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Before I start, a lot of this is very initial template type stuff. There's room for development everywhere but what I'm looking for is feedback and whether there's agreement that this is the "broad stroke" that people are willing to go. Theres a lot more in my head but I can act as the "showrunner" if people like this direction since there still will be a lot of work fleshing out NPC backgrounds and also creating NPCs for the gangs and different factions as well.

It is the year 1988. The United States is seeing an unprecented influx of immigrant refugees fleeing gang and cartel violence from the Central American nation of Angetta Illegal immigrant gang members who have cut their teeth on the harsh streets of LA and in other of the harshest urban gang centers of America find themselves in virgin grounds prime and fertile for the taking. Children from as young as eight years old are forced to join or be killed and parents have no choice but to be conscripted as well. Human trafficking is rife with child prostitution and drugs becoming the largest growth industries. Angettan citizens and even some of their children are being forced to seek refuge outside of the country and are overwhelming the US border while Angettan drug exports represent a growing global crisis. Officially the US will not intervene into Angetta's sovereign affairs. Mario Shiro uses Fortune Soldier magazine to recruit a small force for an intiially one time mission through Fortune Soldier magazine to first clean up her home town in Angetta, secure and protect her family but upon that initial success realises that with a little luck and well managed skill the operation has a chance of retaking Angetta and stopping the problem at it's source entirely.

Marion Shiro Notes: Changed her horribly cliched background. Marion Shiro is a US educated (at Columbia University) human rights layer and immigration advocate who is has tried and failed to convince the US to grant broad amnesty to the Angettan and Central American refugees arguing that amnesty would prevent the supply of warm bodies swelling the ranks of the gangs and cartels in Central America. At the same time the gangs are trying to ensure that her advocacy cannot be heard as it would limit their prospects and deprive them of the bodies needed for growing their stronghold. Both gangs only agree on one thing. That being deported by the US was the best thing that ever happened to them, delivering into their laps entire countries of people, resources virgin-ripe for their taking. Her asian background can be better explained by her Japanese Brazilian ancestry

Notes:- Pros. Great setting with a lot of potential especially for hard choices and decisions (i.e. This War of Mine), the gangs especially provide a lot of bodies to shoot at. The deportation angle can explain the enemy replenishing its numbers. Child soldiers could even be introduced as a dynamic and also bonus incentive for stealth kills and carrying stealth characters i.e knocking them out the kids or anyone else forced to fight unwillingly instead of having to kill them. Cons. Way too serious of a setting potentially for the JA 80's hero cheese feel. The current Arulco redux knockoff is boring. The rest of what ive got is pretty good but open to possibly a lighter more 80's antagonist. Or we could go lighter on the human trafficking nature and make them more generic and over the top violent and Must Be Stopped (Tm) i.e. ISIS.

There are two main antongist gangs in Angetta. The Mara Saradanito and Calle Ocho (based on the real life MS-13 and Calle 18 rivalry) and along with multiple factions to support and political ideologies to support (more stated in Economy). The Mara Saradanito gang is one of loyalty and brotherhood having evolved from initially noble origins which the older members still harbor their own sense of honor about. Members are more likely to back each other up in a firefight, even suicide-vest for the cause. The Calle Ocho on the other hand are more of a loose co-operative of street hustlers but far more opportunistic and entrepreneurial. They are more efficient, more profitable but also more likely to get in each other's way in terms of territory and firefights. The player will need to play the gangs off against each other or if they choose to focus on one, target them while they are fighting each other.

http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-09-18/gang-violence-awaits-teen-el-salvador-after-his-failed-attempts-reach-us - Calle 18 mentioned

Notes:- Todo.. really flesh out the leaders and lieutenants and possible subplots here. Two factions may be too complicated to implement and it may be easier to have one big gang with interfactional strife. There could be engine limitations i.e. only one enemy base AI "controller". At the moment there seems to be none Smile

AIM (Jagged Alliance Flashback version) - This is very much about how AIM came to be and how things didn't start out this way. There are three central themes here. 1) establsih the "legendary' Roachburn reputation as well as show the old hands already on their way out by JA1 like Bernie Gloveless and others in their prime and let the players in along the ride of how they earned their reputations 2) The mercs with military backgrounds are clearly better choices for the most part and are no brainers to fill out squads. With this in mind, I want them to be true prizes to be earned and at least giving sufficient game time for players to use the civilian mercs and giving them ample space to be built up to be competitive to the military mercs when they are acquired so that the choice is less clear cut. 3) Give many of the JA1 mercs, especially those who may have been passed over by players from too many choices (and rather a plethora of clearly better ones) a chance to shine and more defined uses.

With all the above in mind I am thinking that that Leon and Samuel Garver are the first on the scene feeling the need to do something about the crisis, and perhaps in their own way make amends for their flawed govt policies that created such a mess. We'll be establishing their friendship from the very beginning mission. They are mostly joined by rednecks, yahoos and otherwise weekend warriors initially. Most are survivalist redneck border types, one or two may be coming specifically just to shoot "illegals" and/or "mexicans". At least one may have a change of heart seeing the other side and what these latinos are escaping from and why they make such journeys and eventually come to sympathise. As the game progresses more "professional" or even-keeled civilians will be joining up. They will initially be recruited from answering ads in "Fortune Soldier" magazine (Homage to Soldier of Fortune magazine which helped originally inspire the series http://motherboard.vice.com/read/how-mercenaries-and-gun-culture-shaped-one-of-the-best-strategy-games-ever-made). You will initially post daily rate ranges and may negotiate with the respondees. As the game progresses and you can offer better rates, you'll attract better tiers of talent. One thing, we will be starting Mike off early as a self taught wunderkind but early in his career. You can grow and level him fast provided you can afford him. The earlier the better Wink

The US military volunteers will be their own group elsewhere in the game and you may have to complete quests to find/reassemble them. Additionally the Euro (mostly British) military group is also elsewhere. Part of the game is playing these groups properly so that at the end, to get the best possible ending you assemble all of them together into what AIM eventually will be. More on the groups, tiers and merc selections further below. There is a disparity between the numbers of American military backgrounders and the Euros, in order to balance these out the Americans have a harder time recruiting from locals being affected anti-Americanism from their country's past actions while the Euros should generally face no resistance being viewed more as a neutral party without bad history

One idea is to modify the IMP test also to potentially give your IMP merc the potential to start off in the US military group or the Euro group but at the moment I'm not sure if it's feasible or if thre's enough there to create their own viable paths i.e. start them on different parts of the island or basically make them only available in a New Game+ sort of deal or have an "all paths converge" after the first third of the game compromise. So far it does seem more cohesive fledgling AIM core that eventually incorporate the military vets. Open to ideas and discussion. Also thinking that differentiating starting out in AIM vs the military paths is that the military paths will start you with better people (obviously) but if you lose people there's obviously less of them you can replace. Another consequence of splitting up AIM like this is that the doctors are civilians so the military guys will rely more heavily on a possibly seperate "Doctors without Borders" faction and also recruiting the locals. The inherently less forgiving gameplay for these options make them better as New Game+ options once a player has gotten enough experience to run through the game at least once. This also opens up to an in-game scenario realising that they are more mercenaries than "Doctors Without Borders" and a bigger deal when they become part of what will eventually become AIM at the end instead Smile The Doctors will also be very valuable. Only a handful will be on hand to start with (thinking 3-4 tops) and new replacements are staggered throughout the game and at best only 2-3 recruitable on island. Putting doctors into combat no matter how skilled i.e. Cliff Highball should be considered a calculated risk choice.

I'd like there to be the possibility of the fledgling, mostly American based AIM to run into conflict with either of the military guys, mistaking them for the enemy or otherwise manipulated by the gangs into fighting each other. The player would have to be careful not to kill them and either postpone or resolve the conflict without any permadeaths on either side while also be being possible to kill some of the military guys and not be able to recruit them later as a result. On Island/quest recruitables will be wildcards and dependent on quests, taking over sectors or having appropriate enough faction to be recruited. Players should be able to tackle missions or difficulties out of order to gain access to powerful mercs with powerful gear ahead of time as a reward. Playing as either of the military contingents, it will be strongly recommended/needed to supplement their fighting force with local recruits in order to stand a chance. Especially the Euros.

Economy of Angetta - The "lawful" economy has been marginalized entirely by the gangs at this point. Shanga has some great ideas here between the rebel communists and liberal but capitalist farmers. Only thing to change is, instead of opium traffic, the communists want to nationalize assets so if you support the communists you get access to gear but rely on them to distribute it to you as they see fit vs being able to do what you want with the income support the capitalists give you. If you mix and match the two, no decision is made and the ending will be affected in terms of elections. The outcome being based on your particular distribution of support i.e. which side you made stronger. Shanga's economy concept post http://www.ja-galaxy-forum.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/338263/Crafting/Base_Building/JAF_Rel#Post338263

Ending - The whole "Commander Spice, White Asian" dev name self insertion makes the lore VERY hard to reconcile but I would go with Shanga's version in the above mentioned post with only one change. The first mission is not Metavira but Montreal itself Smile Personally I would rather Leon Roachburn, Gus Tarballs and Len Anderson to be founders but a good way to get around that is to mention that they are "operational founders", while Spice is retiring and "The White Asian" and Mohanned are more civilian or administrative making them better for founding and running the organization. I'd also like to do the Montreal mission as a bonus mod with emphasis on urban combat and CQB and introduce the Reverend Clyde Potter's induction into the newly founded AIM there.

These are the mercs not currently in Flashback, but suggested to bring back from JA1. Special emphasis placed on the ones mentioned as "veteran" or "longtime serving" by the start of JA1. Excluded those described as rookies or similar in either JA1 or JA2.

Suggested to bring back:
Glenn "Boss" Hatchet (American Redneck). Outstanding mechanic. Adept Marksman. Hates Bernie Gloveless for something.
Lt. Bud Hellar - Average American military marksman. Corporate and private sector inclined
Howard "Carp" Melfield (American) - Average at everything. Good for replacement if you lose somebody
Dr. Bernie Gloveless (american) - Doctor, decent marksman , consumate professional
Dr. Mark "Needle" Kranhium - Doctor. Average shot (pre lazy eye). Nationality unknown, recruitable locally?
Dr. Ahmad "Doc" Koolhan - Affordable. Penchant to work on charity cases and non profits. Will lower rates to help out
Dr. Eli Summers (American) - Weakest doctor, average marksman
Dr. Mitch Shudlem (American) - Very good doctor but can freak out at gore and violence, unable to move etc. Best kept offsite.
Dr. Margaret Trammel (American) - Only female doctor. High average marksman. Fights for equal rights for same sex
Murray "Moses" Ebstern (American) - Middle aged Mechanic and Marksman. Needs more background.
Edward "Ears" Stockwell - Another Mr average. Good lsitener. Drop him or Carp in as a spy/barfly into local towns for recon
Col Leo Kelly (American) - Military Marksman, average mechanical. You have to find him in some games, OR recruit him between Michael Jackson bodyguard or Chuck Norris consult gigs
Russell Hunter (American) - Mentally stable explosives expert. Works as much in the civilian sector i.e. theme parks of Orlando
Timothy "Leech" Jenkins (American) - Civilian Marksman. Damn good.
Leon Roachburn (Legendary. Maybe AIM Founder).
Larry Roachburn (explosives). Son of Leon. Can get him hooked on drugs
Samuel Carver (marksman, some mechanical). Friends with Larry. Hates Russians and commies
Major Spike Scallion (American) - Marksman first, decent mechanical.
Herman "Turtle" Regents - Slow but decent marksman
Willy "Weasel" Augustin - Another useless at everything but good at "hearing" recon guy. Some crappy stats in explosives and mechanical
Mike (best guy). Fantastic Growth stats
Peter "Wolf" Sanderson - All rounder solid guy who prefers to be a loaner

Merc groupings and Tier allocations


Tier 1 -
- Leon Roachburn and Sam Garver (your dependables),
- Marion

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@fathamburger - do you want to keep this thread strictly for your ideas or it's ok if we both post here and in the end we pick the best ideas from both scripts and make up a final story? I can move the above onto the other topic if you so wish.

EDIT: Fixed, I moved everything in the proper topic.

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I think its better to add it onto your reloaded concept thread as an expansion of that concept and in the end have the rest of the community weigh in on their ideal direction

I'll reply with my thoughts in the main discussion. Keep these open for others to chime in, upvote etc.
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