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I know, it's not about San Cristobal and makes use of Arulcan factions, but it's all about messing with the player's mind and playing heavy on factions (all fighting their own war with you caught in the middle). Flug i think kindly explained to me that this isn't do-able with the current JA2 engine so here it is... I am donating this to science... and JA:F. It is half complete and only a minimum sketch but hey... it's free Wink

PS: This was originally posted in Private Forums @ 30/12/12 03:31 PM

JA2: Factions (working name)

The setup
You helped overthrow Deidranna and now Miguel Cordonna is the new leader of the country. He backstabbed his friend Enrico Chilvadori and has established a genuine 3rd world "revolutionary" communist dictatorship. Arulco is a divided country and everyone wants a piece of it.

[color:#6600CC]The rebel faction revisited[/color]
Elliot, albeit wounded, escaped after the palace was taken over and the queen killed. He's now formed a new resistance movement, backed by the remains of the former elite. There are not many left, but his black shirts are deadly. He also has the backing of Orta scientists and a neverending supply of drugs. But wait, his queen is dead and he's too dumb to be the next Presidente... Who is he working for actually?

Weapons of choice: sabotage and some special green-shooting thingie...
Faction dress-code: your contacts will be the miners, your bases will be underground with an unlimited supply of TNT, silver and drugs. Apart from that, rebels are civilians, you dont really expect a dress code, right?
Faction spoiler:
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[color:#000000]The Kingpin gangsters[/color]
You killed Kingpin's clone on your last San Mona visit. The real one was chillin in Belize, watching the action safely on a satelitte comlink. And he was impressed. He wants you by his side and he's prepared to pay for it. Play as a Kingpin black suit assasin and help him transform Arulco in the biggest Las Vegas on Earth. His motto is "a whorehouse in every town". His network of bartenders and weapon dealers is invaluable and everything is free for you.

Weapons of choice: exotic top brands, concealable in a suit.
Faction dress-code: suits, whores, goons, arms dealers, bartenders.
Faction spoiler:
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[color:#CC0000]The Army[/color]
Conrad has taken over as General in Chief of the Army after the old regime was overthrown. And as a good army chief in a banana republic, he wants the country for himself. He certainly has the gear for it. He controls the army from Alma. An army. Need to say more?

Weapons of choice: AK assault rifles, tanks, military gear in general
Faction dress-code: red?
Faction spoiler:
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[color:#009900]Miguel Cordona[/color]
Miguel has betrayed Enrico the second day you left the country and backed by his rebel mercs you so aptly trained, has taken over and established a pure 3rd world communist dictatorship. He has the support of the poor masses, who think he's the new Mesia. His militia is everywhere (remember, you helped him train it?) and they're ruling the country at gunpoint. They're well trained and indoctrinated. And they have hired expert trainers whom... well... you might know?

Weapons of choice: short memory huh? Western mercenary gear you brought in last visit...
Faction dress code: Green with a touch of blue is the color of the new revolution.
Faction spoiler:
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Tech setup
Maps: standard Arulco maps with the option to be replaced when a faction takes over (whorehouse appears when Kingpin takes over, tanks when army does, etc).
We need to simulate sabotage when player enters some maps.
Some of the drinks are poisoned if you do not work for Kingpin.
We need "crepitus soldiers": civilian looking, face zombie like, fosforescent eyes, shooting green stuff.
We also need "bloodcat soldier": recruitable, fast, extremely strong melee, cat body.
We can try to have a recruitable tank for army faction. Replace robot with a tank?
Biggest challenge will be to hava a dynamic laptop. Read below for details.
Militia is led by top AIM mercs, they need to be factionised and recruitable if player works for proper side. If not, we have Mike x10.
We need recruitable generic redshirts in Alma. And a robot tank. We need to make sure it can't enter buildings though.

Faction selection:
If this is technically possible, we can remake either Balime or Estoni as initial LZ. Have all the main chars meet there for a "peace conferrence" with the player invited. Each side delivers the speech, everything turns to shit fast. We rework the old "Surrender" button into 4 options and once player picks one he's teleported to the corresponding start zone for the faction he picked.
In this case I still want a rework of the laptop, since it's a major part of gameplay.

1. Player picks Crepitus: all messages are delivered in alien writing. BR is now an alien and delivers alien gear. We can recruit Crepitus from an alien interface. LZ/Base: Orta.
2. Player picks Kingpin: we get a soft-porn website instead of AIM but some of the girs have hidden talents. BR sells only booze and drugs (Viagra included). But we have Kingpin's network of army dealer who provide you with top gear. For free. LZ/Base: San Mona.
3. Player picks Army: AIM is a army recruitment center, all mercs are standard grunts. Of course, they work for free, army service is mandatory. BR is a website selling old soviet tank parts. LZ/Base: Alma.
4. Player picks Miguel: AIM has closed down (player gets the hint that top mercs are in Arulco), BR sells western weapons. LZ/Base: Meduna.

The IMP test should generate an empty inventory merc. But on each specific LZ, there should be a crate with faction gear:
When player picks a faction, the laptop should trigger specific IMP load-out and specific LZ: See the "peace conference" idea.
1.) Player helps Crepitus/Elliot: he gets as IMP gear a Sci-Fi kit - crepitus spitgun with infinite ammo, bloocat controller device (once he talks to Elliot), crepitus armor, 100 shots canister of regen drug.
2.) Player helps Kingpin: black suit with kevlar shirt, night-vision glasses, exotic SMG and PDW gun.
3.) Player helps Army: army colonel uniform, spectra armor+helmet, AK range of weapons, robot-tank remote (once he gets Conrad).
4.) Player helps Miguel: standard merc gear (western), loads of cash (he can recruit old AIM mercs but mercs never work for free).

Victory conditions

Initially, all sectors are under militia control. Once player gets initial quest (talks to Elliot/Kingpin/Conrad/Miguel), all other factions will be made hostile. We need a set of quests specific for each faction, such as:
1. Crepitus: using the tunnels the crepitus dug out under Arulco, you're sent to sabotage various installations. Blow up shit and infect water supply with crepitus eggs. You win when everyone is an alien. Mothership lands, grats, the Invasion begins.
2. Kingpin: travel incognito, assasinate key targets, bribe others, turn churches and army barracks into brothels and casinos, that kind of shit. When entire country is corrupt and bribed off, you win.
3. Army: support large scale attacks with your tank unit, build fortifications, draft civilian population into army. Win by total annihilation.
4. Miguel: help militia defend cities from attack, recruit former AIM mercs (they're spread all over Arulco) and lead La Revolucion again.

Optionally there could be a moral choice in the end in each case:

1. Blow up the alien ship and save the world.
2. Help the Whore Rebellion assassinate Kingpin.
3. Kill Conrad and make army generals surrender.
4. Kill Miguel and bring Enrico back.

More twists and turns
1. Kingpin faction could be non-aggro. Kingpin is the survivor kind who doesn't care who wins the war. He will let the player (through quests) decide who wins and when that happens he'll pick the side who won:
a) Become a borg-like crepitus enhanced human
b) Become party secretary if commies win
c) Become army general if army wins

2. Alien faction could be only night-mode. They won't attack by day. In time, after you consume enough of the drug they give you, you will find out you get superhuman powers at night and are very weak during daytime. In the end you turn into an alien yourself. According to Flug on IRC, factions can be easy restricted to clock time. Using his spy mod that disguises you as civilians, the alien faction could roam the land during daytime (otherwise would be a kinda boring to skip time), in shape of green-eyed civilians, very weak but non-aggro to everyone. And when night comes you get your powers and you can strike.

3. Army will only fight during daytime because of Crepitus attacks and lack of night vision equipment. Once Conrad gets close to power his morale should suffer and he'll get slowly more aggressive towards you. Finally he quits your team due to "urgent mission" and calls you a day later, trying to lure you into a death trap. If you survive, you get take over the country.

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Holy shit this sounds like something they should seriously consider for JA3. You forgot to turn Ira into one of those annoying headmistress types who wants everyone to tuck in their shirts and cut their hair Razz

The factions in JA:F sound interesting enough, I was imagining that the CIA are planning to install some horrible dictator who's only redeeming quality is he hates the Soviets (Saddam anyone?), and the Soviets have some Najibullah type in the wings who's just as bad. Then there's some good-guy option who's a true people's choice but you can't win unless you convince one of the powers (or the mafia) to adopt him as their choice. Or you can bypass him and install your own Elliot-style puppet to be your ruler, but again you need to secure the backing of one of the major factions.

So you have the factions (American-backed, Soviet-backed, mafia) and potential leaders (American puppet, Soviet puppet, Elliot-type (i.e. you're the true ruler), mafia don, people's choice) and you need to combine them as well as dominate territory to win. So you have a good-guy path, selfish path, American path, Soviet path, and mafia path to victory. Or something like that.
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i hat to play sci-fi so i don't like aliens in JA
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i hat to play sci-fi so i don't like aliens in JA

This was designed as a mod for JA2 and in JA2 you're restricted only to so many factions that have enough manpower. I rarely played Sf mode myself.

The idea behind it is another (ignore arulco factions) is that player picks which side he fights on and the loyality is dynamic, not like in JA2, where you wanted or not, you had to go to Meduna and kill the queen in the end.

Free-choice factions that generate each time a new story and a new ending means basically packing X games into 1.

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Yeah I really like that idea, due to the faction setup you can play the game multiple ways, the ultimate way would be to have the ability to create your own faction and add that into the mix, though not sure how well JA2 would handle that Wink

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I love the idea of multiple consistent factions, and the ability to choose your side deeply.
From what i read of JAF scenario, it's not that radical and the ending is to be unique.
However, it's not yet writen in stone, and i hope FC can work the factions that way. Replayability and moddability would gain a lot!
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Of course this would be X times the work, because it would need X specific storylines that lead from start to endgame. But it's not rocket science. They already plan to give the player free choice in supporting any faction. The logic tells me that they should give the player also an ending that fits the story he picked.

The "short version" would be to separate the faction quests from the main plot. But that would be kinda cheesy and easy way out. And too much like JA2, aka no real progress.

We'll see... it does depend on budget and sales of SH and a lot of factors...

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