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Jake "Holiday" Porter

A character not based on myself but inspired by a friend. This would be my Design-A-Merc if I ever got a chance Smile For portrait inspiration Smile https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/72597_4995080707756_33792333_n.jpg

Description - A 'Doc Holiday' type of character, hence the name. Long range heavy sniper. Wears a heavy duster type trenchcoat that goes down to his feet. Chill and "doesn't give a fuck" on the exterior but upon opening his mouth, it becomes obvious that he's a gamer essentially living for the 'lulz' and all-round degenerate. His catchphrase on most kills is "Fuckin' Roflberries".

Additional Info - Won't work for complete rookies but happy to go with up-and-comers. Generally a "mid to high tier" character.

Equipment - Comes with a unique high caliber VERY long custom rifle that is a "triumph of redneck engineering" which he created himself. It can shoot through most light walls (but not double brick or thicker) if you have a spotter on the inside. The rifle can be taken off Jake and placed on another character. However it jams and stovepipes often, due to it's unique design other characters would lose entire turns figuring out the 100 diff ways the damn thing can get jammed, while Jake knows his gun well enough to clear it instantly or at 1 AP cost.


  • CQB is Hard - He is completely useless with any short range single handed guns such as pistols and SMG's. Marksmanship automatically drops at least 40 points when equipped and shooting them.
  • How Do iPhone? - Completely inept at any electronics, computers, comms equipment etc. If you put him on electronics repair duty he will mention "damn.. bricked it again" and generally be useless.

Perks/Special Abilities

  • Drunk as Fuck - With all the alcohol you find around the game, if Jake gets drunk enough he can get double his standard action points and half the action cost when one handed ranged weapons are equipped. Enough to clear out a whole room by himself if dual wielding pistols or SMG's. His marksmanship also doesn't suffer it's usual penalty. However this only lasts a brief time and he passes out depending on how drunk he is i.e. 3 turns. HOWEVER players should notice that his drunk time is not always equal and end up making spreadsheets to try and figure what types of alcohol or mixes he's more tolerant to. Magic formula TBD Wink Jake he should always pass out long enough to get shot to hell and die UNLESS you have like 3 medics on him constantly bandaging him. He can sleep through being shot to pieces like a boss. If he survives long enoguh to wake up again he says "passed the fuck out. NOTHING HAPPENED Very Happy" . When he does wake, for two turns he will suffer "passed the fuck out" and have -20% to agility and marksmanship until he reorients himself.
  • Ladies Man (works with Drunk as Fuck) - Following on for the above, the 3 medic thing should be a tricky but somewhat viable strategy to play just for the lulz. However if at least three of the medics are women he gets a +20% to toughness while passed out and upon waking up if he is surrounded by female medics within a two square radius he will recover "passed the fuck out" within one turn with "awww you ladies miss me?" or other one liner.
  • Redneck Engineering Genius- Low base mechanical skill but very high growth rates if you keep him on mechanical duty.

Sample Quotes - "fuckin roflberries", "oh jesus tittyfucking christ", "so legit", "legit as fuck lulz". (things my friend actually says), Would respond on click or intial hiring contact with "Holiday here". If busy - "Gamin' brodie. Check back later".

Where are they now? (end of the game)- His profile should read "Somehow got a job as Tier 1 support for Time Warner Cable. They must hire just about anybody".

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Registered:October 2006
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One more idea. Because he's a redneck engineering genius, he's the only character that can repair vehicles with only duct tape equipped. No toolkit required Very Happy
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