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Before you read on, this is not a step by step tutorial, it's a reference tutorial, much like a manual book.
Just search and jump to the category that you are interested, as it is a bit daunting to read all at once. Although by doing so there is a risk you might miss some critical notes I've added to some features. If that happens it is my fault for not making it too easy to read or too accessible, but i am somewhat inexperience in making posts or tutorials for that matter (this being the first).

Click for full pic.

So let's get on with the basics.
[color:#CC0000]IMPORTANT ![/color] Every change you do within the generator is not saved, everything you do in it is reverted once you restart it!
Except - portraits that you save of course.
This is the only save feature it has, other than that you can't store anything else.

When the program shows up you have a portrait already done (it's always the same one - will explain later why)
Will take in account all buttons and explain for each it's function:

But before we dive in the buttons function, let's expand and concentrate on the button lists.
As you can easily understand, you have a list with buttons on the right side for each facial section (Backgrounds, Faces, Necks, and so on) when you select one of this section, on the left side another list will expand showing the current facial features the editor has for, let's say necks.

On the left on the right of the list of facial characteristics (Necks, faces etc.) you have a small square that you can check and uncheck and if you read at the bottom of these squares you will find:

[color:#993300]LOCK[/color] - If checked it locks the current component (Ex: mouth) so that every time you will random the portrait that component stays the same (in our case the mouth).
[color:#CC0000]IMPORTANT ![/color] This applies only to the generated portraits through the use of buttons "rand. comps." and "random all". If you use random generation through gallery (don't worry will cover the gallery in the lower page, on how to use) components will not stay locked!

[color:#993300]HIDE[/color] - If checked it hides the current component. You can select multiple components to hide.

[color:#993300]Only selected comp.[/color] - It does the same as hide only it hides all the components except the one you selected. Ex: If "Only selected comp." is checked and you select hair from the component list, it will hide all the portrait except the hair component.

[color:#993300]1X; 2X; 3X; 4X;[/color] - When toggled on and off it shows or hides portraits of different scales.
[color:#CC0000]IMPORTANT ![/color] ONLY on the 1X can you work to move around components.
Example: Open a 1X portrait and click and hold on the hair (you must be at the hair section) (if he has any) of the character and move it around.
If you want to move a different body part, simply select from the list the body part you want (Hair, necks, eyes, mouth) and then relocate them as you see fit.
As a side note, animations work instantly (the "Animate ALL button, we'll look further on this one later) with the new position of the component, but it's know to give errors if the position of the component is too off set.

[color:#993300]Without animations; only animations; animation steps[/color] - First, be careful at what section you are at currently, be sure to select category that is animated (Lips, eyes, eyebrows, etc).
a) Without animations - shows the components you can use
b) Only animations/Animation steps - they both do somewhat the same thing so i will only talk about "animation steps"
Here you can see the animations that are in included in one component. Just choose at the eyes section a pair of eyes, joan (these are female eyes, only in female pack!) for example, and then press the "animation steps" button.
You will see what "images" the joan eyes contain for the animation.
[color:#CC0000]IMPORTANT ![/color] - You can add new animations for a certain component pack by double clicking an empty animation sequence and inserting the desired animation.
For an example, try combing the oboci with oboci 2 eyebrow animations and see what i mean; these eyebrows look both the same, but are animated differently, but with the editor you can fuse them to a more complex animation.
Visual example:
> (here you can double click and insert another animation)
Of course some will not fit because they are not visually alike, but this is something for the future if we manage to expand the functions of this editor.

Now for the buttons that you will mostly work with:

[color:#993300]RANDOM ALL[/color] - This button generates randomly portraits, it uses random face components, random colors and i think a random mixt of ethic characteristics.
[color:#CC0000]TO NOTE![/color] every time you will open the program and you press random, the same portraits will always generate, one after another. It's because, in my limited coding experience, it uses the same starting portrait, and based on that portraits values it makes another portrait.
[color:#006600]TO AVOID[/color] this simply distort the starting portrait, by changing any component or color

[color:#993300]RAND. COLORS[/color] - This option keeps the portrait as it is, only it randoms the colors the portrait has at the moment, changing skin color, clothes color and so on. The generator chooses from the colors it has assigned for each component, to clarify.
Example: Skin color has assigned 5 different colors, and it will choose at random from those 5 colors! That way the generator doesn't end up generating people with green skin.
[color:#006600]ADVICE[/color] You can add more colors to a certain body part, instead of the basic 5 colors, you can add 5 more for the generator to choose from, a total of 10, so that when you create portraits some can end up with, yes, green skin (if that is what you want). Any color you please. ---Will explain how later when i expand the tutorial how.

[color:#993300]RAND. COMPS.[/color] (Random components) - This option keeps the actual color but distorts and chooses randomly new components (eyes, mouth, cheeks, etc.)

[color:#993300]RANDOM[/color] - This button, simply picks a random component from the list you are currently at;
Example: if you have a portrait done, and you are at the lips section, and press random, it will randomly pick a new pair of lips for your portrait.

[color:#993300]SEX[/color] - Changes the object packs the generator uses: Male, Female or Ape. (Currently there is no way to mix them)
(No pun intended! Wink )
[color:#CC0000]IMPORTANT ![/color] This function is a bit tricky, and is known to cause some errors for the editor, will give you examples to make my point easier:
If you for example create a male portrait and save it to the gallery, then change to female(by pressing the sex button to change to female pack), the gallery portrait will be seen as a white portrait, it's because it doesn't have it's components loaded and doesn't know where to get them.
So keep galleries separated by sex (this rules goes the same for the apes also).

[color:#993300]REMOVE[/color] - Removes an object from the list you are currently at (Ex: removes "Pacino" eyes from the eyes list)
[color:#CC0000]IMPORTANT ![/color] You can freely remove anything you want, they are not deleted so don't be afraid of doing so. If you want the removed objects back, simply reload the male pack, or just close and open the generator program.
[color:#006600]ADVICE[/color] This is the core option to have "preferential" generation of portraits (as i did biker gangs, agents or slaves in the main topic of the generator)
Simply remove the eyes, mouth, lips, etc. that you don't like and then let the generator work with only the pieces you left in the list. It's a sort of restriction for him.

[color:#993300]Freq.[/color] - Located next to the "properties" button. Again this is AS important as the "remove" button, as it helps you in preferential generation of portraits.
When you select a component from a list (i mean, certain faces for example - rek, thorgal, pacino, etc.) you can see the Freq. button changes in accordance with the component you select. What this button does is to tell the generator when he creates portraits how often will that component appear with each portrait generation. Setting it to 0 makes the component never appear in the generation.
Now i know that this is not a statistical value, like 100 being 100 %, so you will see cases of values like 400; You don't have to worry, simply set the highest value to 100 (the 400 one, if there is one; you can find it at glasses section) and then set the rest of the componenets's "freq." as it would be a percentage. (sorry was a bit foggy on explaining this one, but just ask if i wasn't clear enough)
[color:#CC0000]TO NOTE![/color] This affects gallery generation as well as the "Rand. comp." button along with "Random all" button.

[color:#993300]GALLERY[/color] - This button is pretty much the best button to use when you want to enjoy the program.
It has 2 main functions, save your portraits and generate 10 portraits instantly.
The load button inside it loads a xgl. file that stores portraits.
The save, saves your portraits that are IN the gallery ! portraits only on the worktable (the main area where you work) will not be saved if not added in the gallery itself (through the use of the "Add to gal." button)
Clear all, deletes all portraits in gallery; there is NO way to delete individually portraits, as far as i know.
Add 10 faces - this button adds 10 faces based on what components it has to work with. (explained in the upper, remove option and the freq. option)
Right clicking on a portrait in the gallery lets you change the name of the portrait, and voice (it is of no importance to us, it's for the game it was meant to be used)
You can drag and drop portraits for relocating them in the gallery.
If you double click on a portrait in gallery you can make it appear on the worktable and edit it as you see fit, after you finish editing it you...

[color:#993300]Back(up) to gal.[/color] - This function backs up your changes to a certain portrait from the gallery that you selected. (if it's greyed out, be sure you have the portrait in the gallery and from there you double clicked it; make your changes and then press "back(up) to gal."

[color:#993300]Add to gal.[/color] - This function adds the portrait you created in the gallery section.
[color:#CC0000]IMPORTANT ![/color] Remember what I've told you with mixing male/female/ape packs in the gallery, it won't do harm as far as i know, but you won't be able to see the portraits all in the same time, only per turns, depending on what you selected (female, male, ape).
If you see white portraits when a male pack is loaded, that means those white ones are female, or ape... (i think apes are blue..)

[color:#993300]IMPORT[/color] - With this function you can import new facial features you created (BMP's) to the actual list of features you are currently at.
Say you press import at the hair section, you will import a new object to that list (hair list in our case).
[color:#006600]TO NOTE[/color] - I will explain later on, on adding new objects to the editor, thou i must give a heads up for this, i am not myself so good in understanding the ways of editing at this moment. I have to experiment myself a bit.

[color:#993300]Mirror[/color] - Twists the portrait mirror on it's mirror side.

[color:#993300]AMERICAN/ARAB/RUSSIAN[/color] - I guess these are the most crucial buttons ever. If it would have worked fine it would have been a gold mine. In my opinion it needs to be tuned, but having only the executable of the editor we are currently unable to change the program itself; onto explaining.
This button supposably creates portraits in reference with the nation button you pressed. How it works is pretty simple: it just makes a restriction of facial characteristics and tries to generate a given portrait of certain nationality. Indeed the only difference i can observe is that russians tend to have more sharp small eyes than americans.
Arabs tend to have darker skin, only that is not a rule since in this game mercenaries are not only arabs but germans too.
(In my opinion girls are prettier on arab generation and russian, american being somewhat horrible!)
TO NOTE - There is no way of telling gallery generation to generate only American or only Arab or only Russian portraits. You can only do it yourself with the preferential generation. (see at the remove button section for "preferential" generation)

[color:#993300]PROPERTIES[/color] - Once you click on this function is sort of self explanatory on what it does.
I am not sure weather the age and strength(how manly or girly the portrait is, indifferent if it's male or female) have proper impact on the generation, specially on the girls since there are not many components for old age for female.
Also i am unsure if this affects the gallery generation of portraits!

[color:#993300]ANIMATION[/color] - I am unsure what this function does, need someone smarter for this.
As far as i can tell, it just sets the pause delay of the animation between each animation.

[color:#993300]ANIM. COMP.[/color] - (you must have selected a body part that can be animated) Animates the componenet you have selected, once for each press of the button. (eyes, mouth, etc.)

[color:#993300]ANIMATE ALL[/color] - This option creates an animated version of the actual portrait, animating in a random pattern all the components (that can be animated).

[color:#993300]MULTI AVATAR[/color] - Useless for us. Can be useful only when modding the game it was made for. (Creates an avatar for multiplayer games)

[color:#993399]EDIT COMP.[/color]
- Nice, found out what this one does while writing this tutorial. It's our salvation.
It can EXPORT any of the files this editor holds into BMPs!!
This means, this is the gateway to add or modify components.
After you modify the BMPs simply import them back. (By the import button)

Note! All the files you import or rearrange or what objects you remove from the list; will be reverted once you close the program and reopen!

Will continue to add more information and change the structure of the tutorial, if necessary.
Also, feel free to ask anything, i will try to clarify.

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Here's a video tutorial I found. It's more of a general presentation, but you can get a feeling how the editor works.


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Wow, nice! Didn't expect that on youtube!
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Hi there!

I'm making my own jagged alliance 2 style game in 3d with Unity3d. You can see how is it going Unity forum here.

I'll begin with the ui soon and i've found this application googling. It would be great to use it to create the premade soldiers portraits in the game. Is it possible to use it royalty free? If not, where can i ask for more info? Thanks a lot!

In the forum, you can see videos of the creation process. In the begining i had a basic ui withe some portraits to test. I'll rework from zero the ui with the new uGui. If the use of the images created with this aplication is not allowed, please let me know and i'll remove them ASAP.

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how do you add them the imp portraits selection?
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