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Map editor questions[message #339269] Thu, 05 February 2015 00:49 Go to next message

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Hi guys,

today I used the map editor for the first time. Some things seemed a bit odd. Maybe some of the more experienced guys can help me out.
  1. What is the purpose of categorizing all the map editor elements into tilesets?
  2. Is it possible to use elements from different tilesets on the same map without problems?
  3. Why are so many elements appearing twice or even three times?

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1. That's how Sir Tech put them together originally. Tilesets are limited in size with only a number of categories to use, these are not strictly controlling though, so for example, you can place a rock in junk & other items and vise versa most of the time. Many have attempted to create more ambitious, expandable tilesets, but without total success.

2. You can use or swap elements from one tileset to the other, but you still have to work inside the parameters of the tileset system. So if you want to add a gas sign from Estoni and put it into the Omerta tileset, something will have to be overwritten/lost from Omerta in most circumstances.

3. Repeated elements is probably just poor tileset management when the game was originally being developed. The tileset system also uses a global and local system which in turn creates more opportunity for that happening. On the plus side it also gives modders an easier start to replace those repeated tiles for something new. Smeagol for example, has pretty much re-used all these repeated tiles to add others, creating a more diverse tileset in his AIMNAS mod.

Give my tileset editing guidelines a read if you want to know more:

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Thanks for that link (and the info in it!), Hawkeye!

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Few things that bother my mind while map-editing:

1.If I expand Drassen to the West, will there be any risk of interfering/breaking Counterattack Drassen? Like in, don't mess with places where Queens troops are gathering or traveling through towards Drassen. I vaguely remember having read something alike this, but can't remember where. And if so, which sectors should I avoid?

2.When trying to add tanks to maps, what is the prefered way? When I try to give the enemy the profile ID of the Tank (#164) things get psychedelic. The enemy is still in human form, but bright pink, blue and green (missing graphics?). Changing the bodytype to one of the two tanks works. But will those tanks (bodytype) act like tanks?

3.Is it true, that the number of garrisons is 100? Or is this obsolete now?

4.Wasn't able to get the two action items for "pit" working, do those require something?

5.If I want to look deeper into weapon balancing, what are the xmls relevant for this? Some are obvious, but most likely there are more then I know of.

Can someone please help me with this? Would be very nice, thx.

I need more details.

(Didi Hallervorden)
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