo, hi-cal sniper rifles and carbines for backup. Main spotter weapon are 7.62x51mm DMRs.
Sniper Team 1 - Lynx (Shooter) & Slay (Spotter)
Sniper Team 2 - Scope (Shooter) & Sidney (Spotter)
Sniper Team 3 - Raven (Shooter) & Raider (Spotter)

Game mods:
- 50,000 slush fund on Experienced (since I'm slow to capture mines and like to play a patient, sustained game)
- City capture limit to "1" on Omerta RPCs
- Vehicle inventories to TRUE
- New Food system to TRUE
- Slay Stays to TRUE
- Zombies/Sci-Fi to FALSE
- Remove all armour types from anyone's starting gear.
- IMP starting gear standardized to "everybody's a grunt" regardless of specialization. I handle the different outfits after Drassen becomes my home-base.

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Location: Sydney, Australia
In my recent playthrough I have had to rethink how my teams are setup with all the awesome new options in 1.13.

Traditionally I had a couple of 6 man/woman teams which encompassed the standard roles

1. Leader
2. AR / Auto weapons
3. Grenadier
4. Heavy Weapons
5. Tech/Explosives
6. Medic

I would probably end up with 2 or 3 of these squads plus a few trainers and Mules roaming around supporting.

I normally don't play the Night OPs game (as it feels like cheating / shooting fish in barrel) and I don't tend to go for stealthy much. Just focus on well rounded teams that can take any sector, any time, any where.

With my readings of the forums and the new features in 1.13 I think I am going to try the following builds out. I will probably use all 10 IMPs so I can customise the core of the teams and then fill the other spots with AIM/MERC and NPCs.

Squad Alpha (Main Assault Squad)
1. Leader - Deputy/Athletics/Auto
2. Infantryman - Auto / Athletics / BodyBuilding
3. Grenadier - Auto/Demo/Athletics
4. Heavy - Heavy / Athletics / Radio
5. Medic/HTH - Martial Arts / Athletics / Body Building
6. Techie - Engineer / Demolition

Squad Bravo (Squad Alpha Sniper Support)
1. Sniper - Sniper / Scouting
2. Spotter - Scouting / ????? ** Haven't decided yet

Squad Charlie (Secondary Assault Squad)
As similar composition as Squad Alpha while using AIM/MERC/NPCs although Medic can be different build as only need 1 H2H Merc for San Mona.

Squad Delta (Secondary Sniper Squad)
Similar Composition to Squad Bravo using AIM/MERC/NPC.

Squad Echo (Artillery Barrage Squad)
1. Mortar Specialist
2. Mortar Support
3. Guard
4. Guard

Squad Foxtrot ( Militia Training and Logistical Support Squad)
1. Trainer - Teaching/Ranger
2. Trainer - Teaching/Squad Leader
3. Guard / Mule / Repair
4. Guard / Mule / Repair
5. Guard / Mule / Repair
6. Guard / Mule / Medic

As for gear I am still feeling my way with all the new weapons and gear types. I have created a reference table with all the top guns in each category using Sorca_2's rating system from this thread - http://www.ja-galaxy-forum.com/board/ubbthreads.php/topics/310597/3.html


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Location: Next to my fridge.
Sheesh! Thats way more extensive than anything I ever had.

Fist off, 1.13.8347, with newest AIMNAS. OCTH, Enemys drop all, Expert.

I mostly use kinda cheap mercs, AIM only, 'cause, you know. MERC sucks.

Of course they need to fit the usual roles.

1. Medic.
I do want my medics capable of shooting, so I now use Dr. Q. He is, in my opinion, easily the best low-priced merc ever seen in this game. Serves as a Grunt, too.
MED of 70, good-ish MRK of 76, EXP of 3, and all that for 500$ a day. Impressive.

2. Grunts. Two or three of them.
Right now this role is served by Grunty (who acts as Grenadier/AntiTank too. And as Deputy), Blood (who will act in combination with Dr.Q as my Night-Ops-Ninja-Team). There's Ira too, but shes more of a spotter as of now, may rank up as skills an equipment improve. She always does in my games, especially nowadays, as she's not half as crappy as in Vanilla. Usually goes up to EXP 6 or 7 and outright crazy MRK after town 2 or 3. Nice.
And, as mentioned above, Dr. Q, who is surprisingly good at this.

3. Ammo-Waster
Sometimes this is covered by an Ranger with an AA-12, which makes great fun if you're emptying a full drum of Buckshot at an enemy squad.
But this time I went a more conventionaql way and have a Machinegunner. Now I'm Drassen Airport, so Guns are still crappy, but that IMP (called Bernd, btw) goes full retard with his UZI. Never used this pile of junk ever, but Bernd someshow has pinpoint accuracy mit this little Beast.

4. Of course: Sniper
Nothing too special here, but since I don't want to fight as stationary as i used to before, my sniper uses DMRs instead of Bolt-Actions. Faster, lighter, deadlier. As said before i'm in Drassen, so equipment sucks. She (Name is Nope) uses a M1 Carbine, with deadly efficiency. I'm really surprised.

Later in the game, after liberating Drassen, it's Shopping-Time. Like Christmas, but with guns. A nice DMR for Nope (really want to try that .300 Blackout!), some sort of LMG for Bernd(since i do use the suppression system quite a lot) and a nice stack of ARs, with optics and grips and everything.
Grunty first gets a Milkor MGL (for those special moments) and a commando mortar later (for those VERY special moments).

Then there is always the Bravo-Company or whatever you may call it. In Germany we have the term "Gurkentruppe" for that, this term translates to "whatever team Dimitri is in". Goddamn idiot. Always stays in Drassen, together with Shank, Dynamo and whatnot. Repairing stuff, occasionally train Militia. And as mules, of course. Sometimes I throw some MERC-Dumbass into it, Flo or Gumpy or whatever.
I never do care a lot about Bravo-Company, getting mediocre equipment, just enough to defend the mine and airport. Drassen is always the most important town for me, since I'm a massive BR-addict. Much better than amazon.

Much later in the game, with, say, 3 or 4 towns, I may order some higher-priced soldiers, sometimes Len, who is nice with an AR and a first-class Trainer, and Shadow, for obvious reasons. Sometimes I get Gasket too, because I somehow like this redneck. He's a lousy shooter, and with wisdom of about 50 he'll never catch up, but hey, he's dirt cheap and fun to listen to.

Miguel will spend the rest of his sorry life guarding towns and training militia. Same for Carlos.

Thats all i think.

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