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Hello everyone,

Linked directly to the subject of the community, I would like to introduce Cold Contract, which follows the path of X-Com and JA series.
We have reached a great level of stability of our alpha version and it is time for us to show our work.

The background of the game sends you to a hostile country that an undercover force has invaded. With the help of several mercenaries, you need to establish a bridgehead and try to find the location of the unknown enemy, who leads the operations.


We have three main objectives with this game;
- Increase the replayability by using procedurally generation algorithms in order to make each new run a unique experience;
- Make a really interesting AI to enjoy the tactical part in the isometric environment;
- Bring several options to customize capacities of mercenaries, squads and base camp.

There are two specific parts in our game:
- A real-time environment where you give orders to squads, upgrade your base camp and manage your team;
- A turn-based environment where you face the opposing force in order to conquer sectors or accomplish missions.

Real-time environment:

Each time you start a new game, the world map, the objectives, the group of mercenaries, are randomly generated. This option offers a unique vision of our game for each player and increases the diversity of situations.
You are free to hire mercenaries like you want (depending of your funds of course), equip them with a large variety of weapons and support objects, and upgrade them with several perks as they gain experience on the battlefield.
Each squad can also be upgraded to move faster on the world map, be better resistant to hostile aggression... We want to offer lot of options for the player to match his own style of play.


In this context, we have added a base camp component with more than twenty options to improve your experience. You can increase the size of the team deployed on the battlefield, launch a satellite to detect enemy movements, activate a drone in order to identify their positions on isometric map, reinforce the defenses of your base camp against enemy assaults, and much more...

Turn-based environment:

This part offers a great level of diversity. All isometric maps are generated randomly at the beginning of a new game. There will be several environments: cities, villages, industrial site, military target...
In addition, depending of your progression on the map, eight types of missions can appear on the objectives: secure an area, save hostages, search and destroy military material, kill enemy VIP...


We have retained an action points system. Each mercenary has several AP to spend. We don't have retained the "modern" AP behavior where you have only two points because we think that it is better to choose what you want to do and how.


To enhance the tactical part, we have developed an advanced aggressive AI which reacts to several situations. The enemy finds the best target depending of his own situation, he falls back to a better position if surrounded, tries to save his life, acts by using equipment of each member present around him... Depending of the level of the opposition, player will find quite challenging battles.

If you want more information, you can visit our website and read our faq : http://www.coldcontract.com
You can also follow Cold Contract on IndieDB : http://www.indiedb.com/games/cold-contract

I'm also at your disposal if you have any questions on our game. Wink

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Registered:April 2010


on the effort

Any demo, alpha or something?
Some more info about you guys would be nice also...
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Location: Danubia
Game has a nostalgic feeling to it, like JA 1.5

As far as feedback goes would be nice if the standing poses would get some attention. Crouch looks fine.

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Registered:May 2014
Well, the standing poses have not been redone since the beginning.
This is a long task to generate all poses for the characters. This is also why we wait to add women characters.
But our list of tasks has already a red flag on this point.

We are thinking of a demo of the isometric part on a pre-saved map with lot of enemies in order to offer the possibility to test the combat part.
There are pros and cons for this.
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Registered:January 2000
Location: Danubia
Ah so they're placeholders. Makes sense now. Btw, generating poses is like the Holy Grail for JA2 modders, could you share your work process for this? I am sure you'll gain a lot of fans, especially if the process can be applied to JA2 (don't see why not, since it's isometric too).

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Registered:May 2014
I thought you had already some tutorials to make new poses and models on this forum.
I remembered some screenshots of a Raven model enhanced with new graphics.

We are considering a participative campaign with some rewards,which could be some of our creating process, including this part.

But there is no secret here, we are using MakeHuman and Blender, the first to generate the model with a skeleton, and Blender to animate him. We have a special scene dedicated to isometric view and applied to all objects and models. Poses and movements are all done manually with frame per frame or with an interpolation between a step of five frames, enough to be smooth.
Blender is a powerfull tool.

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Location: Danubia
All work on poses was pretty much done manually. There was a project long time ago for an automated process, but that got abandoned. Keep us posted, this could lead to mutual benefits for everyone.

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Location: Bulgaria

Are you using in-house dev engine for the game?
I guess players would be interested to see some more of the interface design or inventory system?Smile

Re: Cold Contract - Overview[message #332700] Fri, 16 May 2014 20:17 Go to previous messageGo to next message

Registered:May 2014
Yes, the game engine has been created from scratch. We can do everything we want, and update the game as long as we will have players interested in our work.

The interface seems to converge after several iterations.
We privilege clarity of options and functions.
But it is too early to show something.

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Re: Cold Contract - Overview and interface[message #333928] Sat, 28 June 2014 15:51 Go to previous messageGo to next message

Registered:May 2014
Hello again everyone,

Me and my team-mate think that we have done lot of work on our game Cold Contract and it is time to show you some new parts.

At first I would like to say that we have introduced a new pose for our characters when they are ready to fire.

We have also finished adjusting our interface:

- The headquarter with options at your disposal to improve the base camp;


- The main interface with region map, list of mercenaries, vehicles, and target panel with all information;


- The recruitment page with the detail of skills and equipment;


- The shop with a large variety of weapons and material;


The panel for the improvement of guys is always under development and is not interesting to show it at this stage.

The story manager has been added, AI has been improved and modeled to have a better flexibility. We have eradicated a large list of bugs, and new visuals have been added, new information for the enemies also.

For example, below you can see a visual report of an enemy soldier including his vision area, his level of skills/aiming/detection :


As said at the beginning, we think now that we have done enough work on the game to launch it as an early access.
Most of the parts of the game are complete and it is a great opportunity to get a feedback of the experience of gamers.

I think that it will take one month to be ready, only some adjustments and last validations are needed.

We are also preparing a video to show the game in action.
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Registered:May 2014
Hello again :laugh:

This is the time to show you the trailer of our Early Access of Cold Contract, which is now available.


You can also see the video on YouTube at this link : http://youtu.be/_eP6zAI_bqA

We hope that you will like the content !

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