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From Christian@FC


The colors are based of a tint mask texture. You might've seen some of them already in our data files. It's the .tga textures made out of shapes of red, blue, green and black.

Instead of reading the list as:

Think of it as:

Not all body parts uses all of the available channels for tinting so sometimes pants for example might be on Color1(R) or Color2(G) and sometimes on the opposite channel.

So its a bit confusing if you can't see the texture tint maps... BUT luckily for you in this case you want to change the skin color, which should always be Color3(B).

Basically whenever a body part shows skin, you can be sure that its Color3 that you want to mess with.

Just got this from Thomas Lund on FB:

Cant wait for you to approve me on the forums, so posting here This is the color guide that I use to get me the float values straight away:


"UpperBodyColor1": "0.208, 0.216, 0.271", <-- cloth color A
"UpperBodyColor2": "0.878, 0.804, 0.757", <-- cloth color B

"UpperBodyColor3": "0.318, 0.231, 0.192", <-- torso skin color

"LowerBodyColor1": "0.412, 0.427, 0.502", <-- cloth color A
"LowerBodyColor2": "0.396, 0.431, 0.451", <-- cloth color B

"LowerBodyColor3": "0.412, 0.427, 0.502", <-- legs skin color

To get the above FC values, just make yourself a spreadsheet that takes RGB decimal values and divides them by 255 (dec. RGB red is: 255 0 0 so in FC notation it comes to 1, 0, 0). Pretty easy.
You need to keep in mind that each body model has different cloth colors. Some like Tshirts only use 1 color, others have 2 colors. That's what Christian was saying.

From my own research (not 100% accurate), the JA2 colors are not straight red/yellow/gray:


TOP REDSHIRT: 0.79, 0.20, 0.08
PANTS GREEN: 0.32, 0.38, 0.17

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As a rule of thumb just copy HeadColor to UpperBodyColor3 and LowerBodyColor3, for UpperBodies and LowerBodies that show some skin.

There are convenient pages to get the RGB values like this one : http://www.rapidtables.com/web/color/RGB_Color.htm

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