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Registered:October 2014
Location: Braunschweig, Germany
Version: 1.13 (7435 + 7609)

1. Placing an ammo box in the second hand slot and then placing one in the first hand slot sometimes results in the second hand box staying in place even though it shouldn't be possible.

2. "really should" instead of "should really"

3. Every now and then when mercs are travelling a message appears.

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Registered:May 2009
1. You are talking about ammo crates not boxes, right? Crates are two-handed items whereas boxes are one-handed. I can't reproduce the bug on the current 1.13 version. When I put a crate in the first hand the crate in the second hand is automatically dropped to the ground (sector inventory). You may have created a scenario where it wasn't possible to drop the second crate and therefore it stayed in inventory so you don't lose it.

2. Not a bug as both versions are grammatically correct.

3. I have never seen that bug before. My mercs wear sun goggles + extended ear or NV goggles + extended ear depending on time of day.

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Registered:July 2004
Location: Tempe, Az. USA
Glad to see an update since the last time I played (build 4870 I think). Unfortunately since then there have also been OS updates and who knows what else.

I am getting screen flicker (main menu, options, in-game). I hope someone can help.


If you want to delete this or move to solutions, either is OK.

Helps to follow instructions, e.g. "look for v1.1.38". BTW the provided link in the instructions didn't work. Found the archive here.

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Registered:March 2017
Bug: Items disappear.

When: Entering the D2 SAM Site. The items do not reappear when using "Militia inspection".

Savegame und INI: https: //drive. google. com/open?id=0B1Tjc_ISpzOGQ2FhX0JEdWJFdG8
(I cannot use links yet and I don't want to spam 10 messages where they are not wanted)

Version: 7609 (English Version, I think) installed over the Steam version.

Additional Info:
An attack on this sector is going to happen very soon. The militia obviously use the items during that fight (you can hear the guns, after all).
After the battle the items will still be displayed.
Only entering the sector actually makes them disappear. Disabling "Militia_USE_SECTOR_EQUIPMENT" changes the results somewhat, but many items disappear anyway.
If you enter the sector before the battle, leave it, wait for the battle and use Auto-Resolve the militia will be using fists and get massacred.
Entering other sectors works fine, no item disappearances there.
Fighting the battle in the sector the helicopter is about to arrive at doesn't change this. I originally fought that battle and then moved the helicopter team
to Drassen before the SAM battle occurs. The results are the same whether you fight that battle or move on directly.
I only noticed this now, but I had been baffled before when during a defense of this SAM site militia decided to use Harsh Language as their weapon, as I had
put enough weapons there. At the time I thought there was too little ammunition or something. I'm pretty sure though that the bug must have happened before,
which would mean that it is tied to that location. It has been quite some time since then, though, so don't put too much stock in this.
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Registered:October 2005
Location: Australia
I'm seeing this in Vengeance reloaded, but wanted to flag it here if anyone can help...

Have throwing knifes always been able to shoot through fences? I've experienced this recently with mercs able to throw their knives at enemies with no obstacles presented by the fence.

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Registered:April 2017
Location: Hessen Germany
Hallo at all
at first excuse me, my english is not very well.

I'm playing this game since it came out. A few year's (2015??) ago i've installed 1.13 with the release 7435 and update 7069 under Ubuntu /Wine. Respect, you made a great job.

I'm not sure what's wrong but there is a little problem. When i put a weaponlight with battery's on a rifle and switched ON, yeah it makes a great light in the night. When i switch it OFF, the game crash and closed.

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Registered:April 2017
Location: Leer, Germany

seems like it's not possible to repair items stored in the hummer inventory. The repair assign is red as if there were no more items to repair.
Same is fine with items in the inventory of the ice cream truck. The Vehicles.xml is nearly identical for both vehicles so there may be a wrong behaviour in the code.

Version 7609 + AR.
Same behaviour with sevenfm's ja2_7609en+fix.exe and ja2_7609en+AI_r381.exe.
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Registered:June 2008
Location: Switzerland
First off, I am not quite sure if this is the correct place to post this (since I use the WF map mod and I suspect that this is the cause of the bugs I noted), but I have a problem with some item wonkiness and ammo crates / ammo in general. Used the search function beforehand, found nothing.

1. Bug Description
Ammo does not reliably stack to crates or (sometimes) boxes. I have several ammo types that refuse to be converted to boxes or crates (i.e. a stack of 30rd 7.62x39mm AP), some 5.56x45mm tracer ammo that is converted to a lot of ammo boxes with 0 rounds and a single 30rd box, and I've had some ammo that would crash my game when used on a gun. It also appears as if it is not global, as in I have some ammo of a given type that goes into crates like it should whilst some of it does not get converted to crates. I've since deleted most of the "offending" ammo.

Additionally, the SHIFT+M key sometimes does not move a few items. I then have to pick them up manually to pile them on top of my item stack. They are not greyed out or booby trapped or anything, I can pick them up just fine via sector inventory. My item stack holds some 800 items by now (I'm a weapon hoarder), and last night someone seems to have booby trapped it - Merc complains, places blue flag, I have to disarm it - and as soon as I walk up to the pile again my merc complains again. The stuff is 100% repaired, so explosives with low % aren't the cause.

I also have 2 maps in Alma with 10x scopes that are nowhere on the map, yet are shown in sector inv and can't be picked up (greyed out). I've searched all over (GABBI & ALT+E included), but they are nowhere to be found.

2. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug
Not sure. Just play I guess and it will eventually happen?

3. If bug cannot be easily reproduced on a new game, upload the savegame to a file hoster.
Uploading is no problem when needed, just tell me and I'll do it.

4. Any mods & its version running on top of 1.13?
Basic 1.13 mod (7609) on top of a 1.12 Gold install with the current Wildfire 6.07 map mod.

I would have posted this in the relevent mod thread, but it seems as if there is none for just the map mod. Please correct me if I am wrong.

EDIT: Actually, I just realized that I did not execute the 7609 patch after downloading. I'll leave this post intact so that those who know the game's code can decide whether or not it is still relevant given the missed patch.

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