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Registered:October 2006
Location: Budapest, Hungary

Hi Guys,

Im having great fun with AR, now that I did the testing and started a live game with JAsmine's recommended settings (Expert difficulty + Drop all OFF + 50 000 starting money + Slow Item progress)

I read a great post by Sam_Hotte about IMP starting gear XML modification that was intended, to give specialised IMP's fitting gear while keeping their gear fairly balanced.

Basically it works like this:
-IMP's have no base gear.
-They get one random firearm that is under coolness level 2
-All their equipment is defined by their perks/traits and skill levels

The exact formula is here :
Toggle Spoiler

For balance reasons I chose to create 2 IMPS only:

Andy "Maniac" Mcray (*)
Machine gunner
High marks on all skills except: Medical, Mechanical and Explosives.

Most important Gear: HK MP5A4 with foregrip, retractable stock, flash suppressor.

*: This is my real life me (haha). Im an AK-74 Maniac and my friends call me Mcray (yeah I know its Mcrae) since I trashed my Mom's car in an amateur rally event :uhh:

Sophie "Farsight" Evans (Yes my favorite Hungarian pornstar :exactly: )
Ambidextrous (Porn stars have to be good with both hands)
Teaching (Porn stars teach young boys with the help of movies)
High marks on all skills except: Medical, Mechanical and Explosives. (Have you seen a porn star that is smart enough for any of these three?)

Most important Gear: Winchester 94 Trapper

My Current merc team and thier roles in my squad: Maniac (Looter + Suppressor with full auto), Farsight (To finish off enemies already looted), Barry (Mule + lockpick), Steroid(Mule + lockpick + HTH), Ira (Doc + Looter), Bull(Mule + HTH), MD (Doc)

Im currently finished with clearing San Mona of enemies as the first city after Omerta. I must say that I have never had a more balanced and more fun game ever. The new maps are fantastic. Loot is stable and rewarding (nothing overpowered so far). The only thing I have too much of is 9MM ammo.

My IMP's dont stand out too much from the other cheap AIM mercs, and because of their low (non existent) marks in Medical, Mechanical and Explosives, they highly depend on hired AIM and MERC mercs, which is exactly what I wanted to see in my game. Their gear (HK MP5A4 and Winchester 94 Trapper) does not offer them advantage over say Steroid armed with Bulls Thomson SMG. Im limited to short range and questionable accuracy with the enemy being able to hit my guys and girls fairly easily.

I was able to sell my looted weapons( pistols) to Tony in San Mona for around 10 000 dollars. (I was able to loot about 50% of the enemy soldiers. The rest I had to shoot and they did not drop anything)

I have feeling that the game will become very difficult now, because Im meeting enemy Blackshirts now armed with Shotguns and SMG's Very Happy

How do you play your game? What is your preferred setup? Do you modify IMP starting gear xml too? Post your thoughts.


Andris (Andy)
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Registered:February 2006
Location: Scotland
Who's going to be first to play a 'magnificent seven' type game ?

AR would be a good setting for this , seven mercs only with militia allowed as per village menfolks ... Very Happy

I can hear the music now .... :idea2:

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Registered:July 2006
Location: People riding polar bears...
I can hear the music now .... :idea2:

Me too!


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Registered:June 2004
Location: Suckit City, OH

Hoi Chummers,
I switched to AR after playing around with the AIMNAS Xmas release, and I continued to play with the oldies but goodies, ie the JA1/DG mercs. After two abbreviated starts, just to get a feel of AR, I promptly dug into the XML to play around with Merc Starting Gear. Unlike the bulk of JA2 players (who apparently are Masochist and love the challenge of starting a mission to kill an evil dictator with nothing but pistols smacks of stupidity and lunacy mixed equally.

Now I don
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Registered:May 2011
Hi eastwoodaen,
I'll try to answer your questions:

1) marbles can be placed on the ground and will make people slip when walking over them. Only works on floor tiles (inside buildings).

2) In AR there are much more medkits than in vanilla JA2. I would guess there are at least 2x, maybe 3x as much medkits. If you're running ouz of medical supplies you either don't look for stuff in boxes, shelves etc. or you get hit waaay too often.

3) Money is more important in AR than in vanilla JA2. There are more town sectors which means more militia. And you need lots of militia if you want to defend the towns. If you're unlucky and a mine runs out after ten days, you gotta react quick and take another one. Or try to work with cheapet mercs and sell stuff to tony and do the quests and fights in san mona. There is lots of money to be found in san mona.

4) the smugglers are basically just a faction like the hicks. Attack them to get their stuff - it is worth the trouble.

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Registered:June 2004
Location: Suckit City, OH

Hoi Chummers,

JAsmine: Think I found a bug with Shadylady. I sent one guy into that sector and sent him to visit Maria. When I talked to the Madam, she gave me the intro speak and Billy immediately moved from his spot in front of the doorway. When I tried to talk to the madam again, to hear her speil about what girls she had and what they cost, she again gave me the intro spiel. So I went to the back rooms, found the key and then talked to Maria. The entire time I did not see the roaming guard, heck I didn't see any of the other prostitutes as well, just Maria. Exited real easy and when I got her to Angel's, she told him that we were seen and that the Kingpin was after us. Angel took her and left without giving me his business title. I went back to see Kyle to see what would happen, as well as stopping in the bar (I have yet to see the two roaming vendors, explo and bloodcats, just Carmine). Kyle didn't say anything interesting and none of the Kingpin's men were violent towards me. Instead I moved on to my fourth attempt at Cambria.
Re: Meet my IMP's for AR (Inspired by Sam_Hotte)[message #315868] Sun, 03 March 2013 05:46 Go to previous messageGo to next message

Registered:April 2004
Location: United States
Nice job and you picked a lovely name for your sniper...

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Registered:October 2011
Im playing on expert and iron-man mode and at the moment finding it a bit too difficult. Ive been to San Mona (finished the leather shop deed quest and used the marbles to win the extreme fighting contest with Grizzly and get Kingpins Balime golden chalice quest). Thought about going from there to Balime but there are so many enemy patrols on the roads and on some maps its impossible to sneak through without having to fight. Also very doubtful i could take Balime once I got there as the best gun ive found so far is on HK assault rifle from looting a gun shop in San Mona.

I haven't tried stealing from live enemies which is probably why i'm lacking decent guns but the idea of trying to knock a 18-20 man squad of enemies unconscious on iron-man mode seem rather suicidal to me. I could do with some body-looting tips from someone!

Now i'm holed up in Chitzena trying to fend off a 70-man counter attack with my mercs and some milita and not standing much of a chance currently! Any advice anyone??
Re: Meet my IMP's for AR (Inspired by Sam_Hotte)[message #316685] Thu, 28 March 2013 19:38 Go to previous message
Sam Hotte

Registered:March 2009
Location: Middle of Germany
Sneaking without having to fight is easy but requires to visit and retreat from twice as many sectors:
Say, you want to go from north to south - when entering the first hostile sector from the north place your squad in one of the northern corners. Let's say you take the north-east corner. Immediately flee to the east. On entering the (assumingly also hostile) sector to the east place your squad in the south-west corner. Flee to the south. Place squad in north-west corner. flee to west. place in south-east corner. Flee to the south. And so on.
Wouldn't earn you good reputation and impacts morale - but you can cowardly avoid fighting at all ...

Body-looting: challenge a not too large patrol or something at night. utilize sneaking, night vision, night ops mercs and preferably silencers (use what ever you have to avoid alarming too many enemies at once). If you spot a stray bogey without immediate company sneak into range of your (small, inferior guns). Would be great if you had tear gas or vacuum nades, but probably you don't yet. So, shoot at the Red Shirt - but aim for legs! You do not want to kill him but make him go down! once he gets down have someone with as many APs as possible run to the fallen and punch him. Your target either goes unconscious and drops the gun (which you then grab ASAP) or stays down without breath so that you can rob him (next turn).

Obviously some (new-)traits are helpful: night ops, stealthy, athlete, ambi-dex, H2H or MA and even malicious (as this makes your shooting score painful hits dropping target down in agony more often) and traits for knifing throwing etc. if you work with blades, grenades or whatever.
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