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Bear's Pit is officially endorsing and supporting the Kickstarter drive for a new Jagged Alliance game. Full Control studio has shown they are ready to listen to the fans and they're are more than willing to include our wishes into their game. Their efforts to to bring aboard Sir-tech old timers such as Chris Camfield and well-known modders from our community has proven to us that this game is our best shot for a true new JA game. We are encouraging all our members and fans to spread the word and gets this done!We are also launching special events and contests dedicated to JA:F Kickstarter you can join. Keep an eye on the updates below:

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UPDATE 13: Dev video and Community appraisal

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Full Control studio boss talks in this new video about what JA2 means to his team and what JA:F will be like. They were also kind enough to reflect the community efforts in help of the KS drive. Go read the full update!

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Chris Camfield & Modding Advisory Panel

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FC have announced the former JA3 Lead Designer Chris Camfield (know to us fans as The-Man-Who-Is-Not-Gumpy) will be joining the team as top design advisor. Also they have created a Modder Advisory Panel with the participation of well known Pit coders to implement and oversee the modding features of JA:F. Full update here!

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You want more bang for your buck? Speak now!

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We have opened a public debate about the KS pledge tiers and rewards. If you have any idea on how to improve the current pledges or want to suggest new ones, now it's time to talk! Discussion topic here.

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Get Bear's Pit into Jagged Alliance!

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When JA:F Kickstarter will reach 4000 backers, Full Control has promised to reveal their "Bear's Pit" secret files! If you won't do it for anyone else, do it for your favourite community! More details here.

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Promote JA:F Kickstart offline with this cool flyer!

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So if you're not into FB or tweeting, show your loyality today and put in the miles to bring to life the new JA! Download these fan-made flyers (EN/DE), print them and spread the word!

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Pay $5 and own entire JA history!

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Humble Bundle and FC have made a deal to offer ALL BACKERS that pledged a minimum of $5 an awesome JA Classics collection. Help the series get a future and own it's past glory, what can be better? As if that alone wasn't enough, you also will get your name in official JA:F credits! Read the full news here.</td>


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