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I enjoying your mod but as with many other mods here it needs some balancing for the early gameplay. I started like suggested on expert difficulty. I did not enable the "Iron Man" mode but I play like this and only save when I have to leave the game or other exceptions. I hired 4 people before getting to Arulco. Omerta was ok. Not too hard with about 8 enemies per sector. Got Ira and looted everything in all 3 Omerta sectors. Then I headed to San Mona ambushing a small patrol on the way. I took a few hits but nothing what my doctor couldnt fix within a day. In San Mona I faced 30! enemies in one sector. Impossible to win so I sneaked past them in the other sectors of the city which were enemy free. Looted everything but I still only had pistols and 1 shotgun in bad condition. I headed to Chitzena avoiding the main roads and attacked the Chitzena Warehouse. This was a tough fight: 12 enemies at first but with backup arriving from the neighbor sector consisting of some elites this was definitaly hard! Likewise the next sector Chitzena Temple. I was very lucky to take out the guards north of the wall very quick and then went into a good defensive position at the wall when the backup from the neighbor sector arrived again with some Elites.
So far the fights were hard but manageable but in the next sector, Chitzena Mine, there 30 enemies plus backup waiting in the adjacent sectors. Elites again and not a few. Even if I killed about 10 enemies within the first few rounds the mass of enemies is just overwhelming. So much I can't even retreat to the sector I came from as enemies appear in my back (seem to be backup forces from the east, but as there is no drop zone in the right edge they appear on the north edge). Sure, I could make it by abusing the quicksave/-load function but that would kill the fun. Maybe you should give some better starting weapons or decrease the enemies in the first few cities. This is just a player's feedback so please don't take it as complaining or so. I really enjoy the mod otherwise. And I like a challenge.
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Sam Hotte

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It might be worth considering to disable reinforcements in the options.ini.
IIRC this is recommended(?) for AR ...
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Yes, deactivate reinforcements. It's sad to loose militia support, however you gain a lot in gameplay balance!
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In San Mona I faced 30! enemies in one sector. Impossible to win so I sneaked past them in the other sectors of the city which were enemy free.

I encountered the same.

That's one reinforcement for Chitzena i guess which just happens to be 'in the wrong spot' when the 6 or 7 defenders of the single San Mona sector held by D got visual contact to the mercs.

Just tough luck.
That's why one of my IMP's or hired AIM Mercs has to have the Hunter trait.
Without it you only get a questionmark stating there is an enemy force but not how many. Which could prove fatal in the first days when still scrounging for weapons and ammunition.

Great tip is to hold on the two molotov cocktails you're able to build on a straight approach to chitzena from omerta for this sector.
The propability of a rather big enemy force is quite high here.
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