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There was no How To for this so i had to scrape info together and
depend on Deprissivebrot and Strohmann for advice so i'll put what i learned here.

1. Create an LBE item (Either RIG/Vest or Modular Pouch)

You'll also need to assign a NasattAchmentclass. In 1.13 4096=Small Molle/8192=Medium.

The Rig/Vest is where your Pouches will attach to.

You can do this two ways, the traditional attachment method or with the attachment point system. I used the attachment point system.

Strohmann's Info:

For example:
		Laser Attachments
		Muzzle Attachments
		Underbarrel Attachments
		"preceding id*2 (2x8=16 in this case)"
		"preceding id*2 (2x16=32 in this case)"
In Items.xml you add these ids to the attachments in *here*<.
The up to 10 0< entries define which attachments an item can take.

Examples:[list][*]4< enables all attachments with the id 4, in this case scopes.
[*]12< enables in this case muzzle and underbarrel attachments (4+8=12).
[*]15< enables all attachments from the list above (1+2+4+8=15).

In the case of Stock 1.13 there were no attachment points so i assigned them like this:


Small Molle

Medium Molle

All Molle

This means when you are creating an item, if it's a pouch you assign it either 1 if you want it to be a small pouch or 2 if you want a medium pouch. If you assign it as attachmentpoint 3 it will accept both small (1) and (2) pouches.

If you are designing a RIG/Vest, you'll need to assign the following:


How much space is there to add pockets?[/color]

This depends on the base unit you are using. For example, i used the Tiny Pocket as a base of volume 1, so from that you can work out how big you want your vest/rig to be. If you set AvailableVolume at 5 for example, even though you might have 6 pockets available, you will not be able to fit all 6 Tiny pockets.

A bitfield that determines if a free spot can be used at all (limits the number of slots on smaller carriers)[/color]

Depri's info:

1 1
2 2
3 4
4 8

5 16
6 32
7 64
8 128

9 256
10 512
11 1024
12 2048

That's all of them, if you need more than one pocket, just add up their values.

So for example, if you want 5 pockets on your Leg Rig, you'll need to add 1+2+4+8+16=31

31 is the number you enter in lbePocketsAvailable to allow 5 pockets.


How large is this pocket? This is used internally to check if a carrier can't fit anymore pockets, even if there are empty slots.[/color]

1.13 now has volume attached to each pocket type and is related to lbeavailablevolume. A pistol Mag pocket has a volume of 2, a pistol holster 13.


The pocket that this slot changes
Range 1-12
Corresponds to PocketIndex1...12[/color]

sets the width, 0 is far left, increasing this value moves the slot to the right.

10 is the far left
190 is the far right.

sets the height, 0 is top, increasing this value moves the slot down. You can move a slot outside of the description box, but then obviously you don't see it anymore, so not advisable.

10 is the upper row of the Vest descbox
34 is the lower

Not a new tag, but this AC denotes pouch attachments and accepts duplicates like Grenade and Rocket do


I'm working on the Molle system at the moment.

The display positions of are hardcoded for the different . The defines the slots that we see once we equip an LBE and where we put our stuff.

LBE Classes:
1 = Thigh Pack
2 = Vest
3 = Combat Pack
4 = Backpack
5 = LBE Pocket
6 = other Pocket

Here is a basic view how the Pocket Indexes are arranged.

The layout of the different LBE classes can be seen in AttachmentSlots.xml. I gave each pocket a descriptive name. Check indexes 26 to 61. There you can also see from their x and y position which ones belong together in a row or column.

	1	2	3	4	5	11 	11
	6	7	8	9	10	12	12

Leg Rigs:
	1	2
	3	4
	5	5

Combat Pack:
	1	2
	3	4
	5	5
	6	6
	7	7

	1	5	9	9
	2	6	10	10
	3	7	11	11
	4	8	12	12

The numbers that you see in this table are the entries for each pocket.

11 + 12 are the medium slots on vests and 5 is the medium slot on leg rigs.

The position of the attachment slots is not hardcoded. We need to define this in AttachmentSlots.xml but we need to have a definition for vests and one for leg rigs. Otherwise we will get a chaotic display and we want to see the same layout that the item uses in the end.
So I assigned two new (3 and 4).

NAS Layout Classes:
1 = default
2 = Multi-Shot Grenade Launchers
3 = Molle Leg Rigs
4 = Molle Vests

Here is a screenshot to show what I mean by correct layout:
As you can see the attachment slots on the left are exactly in those positions that the attachment takes in the end on the right side.

Now I have to assign all new Molle items their correct . When this is done I will check the pockets because I have already seen that in some cases there are empty hooks assigned on top of a fixed pocket assignment.

If I find Molle items with another LBE class (combat pack for example) I will assign more NAS layout classes as needed.

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it's been a long while but I managed to find time to sit at IOV and started to change it to fix MOLLE issue. Without this guide I wouldn't be able to figure it out myself in such short time ... MANY MANY thanks happy
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Little help needed. I'm stuck. I modified IOV vests to use new MOLLE system and everything is working fine when I'm working with small MOLLE. When I try to add Big MOLLE attachment slot it's not showing up.

I found that for vests it working with below layout but I cannot figure out what's the number for big slot

1 2 4 8 16 ?

32 64 128 256 512 ?

Any help would be appreciated.
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