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I've been browsing the mods and after my last run through UC 113, I burnt a few brain cells looking at what might help others improve mods or at least make their vision more attainable.

I don't have the coding skills for such changes but figured I would toss the idea out for people to comment on.
I can see two possible implementations, a Granular micro level or a simple Macro level.

option 1) Macro level coolness: Each of the 5 gear kit #s is assigned a progress/coolness level which allows you to buy the kit with the Merc you hire.

option 2) Micro: each kit is assigned a progress/coolness level and once you have passed that, you can purchase.

Personally I think option 1 would be easier to code and allow modders more control over when people can get certain levels of firepower without large amounts of reworking the actual gear kits. Much like in the original gear kit examples then kit 1 could be a basic starter available at 0/1 kit 2 could be close range 2/3 kit 3 could be an assault kit at 4/5 kit 4 a specialty kit also in the 4/5 range and then kit 5 and endgame kit at like 7/8.

Option 2 is great because you can adjust by individual weapons or armor, however it means a modder would have to change it for every single merc 5 times over and if the modder updated the inventory or such would have to redo all those to keep things consistent.
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I like your idea, but if you're on higher level coolness, why not just have your merc pick up dropped items/buy custom items, especially if you've got a lot of items on the ground?

I suppose if you're playing with drop-all-items turned off then it matters a bit more but still

This idea is pretty broken in terms of balancing; you either don't care what the merc is coming with, or it'll be a huge, possibly overpowering help to your team...the latter I suppose is fine if you're into munchkinism...

Good luck coding this. I'm all for having more choice, as well as having that choice matter
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