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I've been playing JA2 on and off since it came out, and I kinda like Mike Pondsmith's Cyberpunk 2020 . What I really loved about 1.13 7435 (well, about everything was awesome, but the problems with win8 suck a bit) was the tipwires and the increased number of enemies, and it reminded me a lot of how I ran CP2020. Inspired, I started adding 2020 guns to the sci-fi mode.

I haven't done much above "grandma-level" computer stuff since MS Dos 6.2, but the XML Editor wasn't to hard to figure out. So I've started adding caseless calibers and some cyberpunk weapons. Only weapon I've been making picture for is MonoKatana, but I'm still working on that (I'm not much of an artist):http://s10.postimg.org/b5mz368p1/KMkatana_works2.png
I've figured that the CP guns should be lighter and harder to repair than the realistics, and of course give them longer head-popping range (because everything worth doing is worth over-doing).

The philosophy is more or less that the equipment is lighter and the explosions bigger. Adding some drugs as well could at least get it to the level of "Dungeons and Drug Dealers".

Any idea how to add the Cyber and the Punk? Can some of the same mechanisms as in disabilities, backgrounds and skills work for cybernetics? The radio operator isn't far from how a netrunner could do his thing. Mike as a full borg could be a fun/deadly encounter. How to make cyber psychosis work, and of course backstabbing, set-ups and all that fun stuff is a challenge.

I'm not planning on doing any advanced new stuff, just using what's allready out there since I'm more of a lover than a programmer.

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Adding new traits/backgrounds/personalities is relatively easy. I don't know about Cyberpunk, but stuff like terminators/vampires/whatever can be done. New properties do require coding though, no way around that.

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