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sorry for asking this here, but I am a bit lost. It has also been a long while since my last activity.

JA2 modding has grown big, which is great. After all these years, I slowly began to find interest in learning how to do stuff like the rest of the community, but as said, I'm literally lost as to where to start. Nonetheless, I would love to slowly put my efforts in things - hopefully other than just suggesting and requesting stuff.
especially after seeing all that awesome you guys are doing, really got me envious C: !

I'm neither sure where to find a considerable FAQ for these obvious questions. I read the modding and customization part on the v1.13 wiki, so I guess XML is something to look at, but regardless, I wonder what else would be worthwhile to learn.

Learning takes time, so best I start somewhere - but I'd need some guidance or advice at what to look at. Doubt I can contribute to any project any time soon. I'm guessing the walkthroughs explain stuff, but I still feel like I'm lacking skills.

1) Programming

I'm guessing coders are always needed.
XML seems to be something to look at, right?
Are there other specific programming languages to look at for JA2?

I only have basic knowledge of C++. Anyhow, I'm quite aimless. I pretty much just need programming languages to look at so I can dig the books.

The 1.13wiki has a 404 on that link to a german site (luckily, I can speak at least that language '
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1) We use xmls to externalise data. There isn#t that much to learn here - understanding how to create new xml tags and files is the most we need.

JA2 is in C/C++. Most of it is still C though, there isn't that much object-oriented stuff going on, but it is getting more.

3) Nope. Just ask people.

4) Depends on what you have in mind.If you simply want the boni to be different, just alter the numbers in Skills_Settings.ini an you are done.

If you, say, want to add new abilities, then, well, it strongly depends on what kind. Can be super-easy, can be super-hard, but anything new will have to be completely coded anew.

I guess the easiest thing to do for you is to simply look for existing abilities and see how they work. Let's just pretend for the sake of argument that you want to add a reload speed boni to, say, the doctor trait, because whatever. The ambidextrous trait already has that, says the ini (RELOAD_SPEED_WITH_MAGAZINE_BONUS). So grab your compiler (VS2005, 2008, 2010 or 2013) and search for that name. You will stumble upon gSkillTraitValues.ubAMReloadSpeedMagazines. See where it is used and what happens there, and you will see how to implement that for other traits too.

Basically, you need to know a bit of programming, C++ will do just fine. Some of the code will seem odd because it is. JA2 isn't exactly a shining example in all places, but is works of most of the time. When I familiarised with the code, I simply looked for some mechanic I knew and started to look how it works. Look for stuff. Look up an ini value and then [Ctrl] + [F] that in the code. Copy the code an alter it to your liking Smile

I guess you could begin by setting a somewhat easy goal, like the above copying of an existing trait ability to another trait, and see how that works out for you.

5) This sub-forum is as good as any. Also the bearpit IRC.

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Registered:June 2010
Thanks Smile.
Yeah, I sniffed around in the .INIs. Impressive what can be done there alone.
I have a few things in mind but best I plan in small steps first.
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