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I enjoy starting with Hector. He has 79 Health, at 80 he gains 1AP making him a great deal 410$ - 18AP . The problem is I am not sure how to stimulate that +1 Health. Sometimes you get it at the end of Day1, which is great, but most times he gets +1Agility or Wis + Mrk. I know it has to do with what he does during the day. I usualy try to open all crates with him, or try to make him kill a snake or two(although this one i think benefits agility). Weird thing is I start Day1 just with Sparky, and I don't move from the home sector, compress time all through the day. At the end she usualy gets +1Health without doing any action. I guess just being in the field contributes by some measure. My question is if anyone knows more actions or situations that trigger Health increase. I tried Physical Training on Hector, but he is proned to increase Agility.
As a side note, browsing through the forum I found a lot of people starting with Speck as a home mechanic. Sparky is better, because of her higher dexterity, and she has room to improve her mechanical skill while Speck doesn't. She outscales Speck after a few days.
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I try to like Hector because of his stats . . . but for me he always seems to get himself killed early on. I haven't tried Sparky except for a brief interlude which I hardly remember. For mechanics I usually take Vicki or Vinny. Vicki because she's also very good on offense, and Vinny because he's very cheap (and Vicki is expensive) and has a Tommy Gun (and I'm half-Italian and was born in the Little Italy section of New Haven, CT). I was taking Boss for a while, but he seemed to always let me down in the field . . . and he's too expensive to only have sit around repairing things. I've never taken Speck -- he just annoys me too much as it is. I used to take Gasket all the time, for laughs, and only stopped because he's a bigot and Vicki doesn't get along with him. I'd rather have Vicki happy (and killing soldiers with impunity) than laugh at Gasket occassionally.

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