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First post on the boards here. Hopefully I am in the right spot and just want to share a quick story. I went absolutely NUTS during the Holidays and started downloading every TBS/TB Tactical/RPG combat game that was on GOG and Steam sales. Silent Storm Gold, Fallout 1,2 & Tactics, X-Com EU, Baldur's Gate, etc. I even got Heroes of Might & Magic 3. I know. I know...

Anywho, I kept seeing JA2 Gold at 75% off but I held off because I didn't know much about it and I already had a HUGE backlog of games. After coming to these forums and seeing how active this community is with the 1.13 modding (and everyone seeming to say this is one of, if not their all-time favorite game) I couldn't resist getting just 1 more game for 4.99. Last one. Promise.

1 week later- 1/6/14- 0800 hours. "I have to go back to work today. I know I need to make sales to keep my job but I would much prefer setting up a better strategy to attack that farm in between Omerta and Dressen. I'll put 2 guys in the corn field this time and just have them crawl until I spot the enemy. I'll use my other guys to flank them from behind the barn. How the hell do I use Barry's TNT detonator thingy??? Wow! That guy just bled out and died that I shot a few turns earlier..Cool!

This is the only game I have played for the past few days. If I would have known how addicting, realistic and just damn fun this game is to play, I probably would have saved a few bucks and a lot of hard drive space. I will get back to the other games at some point, but right now JA2 is ALL I think about.

I'm doing my first playthru on 1.12,Experienced and then I'll definitely download the 1.13 Mod.

Thanks to these forums, I think I have finally found THE game I was always truly looking for.
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Welcome to 'the Pit' , yup , Ja grabs you like that ! Have fun . Smile

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Hehe, kinda brings back ancient memories... 14 years ago... trying to beat the demo sector 100th time.

Welcome to the Pit. Take your time, enjoy vanilla JA2 as much as you can. It's the best way to appreciate later what 1.13 brings to the table.

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