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Registered:September 2012
Basically Skyrider has bugged and is no longer responding to any commands and just keeps hovering over Tixa. This happened when the SAM near Drassen was recaptured while he was out of the base and for some reason he tried to land in Estoni instead. The problem was that Estoni was not free of the queens's troops at the time and the quest to refuel there hadn't been completed either at the time.
This is in version 4870 don't know if it's fixed or not in the new beta.
Is there any way to fix it? I really don't want to have to restart on the previous save which is 10 in-game days before and about 600 enemy soldiers killed across 60 or so battles (stupidly overwrote a save that was just 1 ingame day before the bug). And seeing as i'm playing on Insane I really need the chopper so I can get my team across the map in time to respond to enemy troop movements.

Here's the link for the savegame if that helps in any way:
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Here's e fix for ur save: http://www.mediafire.com/?4cs292998cfun94
(Dun know e source of e problem though.)

Besides describing e problem, it will greatly assist if there's a savegame juz bf e bug occurs for troubleshooting.

It's like a crime scene. Besides witness' valuable descriptions, if there's 'video footage', it will greatly assist in e 'investigations' even if e culprit is all 'hooded up'. Smile


P.S. Oh, welcome to the pit!
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Registered:September 2012
Thanks for the fix Buggler!
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