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How dumb am i to expect something i've paid for to actually do what they tell me it will do
i've been screwing around all day digging through crap trying to get this game sorted
here try this, ooh what about this? have you used this patch? oh yeah what about this $%^#$$%^$&^ patch you tried that?!
how about a god damn clean and simple patch?!! is that to much to ask? for people to get there S**T together?

game after god damn game developer after god damn developer: SHIT! the game play would be great if people could pull there god damn HEADS OUT THERE F**K**G A*S*S

..right.. now my rant is over
again been screwing around all day sifting crap after many many many restarts i now have version 1.13 ...started to play had been to scared to stop playing for fear that the save would fail but was saving intermitantly anyway. I step into a new sector, it's night, mouse no longer scrolls the screen have to scroll via mini map screen jolts and 'bleeds along' i save it there ( new save again ) i alt tab out open up another J.D2 open a different save hey! it works! mouse all good and everything, so i quit and reload the night.. sector.. IT FAILS..

i mean for gods sake..

another day.. another game.. another bug..

p.s: when i go to load it starts to, then in the background it says [ saving.. ] and over the top it has Assertion Failure [line 3300 in file.\Tactical Save.cpp]. Attempting to do a debug save as SaveGame97.sav (this may fail)

p.ss: to the people who aren't paid to fix these sort of problems but try to: i tip my hat to you, for without you the world would stop, the world would be no more than fat cats pumping out crap atop there castles gleefully listening to the serfs down below ranting/realizing they've just been sold a dud only to make more crap

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Dude, chill. Take a walk outside or something.
Are you really telling the devs to "pull there god damn HEADS OUT THERE F**K*G A*S*S"? (it's 'their' btw) The studio hasn't existed for a decade. You really blame them if the game is not working perfectly on current setups?

Also: Which version did you install?
Press [ALT] again after tabbing, the key gets stuck when you go to windows. Press [g] to turn off merc lighting, the usual cause of stuttering movement.

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Hey Bob , stop ranting and start realising we are not here just to listen to your crappy whining . Either look for whatever problems your game has in the forums , or post a question and wait till someone gets back with a helpful answer . Either way , stop acting like a brat . :nono:

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