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You know, with there being a lot more mercs in the game than ever before, I feel this idea has some legs again.

Basically like the old thread, what are the best or favourite mercenaries in the game. I am sure that list has grown a bit with the DG mercs being thrown into the fray, and even some fun ones like Speck being added for the hell of it.

But like always, every merc can be listed regardless of being there in vanilla or not.

I will start off.

Mouse: Dexterity and Agility well into the 90's with agi even at 99(!) to begin with. Add to that very good health and average marks, strength and wisdom... Well you got almost a perfect starter merc right there.
Sure, she might not have any utility skill and she will never place bombs, unlock doors or heal up your other mercs. But as a combat merc she is one of the best you can get. Add to that stealth and covert ops, you got a merc that can run around like a mad(wo)man and knife people in the face too.
For me she is a must-have merc every time out. Even though her voice can get grating after a while.

Pro's: Cheap. High Dex, Agi & health. Has Stealthy (great sneaker) High combat potential.
Con's: Sub par strength & marks. Not good not great wisdom. Non-existent leadership, explosive, mech and med. Her price jumps slightly higher than other low-end AIM mercs, (12K/2W @ lvl5). Voice can grate at times.


Barry: Barry is a staple of many people's playthrough's and his skills have stood the test of time even with the addition of many new mercs, who can rival him in his explosives skill.
Barry has the perfect mix of good health, dexterity and strength but also amazing wisdom and explosives.
And naturally, with both Technician and Demolitions he will quickly become the go-to guy for repairs AND blowing shit off the Arulco countryside.
Add to that pretty decent marksmanship, he will quickly become a big deal thanks to his mensa-wisdom.

Pro's: Cheap. Amazing wisdom & Explosives. Good Health, Strength and Dex. Mechanics AND Demolitions. Can become a cheaper, better Wolf in time.
Con's: Sub-par agility. Mechanical needs to be trained quite a bit. Terrible medical and leadership. Needs time to blossom and at times can be a non-factor in combat due to being a 2nd line fighter.


Igor: Just like Barry, Igor is one of those vanilla guys that has always seem to have retained his edge compared to the new mercs. Being a jack of all trades combat wise his wisdom helps him grow quickly, and he can quickly become an irreplacable guy in your Fireteam. His marksmanship starts out very average though, and with sub-average dexterity he might be sloppy when using NCTH.
Another problem are his traits, whilst Stealthy is a good trait for him with his 89 agility, Hunter is dissapointing because shotties are obsolete when the first blackies show up. But even without ''perfect traits'' he is too good to pass up.

Pro's: Cheap. Great Agility and Health. Good Strength and Wisdom. Average Dex and Marks.
Con's: Crap leadership and medical. Very bad mechnical and explosives. Not a perfect trait set. No use other than combat.


Maddog: This kid is a bit of a project merc, but if you get him early in the game he will be a deadly part of your fireteam and a perfect mechanic for free!
His combination of amazing Health, Dexterity and Agility make him the perfect candidate to be part of a frontline group. And even though his wisdom is plain bad, he has room to grow given enough time.
He does have the psycho trait, and that can be a big put-off for many people, but even then being free is too much to pass up. Because his Engineer trait makes him the best mechanic cost-wise. It might not start off great when you get him, but he will get better pretty quick and once he gets mech into the 80 range he will be a repairing machine.
If you can get his strength a bit higher, he can be the perfect tank for your team too, give him a LMG and see him spray lead everywhere that will make Deidranna's mooks run in terror.

Pro's: FREE! Amazing Health, Dex and Agility. Also above-average strength. Engineer trait makes him the best RPC mechanic in the game, and with time the best mechanic period. Oh, did I tell you he is free!
Con's: He is a psycho, he has shit wisdom. No Leadership and medical to speak off and he is a very bad shot to start with. The lack of explosives skills also makes him less useful than Barry. Will be a non-factor if you get him late. Needs lots of patience and time to really become a big part, and will often be behind other mercs in terms of skills.


So much more I can praise, and many of them are ''obvious choices''. But please, add your own thoughts and your own favourite mercs in replies. They don't have to be gods, they can be great in other places too that makes them perfect trainers and whatnot.
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I'm currently in the middle of a custom AFS campaign, slowly closing in on Meduna. It's been a while and I've had some people come and go. No transport, all hoofin'. Big counter-attacks. Here's my take... with pictures!


Day 48

Since money isn't a problem after a certain point, I'd have to say that Kickass Kelly rules the world of thugs and grunts. He simply... kicks ass. A lot of it! A reliable tough guy in any A-team.
He cleans up just about any situation. Takin' ass, kickin' names. Wait...
http://i.imgur.com/EQUfiBh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/q2wk3DF.jpg

Hector. Cheap, quick and generally an excellent member of large squads. His expression and voice is sort of out of place and that just grants him a special place in my game-addled heart. A calm killer.

Marty Kaboom Moffat just says it all, right? He's a blast. Also a cheap, die hard squaddie. He's turned into something of a mascot. A lovable dummy.


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... Caramba...
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And then some notable mentions.

Carp. If anything, he seemed like a mean, misplaced little politician. He'd gladly order people around from cover while plinking away at the enemy with hunting rifles. (He really did need those x3 scopes.) Alas, the battlefield got too quick for the man and he eventually lost his life while retreating from a large battle.

Shadow was the first real pro to show up. Not much for social activity, he immediately set off to start cleaning house solo. This particular shadow would traverse any terrain with amazing speed, shutting down enemy reinforcements with a vengeance, cracking wise as he went. Alas, camo only gets you so far. Poor Kyle Simmons had to give up his dream of assembling the ultimate assault rifle as his life was snuffed out by an unknown assailant.

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You have been elroyrolled

Elroy will;
Never gonna give you up,
Never gonna let you down,
Never gonna run around and
Desert you.
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Hell yeah, Elroy rocks! He just helped me (and Wolf, along with a few others) fight off one of those massive retaliations at the Cambria SAM site.

Props to Rev as well!

On a side note, Wahan was also in this battle... he managed to hit one bad guy... once... (I use Wahan for militia training).
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Buns for me is the very best in the beginning.
If you need a cheap merc to become you sniper look no further. She has decent marksmanship and thanks to her wisdom she can bump it up pretty quickly. In 1.13 she has usp + match sights which as great at the beginning of the game (she just mows down through enemies).

Pros: high dexterity, decent marksmanship, high wisdom and ok medicine (48 is totally fine for a first responder)
Cons: low strength, mec, expl (but hey, do you really expect this from a sniper?)

Malice. I love this guy starting from the vanilla game. He has pretty bad wisdom but his core combat stats are already high, and he eventually develops his marksmanship to 86+ which is ok for a CQB/ Middle range specialist. At the same time he can use his knife to kill guards silently, which is always fun Smile He is limited to combat, but he can pull a lot of stuff in the beginning of the game, especially considering his price and no med insurance required.

Pros: high health, good agility, high dexterity, high strength, decent marksmanship.
Cons: low wisdom, not very good traits

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