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Vincent J. Claymore

Registered:February 2011
I've been looking for a good survival game without Zombies for a good while now. I would prefer first person, but that is not a requirement. It must have crafting. Now I just realised, that with the latest additions, 1.13 would be the perfect platform for such a game. What do you think?
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Registered:May 2009
How about "This War of Mine"? It's a game about survival in a war zone. No zombies included. ;)

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The only survival elements in 1.13 (that do not consist of fighting soldiers, alien bugs and giant cats) are food and disease. That's a bit limited. Also, loads of fighting isn't really the style of those survival games, isn't it?

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Vincent J. Claymore

Registered:February 2011
True, "This War of Mine" and "The Long Dark" are both looking okay, but I am going to wait until they're a bit more mature. It's often a bad idea to buy games right after release these days...

I haven't played with the food system turned on yet, but is there a distinction between food and drink? If so, that's be perfect. What does it really take to make a good survival game? Systems to monitor:

The rest is usually defending yourself against the dangers of the environment.

So basically, if one removed all the items and all the enemies from the game and then sprinkled in some rare items here and there with some hostile groups like the hillbillies or smugglers or kingpins, that'd be it. It would of course be great, if there could be more wildlife than just the bloodcats and crows, but I have no idea how hard it would be to include, say, deers. Even crows would surve a purpose, if they dropped some food/feathers when killed. And if they were a bit more shy than they are at the moment.

Also it would be cool to include way more items that don't have a direct use, but can be crafted into something (ranging from very basic things like branch+string+rock=hammer/club).

Depending on the scenario, one wouldn't even need new maps... If there was a global epedemic killing almost everyone, one could simply use smeagol's big maps and depopulate them and replace the population with skeletons or decomposing bodies. Somehow big maps feel better when thinking of a survival style game. Of course it would be cool to have maps with ruins everywhere, but that would mean a lot more work.
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