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HI guyz

i have played JA through to the last one JABIA & JAC ... & their were things that bug me abit .... their were things i was looking to see... was more skills & styles for the merc that are hired .. like example ... expert Jungle warfare skills .... Urdan warfare & E.T.C .. as we known that solders are trained in types of combat enviroments ..ware that knowlegue is very helpfull .. like the S.A.S in the movie called' how dare wins ' were skills is Urdan Warfare techniques helped them defuse a hostal take over.. were the likes rambo lol had jungle warfare skill which give him the edge ... the areas like weopons skills in the last JA game were more about accurcuy & damage .... i would of liked to see that the skill is more based in techiques & style .. for example a expert snipergun skill would be hitting a target from long range with head shot is with ease & stiking moving targets from range ... a Skilled sub machine merc could use a move & hit skill .... & a expert Submachine gun merc could react to two differnt targets ( like example - hits the first target & shots the secord target with half shotting time ) i coulds rewrite alot of the skill facts i would love to see in this game ....

i would like to see more single missions ... not like in the JABIA ... were you are hired to take out a single or few targets .. recon a build .... do more spy missions .... or stop a hostle take over ... or save hostages ... i would like to see were you can plant bombs anywere ... not in loctions which are useless ........

i would like to see were a eneries body has to be hidden ... so eneries don't step up to look for you if poeple are interested in same of the ideas i could write out a hole skills tree for mercs which if possable the designer may add in ....
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Sorry, I stopped reading at the first "...", what was your question again?

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>> Urdan, knowlegue, hostal take over, weopons, accurcuy,
>> stiking, differnt, secord, hostle take over, loctions, eneries, possable

>> i coulds rewrite alot of the skill facts i would love to see in this game

At least I want to see the skills you are going to rewrite. Maybe you can add some kind of grammar and spelling skills which are used while writing texts into forums.
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Hi guyz sorry

i guess that ..what i write abit back ...didn't make sense ..i will do my best to type better .... sorry to those how read the last stuff plz forgive for me for my grammer & spelling...

As fan of the JA games .... i have seen how this game has improved over the years in its graphics .. & the game funtions followed in slower pace .....

one of the things i missed , Was in JA2 i think, where you would do a test to create a your personal merc ... i would like to see this in the new game, i think fans would welcome this....

i love RTS & TBS .... i played the last installment JABIA + DLC & JAC .. i fought graphics 9/10 ... the A.I 3/10, the overall rating 6/10 i think this was down to the bugs in the game it self .. & i think that you guyz have read alot of the areas of questions on stream & other forums .. like sniper machinegun solders .... shooting from the hip on brust fire mode & never missing its target ....

i would like a bigger area of skills in the mercs hired in the game or created ... like example the character ' shadow ' would have a skill set like jungle warfare skills .. which would give him a edge in that type enviroment ...

A idea is were a merc that is skilled in gun type .. like example handguns would have a tactial mode in combat ... like in the skill..... handgun skill would have the merc firing their on move in stand mode (skilled) , & Targeting body parts are easy for a (expert) .. as a Expert you would gain both modes,, if that merc was a expert with the type of firing arm ..
the shotgun & sub-machine skill would have the same tactial mode in Skilled level .. were the first shot with shotgun would knock back the target at close range Close range 1 meter to 5 meters), & the sub-machine could fire in a burst with more accurcy in close range ( so move bullets hit ) the expert skill would give user 50% chance of hitting a secord target in the firing arc or when hitting the first target the firing time would be shorten on the secord shot)...

A merc skilled assault rifle would have tactial mode were shooting moving target don't stop merc shooting ....& expert assault can spray shot in the firing arc on burst mode .. with the close targets have normal bonse & the targets at a further range would give merc - bouse ......

but these are ideas ... & plz forgive my grammer & spelling ... if their is any confusion ...... just have the insight to see what i am trying put accross ... thank you for your time
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Go away if you won't write properly.
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Akodo Deathseeker

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Hi Chris.

First, I think one thing the people are complaining about is the use of...

Most places where you have... you'd be better served by either including a comma or by using a period to end one sentence and then two spaces followed by a capital letter to start the next sentence.

As far as your suggestions:

Yes, we are all clamoring for the 'personality test' used to create your merc to be included in JA:F

As far as me personally I am a bit hesitant to include specializing in certain weapon classes. Really, the guns of the world should be split into 'handguns' and 'shoulder fired weapons'. Note by this I mean the guns like rifles and shotguns were you put the stock up to your shoulder and NOT rocket launchers where you'd set it on top of your shoulder.

If someone is very accurate with a SMG, that's because they have good trigger control and good sight alignment. That would either apply to a single model of gun only (A guy really good with the UZI because he understand the sights and the trigger so well,but the Thompson, the MP5, the Mac-10, they are all so different that the skill doesn't translate) OR that skill of proper sight alignment and trigger control would apply to SMG, rifle, assault rifle, etc etc.

Same thing if the guy was really good with an SMG when doing burst fire, he'd be good with an assault rifle too.

So I could see including SOME traits that are more based on how the gun is used. Maybe something like the following.

-good shot = flat +2 marksmanship
-perfect aim = every time an AP is spent to aim rather than getting +5 to mark you get +6, or maybe you get to aim one more AP than everyone else if you so choose.
-full auto expert! = when you fire burst mode from any gun be it SMG, assault rifle, or LMG you have more control and therefore more accuracy.
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