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The same holds true for most of the "turn based" tactical and strategic games of the '80s and '90s: they have been "improved" by substituting shiny graphics and animations for solid game mechanics. They aren't challenging anymore (other than from a mouse-click "rat race" perspective), but the new games look great. I hate them.

Ideally, something that's almost infinitely moddable, with a more modular approach to coding, and easier data formats that can be edited with common tools, would be far preferable in the long run.

Personally, I'd love to see this basic format be used for a WWII (or similar) platoon-based game, where you have the individual tactical issues for each squad member, the larger strategic picture such as outflanking and cutting off a sector by using the individual squads independently, and the larger grand strategy of siezing and controlling the cities, towns and, resources to gain minor increases in replacement men and equipment in the long run. The "mercs" thing is kind of fun for a while, but I'd like to see and control "real armies".
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As much as i love playing mercs in JA2 over and over. the idea of an even larger strategy game using the same concept on managing individual squads of soldiersv would be great. same basic game play and structure of JA2 but expanded to include several squads playing various roles/missions all over a much larger map to achieve an ultimate victory in europe (russia/africa/wherever). i feel it has great potential as true squeal to JA2. instead of the current JA3, which im not really happy with.

also WW2 is a good time period to use because of the lack of technology makes man based tactics much more important. but any time period could work. would just require a little more leg work to manage tech.

and back to your first point. who cares about great graphics? im not playing a turn based tactics game to be impressed visually. what made JA2 great is the humour and solid game play.
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Good point about the time period: anything later and technology tends to overshadow individual skills; anything "seen" on the modern battlefield is as good as dead. I like WWII because it's the last gasp of the "individual" era of warfare (as opposed to the earlier "linear" warfare of the Ancient to Napoleonic ages, where they lined up in rows), other than in a few remote third-world places like Arulco. Nice thing is, some of that tech was already being developed at that time, or available in its more primitive forms, so you can at least get a taste of it without having it skew the game balance too heavily.
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Try this site , many games for strategic gamers here . Surely something to suit everyone here ?

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facbook? No thanks.
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After 15 yers hunting Dreidranna, I would like some JA3 closer to some movies as Tears of the Sun or Blood Diamond, may be The Dark of the Sun.

A "political involvment" in AFRICA would be nice and a real gameplay as JA2 would be very appreciated. Like south african PMC (Private Military Company)Executive Outcome in Angola.

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Hi, long-time lurker here.

If there JA3 ever comes out, I would liked if it done four and half things:

1) The "Deadly Games"-style campaign, linear DG-style or more open-ended like in Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries (choose a contract for a series of missions, complete it, choose another series of missions and son) in addition to the traditional Metavira/Arulco-style campaign. Can be one-sector missions like in DG, or very compressed UB-style multi-sector missions. The mercs work on the modified per-mission salaries instead of per-day.

2) The "Nobody Died/Suffered Career-Ending Accidents" option for those who miss the old mercs from JA1/DG, and those who will be killed/retired from JA2/UB. This will also change mercs, for example: Adam got Snake Killed, Snake's friends hate him, joins MERC vs. Snake is alive, Adam is still with AIM. The Financial Crisis is a good excuse for those who retired/gone freelance/have a desk job in the agencies to get back to the merc business/get back to AIM or MERC/field. Murray "Pops" McGillicutty, being as old as he is, is only available in Sci-Fi/Unrealistic mode.

2.5) "Mike killed in Arulco" option. This option is ignored in Sci-Fi/Unrealistic mode, where Mike simply got better.

3) The "Donate" button on the mercenary websites, tied with below (third paragraph from the button).

4) Expanded the topic that was very briefly touched in JA2: The Conflict in the Mercenary Business itself.

The unofficial leader between the three founders of AIM, Colonel Mohanned, died of old age/disease/accident or KIA, and due to some shady backroom dealings, the majority of stockholder shares goes to the financial managers (who were hired to manage the ever increasing bureaucracy when AIM made it corporate debut after JA1 and DG), severely weakening the positions of two surviving founders, Commander Spice and The White Asian.

Under the new management, AIM is now more focused on making profit than playing underground hero, offering its services to the highest bidder, including clients who are quite questionable (Dictators hiring to squash rebellions). Their new hiring policy is basically DLC: Before you can hire anyone, you need to buy rights to hire mercs, 6-8 is a standard package, and you need to pay increasingly more expensive prices for each extra "slot". Want to use an alternate gear for your mercs? You also have to buy the rights for selecting them. And when hiring the mercs themselves, you have to pay 2-week salary upfront, and the contract extensions don't go below 2-weeks either. AIM gets away with it because they still have best the business has to offer (Upper-Top tier to the Upper-Middle tier). Commander Spice is trying to fix things, with him and the anti-new-management mercs like Gus, Magic, Ivan, Len, Shadow and others forming an unofficial coalition to return AIM back to its roots.

The White Asian, on the other hand, left AIM to found a new merc agency, lets call it ARMS, (Agency for Recruiting Mercenary Soldiers) with AIM's original goal to provide soldiers to those in need. Functionally identical to JA2 1.13 AIM, with reduced features due to legal battles with AIM's lawyers on the topic of ripping off the business model. Mercs are high quality with an access to the more cheaper mercs (Top tier to lower-Middle tier). Many are former AIM members who didn't reach the new management's updated, very high standards, plus many who reached it but though the expensive hiring prices will actually make them less money in long-term, some who didn't approve of clients who were criminals in all but legal terms, some on the advice (Ivan tells Igor that he will fare better in ARMS than in AIM) and Scully, who was really annoyed when the new management proclaimed his friend's Mike's death as some kind of achievement to generate publicity (working with the Mike-slayer (Gus and/or Ivan) is okay, since Mike was kinda asking for it anyway working for Dreidranna). There also a few, more monetary oriented mercs who left AIM to join ARMS but now think that AIM's new management was actually a good thing in hindsight.

And while the big boys are busy with each other, Speck's and Biff's MERC is still alive, with cheap quantity over quality being their usual business model.

During the course of the game, sometimes depending on your actions (and the Donate button), new mercs who are not scripted to join a specific side will join the more apparently successful agency, the old mercs switching agencies, agencies changing their policies (AIM weakening their DLC-like policy and their merc standards to catch up with the competitors, ARMS features being expanded/restricted following the recent court battle between them and AIM etc.) and so on.

And it's set during the financial crisis that left all three agencies within the possibility of bankruptcy, their fates resting in your hands and on your next big job.

How much money you sunk in each agency and with which mercs at the end of the game will determine whatever they will still be in business plus variables like AIM reforming or staying corrupt, ARMS sticking to the original ideals or repeating history and becoming just like the new AIM, MERC striking big and so on.

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