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Registered:April 2014
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Do you like to replay games, which you`ve had played before? Which ones do you like to replay over and over again?
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Registered:April 2011
Location: Germany
Well, besides JA2 (long time since I played JA1, though I did replay it a lot back in the day):
  • most games from the Fallout series, with some smaller mods
  • Baldur's Gate series, Icewind dale series, Planescape: Torment, Temple of Elemental Evil, Neverwinter Nights series, Dragon Age: Origins. All more or less modded
  • To a lesser extend Elder Scrolls games (Morrowind, Oblivion)
  • Arcanum (modded)
  • Total War games, esp. Medieval 2 (mostly total conversion mods)
  • Homeworld 1+2 (modded)
  • Master of Orion 2 (MoO3 only modded)
  • Panzer General (lately I've switched to the remake Panzer Corps however, highly recommendable)
  • X-COM (both original & remake)
  • M.A.X.(from Interplay, 1996)
  • Sim City 4, with mods
Nothing else comes to mind right now. The above titles I've replayed many times already. There are other games I've played for longer time periods, but when I got fed up, I rarely felt the urge to play them again. What about yourself? =)
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Registered:December 2012
Location: Russia
Ok, my list Smile

- Fallout 2 +Restoration Pack (Killap) + mods from Jim and Phobos2077.
- Morrowind with graphical packs.
- Arcanum!
- MOO2
- X-COM (OpenXCOM, UFO:The Two Sides mod)
- Transport Tycoon (OpenTTD)
- Civilization 3
- Colonization
- HMM 3
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Registered:May 2014
Location: Tyne & Wear
Don' know if anyone can help, I have been trying to find the name of a game I played many years ago but without success, for me it was the first squad based strategy game I had tried and was great, here are the details I can remember Smile

It was in approx 1986-1988 before laser squad was released (I think)

Visually it was similar to Rebelstar but had space as well as ground combat, a huge open universe to explore you could beam down to planets go into space stations etc

It was on the Atari ST and I think was called something like Space Rangers but I cannot find any trace of it on the internet, does this ring any bells with the old timers out there?
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Registered:December 2013
Location: Bulgaria
Despire recently I'm spending my free time for level design and shared compiling here is my list:

Arma 2, Panzer Corps, EUIV, Civilization 4&5, Diablo 3 RoS, Silent Hunter V, Falcon 4.0

Waiting for any eye catching strategy games.
I know that most of them are not old, but this is what I enjoy the most.
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Registered:September 2009
Tactics Ogre on Playstation gets a replay every couple of years.
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Registered:April 2016
Location: Indonesia

Diablo 2, red alert 2 and 3, front mission 1 and 3, metroid zero and fusion...so far

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