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Well, after a week of Crossfire, I have about reached my limit. I think that there's a lot to like about the game, as someone else said, but without some decent patches, it is critically flawed.

Here are the top issues from my perspective.

1. Starting funds: In theory, from my perspective, a player ought to be able to start with a high level merc, or with several lower level mercs. ... At least when playing on the normal level.

2. Medical Skills: If we assume that a shot exists that can fully heal someone who has been peppered with gunfire, maybe it should require more medical skill than simply applying bandages, which out to require next to no skill. (Not 40 points.) The only workaround for this flaw is that you can sometimes escape a sector and heal in the process. That does nothing though for when your merc is pinned down and bleeding.

3. Armor: Having ceramic plates when can get destroyed before the armor goes was a good option. I don't know why the developers dropped this functionality. The result is that armor gets shredded, and is almost impossible to replace. Even spectra armor.

4. It is certainly realistic that you can't turn a bunch of locals into a fighting force in a matter of days However, with no decent armor, and scarce weapons, the militias get shredded, even if you advance them to 5th level. Someone playing solo is hard-pressed to keep up.

5. Revenue: Revenue from missions ought to be enough to bring in more mercs. Between training militia and constantly trying to buy more armor, there was never enough cash to hire even a 2nd merc.

6. Character faces and voices. ... Why mess with a good thing? I get that, in theory, you want to offer better graphics, but this wasn't an improvement at all. ... And I have no idea why they didn't stick with they awesome lines and voices provided by the originals.

OK. I think that's it for me for now. ... I will say that I thought the scenery was a huge improvement. ... Some very nice artwork in many cases.

Almost forgot!

7. No IMP Merc. While I found some of the IMP voices to be annoying, I really missed having my own merc that I could create.

* Right now, I'm pretty miffed at the developers. I began with high hopes, and even was willing to overlook the issues such as the new (subpar) voice actors and the character art that was just plain sad. However, after a week of slogging along, I'm making progress, but the game isn't fun. Yes, I likely will be able to finish off the power station soon, but while I have been working on that, militias in 3 villages have been wiped out and there are no more weapons to give them.

All this could be fixed with a simple cheat code that would allow players to add about $100k in cash at any point in the game. ... Well, it wouldn't fix everything. It would allow for hiring a couple of additional mercs though, and buying a few cheap weapons for the new militia after recapturing those cities. .... And would even keep some in the bank for more armor, since it gets shredded several times a day.

Just a little play testing would have flagged all of these issues.
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