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Hi all,

Firstly, apologies if this has been asked before, but I havent followed 113 for a couple of years....I always get halfway through a game then get interrupted by real life! So last I've seen is the stable 4870 build.

Anyway, having taken Drassen (again), I decided to drop by here to refresh my memory, and got reading up on weapon comparisons, and in particular one of the debates was around how various selection criteria resulted in unexpected results for the 'best CQB' 'stealth' and 'sidearm' categories with pistols generally being overshadowed by machine-pistols and pdw's.

In terms of fire-rate, aim and attachments this seems fair, however other factors that may affect weapon balance dont seem to exist in the current code. Firstly AP cost to draw a weapon from inventory (be it sling or holster), but also mobility. It stands to reason that you would be able to move with weapon ready more easily with a pistol than, say, a full length shotgun or smg. However, the game as it stands doesnt allow for movement with weapon levelled, rather you need to re-aim after any movement.

I assume there is some engine limitation that prevents this, or someone would have modded it in by now (you seem to have thought of everything else!), however I did wonder why this was? Seems like it'd be a well worthy mechanic.

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It seems you need a newer version. Follow the white rabbit ... eh ... I mean my sig.

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Indeed, in newer versions, you can walk with your gun raised.
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Wow, impressive!

Which version was this introduced in, and is there a full version history I can look at?
I see that a lot of features are mentioned in the 'release notes' thread, though it doesnt seem to list all of them, and it seems like there's a lot for me to take stock of.

Also, are my 4870 save games and associated files compatible?
I would assume not, which is fine as I'm only an hour or two into my campaign, I'm more interested as to whether all my values in the config file would be overwritten and need redoing. Took me a little while to get them just to my liking iirc.

If the wiki is still up to date, I take it that 4870 is still the last 'stable' version....if so, how relatively stable is the new build? I usually prefer to stick with tried and tested versions of games than be chasing every beta, but if the new features are fairly well bedded in by now then I might try them out.

Has ncth changed at all btw? Last time I frequented these boards that was still being tweaked.
I like it, but some didnt iirc.

Sorry, bombarding you with questions a bit.
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Oops, nevermind, I see the histories are in the links themselves.
There's a hell of a lot there.

One question - regarding the movement with weapon raised, the notes mention that movement should cost more ap, and that modders may want to look into externalising that cost....did this ever happen? And if so, does it vary depending on the weapon?

Seems like that'd be the logical way to model handling differences and add additional considerations for cqb. It'd essentially mean your merc could be made less mobile when trying to manoeuvre around a room with a full length rifle than, say, a carbine. Otherwise there may not be any incentive not to run around gun up all the time, which'd actually make pistols less attractive as they would no longer stand out for their 0 ready cost.

Oh, and....how do you actually move while aiming? Is there a particular key for enabling/disabling that, as with stances, and/or some visual indicator?

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To move while aiming you only need to have your weapon raised (can be raised manually with "L" by clicking in a direction your merc is already looking) and be in the "walk" movement mode ("S" key sets walking mode). This only works while standing in the walking mode (you can also strafe and walk backwards using "Alt" with weapon raised), there are no animations for crouched or prone so it doesn't work there.
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Hello again.
Firstly, sorry for bumping an old thread but it seemed more appropriate than creating a new one.

Anyway, in the end after asking all the above I never did get around to trying the game out properly (again, life getting in the way). But after recently seeing all the new updates I've resolved to give it another go! I think with all the extra defensibility the new features give me, I may survive the DCA for once.

Now,I didnt want to bother anyone with questions so I made a point of researching all the functionality and stuff, reading up on everything. So, confident that I was fully prepared I load a new game.....and run into questions on the very first engagement. Damn.

Specifically, I noticed that we can move gun up (which I'd forgotten about in the last 6 months), but I cant figure out how to then shift back to a gun down stance. I've searched but not found any mention of a 'lower gun' key. Which can make a difference when it comes to crossing a street in a single turn or not.

I did notice that using '.' to move into an alt fire stance is almost as good, but since the alt stance seems to have been added a fair while later, I'm sure I must be missing something more obvious. 'S' doesnt seem to do much that I can see.

Anyway, thanks again for all the work guys. It's an amazing job, and just when I think it cant get any better it always does. I'd barely dare guess what else might be in store. Smile

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Sam Hotte

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I am not sure if looking (L) in same direction again will lower gun, but shifting gun to secondary hand and back should work. Or moving it to rifle sling and back (there is a hotkey for this which I don't recall, though).
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Nah, 'L' was the first thing I tried.
I hadnt considered swapping hands/inv slots, that's a good point.

I'm not particularly bothered if it's at all intuitive or not, I only ask as.....well, y'know how it is, 99% of the time it makes no difference, but every once in a while life or death can hinge on a spare couple of AP. That said, if I get myself into that position it's my own fault really! Very Happy
That, and I wondered if I was being a moron by missing a really obvious hotkey.

Gotta say though....this mod. Man. I honestly cant think of any other game of this type with so much detail, not least by community modders. It's the kind of thing I dont think would ever get released commercially, and it's to the detriment of the genre.

Keep up the great work guys. Although honestly I'm not sure how much more could be added before a) my computer dies, b) my brain melts, c) it requires an accompanying user manual the size of the oxford dictionary, or d) you guys finally do everything there is and run out of ideas.

I wouldnt wanna bet on which comes first, but I look forward to finding out. Fucking bravo!

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