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I have found and wrote down some quotes for all Mercs in DG only:

- a mission is now impossible [ok]
- a gun become jammed and useless [ok]
- bad angle shot [ok]
- your merc fail to merge a gun and some explosives [TBD]
- a merc wait too long [ok]
- a merc is dying (13 points of health) [TBD]
- an mine is detected [ok]
- an object is trapped [TBD]

And I want to share them,let's go:

Thanks again to "Noir" for his translation of the dialogues Ivan.

A mission is now impossible

Bernie:"We can give up on this mission..."

Beth:"We won't be able to win this one now."

Biff:"We can't complete the mission. Maybe we should just go back to the base?"

Bob:"We'll have to abandon the mission."

Boss:"Hell... I guess it just wasn't our turn."

Bud:"The mission has become impossible!"

Buzz:"It wasn't supposed to turn out this way."

Carp:"We've been had,lad. We won't be able to win this one."

Cliff:"We will be unable to complete our objective."

Doc:"It is most unfortunate...We have failed."

Dyno:"We'll never be able to do the job now!"

Ears:"I don't think we're going to be able to get the job done."

Eli:"Comleting our mission is no longer possible."

Elroy:"This isn't good..."

Fidel:"What we do now?"

Fox:"We tried,but our objective is no longer possible."

Gary:"This mission's a washout."

Grunty:"It is not looking very good for us."

Hamous:"Bossman no be happy! We can no do mission!"

Hector"We no can do job."

Hitman:"We can forget about this one,Ace! It ain't never gonna happen now!"

Hurl:"This is disappointing. I thought we had a chance."

Ice:"Mission's a bust,dude!"

IT:"Nope! We ain't going to do it."

Ivan: (in Russian) "This mission became impossible."

Jimmy "Our chances of taking this mission are zip!"

Kaboom:"Da... Don't look good,boss."

Kelly "We mucked it! Let's hope there's a next time."

Lance:"I'm sorry to have to report that we won't be able to complete the mission."

Larry:"This one's a no-go,man."

Leech:"It's just not our day."

Len:"We cannot complete this sortie as planned,sir!"

Leon:"The mission's a bomb! We can't carry it out."

Lynx:"This mission's a writte off."

Magic:"We're going back empty-handed!"

Malice:"Dat job we must do,she's not possible!"

Mike"The mission's off!"

Mitch:"I tried...The objective is simply no longer feasible."

Moses:"We ain't got a chance now,junior."

Mouse:'Despite our best intentions,we will not be able to complete our

Nails:"The pursuit is over,agh...There's no chance this time out!"

Needle:"We'll do better next time."

Pops:"Maybe we'll have more luck next time out,son... This mission's a wash!"

Postie:"This mission is in the toilet!"

Raffi:"Oh man... Dere be no chance for us dis time"

Reuban:"Forget mission! We go kill pepole!"

Rev:"The devil has had his say,we shall not be able to fulfill our objective."

Rusty:"Damn...We aren't going to pull it off this time."

Sam:"We's blew it,son... We'll get other chances."

Screw:"We botched this one."

Scope:"We'll have to relinquish the mission. It is no longer achievable."

Scully:"We hit a dead end. The mission's canned."

Sidney:"I am afraid our objective is no longer obtainable."

Smoke:"As far as the mission goes,we're out of luck,eh!"

Snake:"You can cancel this mission."

Spam:"Mission cancelled!"

Sparky:"We aren't like going to be able to get the mission done,because like it's not possible."

Speck:"This mission,for all intents and purposes,is over."

Spike:"We gonna have to scratch the mission,boy!"

Static:""The mission's history! We can't do it,man!"

Stella:"We came up short,soldier!"

Skitz:"I think I just heard the fat lady singing!"

Tex:"It no look good,partner!"

Turtle:"Case closed! The mission has become impossible"

Vicky:"It be hopeless."

Vinny:"We's gonna be's on the losin' end heres'..."

Wally:"We have run into a major snag. This mission's over!"

Weasel:"God-damn! We blew it...Ain't no way to bag this mission now!"

Wink:"We're going to have to forfeit this mission."

Wolf:"Looks like we came up short...This mission's a no go."

Bad angle shot

Bernie: "I can't hit what I can't see."

Beth: "I don't have much of a view."

Biff : "I can't make that shot."

Bob: "I wish it was possible."

Boss : "Hell... I'd have to be real lucky!"

Bud: "I'd like to have a better position."

Buzz: "I can't make any promises."

Carp: "It won't be easy."

Cliff : "A demanding shot to say the least!"

Doc: "It will be difficult to hit from here!"

Dyno : "I don't think I can make that."

Ears : "I haven't got much to shoot at!"

Eli: "I can try..."

Elroy : "I question whether even a sharpshooter could make that."

Fidel: "I no see bad guy!"

Fox: "It will be real tough for me to hit that!"

Gary: "Nobody could make that shot from here!"

Grunty: "Even Ivan could not make this shot!"

Hamous: "It be tough..."

Hector: "I no hit dis!"

Hitman: "Haven't got a chance in Hell,Ace!"

Hurl: "My view's obstructed."

Ice: "I can't see the dude!"

IT: "I'd be shooting for nothin' "

Ivan: http://kyll.monsite-orange.fr/image/img/ivan%20target%20bad%20angle.bmp

If someone can translate Russian,feel free.

Jimmy: "Gonna have to move if I'm gonna hit it!"

Kaboom: "I don't see it!"

Kelly: "I don't have a clear shot."

Lance: "I don't think I can do it!"

Larry: "The geometry is bad,man..."

Leech: "I could put a scare into 'em!"

Leon: "I could save a bullet and wait for a better chance!"

Len: "I haven't got a line"

Lynx:"I'm good,but that'll require luck!"

Magic: "Not much of a target."

Malice: "Hey,you think you can shoot dis,you?"

Mike: "I'm unable to sight the target."

Mitch: "I can't make that!"

Moses: "I haven't got a line of fire,junior."

Mouse: "It will be tricky!"

Nails: "Looks hopeless from here."

Needle: "I'll probably miss."

Pops: "It don't look feasible,son!"

Postie: "Everyone always wants the impossible."

Raffi: "Dey hiding..."

Reuban: "I no see nothing!"

Rev: "It would take a miracle!"

Rusty: "I should wait for a better opportunity."

Sam: "I's doubt I's can hit 'em from heres,son."

Scope: "I do not have a clean target."

Screw: "I could scare 'em,but I can't hit 'em!"

Scully: "There's not much to shoot at!"

Sidney: "It would most likely result in the misspenditure of a bullet."

Skitz: "I don't mind firing for nothing..."

Smoke: "I can't even see 'em,eh."

Snake: "I couldn't make that shot if my life depended on it."

Spam: "I got nothing to sight up."

Sparky: "Like...there's no way I could ever hit that!"

Speck: "I'd prefer a better angle."

Spike: "I can't get a fix on the target,boy!"

Static: "That would be a poor use of lead,man..."

Stella: "It's not possible!"

Tex: "Be waste of lead,partner."

Turtle: "I can't take the perp down from here!"

Vicky: "It be almost impossible!"

Vinny: "It's ain't doable!"

Wally: "The chance is extremely slim."

Weasel: "You're not serious?"

Wink: "It'll be tough."

Wolf: "There's nothing to hit!"

A gun is jammed and useless
[Fist line is the gun become jamed,the Second line the gun become

Bernie: "My weapon isn't firing!"

"I'm trying,but this thing doesn't work!"

Beth: "I'm in trouble... My gun's not working properly!"

"It must be broken...Because I can't get it to work."

Biff: "MAYDAY! MAYDAY! My gun won't shoot!"

"I can't seem to get this thing to operate!"

Bob: "My gun has jammed!"

"This is no longer functional."

Boss: "Hell...What a time for my gun to jam!"

"Hell...This thing is nothing but a piece of junk!"

Bud: "My gun won't fire!"

"It doesn't want to work!"

Buzz: "My firearm is jammed."

"Why...This thing's useless!"

Carp: "A bullet's stuck in the chamber of my gun!"

"This thing is a dud."

Cliff: "There isn't much worse than having your gun jam!"

"This unit's busted... I cannot use it."

Doc: "This gun is going to get me killed! It won't fire!"

"This seems to be malfunctioning..."

Dyno: "My gun won't fire!"

"I think it's broken."

Ears: "My weapon won't fire properly!"

"I can't do anything with this piece of scrap!"

Eli: "Damn...My gun is jammed!"

"I have to get a new one... This thing doesn't work!"

Elroy: "It's JAMMED! I can't believe this...MY gun is jammed!"

"This thing has seen better days!"

Fidel: "Dis gun no work!"

"Dis thing no work!"

Fox: "This isn't good! The bullet in my gun is stuck!"

"I'll need to replace this if I'm going to get the job done."

Gary: "Crap! My gun won't fire!"

"This thing's a piece of garbage! Doesn't anything work around here?"

Grunty: "My gun's not functioning properly!"

"This thing isn't working..."

Hamous: "No shoot! Gun no shoot!"

"This thing no be good."

Hector: "My gun no shoot!"

"Dis no work no more!"

Hitman: "It's freakin' dangerous being out here with a jammed firearm!"

"I wish I could get this freakin' thing to work!"

Hurl: "Now...My gun won't work!"

"This one sad piece of machinery...It ain't never going to work!"

Ice: "Might need cover fire! My gun's jammed good!"

"Man...This thing's had the bird!"

It: "Dis gun ain't shootin'."

"it broken good!"

Ivan: http://kyll.monsite-orange.fr/image/img/ivan%20gun%20jammed.bmp


(Need translation)

Jimmy: "The firing pin's stuck!"

"This thing is useless!"

Kaboom: "A bullet got stuck in my gun."

"It don't work!"

Kelly: "My piece is jammed!"

"This thing is malfunctioning."

Lance: "Oh my God...My gun won't fire!"

"I don't know what's wrong with it,but I can't get it to work!"

Larry: "Fired my gun and nothing happened,man..."

"Time to trade up this piece of junk,man..."

Leech: "Damn! My gun won't fire!"

"Give me a break...This thing's defective!"

Leon: "Jammed gun!!!"

"They don't make these things like they used to."

Len: "I could be in trouble here...My gun's jammed!"

"There's no point in using this thing. It doesn't work!"

Lynx: "I hate when this happens...I know plenty of guys that died with a jammed gun in their hand!"

"This thing is in need of repair...It's useless!"

Magic: "My piece ain't firing!"

"I hate dragging equipment around for nothing! This thing doesn't work!"

Malice: "My gun,she's broken."

"She no work no more!"

Mike: "My firearm is jammed!"

"Even I can't get this damn thing to work."

Mitch: "This gun better start working soon!"

"This doesn't seem to be working!"

Moses: "This is suicidal! My gun won't fire!"

"This thing's as old as I am! I can't get it to work!"

Mouse: "When I pull the trigger nothing happens!"

"It's garbage."

Nails: "Misfire!"

"Time to put it in the shop."

Needle: "Gun's jammed!"

"I can't seem to get it work."

Pops: "I need cover fire! My gun's buggered!"

"I can't use this...It ain't working!"

Postie: "Gun's screwed!"

"Nothing ever does what it's supposed to do."

Raffi: "Me's stucks here with da bad gun!"

"Me can't use dis...it broken!"

Reuban: "Gun no working!"

"It is broken."

Rev: "This gun won't fire!"

"It would take a miracle to get this thing working."

Rusty: "What a time for my gun to jam!"

"This thing isn't even working!"

Sam: "This gun sures picked a bad time to stop workin!"

"I's can't get this to work,son..."

Scope: "Biscuits! My gun appears to have jammed!"

"This equipment is substandart."

Screw: "My piece is jammed!"

"I'm getting tired of working with this junk!"

Scully: "Damn gun's jammed!"

"Either we junk this or repair it,but right now it's useless!"

Sidney: "This a nightmare...My gun is not firing!"

"Sorry,but this doesn't work."

Skitz: "This gun,useless..."

"This is a piece of useless junk! We should just chuck it!"

Smoke: "Bloody bullet's stuck,eh...I can't fire my weapon!"

"This thing's seen better days,eh."

Snake: "My piece is jammed up!"

"This is a poor excuse for equipment...It doesn't even work!"

Spam: "My piece misfired!"

"It's not useable."

Sparky: "Like...This isn't good. My gun isn't shooting!"

"Like...This isn't working well. Like...This isn't working at all!"

Speck: "I'm going to have to take better care of my firearm!It's jammed!"

"This device is in dire need of repair."

Spike: "Gun's jammed up pretty good!"

"We're going to have to repair this thing,boy...It don't work!"

Static: "I think my gun's jammed,man..."

"This thing isn't working right,man..."

Stella: "My firearm is on the fritz...It won't shoot!"

"I'm not having any luck getting this thing to work!"

Tex: "My shooter broken,partner!"

"It's useless like udders on a bull,partner!"

Turtle: "This is extremely dangerous! I can't get this gun to shoot!"

"Maybe it's me,but I can't get it to work!"

Vicki: "My weapon won't shoot!"
"It's not working!"

Vinny "Yo! My gun's blocked good!"

"Yo! Da things broke!"

Wally: "As if my aim wasn't enough ofa problem,now my gun's not firing!"

"This thing seems to be broken."

Weasel: "God-damn gun is plugged!"

"This is a piece of trash I'm holding here!"

Wink: "My gun won't fire!"

"I can't seem to get this thing working."

Wolf: "This is the kind of crap that can get you killed! This gun better start firinfg fast!"

"This thing's finished!"

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omfg I have been looking for these quotes for ages! you saved my life! thank you!
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My first post is edited and I've got these quotes to do:

- your merc fail to merge a gun

- your merc fail to create some explosives

- a merc is dying (13 points of health)

- an object is trapped

I've alse added some new quotes.

@ Hoboterror : thank you its nice too seen that at least one someone is interested ; )

A merc wait too long without getting any orders

Bernie "I could probably sneak a smoke..."

Beth "This is the scariest time. The anticipation can be overwhelming."

Biff "So far,so good."

Bob "Maybe we should just pack up and go home!"

Boss "Hell...I don't like this!"

Bud "I can feel it in the air. It's going to blow wide-open any minute!"

Buzz "It's so quiet...I could have written half a chapter of my book."

Carp "I find it strange,lad. I hear the birds,but I never see 'em!"

Cliff "I wonder what the wife is up to? Making one of her bloody job lists,no doubt!"

Doc "I doubt it will remain this quiet for too much longer."

Dyno "If it was always as peaceful as this,I wouldn't mind this job."

Ears "I can't recall an assignment ever being this quiet."

Eli "This isn't healthy. Too much time to think..."

Elroy "I don't like this... Everything's quiet. Soon,I'll feel a sharp twinge between my shoulders and cold blood will start dripping down my back."

Fidel "Dis no exciting! Fidel no happy here!"

Fox "I could be at home doing my nails..."

Gary "I should have brought a book."

Grunty "I must remember to clean my gun..."

Hamous "Dere be times when I miss family..."

Hector "We get pay to do nothing."

Hitman "It's all quiet,Ace... Too quiet!"

Hurl "I feel nauseous..."

Ice "Gotta stay sharp..."

It "I gotta go to the dentist. Dis tooth is killing me."

Ivan (see capture)

Jimmy "Where are they?"

Kaboom "It's awfully pretty around here."

Kelly "I could have sat this one out!"

Lance "Wouldn't it be just great if everything just stayed like this."

Larry "There's nothing to do,man."

Leech "I'm bored! Bored out of my flippin' mind."

Leon "It may look peaceful,but it won't last!"

Len "I sure hope this isn't going to be one of those hide-and-seek,guerrilla-warfare,nightmares!"

Lynx "I hate this down time...My mind starts to wander,and I begin to think too much."

Magic "Shoot man! My trigger finger is sleeping."

Malice "I gotta find another job,en. Dis place she is,en,how you say dat,la,c'est un christ de perde de temps,la!"

Mike "They're out there...somewhere."

Mitch "I traveled all the way here for this?"

Moses "If I don't get my adrenalin going soon,junior...I'm going to fall into a slumber."

Mouse "Margaret said it would be non-stop action! Well this place has about as much action as most of the street corners I've performed on."

Nails "What a drag this is turning out to be..."

Needle "I am beginning to wonder if there are any enemies."

Pops "It's awfully quiet. I haven't see any of them yellowbellies in a while,son."

Postie "I was promised carnage! Plenty fo carnage! Someone's gonna have to answer for this!"

Raffi "Yous'sures' dey be around here,man?

Reuban "I take a nap...When I wake up,I get new job!"

Rev "I have seen more action in the chapel."

Rusty "Maybe they got sacred and left."

Sam "This be one of the dullest assignments I's ever found myself on."

Scope "Let's not be lulled into a false sense of security. They are out there somewhere."

Screw "My kill rate's taking a beating here."

Scully "I gotta a habit of calling my kids more."

Sidney "Perhaps,someone failed to invite the enemy."

Skitz "If I don't spot something to shoot soon,I'm gonna shoot myself!"

Smoke "Where they hidin',eh?"

Snake "Firing off a couple of rounds sounds pretty exciting right about now."

Spam "Once you learn how to sleep on your feet,you can stay up all night."

Sparky "Had I know it was going to be like...this dead,like I would have worn back."

Speck "I never should have drank that much coffee!"

Spike "It's like a cemetery around here."

Static "Ain't nothin happening. Why don't we just hang out and tan,man?"

Stella "I gotta find a crapper..."

Tex "I feel danger in the air!"

Turtle "Now...Where did i put those damn Twinkies?"

Vicki "It be like the calm before the storm,man."

Vinny "I's shoulda brought some cards..."

Wally "I get nervous when there is no action."

Weasel "I bet nobody would even god-damn notice if I took a nap."

Wink "I feel just like I'm sitting on the bench again."

Wolf "It's way too quiet!"

A mine is detected

Bernie "This area is dangerous. Let's be very careful where we walk!"

Beth "The soil seems awfully fresh around here!"

Biff "We will be extremely careful around here,won't we?"

Bob "Watch for anything jutting out of the ground!"

Boss "Careful...Someone's been digging here!"

Bud "Obviously,someone has been digging around here!"
Buzz "Somebody's been doing some suspicious digging here."

Carp "Stay alert,laddies! The area appears hazardous to your health."

Cliff "I have misgivings about this area!"

Doc "Be cautious... We must watch our step."

Dyno "Be alert! Remember the rules of safety when walking through this area!"

Ears "The ground looks like it's been camouflaged!"

Eli "We should be extra cautious! There's fresh markings in the dirt."

Elroy "Let's pay special attention to where we walk around here."

Fidel "We no be stupid. Dis dangerous area!"

Fox "The ground around here has the scent of a set-up!"

Gary "The ground looks suspicious."

Grunty "There is something suspicious about these marks in the earth."

Hamous "Dese rotten men put bad things in land."

Hector "In dirt,many holes...I no like dis place!"

Hitman "Careful Ace... There's been some digging in these parts!"

Hurl "The earth looks pretty dug up around here."

Ice "Let's take mind of what's happenin'...The turf's been messed with around here."

It "Yup...It don't look safe here."

Ivan [see capture]

Jimmy "There's stuff planted around here. And it ain't flowers!"

Kaboom "It looks like a lot of gophers live here..."

Kelly "Stay alert! The ground seems displaced around here."

Lance "I can't be sure about this... But there's something really weird about these patterns in the dirt!"

Larry "Let's not rush it,man! Somebody's been playing in the dirt!"

Leech "We're steppin' on shaky ground..."

Leon "Whoever attempted to boobytrap this area did a pitiful job of covering their tracks!"

Len "I'd be real cautious around here!"

Lynx "Better watch our footing! This ground looks suspicious..."

Magic ""Tread carefully around here... I think I saw something sticking out of the ground."

Malice "Hey,check your tail! The land here,she's dangerous!"

Mike "Go slowly here... It seems someone has been doing some digging."

Mitch "Everything seems too perfect! I'd better be extremely alert around here!"

Moses "I wouldn't be surprised if those punks planted something around here."

Mouse "I don't know much about boobytraps,but those bumps in the ground sure look weird."

Nails "Better step softly around here,or kiss your ass goodbye!"
Needle "We'd better be careful. The ground doesn't seem right."

Pops "I've been in this business long enough to know when the ground's been tampered with. Son,this plavce is wired."

Postie "You can't trust the government."

Raffi "Dis area very,very dangerous,man!"

Reuban "Dis very bad place!"

Rev "We must watch ourselves. Someone has manipulated the soil."

Rusty "I wouldn't be shocked if there were mines around here."

Sam "Don't be too harty heres,son'... This here grounds been chewed-up real good."

Scope "The earth shows the classic signs of an attempt at concealment."

Screw "Everybody better keep their eyes to the ground!"

Scully "Make a fresh path. This ground has sucker written all over it!"

Sidney "This place appears boobytrapped."

Skitz "We step in the wrong place,and it's kabluwee!"

Smoke "Slow,eh... All this loose dirt is giving me the willies!"

Snake "Careful... Chunks of topsoil are missing."

Spam "Let's pay attention! It looks like pressure triggers might have been planted around here."

Sparky "Let's be totally attentive... Like this could be a minefield!"

Speck "I feel slightly vulnerable. Some back-up would be appreciated."

Spike "One step at a time here,boys... The place looks like a flippin' excavation site!"

Static "Take it slow around here,man..."

Stella "The ground looks dangerous around here!"

Tex "Trail be dug up. We must be careful,partner."

Turtle "Let's stay on our toes...Looks like somebody's been shovelling dirt."

Vicki "Let's go easy! The terrain looks like it's been disturbed."

Vinny "Da vinster wants to take it slow! Somebody's been messin' with da dirt."

Wally "This area smells of trouble."

Weasel "Stay awake...Somebody's loaded these fields with god-damn danger!"

Wink "Watch out...I don't like the looks of the ground!"

Wolf "Trust me...There's something buried around here!"

Your merc fail to pick a lock/upgrade a gun

Bernie "Now...Had you asked me to check your prostate..."

Beth "It was a long shot...I did my best."

Biff "I hope someday...I'll be a little more skilled in these types of things,don't you?"

Bob "Unfortunately ,it looks easier than it is!"

Boss "Hell...If I hadn't been there myself,I'd never believed it happened!"

Bud "I'm sorry,but I'm not normally asked to work with my hands!"

Buzz "It's your mistake! You never should have asked me."

Carp "I'll tell you whatever you want to hear. Justy don't give me any grief about this kind of stuff!"

Cliff "I could put your vermiform appendix on a plate for you,but that was a little out of my expertise!"

Doc "I tried,but I haven't a clue what I'm doing."

Dyno "I'm lost without instructions."

Ears "Perhaps,if you gave me another chance,I could do better."

Eli "I've done it plenty of times...Something went wrong!"

Elroy "I don't understand it...I do this stuff in my sleep!"

Fidel "I no good at dis..."

Fox "I have managed to do it before. Not often,but I have done it."

Gary "I'm not good at this kind of stuff!"

Grunty "Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes I don't."

Hamous "Me no good."

Hector "Sometimes I get dis right! Sometimes I don't!"

Hitman "Sorry Ace,but the name's Hitman - not repairman!"

Hurl "I just wasn't into it. You know...I'm just not feeling that well."

Ice "To be truthful,I've screwed this up before!"

It "Dis is hopeless..."

Ivan [see capture]

Jimmy "What cant I tell ya? This suff is usually a piece of cake for me!"

Kaboom "Da...It went badly?"

Kelly "I should have been able to handle it."

Lance "I think I could use a lot more practice."

Larry "Ah man...I can't even change a light bulb!"

Leech "I'm not cut out for this short of crap!"

Leon "It can happen to anyone."

Len "I can't believe I messed it up!

Lynx "To be honest,I'm really not that good at this sort of thing!"

Magic "This place must be cursed. I never mess this up!"

Malice "I don't understand dis..."

Mike "I've done it thousands of times before without a problem!"

Mitch "All I want to know is whether you'd ask a mechanic to do a heart bypass?"

Moses "I was doing this kind of thing before you were born,junior,and I don't understand what went wrong."

Mouse "You must have been hard-pressed to have asked me."

Nails "That's too bad."

Needle "I guess I could use more experience at this!"

Pops "Son...This really isn't my field. And,to be honest,even if it was,my hands seem to have a mind of their own lately."

Postie "It was broken when I got it."

Raffi "Me doctor,very,very good doctor!"

Reuban "I kill guys! I no fix-it guy!"

Rev "Surely,there must be someone better qualified to do this!"

Rusty "This type of stuff ain't exactly my strong point."

Sam "I's got da knowledge son...I's justta don't have da hands no mores."

Scope "I apologize,but I must inquire as to why you chose me of all people?"

Screw "My talent speaks for itself. This was totally out of my control!"

Scully "I thought I could get it to work!"

Sidney "Sorry..."

Skitz "It was never a possibility. My old man wouldn't event let me lignt the bar-b-que!"

Smoke "I gave it a shot,eh,but explosives are my speciality."

Snake "I can't be good at everything."

Spam "I thought I followed procedure."

Sparky "Like...I tried...And like,normally I do it easily."

Speck "I was definitely the man for the job. I really don't know how I messed it up!"

Spike "I must be having a bad day! Normally,I can do this stuff with my hands tied."

Static "Must be the lighting,man, 'cause this never happens."

Stella "I have some experience at it,but I'm by no means an expert."

Tex "This was chance you take,partner."

Turtle "I really tried to do it."

Vicki "I've never messed this up before!"

Vinny "My apologies...Let me make it up to yous'!"

Wally "I must have overlooked something!"

Weasel "It's a god-damn shame,but I was never very good with my hands."

Wink "I knew I wasn't the right guy to ask!"

Wolf "I gave it my best shot!"

Fail two missions while having a merc in your team
Note:by lost two time consecutive by exceeding the number of turns given to you
,so you have no deaths and no turnovers points,only 100 poins in failure rate.

Note 2:these mercenaries only decide not to work for you, the others will say nothing.

Bernie "I quit! This outfit doesn't care if it ever wins a misson!"

Bob "That's it for me! You don't appear to be interested in accomplishing objectives."

Grunty "I quit! You're hopeless! What else is there to say?"

Ivan [see capture]

Kelly "I'm gone! This place is a crap shoot and you're shooting crap! I'll make myself available when you manage to actually chalk up a successful mission!"

Len "I resign! And don't tell me you're going to nail down the next one,because I won't swallow it!"

Lynx "Break this born-to-be-beaten attitude,and I just might come back. But,for now,I'm out of here!"

Magic "I was led to believe you were an experienced professional! Well... professionals get the job done! Call me if you get a successful mission under your belt!"

Mike "I quit! Whatever team I may be on has to bag missions on a consistent basis! It's an image thing,you understand?"

Moses "The way your luck's running,junior,it's no longer good for my reputation to be on your team."

Nails "You're taking the club for a bad ride! I'm out of here till you put some sort of plan together. One that works!"

Needle "My father was a loser. I can't stay here any longer!"

Rusty "I can't be a part of this losing effort any longer!"

Scope "I'm afraid... I can stay with you no longer. I was hoping you were capable of commanding a unit to success."

Screw "I'm clearing out! We've become a joke!"

Scully "I'm packing it up! Prove to me you really want to complete a mission,and I'll come back!"

Sidney "I don't need a crystal ball to see your lack of a future. Tally-ho!"

Spike "You're pitiful,boy! I'm leaving,and with any luck most people will forget I was ever part of it."

Stella "I'm leaving before my good name becomes associated with this lost cause."

Wolf "I'm bugging out! This operation is a downer! I can't remember the last time I even smelt victory."

Try to hire a merc while having a bad reputation of 100 failure rate for two

Note:these mercenaries only decide not to work for you, the others will say nothing.

Bernie "I'm refusing your offer,because what's happening there,performance-wise,isn't just a bad set of circumstances! It appears to be instinctive!"

Bob "Your offer doesn't appeal to me! You've had some trouble the past couple of days. I've got no time for losers!"

Grunty "Not you! You're in need of much more help than I can give you."

Ivan "NYET!"

Kelly "No can do! That cloud over your head's gotten way too dark for me!"

Len "Sorry but don't bother telling me you aren't going to screw up any more! Because I won't believe you!"

Lynx "The way you're screwing up,do you think there's anybody sober who would actually work for you?

Magic "You've been messing up for a while now! Try me if you manage to get it right!"

Mike "I'm not interested...I built my reputation up from the ground floor with hard work and victories. Maybe if you win the next mission,we can work somethig out."

Moses "No,junior... With your luck,it's hard to believe you're still alive!"

Nails "Forget it! You're leading your parade to disaster!"

Needle "I'm not that interested... My father was a loser! And you're a little down on your luck yourself!"

Rusty "Poor planning,bad luck,whatever... You'd better start making some headway if you want me to consider joining your team."

Scope "I'm declining! You do not appear to be the objective-driven commander I'm in search of. Or at least not one who's very successful."

Screw "I can't work for you! Everyone in this profession is laughing at ya!"

Scully "Forget it! Something tells me that your whole training was done by correspondence!"

Sidney "Sorry,but I do not work for the unmotivated or those lack ability!"

Spike "You'be blown mission after mission,boy! That's a plenty good enough reason for me to reufse to go."

Stella "Youre allowing the enemy to take all the glory! I don't want my name associated with your lost cause."

Wolf "No way! It's been a long while since you guys have seen a successful mission. Get things turned around,then try me again."

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Yeah, when they say "over 6000 lines of speech" on the back of the Deadly Games box, they're not kidding, there is easily more than sixty or so possible line of speech for each of the seventy one merc depending on the situation:

When they're shot by mercs, by enemies, shot at but missed, shot but survived, spot an enemy that shoot at them, spot one enemy, spot more than one at the same time, sneak on an enemy, kill an enemy, wipe out the enemy team, when they're ordered to shoot a merc, shoot a merc they like, shoot a merc they hate, when their friend dies, when they're groped by male or female mercs. When they find items, retrieve a quest item, destroy a quest item, succeed a mission (different depending on the current objective), fail a mission, withdraw from a mission, when you are about to run out of time to complete the mission.

When they're bleeding, agonizing, exhausted, drowning, bored out of their mind, steal your money and run. When they cannot shoot at a target, their gun becomes jammed, their gun becomes useless, they run out of bullets, when they fail to combine explosives, fail to modify a gun (or fail at sneaking), find mines, are asked to disarm bombs, are asked to do something stupid (like use medkit on the ground), when they're ordered to do something they cannot because they're stuck.

When you read their bios, hire them, fire them too quickly, when they quit on bad term, when they quit on good term, when you rehire them after they quit, rehire them after you fired them too quickly, ask them to repeat themselves, piss off their friends, get a high turnover, death, mission fail ratio, both when they're on your team and when they're on call, several lines each when you haggle with them on their salary, when the campaign is over, when you get ripped off by Micky, when they quit because of another merc, when they threaten other mercs, when they're asked to work with someone they hate, when they snitch on other mercs.

Plus the quotes unique to the psycho and forgetful mercs, plus the multiplayer taunts and auctions in between players, plus the dozens of standard grunts like "Yes?", "OK", "ouch", "it's empty", "crap"... It goes on and on. And most of the quotes from Deadly Games are different from the quotes from Jagged Alliance.

When I was updating the Wikia, I made myself a couple of crash courses to expose a merc to as many situations as I could in order to extract as much quotes as I could. And every time I thought I nailed most situations, I managed to find a couple more situations that gave me unique quotes. Although several mercs are not that funny, and their quotes were often not worthy of making their way onto the Wikia, being exposed to so many quotes from them really helps to flesh out their personality. Getting Biff through the crash courses however was just awesome, it's not just the quotes themselves, but the delivery, the emotion the voice actor put in the quotes.

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"spot an enemy that shoot at them, spot one enemy"

Well,I have check and is strictly the same for the two quotes.

" drowning", You mean the info message "Drank..." when you place
a canteen and try to use it on your merc in the inventory ?

" when they're ordered to do something they cannot because they're stuck."

I think that you're talking about mercenaries who refuses to execute an order because they are stubborn, like Fidel or Leech.

For the standarts grunts ,I am concerned to note only that those sentences subtitled.

News quotes added:

- A merc is dying
- Fail when trying to create dynamite
- An object is trapped
- Get a bad deal from Micky
- Successful attempt to bribe

A merc is dying

Bernie "Severely wounded! Doubt I can remain conscious for long... Send help immediately!"
Beth "Losin' lots of blood...I'cant get up!"
Biff "B-r-e-a-k... M-a-y-d-a-y... I'm passing out... There's blood EVERYWHERE!"
Bob "I'm in dire need of... of medical attention. I... I'm unable to move!"
Boss "Been chewed up something bad! Hell... I'll be damn lucky to make it!"
Bud "I can't take the pain..."
Buzz "My injuries...are too severe...Just tell Lynx...Larry...Bud...Reuban...Speck and all the others...that I love them...all."
Carp "I'm not in any pain ...It's got me worried...Better send a doctor quick!"
Cliff "I'm bleeding like a wart hog...My pulse is faint..."

Doc "Pulse is weak and erratic... I'm losing consciousness..."
Dyno "Say goodbye to all the kids for me...I'm not going to make it..."
Ears "The pain is unbearable! I need something... Something for the pain..."
Eli "Sustained life threatening injuries... Don't know how long I've got..."
Elroy "Can't Seem to move my legs... Need aid now!"
Fidel "If I can move arm... I shoot myself..."
Fox "I can't move! I don't think I'm going to make it..."
Gary "Need help... I'm fading fast!"
Grunty "If I don't get medical help fast... I'm not gonna make it!"
Hamous "Me be dying soon!"
Hector "Im dying,amigos... No can, move!"

Hitman "They messed me up pretty good, Ace... Wounded real serious... I ain't going to make it."
Hurl "I'm dying... I'm really dying...help!"
Ice "Lots of pain... I think I'm gonna die,man..."
It "Mon? Is that you mom?"
Ivan "see capture"
Jimmy "Somebody get over here! I got some serious wounds..."
Kaboom "Don't feel too good... Think I been hit,boss..."
Kelly "Fighting to stay conscious... Don't know how long I can last!"
Lance "I'm lying here in a pool of blood... dying! I'm going to die on one of my first assignments!"
Larry "I need drugs,man! Lots of drugs... I ain't going to make it."

Leech "MEDIC!!!!!"
Leon "Ain't gonna make it! Blood everywhere... Make sure my kids don't get a damn thing!"
Len "Took it bad... Need first aid... Don't think I'm gonna make it..."

Lynx "If only I could get up... I might have a chance... Need a doctor!"
Magic "I need some serious medical attention...Fast!"
Malice "Dis is an emergency! I'm going to die right in dis place!"
Mike "Fadin' in and out... Need medical attention now!"
Mitch "I've got multiple lacerations... I'm hemorrhaging... Diminished
sensation in my legs... My... my prognosis is poor..."
Moses "my life's flashing before my eyes,junior... And it's flashing quickly..."
Mouse "It feels like I'm on... on my last breath..."
Nails "If I don't make it... I want to be buried sittin' on my, on my Harley!"
Needle "Been hit real bad... Can't move... Getting weaker..."
Pops "Son... I'm bleeding real good! This could be the end of a long and illustrious career!"
Postie "I'm going need serious medical attention if I'm going to live to collect my disability."
Raffi "Help me! Me's needs a doctor... A real doctor!"
Reuban "I get the guy who do dis to me! Get me doctor!"
Rev "...Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that..."
Rusty "I think I'm serious trouble! I can't feel my feet..."
Sam "Took a beatings heres...son! I's defenseless and dying!"
Scope "Give my dog...tags to my father,I'm not going to make it."
Screw "I'm hurting real bad! I need someone with the guts to shoot me..."
Scully "Put a bullet in my head...I'm past saving..."
Sidney "I'm paralyzed... I don't think I can hold on much longer..."
Skitz "This is it... I'm dying! So peaceful... So many colors..."
Smoke "This ain't no joke,eh! I'm bleeding like a goat here..."
Snake "I'm bleeding real bad! I don't think I can move..."
Spam "I have major injuries...Need attention immediately...or I'm gonna...die!"
Sparky "Like...I'm dying... I need help soon..."
Speck "Can't move my legs... I'm losing consciousness..."
Spike "I've been hit bad,boy! You'd be better just to leave me..."

Static "They got me bad,man... I can't get up... Get me a doctor fast!"
Stella "Can't get up! I've got multiple injuries... I need medical attention... Now!"
Tex "If I don't make it... Remember...the boots stay on!"
Turtle "I'm sitting duck... I don't think I can get up... I'm bleeding everywhere."
Vicki "This is it...If i don't get some medical attention fast...I'm a goner..."
Vinny "I'm hurtin'... Da vinster needs a doctor real bad!"
Wally "I didn't see it coming... They blind-sided me! I can't hang on for very long... Send help!"
Weasel "Need a medic... Fast... I've gone and got my god-damn butt blown away!"
Wink "I'm dying... I need a doctor quick!"
Wolf "God... The pain is unbearable! can't get up..."

Fail when trying to create dynamite/defuse a bomb item(or mine)/walking on a pressure plate/make noise in stealth mode

"It's more complicated than it looks."

"Darn it!"

"I was a little nervous..."

"Tactical error."

"Hell... I screwed up!"

"I'm sure I did it by the book..."

"Why... That was less than perfect."

"Boggled it!"

"No surprise..."

"How unfortunate."

"I thought I could do it..."

"I should have been more careful."

"I don't believe it..."

"It's my fault."

"I screw it up!"

"It looked simple"

"It wasn't my fault."

"I had minor dfficulties..."

"I no do good..."

"It be foolish of me!"

"I could take another stab at it..."

"I have something in my eye!"

"I should have paid more attention."



"I messed up."


"I wasn't thinking straight."

"Maybe no one will notice..."

"I whiffed it,man..."

"It happens!"

"What I did I do wrong?"


"How'd that happen?"

"That was unexpected."

"Maudit merde!"

"There's no excuse for that..."

"I was under pressure..."

"A rookie mistake."

"I'm sorry!"

"Aaahh... Butchered it!"

"I should have taken my time."

"I buggered it,son!"

"Like I care..."

"Oh... Man..."

"So what..."

"The devil be cursed!"

"The conditions weren't ideal."

"I's musta done it wrong,son!"


"I botched it!"

"Ain't got an excuse!"

"Sorry,my mistake!"

"I felt rushed..."

"It wasn't easy,eh."


"I goofed."

"Like...it wasn't easy!"

"That's unpardonable..."

"I slipped up,boy!"

"I blew that,man..."

"I muckered it!"


"That was clumsy of me."

"Dat rarely happens."

"What gives?"

"I've been having some difficulties with my eyes."

"God-damn it!"


"It's a common mistake..."

An object is trapped

Bernie "I dont like the looks of it."
Beth "There's something about it that makes me leery."
Biff "I don't know...Something's weird."
Bob "Boobytrap! I think I can disable it."
Boss "Hell... This thing's boobytrapped!"
Bud "I think it's rigged."
Buzz "I know enough about explosives not to touch it."
Carp "Boobytrap! This is definiteley boobytrapped!
Cliff "There something about it that doesn't look right!"
Doc "I'm not comfortable handling this..."
Dyno "I really don't want to touch it."
Ears "Looks like a boobytrap."
Eli "I think somebody else should handle it! My hands are important to me."
Elroy "It's got one wire too many!"
Fidel "It have bomb! But it no problem!"
Fox "I doesn't look right! I don't think I want to mess with it."
Gary "I'm not sure about this... Something's wrong."
Grunty "It's giving off an odor... Smells like explosives."
Hamous "Dis no look okay."
Hector "Dis thing dangerous."
Hitman "It's got a deadly surprise attached to it,Ace!"
Hurl "I could lose a body part messing with this!"
Ice "It isn't safe to handle. Gonna need one of them bomb dudes!"
It "Looks weird!"
Ivan (russian)
Jimmy "It's set to take somebody's legs."
Kaboom "If I cut the red wire... It won't hurt nobody!"
Kelly "I think we should get an explosive's guy down here to take a look at this.
Lance "Maybe no one will notice..."
Larry "It's pressure plated,man... I can deactivate it."
Leech "I don't trust it! Not for a minute!"
Leon "It's gonna be dangerous!"
Len "I've seen this type of boobytrap before. It can be a little tricky!"
Lynx "It's juiced! If I do this carefully, I might be able to deactivate it."
Magic "Looks like it might be rigged!"
Malice "It have da bomb."
Mike "Whoever rigged it didn't do much of a job. I shoubd be able to disable it."
Mitch "It is hooked to explosives... It appears rahter sophisticated."
Moses "It's triggered,junior... Triggered to take an arm!"
Mouse "It looks dangerous."
Nails "Its rigged with a one-way ticket to the bodyshop!
Needle "It looks like it's been tampered with."
Pops "I think it's set to blow up."
Postie "It looks like it could be trouble."
Raffi "Maybe it go boom?"
Reuban "It boobytrap."
Rev "It's boobytrapped! But...I've seen better!"
Rusty "It's a boobytrap... Not much of one...I shoud be able to disarm it."
Sam "I's want be careful heres...I's don't like the looks of it."
Scope "It requires the expertise of someone well versed in explosives."
Screw "It's rigged to blow."
Scully "In the explosive trade,we call this bait!"
Sidney "It's a trap...It's set to take some poor lad's limb!"
Skitz "It's wired! But it's an amateur job!"
Smoke "Those jerks wired this thing,eh."
Snake "This thing's got a detonator!"
Spam "Deactivating it might be too complex for me!"
Sparky "Like...This thing is set to really hurt somebody!"
Speck "It looks highly suspicious."
Spike "It's packing a punch,boy! I can probably deactivate it."
Static "It's boobytrapped,man!"
Stella "There's something odd about it!"
Tex "Something wrong with it..."
Turtle "Looks suspicious to me."
Vicki "Looks like somebody's tampered with it."
Vinny "I's ain't nobody fish! Dis thing is wired!"
Wally "There's something suspicious about it."
Weasel "It's a god-damn boobytrap!"
Wink "I don't want to touch it. It gives me the creeps."

Wolf "Boobytrap..."

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Sorry for the double-posting.

Here are the rest of the text:

Get a bad deal from Micky

Some mercenaries do not criticize scam:Biff Buzz Cliff Dyno Hurl Lance Reuban Sidney Skitz


"I'm no expert,but I think we paid way too much for the stuff."


"We jave to keep an eye on him next time. He really overcharged us!"


"We've been boondoggled,Commander!"


"Hell... We got burnt bad!"


"That hustler pulled the wool over our eyes!"


"We was ripped off,laddie!"


"It looks like we might have paid far more for the equipment than it is worth."


"O'Brien made quite the profit off os us."


"The price we paid was a crime. O'brien should be charged with a felony."


"You'd have to be crazy to pay what you did!"


"I want kill dis Micky,but he be only guy dat sell us guns!"


"We were rooked by that no good Micky O'Brien!"


"We got screwed bad!"


"We paid way too much! I bet mister O'Brien is laughing heartlessly."


"You pay too big price!"


"Da price we pay dis stinks!"


"We got shafted,Ace!"


"That arms hawker clipped us,man... We spent far too much good cash for nuthin' ."


"We sure paid a lot of money."



"Micky O'Brien's a crook. We got taken!"


"Da stuff looks awfully cheap!"


"Micky took you good,but that's his job... he's a professional."


"Micky stuck it to us good,man!"


"Give me a break! Ya paid through the nose!"


"Sorry to be the one to tell you,but we were screwed and tattooed by that shyster!"


"Old Micky's gonna be dropping big cash at the bar tonight and bragging to his shady friends about the price he charged you!"


"I can't believe the nerve of that O'Brien. He robbed us blind!"


"It was a bum deal,snapperhead!"


"Dat drunk guy,he take us for une christ de ride,en."


"That slider,O'Brien,worked you over real well!"


"Though it's not my field of expertise,I can say without hesitation that we were scorched by that arms dealer!"


"I believe O'Brien owes you a kiss,junior..."


"My knowledge of these type of thing is limited,however there's no mistaking the fact that you were severely ripped off!"


"I think I'm gonna make a move on the arms trade.Micky's picking the bones off suckers like you."


"We probably paid way too much."


"He's a sly one,son... You aren't the first to be taken. You gotta watch him real close."


"The ability to blow money like that could probably get you a pretty high-ranking government posting."


"Yous' makes' very,very bad deal."


"Your transaction has left us holding the short end,my dear brother."


"Some deal! He milked you like a cow!"


"I hates to say it, son... But we's been swindled!"


"It is my understanding that you have encountered the blarney of the irish and paid for it dearly."


"Micky skimmed us!"


"Paddy pulled a real number on us. We paid through the teeth."


"That was no deal... We got taken to the cleaners,eh."


"Micky's a fraud! The sleazeball got the best of us!"


"At the price you paid for it,it better be guaranteed for life and have some gold content."


"Like the price we paid sucks!"


"I must tell you,Mister O'Brien received an exorbitantly high margin on this sale."


"Oh...boy! Did you ever get hustled!"


"Highway robbery,man...Micky gave us the deep six!"


"That fast-talking shrimp put one over on us."


"He a tricky one... Micky make lots of money on you!"


"If I were still working the beat,I'd take the old phone book to that Micky character,and this would be the last scam he ever pulled."


"The scoundrel cheated us..."


"Yo... Did we's get plucked or whats!"


"Saying we paid too much would be an understatement."


"God-damn... Paddy made more than a few dollars off us!"


"You just can't trust that guy! He'll take you any chance he gets!"


"He bled us ! We got taken!"

Successful attempt to bribe


"We have the foundation for a deal."


"Wow... That would put me up there with some of the high-priced talent."


"It seems I might have been too quick to judge you..."


"Hell... Forget I said anything!"


"Okay... I just hope Bob understands."


"Okay it's resolved!"


"Wally be damned,lad!"


"It was a misunderstanding. There is no need to dwell upon it."


"I am most grateful for the possibility to place this matter behind us."


"I should stick up for myself more often!"


"Cliff can afford to be picky,he's twice the shot I am."


"Everything appears to be in order."


"You no tell Raffi,okay ?


"I'm happy!"


"The problem is no longer a problem."


"I need money. But no tell Hector,right!"


"I humbled..."


"Bingo,Ace! Let's keep things on the up-and-up from here on in!"


"I guess... I can find a new doctor."


"That'll help,dude."






We understant each ohter!


"Da... Okay!"


"Who could refuse such a gift ?"


"Man... I can't even remember what the problem was."


"I must say,I admire your problem-solving abilities,soldier We're square!"


"Dis I mention that Sam never visited me once while I was retired ?"


"I think that just about corrects any problems I might have had."


"You can forget I even brought it up!"


"Okay! I don't know Fox dat well... But, Im sure you can see why I tried to,en!"


"Okay,that'll do!"


"We have an arrangement!"


"Okay,junior... I'll look the other way this time."


"For the new girl in town,I seem to be doing all right! A raise... Already!"


"Sounds good!"


"That seems satisfactory!"


YOi ssem ne at rthgis,son... I'll cut you some slack.


"Ah... To hell with Reuban!"


"You are forgiven."


"I'll give you the rope... This time!"


"I's a little sort of cash right nows,son...So this will come in handy!"


"I can live with that."


"I've done far worse for less money..."


"That should do."


"That will suffice!"


Is like Il seeing you in whole ne wloigh,eh.


"I'll put my differences aside."


"It's workable."


"Like... isn't the purpose of money to buy things ?"


"We have the basis of an agreement."


"That takes care of everything,boy!"


"Your slates's clean."


"Okay... I'll give you a short leash!"


I waw whining,partner...Bu I come to my senes!


"I've reconsidered. I didn't have all the facts."


"We seem to have found some common ground."


"We's could calls it a gratuity."


"It'll do... Things have been pretty slow lately."




"Now we're talkin'."

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Nice job Smile
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" drowning", You mean the info message "Drank..." when you place
a canteen and try to use it on your merc in the inventory ?

No, when they drown. Exhaust your mercs a bit (but not so much it triggers the "I ran out of breath" type of message) and then ask them to swim until they run out of breath.

" when they're ordered to do something they cannot because they're stuck."
I think that you're talking about mercenaries who refuses to execute an order because they are stubborn, like Fidel or Leech.

Nah, and don't remember if it happens in Deadly Games, but it certainly could happen in Jagged Alliance, but mercenaries have a line they say whenever you order them to go somewhere but all exits are currently blocked. It's hard to trigger and it typically happen when you order of your mercs to move all at once in real time mode, and a bottleneck happens around a door.

Also, mercs have a unique line when they fail to merge explosive and another one when they fail to mod a gun or sneak. For example, Bernie says "It's harder than it looks." or some such when he fails to merge explosive, but a "Now, had you asked me to do a prostate exam..." or some such when he fails to merge guns or sneak. The same thing happens when the gun they're using goes from normal to jammed, and when it goes from normal to useless, they have two different lines for these situations.

You know, in all honesty, I wish whoever owns the right to Jagged Alliance and Deadly Games right now could open source these babies so that we could take a peek at the internal side of the game and find each of those quotes, the formulas used to calculate the merc's real stats, all of the secrets and whatnot that are so deeply hidden in these games. I own the strategy guide to Jagged Alliance, but there are still stuff that eludes me, some mercenaries have certain values tied to them that aren't explained anywhere in the guide or the game. Same goes for the Gentlemen/Chauvinistic trait in Deadly Games which eluded everyone except the people who made Deadly Games.
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No, when they drown. Exhaust your mercs a bit (but not so much it triggers the "I ran out of breath" type of message) and then ask them to swim until they run out of breath.

Agree I misunderstood, but I have already found a few of these quotes.

Nah, and don't remember if it happens in Deadly Games, but it certainly could happen in Jagged Alliance, but mercenaries have a line they say whenever you order them to go somewhere but all exits are currently blocked. It's hard to trigger and it typically happen when you order of your mercs to move all at once in real time mode, and a bottleneck happens around a door.

I know this situation (only in JA1 with the travel menu) and I know how activate: give the order one of your men to exit the sector, for example from the north, the other(s) mercenaries must be far enough from this man that they can not leave the area and your home, your man normally refuse the order and tell his quote.

Also, mercs have a unique line when they fail to merge explosive and another one when they fail to mod a gun or sneak. For example, Bernie says "It's harder than it looks." or some such when he fails to merge explosive, but a "Now, had you asked me to do a prostate exam..." or some such when he fails to merge guns or sneak. The same thing happens when the gun they're using goes from normal to jammed, and when it goes from normal to useless, they have two different lines for these situations.

Apparently you did not read the whole post because I have already found and posted these quotes.

Here some update:

Note: From now I no longer quotes Ivan post because I can not seem to translate Russian even with google.

First line:spot one enemy,line two:spot two ennemies at the same time, line 3:sneak up on a ennemy.

"I've come across one!"
"I have a couple to deal with!"
"I don't think I've been seen."


"There's one!"
"I might need help here!"
"I've located one! Haven't been noticed."


"MAYDAY! Enemy spotted!"
"Oh my God... There's more than one!"
"Got an enemy here whos hasn't spotted me. I can do this..."

"Bogie sighted!"
"Multiple bogies present!"
"Bogie in range! My location unknow to him!"


"Hell... I've been spotted."
"Hell... It's rainin' nasties!"
"I got the jump on this sucker!"


"I've been spotted!"
"In contact with a couple of rebels."
"I've made contact... Haven't been spotted!"


"I've met up with an enemy."
"Enemies over here!"
"I've spotted an enemy who hasn't spotted me."


"Stumbed upon a lackey!"
"Got a couple of turkeys..."
"I'm one up on an enemy! I should waste 'em before the turkey realizes I'm here!"

"I've encountered an enemy."
"I've encountered hostiles!"
"I spotted an easy mark."


"I have spotted an enemy!"
"This is an unfortunate predicament!"
"I have the upper hand. The enemy fails to see me."

"Watch out... A bad person!"
"There's baddies."
"This stranger does no see me."

"I've been noticed."
"I've flushed a couple out!"
"Enemy present... Don't think I've been detected."

"Have a sighting!"
"Encountered hostile forces!"
"I have an enemy off guard!"


"Found one!"
"I'm in contact with a few!"
"I want to fry this sucker before I'm spotted!"


"I see guy!"
"Dese guys gonna get it!"
"Dis guy no see me."

"I spotted an enemy!"
"It's getting awfully crowded around here..."
"I've managed to sneak up on a opponent."


"Spotted one!"
"I've got my hands full here!"
"I've got an enemy in sight! Still hasn't seen me."

"I have a confirmed enemy sighting."
"I have multiple enemies sighted!"
"I have the advantage on this enemy."

"Me see rotten man!"
"Much rotten men here!"
"Me surprise rotten man."

"I see bandito!"
"Many bad hombres!"
"Dis guy dreaming I think..."

"I located a target,Ace!"
"I'm staring down a couple,Ace!"
"I's snuck up on a stunned sap,Ace..."

"There's an enemy present."
"I could get really hurt."
"I've come upon an enemy. I don't think I've been noticed."

"See a dude here!"
"Bad dudes!"
"Doing this dude would real easy!"


"Dey see me!"
"Got trouble here!"
"Dere an enemy over here!"


"Got a bad dude that's on to me!"
"I'm gonna need cover!"
"Bad dude! Looking the other way."

I see an enemy..."
"Dere everywhere,boss!"
"Hehe... Dey don't know I'm here,boss!"

"Ready to engage!"
"I've got a situation here!"
"I got the drop on this guy."

"I've stumbled upon an enemy!"
"Holy Moly!"
"Probably doesn't realize I'm here..."

"Got a bad grunt,man!"
"Man... It's looking like a grunt farm!"
"I could surprise this grunt here,man."


"Have an enemy sighted!"
"This is gonna be wild!"
"I have a pigeon here! Seems like easy pickings."


"Got a reptile!"
"Encountered some renegades!"
"I could kill this reptile without being seen."


"I've got one!"
"Troublemakers! Haven't got a fix on numbers!"
"I've got the upper hand on this troublemaker."


"Have an enemy sighted!"
"I've got action!"
"I've caught an enemy flat-footed."


"Got a snapperhead!"
"We's got a gatherin' here!"
"I want to take care of this snapperhead before I'm spotted!"

"Hey,I see a terrible guy,la!"
"Dere are many here."
"Da terrible guys dey don't know where I am."


"Enemy encountered!"
"I've got a couple in proximity!"
"I've got an enemy who hasn't seen me."

"I have an enemy in sight!"
"Enemies in the vicinity!"
"I have the advantage over this enemy."

"The punk's got me sighted!"
"These punks are all over the place."
"Got a tuned-out twerp here,junior."


"Enemy soldier present."
"enemy soldiers!"
"I've crept into an enemy."


"Got a rival gang member here."
"We're gonna have a rumble..."
"Laying low... Can take out this trash whenever you want."


"There's an enemy here!"
"I've made contact with a couple of enemies!"
"I've made contact! Enemy unaware of my presence."

"I got a live one,son!"
"I'm knee deep in trouble here,son!"
"I'd like to shoot,son,before I'm noticed here."


"Another customer!"
"There's a line-up."
"This one's too stupide to even know I'm here!"

"Oh no... Dey sees me."
"Hello...Hello... Me's gots big troubles here!"
"Hello...Hello... Me sees da bad guy here. He no sees me!"


"Guy see me!"
"I fix dese guys! Then I spit at da bodies!"
"I see stupid guy here!"

"I've encountered evil!"
"They're congregating..."
"I've spotted a sinner! Ignorant of my existence..."


"Found a target!"
"I've got trouble here!"
"This is gonna be easy! The dimwit doesn't see me!"


"There's one over heres, son!"
"Gots a slew of 'em heres,son!"
"I's got a blind one heres, son..."


"I have one sighted."
"I have encountered resistance."
"Detected an enemy. Remain unnoticed!"


"Scumball sighted!"
"Got an easy kill over here!"


"Confirmed sighting!"
"I've got a ready-to-bag unfriendly!"


"I have an inferior over here!"
"I've encountered some wastrels."
"I could put this one to sleep without any fuss."

"I found something to shoot."
"Which one to choose?"
"This one's gonna die with surprise plastered across the face!"


"Got one, eh!"
"They poppin' out of the woodwork,eh."
"Im keeping quiet,eh. That way no one knows I'm here."


"Spotted a victim!"
"Got a couple of scumbuckets!"
"I could slither in behind 'em."


"I have visual contact."
"Multiple sightings!"
"See one! My position unknown."


"I found one."
"Like... They're all over the place!"
"Like... There's a bad guy here that doesn't see me..."

"Enemy in view!"
"I've uncovered some antagonists!"
"I have an unsuspecting enemy."


"I've located an enemy here,boy!"
"The place is crawling with 'em,boy!"
"Got the upper hand on one here,boy."

"I'm staring at one,man."
"Got a couple of boneheads..."
"Got a stunned enemy here,man..."

"I've been spotted"!
"I've run into some goons!"
"I get could get this goon by surprise!"


"I have tracked outlaw."
"A herd of gunslinger,partner!"
"Have the draw on the gunslinger,partner."


"Perp in range!
"Bunch of punks!"
"I caught a perf off guard..."

"I've encountered a lowlife!"
"I've got company!"
"Spotted a lowlife! Unaware of my existence!"


"Da Vinster's got one!"
"Yo... A loser's convention!"
"Got the inside track on a losers' here!"

"I think I see someone!"
"I'm in hot water here!"
"If I stay quiet,I could surprise 'im."

"Sniffed out a god-damn turd-fly!"
"These god-damn turd-flies are swarming around here!"
"Got a sitting duck here!"


"See one!"
"Bad guys closing in!"
"Bad guy here. Doesn't see me."


"Tracked down an enemy!"
"I've got unfriendlies!"
"I could toast this unfriendly without any trouble!"

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Sorry for the double-post.

1st line: a teammate get shot by one of your own mens
2nd line: enemy fire missed your mercenary

"Someone is taking potshots at me!"
"By a whisker..."

"I've been fired at!"
"Must be my lucky day."

"Oh my god... I'M BEING SHOT AT!!!"
"Sooner or later my luck is going to run out."

"Being fired at!"
"A godsend..."

"I got sewer snipe tryin' to toast me!"
"Hell! that was close..."

"They're shooting at me!"
"Better keep my eyes open."

"Feeling heat!"
"That wasn't off by much..."

"Some turkey has opened fire!"

"My position is under fire!"
"Bloody lucky..."

"I'm being attacked!"
"Most fortunate..."

"Somebody is trying to hurt me!"
"Maybe I can find a job as team mascot..."

"Someone just shot at me!"
"I caught a break there."

"S.O.S... Skilled surgeon being shot at!"
"That was a near miss!"

"Caught in a shell storm."
"Extremely close..."

"Dis guy gonna to get it!"
"Good thing I wear my lucky socks!"

"Im geting some unnecessary attention!"
"Whew... That was close!"

"You're going to be sorry you messed with me!"
"I've been luckier."

"I am a target!"
"Beginner's luck,ja?"

"Rotten man shoot at me!"
"Dis good."

"Somebody try to kill me!"
"I very lucky dere."

"I'm drawing fire,Ace!"
"Freakin' close!"

"I think I might be hit!"
"That was too close for comfort."

"Some dude's firing at me!"
"Close,but no cigar!"

"Dey shootin' at me."

"I'm takin fire!"
"Heads up!"

"Dere somebody's shootin' at me."
"Da...What was that?"

"That was a little too close for my liking..."

"There's bullets flying everywhere!"
"Lucky me!"

"Man... Was that close or what!"

"Somebody's gonna pay for that."
"Caught a break!"

"It's comnbat time!"
"Can't believe my luck..."

"Taking fire,sir!"
"Lucked out..."

"Been seen! Coming under fire!"
"Stay on your toes,Lynx."

"Contact! Under attack!"
"Close call,man..."

"I'm at da wrong end of dat gun,en!"
"Dey try,en."

"Under fire! Want to engage!"
"They'll have to do better than that!"

"Shots fired in my direction."
"I consider myself lucky..."

"The punk's trying to take me down!"
"Thank my lucky stars."

"I'm a target!"
"They aren't kidding..."

"Dumb move!"
"Haha... Close ain't gonna cut it."

"I'm being fired at!"
"I have to stay more alert..."

"Somebody's got me in their sights,son!"
"Luck is how I managed to get old,son."

"He doesn't know who he's shooting at!"
"Oh...what a life."

"Hello...Hello...Dey be's shootin' at me's,man!"
"Dat was close...Man!"

"I get dis pig-dog!"
"Dey lucky I not get hurt!"

"Being fired upon!"
"Praise be to God."

"Got lead flying in my direction!"
"That was a close call..."

"I's coming under fire heres,son."
"I's was lucky there,son!"

"I'm under fire."
"That was a blessing..."

"Some idiot took a shot at me!"

"Takin' unfriendly fire!"
"Call me lucky."

"I am under personal attack!"
"Hummm... I was a tad lucky."

"There's someone looking to die!"
"I don't scare that easily..."

"I'm being shot at over here,eh!"
"By the skin of my teeth,eh."

"Got a dupe tryin' to take me out!"
"Didn't miss by much!"

"Being shot at! Like that's never happened to me before..."
"I'm used to it..."

"Like... There's shooting. And I'm like the target!"
"Finally,some luck!"

"Apparently,I've become a target!"
"I should consider myself fortunate."

"I'm takin' lead,boy!"
"Not even close."

"Some bonehead's shooting at me,man..."

"I'm under fire over here!"
"Close call!"

"I in shootout,partner."
"That was close..."

"Perp in vicinity! Being shot at!"
"That'll keep you awake..."

"The lowlife be shootin' at me!"
"Dat was awfully close,man..."

"I's gots a losers' shootin' at me!"
"It's gonna be's a good day."


"God-damn it! There's someone shooting at me."
"God-damn lucky!"

"I'm being shot at!"
"Lucky me..."

"Takin' heat!"
"That'll keep me on my toes!"
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Nice quotes bro,keep it up. Smile
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Thanks you Fab Smile

Here the Update:

- One of your mercenary receives multiple gunshot wound and managed to survive

"I could have done without that!"

"I wish that hadn't have happened!"

"I think I wet myself..."

"I have to get a tank..."

"Expect the same,dirtball!"

"I'm getting nailed!"

"You never get used to this!"

"Been walloped."

"Good morning!"

"They shall wish they had killed me!"

"I've been bopped!"


"And I could be golfing..."

"Just take a deep breath..."

"I gonna to rip eyes out!"

"Why do I do this?"

"I'm taking it here!"

"I can't take much more!"

"Dis not good!"

"Dis hurts... Dis hurts a lot!"

"Took a blastin',Ace."

"Holy cow! I'm seeing double!"

"There's gonna be another dead dude!"

"I hate it when dat happens!"

"I shouldn't have given 'em the chance!"

"Did anyone get da license plate?"

"It's more painful than it looks!"

"What I am doing here?"

"Whoa... I'm gonna have to take something for that!"

"Give me a break..."

"That's gotta be rough on the pacemaker."

"It's a thankless profession..."

"This means war!"

"I'm alive,snapperhead! It's pay back time!"

"Everything... Still attached,en."

"Big mistake,gunner-boy!"

"Talk about trauma!"

"I've felt better!"


"You better not have damaged the vest!"

"I wasn't ready for that!"

"I gotta consider retirement!"

"I don't get paid enough for this."

"Oh man... Me's have very big headache."

"Dis make me mad!"

"How's about some respect for the cloth!"

"That smarts!"

"I's sure can't shake dese things off likes I's use to!"

"Oph... Quite the paddy-whack."

"You're a dead man!"

"Good effort,schoolboy!"

"That was rather unpleasant."


"You bet it hurts,eh!"

"I'm gonna fix ya,scumbucket!"

"I'm getting clobbered!"

"Like I needed that!"

"I should have accepted that job in the aerospace industry..."

"Now it's your turn,boy!"

"That sucks..."

"You messed with the wrong broad,buckaroo!"

"Took a whipping,partner!"

"This is where all that muscle comes in handy!"

"I'll kill the lowlife!"

"I's still got all da important parts..."

"Think my heart missed a couple of beats!"


"Batter up!"

"Guess what happens to you,Slimeball!"

- Your merc is bleeding

bernie "I'll need a moment to dress my wounds before I lose too much blood!"

beth "I seem to be bleeding!"

biff:"Oh God... I'm bleeding... I could die!"

bob:"Blood is flowing out of my wounds."

boss "Hell... I'm leaking blood!"

bud "Request medical attention."

buzz: "Need a medic."

carp:"Losing blood!"

cliff:"I need to attend to some mild hemorrhaging."

doc:"I shall need to address my wounds!"

dyno:"I've been hurt."

ears"I have a wound that needs attention!"

eli:"I'll need suturing!"

elroy:"I need bandaging."

fidel :"I drip blood!"


gary: "I'm bleeding..."

grunty "I have sustained a bleeding injury!"

hamous:"I be hurt..."

hector:"I have blood coming out!

hitman:"I'm gonna need some plastering here,Ace!"

hurl:"Oh no...,I'm bleeding! Im going to die!"

ice:"I got blood happenin' here!"

it:"I wonder where the blood's coming from?"

jimmy "I caught a bleeder!"

kaboom:"Da... I got blood running down my legs!"

kelly:"Took a flesh wound."

lance:"Yes I'm definitely bleeding over here!"

larry "I'm bleeding,man..."

leech:"Need stitching..."

len "I've been wounded."

leon:"Bleeding here!"

lynx"I've got a open wound!"

magic "Drew blood,man."

malice:"La doctor... I need la doctor."

mike:"Need to be patched..."

mitch:"I have a laceration that requires minor suturing."

moses: "when we get the chance,junior I'll need some dressing!"

mouse:"This is real blood I'm spilling!"

nails:"I better not get any blood on my vest!"

needle: "I'm bleeding I need to patch myself up."

pops:"I think they hit an artery,son!"

postie:"It doesn't look like the bleeding is going to stop."

raffi:"Me bleeding,man..."

reuban: "Reuban bleeding!"

rev:"I'm wounded."

rusty: "I have blood dripping down my leg."

sam: "I's gonna needs some patchin',son!"

scope:"I'll require stitches or at least a gauze wrap."

screw: "Need a Band-Aid."

scully "Gotta bleeder here!"

sidney:"I have a flesh wound that requires treatment!"

skitz:"Oh neat... ,I'm bleeding!"

smoke:"Got blood running down me,eh!"

snake:"I got nicked!"

spam:"I need some time out to patch-up."

sparky:"Like... I'm getting blood all over my uniform..."

speck:"I am bleeding profusely.

spike: "I got a bleeder,boy!"

static:"I'm spurtin' blood,man!"

stella:"I'll need to apply compresses,or I'm gonna bleed all over the place!"

tex:"I have wound,partner!"

turtle "I'll need the services of a medic."

vicki "I need to get this bleeding under control."

vinny:"I's gonna need to plug da bleedin'."

wally:"I think I'm bleeding."

weasel:"God-damn... Blood's pouring out of me!"

wink "I think I'm bleding..."

wolf:"Aw shoot,I'm bleeding!"

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Sorry for the double-post.

Fire a merc unfair and then attempt to hire his buddy

boss:"Hell no! My buddy,Screw is really ticked at you! He says you're a hack,and you ain't worth working for!"

bud:"Bob went off the handle after you fired him! We're pretty tight,and I don't think he'd take too kindly to finding out that I had taken an assignment with you."

buzz:"I'm afraid you failed to treat Lynx respectably. In fact,the way you fired him so quickly was downright hostile. I'm not interested."

cliff:"Your timing is ironic. I was just speaking with Doctor Summers. He was not impressed with the outcome of his employment. I won't be joining."

doc:"Sorry,but my colleague,Doctor Kranhuim,has advised me on the short-term ,nature of this offer."

fidel:"Raffi a very funny man. I like Raffi,very much! You no like Raffi! You fire Raffi! I no like to work for you!"

fox:"You upset Wolfy! He's not used to getting fired. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that I refused to take an assignment with you."

eli:"My friend and golfing buddy,Cliff Highball,warned me all about the tremendous amount of satisfaction you receive from firing doctors."

gary:"I'm a little concerned... Mike says you're quick with the axe."

grunty:"Not you! Ivan Dolvich told me that you fired him and stole his equipment. At least I believe this is what he said. I am pretty sure of this..."

hamous:"Hector help me much. He no like you. I no want get Hector mad. So I no go!"

hector:"Hamous be new guy... You fire him very fast. I be friend. I no work for you."

hurl: "If I joined,Doctor Gloveless would be really upset. He wasn't very pleased about that quick send-off you gave him."

ice:"Snake's really pissed at you,dude... If I worked for you,he'd be pissed at me,too."

it:"You didn't treat Mike nice. I think you'd treat me bad,too."

jimmy:"No dice! Magic tells me you fire people for sport!"

kaboom:"I don't know... You gave my hero,Dyno,da boot! I use to watch his show everyday,and two times on Saturdays!"

larry:'My bud,Static,says you're the last dude I want work for,man!"

len:"Sorry,Spike says working for you is only worth a mission's pay. Far less than anything I'd be willing to settle for."

leon:"Don't think so... Sam tells me anyone who signs on with you should pack light. Real light!"

lynx:"I don't see how... You fired Buzz,and even though we don't agree on much,we do agree on a two mission minimum per assignment."

malice:"You fire dat lovely one called Fox. I think.. I'll give her da good impression by not taking dis job with you."

mike:"I'm not interested... Scully tells me you hired then gave him the quick in-and-out."

moses:"Your offer doesn't appeal,junior. My old friend Pops,took it on the chin... You fired him before he even suited up!"

mouse:"Margaret made promise that I wouldn't sign on with you. She was really peeved at the way you dismissed her!"

nails:"Forget about it! You fired Fox,buddy! I'm standing by her. You'd do the same if you ever got a whiff of that babe."

pops:"It's hard to believe you fired the Fox,son... You must be blind! Well... I'm gonna say no to your offer,and see if that gets her attention any."

postie:"I've called for a boycott of you! As the soon to be appointed labor rep of A.I.M., it is my duty to inform you that we stand united behind Reuban!"

raffi:"Yous' fire Reverend Potter. Holy man... Me no work for yous'.

sam:"It's a no,son... I was justta conversing with my good friend,Leon. He wasn't too crazy,son,abouts being hired and fired in the blinks of an eye!"

scope:"I'll have to decline. Sidney says he never even had the opportunity to shave before you sent him on his way."

screw:"Boss Hatchet told me to avoid you like the plague. He says you're on a power trip,and you're full of yourself!"

scully:"Forget it! You dismissed Mike... I think that pretty much says everything!"

skitz:"Forget it! You fired Larry right after you hired him. You played with a buddy's head!"

snake:"No way! My buddy the Iceman is looking to get in your face over the way you gave him the boot!"

sparky:"My brother,Larry is like having some personal problems right now. And like you firing him really set him back! I can't take a job ,with you.

speck:"Vicki is my closest friend in the whole organization. Her hasty dismissal has left me questionning whether I'd ever work for you."

spike:"I was just yakking with Len! He was none too happy with you,boy! As a matter-of-fact,he spent close to half an hour insisting I tell you to take a hike."

static:"Larry told me he worked for you,and he never even got a chance to load his gun,man! He also said he might even be missing his gun... He's almost sure,man..."

stella:"Anita and I are just starting out together. How happy do you think she'd be hearing that I signed on with the person who fired her ?"

tex:"I worried,partner! If you can fire Marshal Mike,what gonna happen to me?"

turtle:"I ain't going! The way I figure it... If ya can fire Mike,who can't ya fire?"

vinny:"I can't go! You's fired the woman who's attention I'ma tryin' to attract. Beth would nevers' consider dating me if I's worked for yous'."

Wolf:"Now way! you fired the Fox. You have no idea what I'd have to listen to if I were to take an assignment with you."

Having already a Merc in your team and fire unfairly his friend

boss:"Hell... you fire my buddy,Screw,you might as well fire me! I quit!"

bud:"Bob wants me to leave with him... Why did you have to go and fire him like that?"

buzz:"I couldn't agreee with Lynx more. That was far too short an assignment for a man of his caliber! I'm leaving too!"

cliff:" Doctor Summers is irate. Hiring someone just,to fire them is taken as a personal affront around here. I'm siding with my golf buddy and leaving!"

doc:"The uncalled for dismissal of my colleague,Doctor Kranhuim has forced me to re-evaluate this assignment. I shall be leaving."

eli:"Cliff may be keeping a strong front,but I know you deeply offended him. He's asked me to leave with him,and I believe I shall."

fidel:"Raffi make me laugh... No Raffi! No Fidel!"

fox:"I stand by my man! You fired Wolfy,I'm going too!"

gary:"I'm getting out! Anybody stupid enough to fire Mike doesn't deserve me."

grunty:"Ivan is a top gun! You can't just hire and fire him in this way. I will not stand for it!"

hamous:"Hector good friend... I go with Hector!"

hector:"I take side with Hamous... You no show respect to new guy. I go now!"

hurl: "I can't stay here! Doctor Gloveless is a respected professional and one of the most thorough doctors I know. You cannot belittle him like that!"

ice:"You piss off Snake,you piss off me! I'm gone."

it:"Wait Mike... I'm going too."

jimmmy:"I'm outta here! My man,Magic didn't do anything to deserve that kind of treatment."

kaboom:"You fired my new friend. Dyno is very hurt. Me too!"

larry:" What's the deal man? Static just got here! I can't let that slide,man... I'm sailin'."

len:"Spike would have been happy with a single mission,but you wouldn't even give hitm that,soldier! I'm off!"

leon:"I'm grabbing a ride with sam. I can't watch an old buddy be disgraced like that. I man has gotta have his pride,you know."

lynx:" Buzz and I just made arrangements to do some work on her book during down time. Now that you've fired her... I don't see why I should stay."

malice:"A bien christ,un autre English pas coeur! You harm da proudness of dat beautiful Fox,en! I put my nose up in da air as I leave..."

mike:"You don't tick-off buddies and get away with it! Scully takes to the point like no one else... You can consider our contract terminated."

moses:"You can't do that to Pops,junior,and expect to get away with it! I'm leaving!"

mouse:"Margaret and I are a team. I can't see how I can stay now that you've fired her!"

nails:"I smell an opportunity. Nothing impresses a babe like defending her honor. I'm leaving with the Fox... Wish me luck."

pops:"Cynthia wasn't happy about her firin',sonny... I figure I can score myself a couple of big points if I left,too."

postie:"I quit! You have no respect for labor! Poor Reuban charges you less than cab fare per mission and you spit at him!"

raffi:"You fire man of God... You be cursed,man... Me has to go quickly."

sam:"I's was fine with yous' son,until yous' ditched old Leon. Workins for yous' has kinda lost its appeal."

scope:"Sidney is right! Your methods are highly questionable. It is probably best that I leave."

screw:"You don't fire Boss that quickly and expect me to stay on your team!"

scully:"Mike's top dog and a bloody good friend. I won't tolerate him being fired in my presence. I'll be leaving too!"

skitz:"Ya... Just what was your point! Larry's the man. I ain't staying here!"

snake:"What you just did to the Iceman was despicable! I'm packin' it in."

sparky: "Like my brother may have a couple of problems,but you had no right to fire him like that. So... Like I'm leaving too!"

speck:"You have upset Miss Vicki... I am resigning in protest. Her dismissal was inexcusable."

spike:"You've embarrassed Len,boy! I have no choice but to quit!"

static:"Why did you do that to Larry,man ? He's looking to paint the town,and I'm going with him,man."

stella:"You fired my friend,Anita,without even giving her a chance! If I don't quit in her defense,she'll be extremely upset!"

tex:"You fire Marshal Mike! You be loose cannon,! I no work for you anymore,partner."

turtle:"I never seen Mike so hot! I'm stunned... Have you been bought? Do you got cash problems? Or did you pop a fuse? No matter. I am out of here!"

vinny:"If Beth starts crying,I's holding yous' responsible... For nows' Vinny gonna vamoose... Maybe's I can console da lady."

wolf:"If I don't leave with Fox,I'll never hear the end of it! You should have done more long-term planning."
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Good job,Malice's quotes are always funny. xD
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After having fired one of their friends and after a mission, trying to hire again the merc who left your team

boss:"I quit your outfit when you fired Screw. Hell... You're not even on my B list!"

bud:"I left when you fired Bob! And I really don't want to get on his bad side."

buzz:"You fired Lynx. The man I love and the suject of my upcoming novel. I can't gamble that away simply to go back and work for you."

cliff:"I wont be joining. I quit when you fired Doctor Summers immediately after hiring him. I won't allow you to put a wedge in our frienship."

doc:"My last impression of you was the unnecessary dismissal of my colleague,Doctor Kranhuim. Rejoining your team was not part of my plans."

eli:"I was a member of your team when you discharged Highball. We left together. It was a long ride back,let me tell you."

fidel:"You fire Raffi! You try to make Raffi cry! I no want to go back to work for you!"

fox:"I won't join your team because I was already on your team,and I quit when you upset Wolfy."

gary:"I watched you fire Mike,and with him any serious chance we had of winning. Personally,I take dead between the ear moves like that as a warning."

grunty:"Not you! You made the critical mistake of firing Ivan Dolvich,my associate,in my presence."

hamous:"I no go! I go one time... You fire good friend,Hector,and I go too!"

hector:"No good... You fire new guy Hamous. You think I want to go back? No... I no want dis."

hurl: "It wouldn't be right! You fired Doctor gloveless,and because I quit over it,he gave me four free medical check-ups redeemable at my leisure."

ice:"Not a chance! Snake's still mumbling your name whenever he gets mad. I don't see returning to your unit in the cards,dude."

it:"Nope! Not unless Mike says I can."

jimmmy:"No dice! I was there when you humiliated my man,Magic!"

kaboom:"Da... No! 'cause of what happened to... Dyno. I think..."

larry:"No way man... You dropped Static,I dropped you... It's got the feel of a bad love relationship,man..."

len:"Sorry,but once you gave Spike that lightning heave-hoe,and I jumped ship,our future was pretty much decided."

leon:"I ain't going! I watched you humiliate my old acquaintance,Sammy. If you remember,I quit because of it."

lynx:"I don't see how! As much as I don't want to add to the rumors about Buzz and me,the fact is,you fired her and I quit the team because of it."

malice:"Bien Non! When you fire da Fox,I leave with my nose in da air,ah! And my neck she hurts en colisse too!"

mike:"I'm not interested! I terminated our contract because you terminated Scully. Nothing has happened since then to cause me to reconsider."

moses:"No,junior! You might recall I was there,and I witnessed that blow you dealt to Pops' ego... I left in protest."

mouse:"It is not possible to return to work for you. Margaret's firing has left me in a rather awkward position."

nails:"Fox didn't buy into my defending her honor when I quit over here being fired. But I got to think long-term,so I'm going to refuse you."

pops:"I'm no interested! I left because you fired Cynthia,son. Though she hasn't thanked me personally for the support,I know deep down she appreciates it."

postie:"I've already worked for you! I quit when you gave Reuban the boot. I don't appreciate affordable labor being abused like that!"

raffi:"You be cursed,man... You should never have fired da holy man."

sam:"I's done worked for ya... When yous' cut my buddy,Leon,I's left with him,son... Returning' don't really seem to be a possibility."

scope:"I'll have to decline. Sidney's abrupt dismissal required me to depart with him. I was not intending to return."

screw:"It ain't looking good! I packed up when you fired Boss. I ain't gonna be sneaking back."

scully:"Forget it! Mike and I are tigther than ever. Leaving with him was one sure way to cement our friendship."

skitz:"Larry and me left your outfit together... He didn't take too well to being canned. I hear he's been on a bender ever since..."

snake:"No! I packed it in with the Iceman. You should neve have fired him!"

sparky:"I can't join! Like not after my brother like told me how much he appreciated me quitting. I mean... Like he cried on my shoulder and everything."

speck:"I resigned from your team due to your indefensible dismissal of Miss Vicki. My apprehension concerning you as an employer remains."

spike:"This is the quick recap,boy! You fired Len,and I cranked up and quit!"

static:"I don't think so,man. Larry and I partied pretty good after we left you. I'm almost sure I promised him I'd never join any team you were running again."

stella:"I have a relationship to consider here,soldier. I'm the one who talked Anita into joining A.I.M.. And your firing her hasn't helped any."

tex:"No way,partner! You loose cannon! You fire Marshal Mike! I quit because I no believe it."

turtle:"I ain't going. I was there when ya axed Mike. Ya got your name in the history books,but in this case ,it's not really a good things,is it ?"

vinny:"Yo... I owe ya... Dat consoling thing was my ticket with dat Beth. But I's can't go back to work for yous' now. It would make her look cheap!"

wolf:"No way! I left with Fox,and I can't go back as long as she's still steamed at you."

A mercenary refuses your job because of a mercenary he hates and which is already in your team

bernie:"You hired that crazy Reuban! As long as he's working for you,I'm not!"

biff:"I promised myself I'd never work with Turtle again! Do you have any idea what it's like waiting for that guy to back you up?"

bob:"Not as long as you've got that old fart Sam Garver,working for you. I can't stand him!"

boss:"I worked with that quack Bernie Gloveless once! I don't ever plan on backing into him again!"

cliff:"Raffi is a quack! Some sort of a bush butcher! I bet you never even asked to see his qualifications! Unload him... And you can have me!"

eli:"Skitz Bonner has a serious medical condition,and by no means should he be out in the field! I can't join till you get rid of him!"

elroy:"Goodman is a creature! I don't even think he's human! When you get rid of It,you give me a buzz."

gary:"I don't work with my brother,'anything but placebo' Larry!"

hector:"Dis Smoke guy,no funny! I no work with him!"

hitman:"Jimmy Upton is nothing but a common criminal! I work with professionals... Not jailbirds!"

it:"Moses gets lost in the bathroom! I can't work with him!"

jimmy:"I don't work with Lynx!"

kelly: "Unusually Ruthless Reuban... Crazy Reuban... Trimmer of the family tree. You can call him whatever you want,but I ain't working with him!"

larry:"That Ruthless Reuban is one real frightening dude! I don't think I want to go into battle wit him,man."

len: "Unusually Ruthless Reuban has given this business a bad name! I won't work beside him!"

leon:"I ain't going! I can't stand my kids! They're always looking for money or causing me grief. They're just like their spoiled little mother!"

magic:"Kaboom shoud be in a home! I ain't going anywhere near him!"

mitch:"I can't believe you bought Raffitto Leevon's story about being a doctor! I can't work with him!"

moses:"I can't work for you as long as that cocky whipper snapper,Gary Roachburn,is on your team!"

rev:"Reuban T. Satan is by far the worst piece of work Lucifer has ever sent to represent him on God's Earth! I won't work with him."

sam!"Not so long as that red menace,Ivan the commie,is workin' for yas'!"

scully:"Kaboom needs help tying his freakin' shoes. And you actually expect me to work with him? You must be crazier than he is!"

sidney:"Sorry,but Skitz is on your team!"

sparky:"Oh... I can't join! My pushy brother,Gary is already on your team."

spike:"You're gonna have to get rid of that doctor Bernie Gloveless,boy! I know him better than I care to remember!"

weasel:"Ears Stockwell's a maggot! A god-damn disgrace to the profession! I can't work with him!

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Sorry for the Double-post.

A mercenary who hate each other and are on the same team threatens to leave after a mission together

"If you keep that madman,Unusually Ruthless Reuban,on your team,I won't be staying!"

"Since Pops has been here,he hasn't left me alone. If that pervert isn't gone soon... I will be!"

"things got a little too close i caznt airt forevr for that blimlp to back me upo eiother ypu get rid of turtle or im packing up my stuff!

"I don't work with Sam Garver... And I never will! Fire him,or I quit!"

"Hell... You've gone and brought that quack bernie here. Either you send him packing or Ill leave. It's bad enough I got see him for my annual physical!"

"Make a decision. It's Mitch Shudlem or me,but this unit ain't big enough for both of us!"

"I don't know who that bossy Stella thinks she is,but she better leave this place before she gets the chance to bark out another order,or I am."

"Raffi Leevon is a fake... a quack! I can't practice medicine alongside him! Unload him,and I'll stick around! Otherwise,I'm gone!"

"As long as Skitz is working for you,I can't stay here. The guy's unbalanced enough to be committed!"

"Goodman's a slob! A pig! A pig's pig! If you don't get rid of It,I'm looking for a more civilized outfit!"

"Pops McGillicutty is a pervert! A sex fiend... Get him outta my face or I'm quitting!"

"I give Hurl Cutter reason to cry! Dis guy... Big baby!"

"Get rid of my brother,pill-head Larry,or I'm out of here!"

"Smoke Peterson been here for one mission... One mission too much! He think he funny. I think he crazy! I no stay if he stays!"

"Jimmy Upton is nothing but a common criminal! What's next Ace,child molesters? If he goes out on the next sortie,I won't be here to see it!"

"Moses is an old man! Make him go away,I can't work with him."

"There's only one person I won't work with,and you signed him up. Ditch that showboat Lynx,or I'm outta here!"

"What are you doing bringing crazy Reuban down here? Get rid of him,or I'll quit!"

"Sorry man,but Unusually Ruthless Reuban is like a little too scary for me! Either you cut him loose,or I'm headed back to the lab,man!"

"Skitz Bonner is fried! I got to do something about him! It's time to clean the gene pool!"

"Unusually Ruthless Reuban gives this profession a bad name! Get rid of that animal,or I'm leaving this place!"

"I can't stand being around my kids. They all drive me nuts! Do something about it,or I will."

"I never had a problem working with anyone until I met Smoke Peterson. That guy has a dangerous sense of humor,and if you don't fire him,I'll quit!"

"I'm going to kill dat enfant chien de Dyno guy!"

"Just cause Kaboom had his brains blown by a bomb doesn't mean the rest of us have to work with him! I want him gone,or I'm leaving!"

"I can't believe you swallowed Raffi's story about being a doctor. If you don't have the good sense to send him home,I'm resigning!"

"If that cocky,little snitch Gary Roachburn had been on your team before I joined,son... I never would have. Now unload him,or I'm leaving!"

"I can't work with Fox,she's causing all kinds of trouble... It's only a question of time before somebody on the team pays the price for her behavior."

"Either you get rid of that squeaky,annoying,valley bimbo,Sparky Roachburn,of I'm headed back to my place."

"I hate snitches! I hade one of those Bud Hellar types down at the postal station. Second week on the job,he disappeared. The same thing's gonna happen to Bud!"

"I fix Ivan soon! Then I spit at dis pig!"

"Unusually Ruthless Reuban is living proof that the Lord naps! Rid yourself of Satan,and I'll continue to work for you."

"What's with this fink Weasel? I can't work with a guy I don't trust! One of us has to go!"

"Had I's know you'd be hirin' that commie,Ivan,I's would have stopped ya. 'Cause we both ain't staying heres! It's yous' choice - the commie or me!"

"If you don't get rid of that airbag,Bob Adams,I'll get rid of him myself!"

"Everything was cool until you went and hired Kaboom. I can't stay on with you as long as he's on your team. He's got soup for brains... He needs help using a fork!"

"It's your choice,dear boy. But if Skitz Bonner stays on your team,I won't!"

"If I,like... hear that,like... Sparky chick's voice again,I'm gonna,like... blow her freakin' brains out!"

"What is with this Raffitto ? He's a nutball! Fire him,kill him,just do something with him before he tries to take a scalpel to me!"

"I can't stand my brother,Gary! Like If you don't send him back immediately,I'll leave."

"Listen up,boy! It's that kink,Doctor Bernie Gloveless,or it's me! But one of us ain't stayin'!"

"One of us has got to go! I can't spend my day dispensing medial advice to that GOMER,Hurl Cutter. I'm not his personal physician!"

"I never worked with Lance Fisher before... The guy's a coward! He shouldn't be in this business! Get rid of him,or I'm leaving!"

"The Fox is nothing but trouble! Either you ship her out of here,or I'm shipping myself out!"

"Ears Stockwell's god-damn,warm-water,pond scum! You should never have hired the lowlife! You want to keep me,I'd better not see him again!"

"Pops McGillicutty is way too old for this business. Either you force him to retire,or I'm geting out of here!"

Try to hire the mercenary who left the team itself
(only very few of them gives an "explanation")

beth:"I left because Pops can't keep his hands to himself. And as long as he's there,I won't be going back."

buzz:"I was there and I left your outfit 'cause you hired that unladylike Stella. She's a no-good rebel rouser whom I still refuse to work with."

fox:"You still have that old pervert,Pops,working for you! I haven't changed my mind since I left. As long a he works for you,I don't!"

lynx:"No! You still have that fruitcake,Smoke,working for ya!"

mouse:"I left because Fox was flaunting herself and making the situation unnecessarily dangerous for everybody. I won't rejoin till she's gone!"

nails:"Forget it... Sparky's still there! I'd have to kill her before she opened her mouth! And I hate killing chicks! Now,if you were to kill her,I'd respect you."

rusty:"I told you when I left,I can't stand that Weasel Augustin! If you want me back,you're going to have to get rid of him."

spam:"I spent a mission with that nutball Raffitto,I won't even think about rejoining until he's no longer a member of your squad."

stella:"I told you when I left,I'm not Cutter's personal physician. If you want that candy-butt on your team,you can't have me!"

vicky:"When I worked for you, you were hiring weenies like that guy Lance,and last I heard,he's still there!"

wally:"That Guzzman broad is still there. I told you,the Fox is nothing but trouble!"

wolf:"I told you when I left! Pops is way too od for me to count on,and you still haven't gotten rid of him!"
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Good job mate,keep it up. Smile
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A Merc join only because his friend is already in your team

"Since Lance Fisher is on your team,I'm tempted to join up... Okay,I'll be there."

"Okay... I'm gonna overlook some of the problems I have with ya 'cause Screw's on your team,and I haven't seen him for a while."

"Although I have my doubts about you,Lieutenant Bud Hellar is an exemplary soldier and a gentleman. It would be privilege to serve with him."

"I'll join! I always look forward to practicing medcine with Doctor Summers."

"I shall put my differences with you and your history aside,simply because Needle is a competent physician and a pleasure to work with."

"Of course! Wolf's a hunk! I'd go just about anywhere to be with him. Just hearing his voice makes my knees quiver!"

"Ivan is a professional! I will go because he is there. Maybe I can pick-up a couple of pointers."

"Hamous be new guy... I go with you. Maybe he need help!"

"I'm only signing on because the Snake already has!

"Yep... I really like to work with Mike."

"I'll join... But only because my man,Magic,is workin' for ya."

"No! Well... Static being on the squad's a big plus,man... Okay,I'll go."

"I'm hesitant,but I haven't spent any time with Spike Scallion since our vacation last winter. Maybe,while I'm there,we can make plans for this year."

"You have Scully working for you... It's been awhile since Scully and I hunted down bad guys and made grunt-gombo together. Add me to the roster!"

"It's always a pleasure to work with Pops,junior. Simply because he's there,I'll make the trip."

"Working with Stella would be real special... All right! I'll ignore my concerns about you for the chance."

"You got that hot Fox in your club,hahahha... I blow a piston every time I'm near her. Give me a second to kiss the misses goodbye,and I'm on my way!"

"You've got that young babe,Cynthia Guzzman,on your team,right? It doesn't matter how things are going,sonny,I'm on the way!"

"Since my old friend Leon's working for ya,I think I'll takes the assignment."

"Since I'm relatively new,and seeing that Sidney found you to be a suitable employer,I'll place my faith in his judgement."

"Boss is on your team? Well... That makes a difference! I'll go,but I'll be keeping an eye on you!"

"Just so you're up to speed. If it wasn't for Mike being on your team,I wouldn't be joining."

"Like I never see Larry... Unless of course he needs money. So,I'll put aside my cares about you jus to be like with my brother."

"Normally,I would say no,however I would love to see Vicki... I wonder just how far she has advanced on her dad's car."

"I accept your offer. It'll allow me to keep an eye on Anita and protect here from any unnecessary danger."

"Mike in your posse,so I no worry about joining... I just want to work with Marshal Mike!"

"I'll join,but only because Mike's on the team. The opportunity to work with someone of Mike's caliber doesn't happen very often."

"I'll go! I gonna marry dat Beth chick one of dese days. Dis is a good chance to lay the groundwork,if you's know what I means'!"

"It will be great! My old chess buddy,Carp,signed on with you... I'm sure looking forward to seeing the lad."

"I have a few problems with your track record,but your choice in personnel is excellent. As long as Fox is on your team,you can, pretty much depend on me."

Your mercenary threatens to leave because there were too many deaths in a mission

Note:only a few will complain.

Bernie:"You bring back bad memories of time I worked the night shift in an E.R. in the Bronx. Too much unnecessary death forced me to leave there,too!"

Biff:"I can't stay here... PEOPLE ARE GETTING KILLED!!!!!

Bob:"I have to leave! I've been subpoenaed to testify before your war crimes tribunal. I still find it hard to believe that so many of your men have died!"

Boss:"Hell... This place makes the Middle East look like a beach party. If you want me to come back,you're going to have to get the body count down."

Cliff:"I'm leaving! Your death rate is astronomical!"

Dyno:"Staying alive is awfully hard 'round here... I'm going to have to look for a safter place."

Elroy:"I'm leaving! You're going to have to do something about the number of mercenaries biting the dust if you want me back!"

Fox:"This place is too risky for someone starting their career. You can call if you manage to make it somewhat safer."

Grunty:"I'd have to be suicidal to stick around here. I'm checking out!"

Hector:"Dis place full of bodies! Friends' bodies! I go home!"

Ice:"Too many mercenaries have met their maker working for you! I ain't sticking around!"

Jimmy:"I'm outta here... Before the grim reaper pulls my number!"

Larry:"Too many dudes puttin' their noses to the turf,man... Gotta run!"

Len:"I've eyeballed the situation... Your incompetence is the main reason for us dying. Good luck finding somebody of my caliber to replace me!"

Lynx:"I expected casualties when I came here,but you've turned death into an industry! I'm getting out while I still can."

Magic:"I'm a burglar... A second story man... A jimmy! I'd have to be looking to die to even think about stickin' around here!"

Mike:"What are you running here,pal? An organ bank? I'm gone! You'll have to get things under control if you ever want me to come back!"

Mitch:"I quit! There's a limit to the amount of death that even a doctor can stomach. I'd say you've reached it!"

Moses:"I've seen them all,and I ain't never seen any quite as deadly as yourself,junior! I'm gettin' my tail out of here while it's still intact!"

Mouse:"I'm new at this and too many of our people are getting killed,I'm not taking any more chances... I'm leaving!"

Needle:"I've had enough! There are way too many of us dying down here!"

Pops:"Back in WWI,the real war,we had the perfect solution for commanders responsible for too many men dying... Unforntunately,all I get to do is quit on you."

Raffi:"Even me... a doctor,very,very good doctor,cannot take all 'dese deaths! Me go back to safe place."

Rev:"As much I appreciate all the opportunities you've provide to administer the last rites,I must be on my way!"

Rusty:"It's to risky working for you. Call me if you learn not to take so many chances with our lives!"

Sam:"I say,theres' something terribly wrongs happenin' heres. And I best get my sweet Kentucky butt outta heres before yous' manage to get it shot off!"

Scope:"I am concerned about the extreme number of casualties we're suffering. Concerned enough to leave until I hear of a significant decrease."

Smoke:"Hey Mister Death,eh... I'm outta here!"

Spam:"This is worse than anything I've ever witnessed working as a peacekeeper. We're getting massacred! Don't look for me anymore."

Speck:"It appears to me that poor management has led to the demise of too many mercenaries. I must submit my resignation."

Tex:"This place like O.K. Corral. I come back when it more like Bonanza."

Turtle:"Danger may be my business,but since I've been here,I'm no longer comfortable with dying as the bottom line! I have to get out!"

Vicki:"That last death did it! I'll consider coming back when you get a better handle on the situation."

Wally:"I'd stay if my life didn't depend on it! But it does,so I'm leaving!"

Wink:"With most of the mercenaries you've hired... dead,this place has kind of lost its charm. I'm hitting the road."

Wolf:"I planned on leaving alive,so I'm leaving now!"

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Sorry for the double-post.

Your merc is drowning

Bernie:"I'm drowning..."
Beth:"I won't be able to tread water for much... Need help right away!"
Biff:"I'm trying to not panic But I'm too tired to swim."
Bob:"Can't keep my he...ad above water... much longer!"
Boss:"Phhhhhell... Swallowing water..."
Bud:"I've got to... rest. Can't keep swimming much longer..."
Buz:"Exhaustion has taken over... Don't know how long I can hang on..."
Carp:"Help!!!! Too tired... to reach shore..."
Cliff:"Save me! I can't swim much longer..."
Doc:"Too ti..red to swim... Need help now..."

Dyno:"I'm drowning..."
Ears:"I'm exhausted... I can't find the strengh to stay afloat..."
Eli:"I'm panicking... I can't catch my breath..."
Elroy:"I can't believe... I'm drowning..."
Fidel:"I be drowning! I no want to... drown!"
Fox:"I don't know how much longer I can swim. I can't find my breath..."
Gary :"I can't breathe... I'm DRO...WNING!"
Grunty:"I can't take tuis much more... Too tired to tread water..."
Hamous:"Me be drowning soon!"
Hector:"Too tired to swim..."

Hitman:"I can't swim,Ace... I'm going under..."
Hurl:"Oh my God... I'm drowning... I'm going to die..."
Ice:"I'm sinking... Can't fight it much longer..."
Jimmy:"I'm goin' under,man..."
Kaboom:"Help me... I can't swim no more..."
Kelly:I'm gasping for air... Too tired to swim..."
Lance:Help me... I can't swim any longer..."
Larry:I'm...a... dead man..."

Leech:"Can't... catch my breath! Unable to swim... Anymore!"
Leon:"I'm losing strengh... Feel weak... I can't swim anymore..."
Len:"Going under... You're on your own..."
Lynx:"No strength left... I'll hang on as long as I can,but I'm getting tired..."
Magic:"I'm losin' it... Can't stay floating much longer..."
Malice:"Aide moi vite,en... I swallow da water,la!"
Mike:"I can't keep my head above water any longer!"
Mitch:"I am submerging... I need help!"
Moses:"My age is catching up with me,junior... I can't stay afloat..."
Mouse:"I can't go much longer... I'm going under..."

Nails:"I don't believe this... I survived car bombings,knifings and gunshot wounds... And I'm gonna die drowning..."
Needle:"I'm out of breath... Going under... water!"
Pops:"Son...there was a time when I would have done the butterfly for twice the distance... But I'm too tired now... Don't think I can make it!"
Postie:"I'm going under It's a bitch there's nobody to take with me..."
Raffi:"Help me,man! Me can't swim no more!"
Reuban:"I get no air! Water deep! I sinkin'!"
Rev:"I need your help,dear Lord,for I have not the strengh to swim any further..."
Rusty:"Swallowing too much water... Can't keep my head up..."
Sam:"I's sinking,son! I's sinking fast!"
Scope:"I'm unable... to stay afloat much longer,Commander!"

Screw:"This is embarrassing! I can't believe... I'm going to dro..wn!"
Scully:"I'm going un...der... Doubt... I can make shore...""
Sidney:"Gulp... Going under..."
Skitz:"What a rush... I'm about to drown!"
Smoke:"I'm gonna need help... I can't swim much longer..."
Snake:"Swallowing water... Need help... fast..."
Spam:"I can't continue... Can't swim any further..."
Sparky:"Help... I need help...Like...I don't know how to swim!"
Speck:"Help... I'm drowning!"
Spike:"I can't stay above water much longer,boy!"

Static:"I'm slippin' under,man..."
Stella:"I'm swallowing water... I won't make it!"
Tex:"Need help! I too tuckered to swim..."
Turtle:"I can't swim!!!"
Vicki:"If only I could catch my breath..."
Vinny:"Gulp... Do me a favor... Don't tell nobodies I's drowned! Dis would disgrace da family... Just tell'em... I got shot!"
Wally:Help me... I'm going underwater..."
Weasel:"I don't know how much longer... I can keep my head above water..."
Wink:"I can't stay afloat much longer... No breath left..."
Wolf:"I'm going to drown..."

Your merc can not open a crate

Bernie "It's jammed. I can't move it."
Beth "It's nailed on there too tight."
Biff "Im not getting anywhere!"
Bob "I can't open it."
Boss "Hell... It's on there pretty tight."
Bud "I can't seem to get it open."
Buzz "It needs someone stonger than I."
Carp "It's jammed shut!"
Cliff "I cannot open it!"
Doc "I can't pry this crate open."

Dyno "I can't move it."
Ears "I can't get this box opened."
Eli "I'm not having much success."
Elroy "I ain't making any progress."
Fidel "It stuck!"
Fox "This crate's sealed tight!"
Gary "I can't open it."
Grunty "I can't pry this lid off!"
Hamous "No open."
Hector "It too hard."

Hitman "I'm not getting anywhere,Ace"
Hurl "My arm hurts..."
Ice "I can't pop it."
It "Yep... It stuck good."
Jimmy "I can't open it."
Kaboom "Da... it won't open."
Kelly "I doubt anyone can open it."
Lance "I can't do it!"
Larry "It's stuck,man... It's stuck real good."

Leech "they must have used bonding glue!"
Leon "It won't give!"
Len "It doesn't want to open!"
Lynx "It won't budge."
Magic "I can't seem to pry it off."
Malice "I can't open him."
Mike "It doesn't open."
Mitch "I seem to be having a problem opening this crate."
Moses "I don't seem to be strong enough to open it."
Mouse "I'm not strong enough!"

Nails "I can't get a decent grip."
Needle "I can't open this crate."
Pops "Im too old for this!"
Postie:"I pulled out my back..."
Raffi "It no open."
Reuban "It too tough."
Rev "This crate won't open!"
Rusty "This crate seems impossible to open."
Sam "I's can't get it to move,son."
Scope "I am unable to move it."

Screw "Ain't no way! It's sealed up tight!"
Scully "I don't think this box was meant to open!"
Sidney "Sorry,but I can't open this crate."
Skitz "I say we just blow it open!"
Smoke "Maybe... ah,I should just blow it open."
Snake "It won't open."
Spam "It's nailed down!"
Sparky "Like... It's on there real good!"
Speck "I can't seem to open this crate."
Spike "It's stuck on there real good,boy."

Static "I ain't getting anywhere,man..."
Stella "It won't budge!"
Tex "It locked up tight."
Turtle "Whoever put it on didn't want it to be opened!"
Vicki "It's stuck!"
Vinny "Gives me a break. I didn't have no breakfast!"
Wally "I can't pry it."
Weasel "God-damn... It's on there tight!"
Wink "It won't open."
Wolf "I'm getting nowhere"!
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Hey bro,nice job. ; )
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Sorry for the double-post.

The next update is coming soon:

-One merc is stealing from you (after a mission)

-On call (AIM site) there are two quotes,the merc talking about him/or others mercs.

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One merc is stealing from you (after a mission)

Note: the following mercenaries are honest and will not steal you:


Bernie "I think... I may have left the lights on at my place. I've got to leave!"

Biff:"My mom needs me. I gotta go!"

Bob:"I got pressing business to attend to. I have to leave."

Boss "Hell... You didn't expect me to turn over the cash,did ya?"

Cliff:"I can't stay here! Not with this much money on me. It wouldn't be safe."

Doc:"A long-time patient of mine has taken a turn for the worse. I'll have to leave."

Eli:"Im teeign off time at nine. I have to run."

Elroy:"I have to go.

Fidel:"I no like this place. I go now!"

Fox:"My sister in Newark insists that I go home immediately. Maybe I can make it up to you some
other time. Bye!"

Grunty:"I got bad news from home. I have to leave!"

Hector:"I go now... I be sorry.'

Hitman:"I been looking to take some time off,Ace! And right now seems like a pretty good time!"

Ice:"I got to go! I forgot I had a... dentist appointment."

It:"No time.. gotta go!


Jimmy "What do you think I am? An honest criminal? Kudos for the cash. We'll catch you another

Kaboom:"Finders keepers... Bye!"

Kelly:"Got to go! No time to explain!"

Larry "Man... What a day! I'll be seeing ya!"

Leech:"I'm outa here... There ain't nowhere around here to spend this kind of money!"

Len:"My grandmother left me a little bit of money. I'm taking some time off!"

Lynx:"There's this lady in upstate New York I've been meaning to visit,and I think I just came

into the cash I need to get there."

Magic:"I'm taking a break from this business for a while. Hope you understand."

Malice:"I regret dat I gotta go... I'ts a minor...legal thing,la."

Mitch:"I must have ate some bad food... I have to go home!"

Moses "Look junior,I'm leaving! The cash is going to help finance my retirement. And who says
it's yours anyways?"

Mouse:"Oh ,I forget all about the dinner dance tonight being put on by the Society of Lesbian
Mimes. I have to leave now!"

Nails: "It's like taking candy from a baby! Ha... Tough luck,Scooter!"

Needle:"It was great working for you,but I've decided to leave."

Pops "It's too bad,son,but I got an appointment for my cataracts. Maybe we'll see each other
again sometime."

Postie:"You gotta appreciate this... Cash! This is better than that old age pension check scam we
were running. No signatures to forge or anything!"

Raffi:"Me gots to go! Me gets big medical award in homeland!"

Reuban "Ahhh... Reuban go now."

Rev:"The temptation,isn simply too strong! I'll repent after I blow the cash!"

Rusty "It's been a pleasure working for you. More of a pleasure than you'll ever know."

Sam:"It be my lucky days,son... I's gotta be leaving now."

Scope:"An unexpected emergency has come up. It seems my eldest son is running an extremely high
fever,and I am needed at home immediately."

Screw:"Thanks for the cash,sucker!"

Scully:"We kill and die for less money than this... I'm keeping it,and I'm out of here!"

Sidney:"sorry,but possession is nine-tenths of the law. Tally-ho!"

Skitz:"What a day! Bye..."

Smoke "See ya,hosehead! This kind of cash is gonna get me one hell of a lonely-man weekend,eh!"

Snake:"Hang in there! Things might turn around for you,too! See ya!"

Spam:"Get with the program! We kill people for a living! Do you think stealing is beneath us?"

Sparky:"Like... I gotta get to a mall! Like now..."

Spike:"This is the deal,boy... I'm leaving and keeping the cash! And there ain't nothing you can

do about it!"

Static:"What a payday,man! It's beer and babes till the money runs out! Catch you another time."

Stella:"I'm leaving! I have a pair of diamond earrings coming to me! I'll be sure to put your
name on the card."

Tex:"Today great day! I go buy piece of land in Montana. Big sky country!"

Turtle:"I've never made this much money in my life! I'm going back to Chicago to celebrate!"

Vicki "This place is a gold mine. I'm almost sad to leave it."

Vinny:"Errrr... Gots a bleeding ulcer... I's gots to go!"

Wally:"I'm leaving... I have to go back for some tests."

Weasel:"God-damn... I gotta go!

Wink "It seems I've been called up to the big leagues. I'm going to have to leave right away."

Wolf:"Something's come up. I got to leave."

On call

Bernie:"I don't wish to brag or anything,but I would like to point out that I am the official
A.I.M. physician."

"How have you been feeling lately? Any complaints about your health that might require further

Beth:"I give twenty percent of everything I make to charity..."

"I hear things aren't looking too good for you."

Biff:"I know C.P.R.."

Bob:"I know I can fulfill your needs,Commander. How many other Captains did you notice in the

Boss:"Hell... You're looking at the best! I can build,fix and kill anything! I'm the Boss!"

"It's a hell of a way to make a living. On the upside,you get to travel a hell of a lot."

Bud:"I've got a military background,a list of references,a complete library of modern combat
tactics,and I'll stir your coffee if you ask me."

"Did you hear about Lynx and Buzz? Well... keep it a secret,but I hear church bells in the

Buzz:"Go for it. I'm a markswoman at a great price."

"If you're looking for the best,or at least the best-looking,look up Lynx."

Carp:"Aye... I have my ear to the information pipeline,lad. And with me on your team,you'll have
your ear to it,too."

Cliff:"And might I also add that I am fully certified."

"I bet Summers mentioned his hole-in-one,and that I'd confirm it. Well... It's true,but if he
keeps telling everyone,I'm going to start denying it."

Doc:"Searching for a medical services? Let me introduce myself,I'm Doc Koolhan,the affordable and

"War! Such a terrible necessity..."

Dyno:"I'd say my greatest asset is my trustworthiness. I hope that's helpfull."

Ears:"Listen... Im the best mole for the money! They don't call me Ears for nothing,you know."

"You may want to think twice about hiring Buzz Garneau. I hear she's with child... Seems Lynx
knocked her up."

Eli:"I'm a huge golfer,you know... I aced the seventeenth at Pinehurst. Yup... In less than ideal
conditions on September 19,1995. You can ask Cliff Highball!"

"Im not one to spread unsubstantiated rumors,however,I am privy to the fact that Koolhan's
medical license is under investigation."

Elroy:"You could avoid the rush by signing me on right now."

Fidel:"You need bomb guy,no?

"You see Hurl... You tell him Fidel say hello!"

Fox:"I'm all you'll ever need! And more!"

"If you see Wolfy,tell him I miss him!"

Gary:"My father wasn't badmouthing me,was he?"

"I've got a bigger mouth than my father,and I'm a heck of a lot younger."

Grunty:"I am young and affordable,and just as capable as mercenaries twice my price."

"One day,I,Helmut Grunther,will be the highest paid mercenary in all of A.I.M."

Hamous:"Hamous like mule... Carry much... No complain!"

"I hear story. Dey say Mister Lucas be in Cuba!"

Hector:"Dis be best price I make you."

"When you want go to Margarita,I got cousin,Juan,he fix everything. Best price!"

Hitman:"Look no further,Ace. You're staring at the right face."

Hurl:"You can't buy more loyalty for your dollar! Hurl E. cutter,where the E stands for
exceptional value."

Ice:"Im priced to sell,dudenand trained to satisfy."

"Don't let all the blood and guts get you down,dude. It'll grow on you."

It:"I'm cheap! And I'm sure good at opening crates."

"Ya know... I was almost a big star in the W.W.F., but I just didn't fit into those Stars-
Spangled Shorts."

Jimmy:"I was framed! And I've repented!"

"It was a racist,rogue cop! That's the only reason I got time. That... and no money for a defense

Kaboom:"Da... What's a mime?"

Kelly:"Give 'em hell!"

"In times of trouble,they call me Kick-Ass Kelly!"

Lance:"It's all there... I know on paper there seems to be better guys out there,but how many of
them have the experience of a full-scale military operation?"

"I dont mean to brag,but me and five hundred other guys secured a whole school in Grenada. And it
was nighttime."

Larry:"I'm clean,man... I got my sh...,ah stuff together,man... I swear!"

Leech:"I give you my word... I don't let too many of them get away."

Len:"My bio doesn't do me justice! It's A.I.M. politics. Somebody in administration has it in for

"You can hire whoever you want. Though there are members who won't think much of you
if you hire that butcher,Reuban. And I happen to one of them.

Leon:"If you're looking to hire a Roachburn,I'm the only Roachburn for the job."

"Just don't compare me to my kids... Heck,I don't even know if they are my kids. Their mother was
a tramp. She was raised in a trailer. A tent trailer!"

Lynx:"Lynx stands for lynx-eyed. Which means victory for you and death to the bad guys."

"Don't believe the rumors... Not only am I not engaged,I have no intention of ever marrying
someone who would do this for a living."

Malice:"I'm da man for da job. I want you to think about dis,en... Can all dose dead peoples be

"Hey toi,la-la! Who is dis mercenary dey call da Wolfy,la ?"

Magic:"What do you say you let me make some magic happen for you?"

"If you're talking to Jimbo let him know he should stay away from my phone and my place. The cops
got it staked out again."

Mike:"You can call Mike. I don't have a last name."

Mitch:"Forget the rest,go with the best! Doctor Mitch Shudlem... Receipts supplied upon request."

"I've seen Raffi's supposed medical degree from Harvard. It was full of ink smudges and Harvard
was spelled with an 'f'!"

Moses:"I got a full squad's worth of experience under my hood,junior."

Mouse:"I am as quiet as a mouse... That is,after all,how I got my nickname."

Nails:"Hey! Are you the one that use to pitch bodies into the river? I hope so,because it'd be a
pleasure to work for you. We share the same hobby. Hahha...ha."

"Ah... This is something I'm doing just to pass the time,but I'm starting to get real
into it."

"You got that hot Fox in your club,hahahha... I blow a pison every time I'm near her.
Give me a second to kiss the misses goodbye,and I'm on my way!"

Needle:I revived two mercenaries,both of whom had been dead for well over five minutes. What more
could you ask for from your team physician?"

"Don't judge Larry too harshly. He's got a problem. I just wish he would listen to me. I can get
him some help..."

Pops:"Don't be fooled,son... I still got a good couple of missions in me!"

"Looking like it's gonna be a great day for some combat,son."

Postie:"You can hire me or not hire me,I really don't care."

Raffi:"Me a very good doctor! At very good price."

"Me be doctor of the month dis month..."

Reuban:"I like kill people. Good prices!"

"Reuban... Good prices!"

Rev:"Repent and be saved,my dear brother."

Rusty:"If you're shopping for an explosive expert,feel free to check out the competition. I have
no family history of psychiatric illness or sheet metal in my head."

Sam:"If I's can see its,son,I"s can hits it for ya... Most of the time!"

Scope:"I have earned an excellent reputation amongst former hostages for making that absolutely
crucial shot."

"I left the forces to join A.I.M. because of the freedom it offered. I'm not sure I made the
right choice. Though,I've heard Postie is going to get us dental."

Screw:"Whatcha waitin' for?"

"Whatcha looking at ?"

Scully:"You can ask around,I always get the job done. Done right!"

"Allow me to give you a tip. You never want to be anywhere near Kaboom when he's cleaning his gun."

Sidney:"Take but a moment of your time,dear boy,and read between the lines. I am sure you will
soon come to realize the benefits of hiring the Sandman."

"Yes part of the report is true. I have relations with certain members of the royal
family,however I never so much as shared a spot of tea with Anne!"

Skitz:"I got a real hankering... to kill somebody."

Smoke:"All the guys like me,eh. I usually entertain them with a couple of tricks I know
that,ha,make use of small explosions..."

"I like what you've done with your hair,eh."

Snake:"Im the guy you want! Trust me!"

Spam:"You've never hired anyone as eager as me. I've had to lay low and watch for far too long."

"Micky O'Brien and I go back aways. He travels to hot spots and sells to both sides. keep your
hands on your wallet when you're talking to him."

Sparky:"Like people say,I have a bubbly personality and everything... And I'm fun to be around...
So like what do you think?"

"Like I've been takin swimming lessons. And my instructor says that since I can almost dog-
paddle,I'm going to be like moving up to junior dolphins soon!"

Speck:"One of the great features about using A.I.M. for all military needs is indeed the wide

Spike:"How ya doing,boy?"

Static:"I offer flexibility,man... I can fix it,or shoot it!"

Stella:"If you don't think a woman should be allowed in combat,I'd be more than willing to show
you how you haven't thought everything out!"

"I've been doing this since I was in school. And,though I hide my age well... I assure you I've
got quite a few years of experience."

Tex:"Who do think is better actor John Wayne or Clint Eastwood? I think it be Clint... He more
versatile. I love Dirty Harry!"

"I give guarantee,partner! One hundred and one percent satisfaction!"

Turtle:"How fast do ya got to be to shoot people?"

"Ya know... I would really prefer to be called Herman,or Sergeant Detective Regents. Not there's
anything ya can do about it."

Vicky:"Be careful,man... I hear they be puttin' a price on your head."

"I be taking this chance to tell ya,you only be learning half the story. Ya hire me,man,and
nothing be broken and a lot of people be dead."

Vinny:"Just like it says,I's can fix anythings' "

"Yo... Yous' don't go gettin' no ideas about playing cards with Hamous. He's my mark! Yous'

Wally:"Before you go... I want to make sure you have not overlooked my inconceivably strong
mechanical skills."

"Guzzman is trouble! You've been warned!"

Weasel:"Hiring me would probably be one of the best god-damn decisions you ever made!"

"It's a god-damn living..."

Wink:"You shouldn't even have to think about it. Who can beat the price?"

"You catch the game last night?"

Wolf:"Hiring me would be a smart choice. And that's my objective opinion."

"That Gus Tarballs is one military hard-nose,isn't he?"

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